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Hi, guys, this is raxxx(name changed) since the people I know are regular visitors of this site. I have been reading stories from ISS since 5 years. But this is the first time I am sharing my experience so if there are any mistakes please excuse. Before I begin with my sex story let me tell you about myself, I hail from North Karnataka with a dick size 5inch. I am currently doing my Masters in Bangalore.

Without wasting your time I will come to the sex story.This is a real sex story which is about 3 years back, after passing in PUC I joined a degree college in my hometown. There in my class, I saw that girl who was quite different from others. The Beautiful and sexy girl who made me fall for her. About her, her name was Saanvi (name changed) she was short with white complexion and 30d sized boobs.

I went after her and expressed her that I love her. I didn’t know it was love or lust. After a month she accepted my proposal with the consent of her friends. After that, we started meeting in a net cafe. After 4 to 5 meets the first time I kissed her. First kiss of my life most amazing feeling.Then meets started increasing and I went from kissing to pressing her boobs.

As her boobs were not that great but gave a good feeling. I started stripping her bra in a net cafe and would lick her light brown nipples and sometimes intentionally bite them. I used to do this all the time when we met in d net cafe.As I got bored from this next when I started to meet her I used to finger her pussy from her dress. She stopped me from doing that but I went on.

All the time in the net cafe I did the same licking her boobs biting them she would give a light moaning like hmmmmm aaaaahhhh stop plzzzzz ahh.

This went on for 2 years and now I wanted something else as hard as these melons for 2 years now. I wanted her pussy and her ass. I started convincing her for having sex. But most of the times she would change the topic when talking about having sex. One fine day she called me to her home as no one was there at her home. I was little scared but some how managed to go and as I entered her home der she was standing in churidar looking hot bomb. I took her to the bedroom and started smooching for about 5 mins.

Moving my tongue inside hers. Mixing our saliva licking her lips and went on to the neck. To make her hot I was all licking her neck and was continuously pressing her small boobs vigourously. After a while I said her to remove her top she refused the first then I convinced her and der she strips herself. She was wearing a black bra and I went mad by seeing that and pulled her to me and started pressing her boobs even more forcefully. And she was moaning hmmmm aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh uuuuummmmmmmm aaaaaahhhhh I said her to remove the bra again she refused to do so. I pulled her towards me and started unhooking her bra.

That was the time I was doing this. It was not unhooking. I said I will tear if you don’t let me unhook it den she was calm and den she turns another side that I can unhook the bra. I unhooked her black bra n threw it aside. She covered her boobs with her hand and was not giving me a glimpse of her soft melons. Then again I forcefully took her hands from her melons and der were d most amazing boobs with light brown nipples. I pulled her to me and started licking them.

After 10 mins of continuos licking and biting her nipples she was all wet and was breathing heavily and moaning aaaahhhh ummmmm etc. I made her sleep on me and was pressing her ass. She was in heaven as she was experiencing these things for the first time. Now she wanted me to remove my shirt. Without wasting any time I did it and made her sleep on me. Her soft boobs were on my chest and ma tool was touching her pussy and we were busy smooching.

And then I started removing her bottom dress. She was like not allowing me to do so. As she was afraid. I tried hard but she said not this time as we were in her house and was afraid that someone might come. And also I was little feared about the same. So without wasting much time I concentrated on her boobs and started squeezing dem hardly and pinching her nipples as we were smooching. And then again biting her nipples making them red. She was only doing aaaaaaaahhhhhh ummmmmmmmmm aaaaaaahhh all the time.

She was seeing the bulge in my pant and was smiling. Again now she started licking my body and she started to lick my chest and my nipples and I was like enjoying the whole by that time I was also pressing her ass from both my hands. I was squeezing her ass. She was like licking my whole chest and made her saliva stay on my chest and we again started smooching.

And the major turn off comes as the bell rings. She suddenly woke up and was furious and a lot scared. Even I was scared about that might her parents have come. She was standing half nude in front of me and I was without my shirt. I said her to be calm and said her not to go and open the door. After 2 to 3 bell, she got a call from her friend saying that she is out of her home and ringing the bell. She somehow managed her by saying that she is going to bath and said her to wait for some time. And then she comes to me and gave a good kiss and promised to do more for the next meet.

Again I took her to bed and was licking her boobs and squeezing her ass. For 5 minutes and then she said she have to go. I stood and brought her bra and said her to stand and said that I will help her in wearing a bra and she was like oh okay. I took her black bra and made her wear and smooched for 2mins and as her friend was waiting I gave her a kiss on her lips and silently waited in other room as her friend entered home she took her to the kitchen by making an excuse and then I ran from there and left. Rest of the sex story I will continue to the next part about how we had fun in bus and our honeymoon in another city and many more romantic encounters in the next sex story. As I have less time I have to end it here. Will be writing the other experiences encountered by me n my GF shortly.

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