3some with Mamta Aunty & her daughter, Babita

Hi friends, I am penning down my memories after a very long time. I hope you like this story too, as in my earlier stories.

I am a 52-year-old man presently living in Bangalore. This particular incident happened in Mysore. During summer vacations, I had been to my dad’s younger cousin sister, Padma Aunty’s place. I was studying Engineering and was about 19 years old.

On Saturday, my classes were over by 1 pm. I came back home and found the door locked. Thinking Padma Aunty might have gone to Mamta Aunt’s place, I went to her home. I found the main door open and went inside. I saw Mamta Aunty cooking in the kitchen and her back towards the door.

Her daughter Babita was still at college. I went behind her and hugged the plump lady from the back. She was dressed in a loose salwar and kurta. Shocked and terrified, she tried to scream. I immediately closed her mouth. Mamta Aunty turned back with fear in her eyes and calmed down to see me.

I released her mouth, and she said, “Mera Shaitaan beta, itna darate ho kya mummy ko?” (My devil son, why do you want to scare mummy?)

“Your son is hungry, Aunty,” I said.

“Accha, I will bring you roti. Go sit, beta,” Mamta Aunty said with motherly affection.

Catching her fleshy breasts and pressing my crotch against her soft fleshy buttocks said, “I want you, Aunty.”

“No, Beta, Babita will come anytime. I will come to Padma’s house in the evening and you can fuck mummy how much you want,” Mamta Aunty said.

Pressing her boobs hard, I said, “No, I want to fuck you now. Babita is still at college and will return in the evening. There’s enough time for us.”

My right hand untied her salwar cord and pulled the salwar and panties down. I quickly unhooked my pant, dropped it, and pushed my briefs down my ass. My erect cock jumped at the freedom and started poking Mamta Aunt’s ass cheeks.

“Tum shaitaan bangeya. Chalo bistar pe chodna mummy ko.” (You have become a devil, come, you can fuck mummy in bed.) Mamta Aunty surrendered meekly.

Without replying, I pushed Mamta Aunty back onto the cooking platform, lifted her kurta and tucked it at her neck. Unhooking her bra, she pushed the straps up and freed the breasts hanging like mangoes. Mamta Aunty was almost naked.

Her panties were at her knees, obstructing her from widening her legs.  I pushed the panties down with my toes and forced her to spread her legs.

“Beta, not here. We will go to the room,” Mamta Aunty pleaded.

But I was not in a position to hear her. Mamta Aunty was ready to be taken in the doggy style and waited as a submissive whore to get fucked like a bitch. Holding my cock, I prodded her pussy lips with my cockhead to open up and moisten her.

Placing the tip at her vaginal opening, I penetrated her in one big stroke and entered her fully. Mamta Aunty screamed at my rough entry but didn’t complain. She co-operated by thrusting her ass back. Holding her hair in my right hand and squeezing her left breast, I fucked her hard.

I was horny from the morning, and I needed a pussy to calm down my cock. Mamta Aunt’s buttocks were getting a good beating as I fucked her deep. She had closed her mouth with her fist, trying to muffle her screams and moaning. She had her first orgasm of the day.

The house was silent except for the sound emitting from her moist pussy when my cock was drilling it. I heard footsteps, turned and saw a stunned Babita standing at the kitchen door, seeing her mother getting fucked. I didn’t know what to do.

But I didn’t stop fucking Mamta Aunty, who was unware of her daughter’s presence. Smiling at the daughter, I fucked the mummy.

“So it was my mummy that you said I knew of the four ladies you conquered,” Babita said, glaring at me.

“I wanted to tell you, Babita, but Padma Aunty told me not to. She thought you would feel bad about your mother,” I said, still fucking her mom.

Hearing us, Mamta Aunty turned. Seeing her daughter, her face fell, panic written on her face. She tried to push me off, but I didn’t pull my cock out and pressed it down firmly. Mamta Aunty pulled her kurta on her back, covering her hanging mangoes.

She pulled up her salwar, trying to hide her legs from her daughter’s eyes. I felt pity for Mamta Aunty, who was dying in shame. No mother wants her daughter to see her getting fucked. That too by a young boy like me, who is young enough to be her son.

Both mother and daughter were staring at each other. Finally, Mamta Aunty spoke, “Maaf karo (Forgive me). It’s not Rajesh’s fault. I forced him to. Please forgive your mummy, beti.”

I saw Babita thinking for a while and said, “Are you finished with my mom Rajesh?”

I showed my cock lodged in her mom’s pussy and nodded NO.

Babita shrugged and said, “So you are interested in fucking my mom now.”

“It’s not like that, Babita. I aroused her and can’t leave her midway,” I replied.

“How long will you take to finish her off?” Babita asked.

I knew she was horny seeing her mother getting fucked. Maybe she wanted me, or else she had some wicked ideas. Mamta Aunty was staring at her daughter with guilt. I was right. I saw her unhooking her pant, pushing her pant and panties down her ass, revealing her pussy.

Mamta Aunty looked at her daughter in disbelief and said with a trembling voice, “Kya kar rahe ho, Babita?” (What are you doing, Babita?)

“Are you shocked, mummy? You want to get fucked by a boy of your son’s age at this age. I, too, want to get fucked, but he says he is busy with you. Now, what will I do until he fucks you?” Babita said to her mom with authority.

Mamta Aunty looked at her daughter in disbelief and said, “It’s wrong, beti. You still have a long way to go in your life. You are still a child, baby.”

“When you do, it’s right. If I do it, it’s wrong. Why these double standards, mummy?” Babita asked her mother angrily.

Seeing her daughter’s pussy dripping juices, Mamta Aunty said meekly, “Sorry, Babita. You can have him if you want. Pull out and take care of Babita, Rajesh.”

“Nahi, tum meri choot chaato, maa,” (No, you lick my pussy, mom.) Babita said pulling her mother’s head from the platform and trying to bring Mamta Aunt’s face to her crotch.

Mamta Aunty and I were stunned to see Babita’s aggressiveness. Mamta Aunty held onto her daughter’s hips as she had no support for her upper body. Babita was trying to push her mom’s face down to her pussy. I saw tears falling from Mamta’s Aunt’s eyes.

I felt bad as I was responsible for this Mom-Daughter confrontation. I saw Babita winking at me. Her mom’s face slid down, trying to mouth her daughter’s young pussy. Mamta Aunty was licking her daughter’s pussy with teary eyes.

Babita triumphantly said, “Thanks, Rajesh, for making it easy. Now I can enjoy my sex life as I wish. Now fuck my mummy as you wish. I don’t know how she controlled her desires for so long. I don’t mind her enjoying the sex.”

I was lazily fucking Mamta Aunty in doggy style listening to her scheming daughter. Mamta Aunty had gripped Babita’s buttocks and sucked her pussy. She was kneeling and sandwiched between her daughter and me. I saw her pulling her daughter’s pants down to make room for her mouth.

Babita’s pants and panties were at her knees now. Her mom was licking all over her crotch, inner thighs and tummy. Babita instantly removed her shirt and bra, baring her small firm tits. Pushing her mom’s mouth on her lips, “Mera choot chatna maa. Mera paani peelo.” (Suck my pussy, mom. Drink my juices.)

Mamta Aunty, without speaking, stretched her tongue and began licking her daughter’s pussy. I felt bad for the widow. Babita bent a bit and kissed me on the lips. I knew her mom was sucking her pussy nicely. I went hard on Mamta Aunt’s pussy, kissing her young daughter’s lips.

To my surprise, she came again and wetted my cock. My cock slid in and out of her pussy effortlessly due to lubrication. Mamta Aunty was kneeling for almost half an hour and felt her ass sliding down as I fucked her. Mamta Aunt’s knees gave away, and she slumped on the floor.

My cock was pulled out from the confines of the wet pussy, and it was dancing up and down. Seeing her mother crouched on the kitchen floor, Babita stopped kissing me and tried to lift her mom. Mamta Aunty was sobbing and was looking weak to get up.

Holding her arms, I pulled her up and made her stand up. Looking at her daughter’s upper body nude, she cried, placing her head on Babita’s shoulders. She was crushing her big breasts on her daughter’s small boobs.

Babita tried to console her mother, saying, “Rona bandh karo maa. (Stop crying, mom). I don’t blame you for having a good time and enjoying yourself. I know you have controlled your desires all these years. It’s time for you to let your hair down and enjoy the sexual desires which you missed. I want to enjoy mine too. Is that ok with you?”

Mamta Aunty stopped crying, straightened up, looked at Babita said, “So you have forgiven me, beti?”

Babita nodded and said, “If you are finished, can I have a good time with Rajesh now?”

Mamta Aunty looked at her daughter and me and said,” Have you both had sex before?” We both nodded, and Babita removed her pants and panties from her legs.

Seeing her daughter nude, Mamta Aunty said, “Achha hua, lekin idaar nahi. Tumara kapda uttaro beta. Mere kamre mein chalo tum dono.” (Good, but not here. Remove your clothes, son, and you both come to my room.)

I quickly undressed and stood nude before the widow mother and horny daughter. Mamta Aunty too removed her clothes, and both the ladies were eyeing my throbbing cock. I was ready for both and didn’t mind which pussy I was fucking.

Mamta Aunty taking my arm, led me to her room. Babita, surprised, asked her mom, “Do you want to join us, maa?”

“No, I will just watch. I know Rajesh’s way of taking women. I don’t want to see you suffer. You are still a young girl, and he is an animal when he fucks,” Mamta Aunty said with concern.

Babita holding my cock said, “This monster plundered my pussy for an hour in different positions, and I enjoyed it. Don’t worry, maa.”

“He ravaged me for the first time, and I had difficulty walking for a few hours. Let me see how he takes you, beti,” Mamta Aunty said, leading me.

Babita jerking my cock, slowly whispered, “Don’t try to show your heroics in front of my mom, Rajesh. Just go with the flow, and you can have me as you like when we fuck in your Aunt’s place.” And I nodded at her.

Opening her bedroom door, Mamta Aunty said, “Go and lie on the bed, beti, and you get on top of her beta.” So it’s going to be a missionary position, I thought. Babita eagerly jumped and got laid on the bed spreading her legs wide.

Seeing her daughter opened pussy lips said, “Chalo beta. Please don’t hurt my daughter. If you want it rough, my pussy will be here for you.” I got on the bed, kneeling between Babita’s thighs, and placed my cock tip at her love hole.

When I was about to penetrate Babita’s pussy, Mamta Aunty asked me to stop and come onto the bed. Bring her head down and sucked my cock for a few seconds wetting with her saliva.

After my cock was glistening, Mamta Aunty removed my cock from her mouth and said, “It will be easier if it’s well-lubricated beta.” She placed my cockhead at her daughter’s opening and said, “Now go inside her slowly, Rajesh.”

Laughing, I said,” Babita’s pussy is dripping, Aunty. Don’t worry. I will take good care of your daughter. You relax and see your daughter getting pleasure, not pain.”

Babita was smiling, seeing her mother tense up and signalling me to enter her. I pushed my cock into her and found her hot pussy engulfing my cock tightly. I pressed hardBabita pushed her hips down to help me penetrate her fully.

I laid on Babita’s body, lodging my cock firmly in her. Turning at Mamta, Aunty said, “Look, Aunty, I am fully inside your daughter, and she is smiling. Are you ok now?” I observed a hint of jealousy in Mamta Aunt’s eyes.

Babita pulled my face and said, “Now fuck me, Rajesh. She is a mom, and be worried if I can take your monster.” Saying she kissed me and urged me to start fucking her.

Raising my hips and pulling my cock out to the head, I plunged inside Babita’s young tight pussy. Babita shrieked out loudly, taking her lips off mine. I was busy plundering Babita’s tight pussy while she screamed. I saw Mamta Aunty run towards her daughter and sit beside her head.

Mamta Aunty was trying to pacify her daughter, saying, “Shall I ask Rajesh to pull out, baby?”

“No, don’t stop him. I want him to fuck me hard. Yes, fuck me, bastard. Harder. Mother fucker,” Babita screamed. Mamta Aunty was taken aback hearing her daughter using vulgar words. But being a mother, she was trying to console Babita by caressing her small tits and trying to kiss her cheeks.

Babita was shivering and taking my thrusts, not looking at her mom. I was going strong on her pussy. She wrapped her legs around my back, trying to hug me while I fucked her. I saw Mamta Aunty licking Babita’s sharp nipples, arousing Babita more.

She pressed her mom’s face to her chest, urging her to suck more. Mamta Aunty took her daughter’s small tit in her mouth and sucked her to cool her down. And she moved her bosom a bit so that her right breast was near her daughter’s mouth.

Babita took her mom’s nipple in her mouth and sucked it while her mom sucked hers. I enjoyed the lesbian show between Mom and daughter, getting their nipples sucked in the 69 position. I was glad to see them bonding together. I was the one for whom they had been fighting a few minutes back.

I fucked Babita for almost half an hour while she was busy sucking and kissing her mother. As I had fucked Mamta Aunty in the kitchen and now Babita, I was close and said, “I am close, Babita. Shall I pull out?”

“No, cum in, Rajesh. I want my mummy to suck our juices from my pussy,” Babita yelled, taking her mouth from her mom’s lips. I started discharging my cum in Babita’s pussy while her mom watched in disbelief.

Mamta Aunty should wonder why her daughter wanted her to suck her well fucked up pussy. Such a horny daughter for a sex-starved widow mother.

Continued in the next part.

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