3 Days In Chithi’s House

Hi, readers hope you have read my previous stories ( sex with chithi ( one ), ( two) ), this story is a continuity of that stories.

As I got permission from my dad, mom and chithappa’s permission to stay in chithi’s house.

First day –I woke up early put on a simple casual dress without taking a bath ( as I was hoping I could take bath with chithi ) went to their home carrying my project papers and some books, when I went there and rang the bell chithi opened the door, she was wearing a nightie ( luckily she did not take bath yet ), she was in her slightly freshened up sleepy face which looked gorgeous, she welcomed me with a naughty smile, chithappa was getting ready for the work, her daughter was getting ready for school, I kept my items near sofa as they asked me to join them in breakfast, I sat and we all had breakfast, chithappa left to work.

The only person standing between me and chithi is her daughter, who was still eating, chithi went to kitchen to clean the dishes, I followed her to kitchen, she was standing and cleaning the dishes, I silently went near her back and hugged her from behind, kissed her in neck, she gave a little shocking sound and turned to words me and said

Chithi : karthi kavitha is still in home she may see us then we both will be in trouble

Me : chithi she is still eating don’t worry

Chithi : she may hear us and come da, leave me to go and studySuddenly

Kavitha: amma need some chutney ma

We both moved away hearing her voice, luckily she did not see a thing, kavitha after seeing me,

Kavitha: anna what doing here

Me: just came to ask whether chithi need any help in cleaning the dishes

Kavitha: if you are not helping then bring me the chutney anna.

I and chithi both smiled and I took the chutney, brought it to the dining table, I sat on the nearby sofa and started reading books, after finishing the dinner kavitha came near me and asked me about my project, collage etc.

Chithi came sat on the floor before kavitha with her shoes, as she was bending to put shoe I could see her big cleavage, which gave be a hard on, after some time school bus came , kavitha and chithi went out, as chithi was bending and telling goodbye to kavi, I can clearly see the boy working as cleaner (helping students to get on and off the bus) eyeing the cleavage of chithi,

She did not see that but this scene made me too horny so I took my cock out of the pant sat on the sofa and started masturbating.Chithi came inside the house, saw me masturbat, came near me and touched me on my head and said

Chithi : kathi can’t you even wait for few minutes.Me : chithi, I can’t control chithi, seeing you gave me a hard on, but seeing that cleaner boy seeing your cleavage made me too horny, I can’t hold back chithi

Chithi : what !!! He was seeing me.. That bastard, I must start covering with a towel next time I go out in nightie, and you should not be masturbating for someone seeing me you bad boy.Me : chithi chithi ahhh

She kneeled down before me and kissed me in lips and went to my cock to give a blowjob, as I was sitting in sofa and she was giving blowjob to me first in morning it was the starting of the 3 days heaven, once when I was about to cum, she chanced to hand job and cleaned my cum in her nightie, then she told.

Chithi : be a good boy and study, I will finish the morning work, then we can do anything okwa

Me : chithi what am supposed to do chithi, even when all are around I would see you and take pics of you doing work, how can I stay still when we are alone and we also have a mutual love between us.Chithi : I also had to do some work karthi. How can I do work when u touch my boobs or other parts of the body, I am sure it will make me too hot, so that I will leave my work to start fucking you, you rascal.Me: hmmm k chithi, I won’t disturb you, but can I take some pics of you while you do work.

Chithi : you have already seen everything, so why you need pics da.Me : once dad and mom come back I can’t see you or touch you, then I can use it to have fun na that’s why.

Chithi: you rascal, ok I will expose more today hahaha… So that you and me both get super hot before we fuck today.

Telling this she went bedroom then to kitchen, I did not see what she did, so after some time I went to kitchen with my phone, there she was in a transparent saree blouse half unhooked in front were I can see her cleavage even without bending, petticoat raised till knee, saree pallu running between to boobs, like she was a slut or a prostitute, I took some pics casually as if I was taking it without her knowledge, it made me super hot but I did not disturb her work, I waited till her work are finished, I was so hot that I could not even study, then after some time she came near sofa adjusting her saree telling

Chithi : karthi I have finished all the morning work da, only making lunch is bending, I can do it anytime, so I am free for now.

Hearing that I jumped off my sofa pulled her towards me, her body came into my arm crushing her boobs against my chest, her hip on my fully erect penis, her face so close to mine, I kissed her gently on the forehead, nose, cheek, then in lips we french kissed each other, I lifted her like a baby she hugged me and put her both leg around my hip for balance, I placed her on the dining table nearby, spread her legs and started licking directly, she was in great pleasure as her pussy was wet, she shouted.

” karthi I have not yet washed it properly, it may be still dirty with sweat and urine daaaa”

While saying this she was pressing my face deep inside her pussy, as mush I remember, there was a smell of sweat and urine but it was made it too hot, I smelled it, liked it, fingered her, till she came then to I was licking her cum flowing out of her pussy as it was tasty in its own way.

Then I placed my penis at her pussy entrance and pressed, it went fully inside, I started humping as she was lying on the table and I was fucking her in standing position, she pulled my head forward and placed it on her boobs and made me suck her boobs on blouse, I sucked it so hard that it became fully erect, the blouse nipple area got totally wet and the nipple was fully visible through blouse.After fucking for few minutes I came inside her and fell on her leaving a heavy moan, she was also laying on table without a movement, then once I regained some strength, I moved back and sat on the sofa.

She adjusted her saree and asked me

” karthi I am going to take bath, like to join like yesterday”

I stood up, lifted her like a princess, went to the bathroom ( did not remove the clothes ), opened the shower, we both became fully wet, she removed my shirt and I removed her saree, blouse, and petticoat. As we were both completely naked, we both started applying soap on each other suddenly I got an idea and asked her.

Me: chithi do u shave in your armpit and pussy.

Chithi : I have done it sometimes, your chithappa used to like it that way, why do you ask?

Me : I thought it would be sexier if you shave ur armpit and pussy, I will help you.

Chithi : now, you like that too ahh, ok but what should I say when your chithappa ask about it, when he sees it.

Me : tell him, you did it for him, that’s all.

Chithi : ok, I will bring your chithappas shaving set.

She went out naked and brought the shaving set, I helped her shave her armpit hair, pussy hair, I even helped her remove some hair in her ass crack, her tight etc

When it was completed she was as smooth as a model in all parts of her body, I can’t say she was sexier than before but looking at her gave a different sex appeal than before, it made me hotter ( when I thought about it chithappa liked shaved pussy in their early marriage life,when I was younger I have seen mom use veet some time going into shower with razors so my dad also like shaved pussy, so its natural I aslo like shaved pussy right )

When I told her about it, she said

Chithi : ok karthi I will shave pussy regularly here afterMe : no chithi, chithappa may get suspicious so do it if he asked or do it after some time

Okwa, its ok for me if you shave or not.Chithi : ok

Chithi : akka ( my mom) also shaves her pussy ahhMe : I think so chithi

Chithi : so akka and anna ( my parents ) still active in sex life it seems.

Me : don’t know.

Then we cleaned each other, came out of the bathroom she put on a nightie, I did not have any spare dress so I just covered myself with towel, we went to do prayer and came back to bedroom, I sat on the bed and asked to sit beside me , we started a conversation, we started to talk about each other, we both wanted to know what each other like, dislike, it was like a date with chithi, then I made her lay on the bed and lifted her nightie till the hip and buried my face in her pussy,she was moaning like crazy I licked her till she came, then started to fuck her in missionary position, came inside her and fell on her.

We rested for a little, then she went kitchen to make lunch, once finished, she called me to have lunch, I came out of the bedroom naked asked her to get naked too, we both sat near to each other fed each other, after the lunch, I moved all the dished on the table and lifted her placed her on the table and we fucked again on the dining table.

We had three fucking sessions once in the kitchen while she was cleaning dishes, other two in the bedroom before her daughter comes back from school.

Kavitha came at 4.10pm, as she did not have tuition, I spent whole evening helping her with homework, playing with her etc, but I did not even miss a little chance that I got to tease chithi, I would pinch her in hip, squeeze her boobs, hug her, slap her on ass, kiss her wherever I see etc

Then chitappa came home by 9pm and we ate dinner and then I went to my house looking forward to next day. ( to be continued ){next story will be about 2nd and 3rd day stay in chithi’s house}

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