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I am Harsha, 21 years old. Presently living in Chennai. This is my first story in ISS and a true one. I am reading stories in Indian Sex Stories since a long time. I am a big follower of Incest, Office/ Teacher categories. Coming to me I am 6 ft tall, not-a-macho body but well built one with 5.5″ inch shaft.

And the heroine of the story is Anjana (name changed), 27 years old. Fair complexion, silky hair with 36-26-34 shaped body she is kind of a dream for every guy.

It all happened a few weeks back, where I used to stay in a hostel.My Hostel is a three-storeyed building and my room happens to be in First floor. One Sunday when I was sitting on the balcony, I heard a beautiful voice from my next building. So I gave a glance towards that side. It was her, The Angel – Anjana, who came to her balcony, put the towel on the hanger to let it dry. She was there only for a few seconds. But my eyes scanned her whole body. Her beautiful structure, attractive eyes, killing smile, well shaped body and an ass for which everyone would die for.

On seeing her like that my shaft saluted to her beauty by raising 90°. I don’t know whether she has seen me or not. But whenever I was in my room, I would mostly sit in my balcony expecting her presence in her balcony. I got lucky few times though. Days passed by like that.

One day I was traveling in the bus to the hostel. I was late that day due to some pending work. After a while I heard a voice which is familiar. So I gave a look. And there she is looking ultra beautiful in dark green glazing saree which fitted to her body and skin tone perfectly. She is quarrelling with bus conductor as he refused to give ticket to her as she didn’t provide sufficient change to him and she has been said to get down from the bus. I interfered and asked what’s the matter. Conductor explained the situation and turned to her and said, “If you don’t mind, I’ll pay for your ticket”. She said no to it and said “Sorry! I don’t know you and How can I expect you to do so”. Then I explained her that I live in a hostel next to her apartment only. Let me take a ticket for her and it’s already late. She can give the money to me later.

She: OK

Then I took the ticket for her also. And I was about to move back to my seat, she called me to sit next to her. I said no problem. But she insisted. Hence, I accepted.

The bus was empty. There were only a few passengers in the bus. I sat next to her and it is like a dream for me still. I sat in such way that I shouldn’t touch her. But she noticed me sitting uncomfortably and said to sit comfortably. No problem.

And then she started a conversation. Asked my name, about my job, my whereabouts and all. Even I asked about her, her family and all.She said that she is married 6 years ago and a mother for 5 years old. She said she works as a Yoga teacher in an aerobics center. She is so talkative. Kept on posing questions and I was enjoying her company by my side. We sat so close that there is no gap between us. Her body is so close to me. I got so aroused my her perfume. With that, a tent started forming in pants. Thank God! I kept my bag on my lap and tried to be normal.

At last, we reached our stop. Then we got down from the bus and started walking towards the hostel. Then we bid good night and took our respective ways. I was happy at that time. Because my first impression became the best one. Next day onwards whenever she comes balcony, we used to say Hi, How are u? and all.

One day when she washed her clothes and brought them to the balcony to put them under the sun for drying. She is in a black saree. I was there at that time. She asked me whether I had lunch or not?

And she started putting clothes on the rope. I was enjoying that view. Whenever she is bending to take clothes from bucket her beautiful cleavage is visible, which is making me crazy. And when she is putting clothes on the rope she is raising by toes which are giving a nice view of her hot navel area, which is like a National Highway. I was out of control by seeing such things. Meanwhile, due to the heavy wind, one of her t-shirts has fallen inside our hostel compound wall. Then she called me and said the same. Then I said “Don’t worry! I’ll bring it for you”. By saying so I rushed to the ground floor, picked her t-shirt and ran to her apartment. I rang the doorbell. She opened it. I stood like that while my eyes started complimenting her beauty. Her saree is little wet due to washing. And little sweat was dripping all over the body. I came to my senses when she called me by name. I then gave the t-shirt and was about to start. Then she asked to have a coffee.

Me: No Thanks. I don’t want to create unnecessary trouble for you.She: It’s OK. Come in inside. I’ll make a good coffee.Then she asked me to sit on the sofa.She: Make yourself comfortableMe: Yeah! Sure.

Saying so she moved to the kitchen. While she was going I am enjoying her ass bouncing matching her steps. She is having such a beautiful ass. I thought of fucking her there itself. I controlled my feelings. Then she came back and sat in front of me. Then she started the conversation.

She: So, How was your day? No office today?Me: I took off today. Don’t feel like going.

Where is your kid? And Husband?? I asked by taking the last sip from my coffee.She: My son has gone to Playschool. He will be back in the evening.

Me: Ohh. Your Husband?She:(In a sad tone) He comes here very often. He will be mostly busy with his business trips and will be roaming all the countries.Me: You won’t miss him??

She: Yeah I miss him badly. I want him to be my side when I’m not in a good mood. I want him to be with me while having dinner. I want him to be with me so we can play with my kid.Saying so a tear rolled down her cheeks.

Me: Hey! I am Sorry. If I trouble you.She: No worries. It’s common for me. At least, we met each other. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have someone to talk like this. All my neighbors are bit old minded people and always judges my choices of job and dressing. So I stopped interacting with them. It’s me and my son always. And every 6 months if my Husband comes. He will be there. That’s how my life goes on.

Me: Don’t hesitate to ask me anything. If you need anything, just give me a message. I will be at your service.She:(Laughing) Oh Thanks, dear. And why don’t we have dinner together tonight?

Me: Yeah sure Aunty.She:(With angry face) Don’t call me aunty. I am just 26. Call me Anju if you want.Me: OK Anju. See you tonight. Bye.

I was so delighted that I am going to have a dinner with her. I went to my bathroom and masturbated thinking about her. I was waiting eagerly for the night.

I had a nice shower. Wore a nice dress and put some erotic perfume and went outside. I bought some tulip flowers from outside and directly went to her apartment and rang the bell.

She opened the door and I was awestruck by seeing her. She wore a red colour transparent saree which is revealing almost all the beautiful parts of her body. I gave the flowers to her and she welcomed me with a nice hug. At that time her breasts touched my chest. Blood started flowing into my shaft. Then I asked about her kid. She said he slept long back.

Then we had our dinner. She is a nice cook actually. We exchanged our numbers. And I said Good night and left her place.When I reached my room.l, I received a message from her ” Thank you so much for spending your time with me. I totally enjoyed.”I blushed. We planned to go to a movie that weekend.So I booked two tickets for 50 Shades Darker, an erotic movie for Saturday night show. As planned, we started in a cab to the mall. On the way, I asked her where is your kid. She said he is in her parent’s house.

Then we went into the hall. I booked couple seats willingly. Movie started. And as the movie is in progress, she held my hand. Then sex scenes started She held my hand even tighter than before. I can observe her biting her lips. I then moved my hand over her thigh and started massaging it. She didn’t react. So then I moved my hands little upwards and came near belly area. It was so soft. I caressed her belly for a while. Then moved my hand little upwards and caught hold of her breasts. All this while she is breathing heavily by closing her eyes.

Then I slowly raised her face and planted a kiss on her lips directly. She reciprocated well.I am sucking her lips and she is doing the same with mine. Suddenly she broke the kiss and ran outside the hall. I followed her. And said Sorry for what I have done. She said, ” Can you drop me at my home”.

I booked a cab and we rode towards her apartment. We got down and I then followed her up to her flat. After entering into her flat I said sorry again. She said….

” What we have done is wrong. I am married and have a kid too”.Me: I know but I can’t see you like this. She didn’t say a word and ran towards the dining table and filled some water in it. And drank water. I followed her and put arms around her shoulder and turned her towards my side. Then I raised her face and rubbed her tears and said,

Me: “There is nothing wrong in this. A woman like you to be cherished and should be kept happy always”.

She didn’t say a word but hugged me so tightly. Then I slowly started kissing her cheeks, licked her tears and my lips landed on hers. We started sucking each other lips. And soon started fighting with tongues. It lasted for 15 mins. Then I turned her around and removed the knots of her jacket. Then I started looking her back. But I stuck with opening her bra hook, which she later helped. I licked her back totally and started caressing her breasts over her bra. Then I turned her around removed the pallu and jacket. She is standing there with half opened bra and petticoat. I started sucking her melons over the bra. After a while, I removed the bra, that left her perfectly shaped melons open. I attacked them like a hungry beast. Started sucking one and pressing the another with another hand. She is breathing heavily and was moaning…..

Mmmmmmmm…… Aaaaaahh.. Aaah.. Nice.. Suck it… Suck it… I am yours today….Then I started biting her nipples and she let a soft moan….. Aaaaaahh…. Slowly dear….

Then I took her in my arms and moved to the bedroom. I have thrown her on the bed and I removed my shirt and pants. I was in underwear only. Then I removed her petticoat which revealed her transparent panty which is already wet due to our foreplay. Then I removed that panty also and attacked her pussy. I’ve spread her pussy lips and started sucking it with my tongue. She is moaning heavily and shouting…….

C’mon dear… Suck it… Eat my pussy…. Aaaaaaaaahhhhh…. Aaaaaaaaahhhhh… Mmmmmmmm…. Mmmmmmmm….I kept on sucking her oozing pussy. Her juices felt little salty but they are so tasty. After 2 Min she had an orgasm. I drank all her juices and started inserting my index finger into her love hole. First I inserted one then I inserted two other fingers. She is moaning like a hell.I then moved to the top and kissed her on lips. And made her suck juices which are there on my lips. I then started licking her neck and gave a love bite there. Then moved down to her breasts. Though she is married and having a son, they are still fit and well shaped. I pinched her nipples and started sucking her tits while another hand is busy in caressing the breast, her butts and sometimes in inserting a finger in her pussy.

Then I moved down still and started kissing her navel area. My favourite part. I went to the kitchen brought ice cubes, ice cream, and chocolates to the bedroom. I applied to ice cream on her navel area, clean shaved pink pussy and started licking the same. She is out of her control. The entire room is fulfilled with her moans and beautiful aroma. Then I removed chocolate and put same in her mouth and we both started eating it and sucking each other lips. Then I have put one ice cube on her nipples and started sucking the same like Hero did the movie. I shifted to navel and did the same there. She is totally enjoying the act and was moaning like hell. After a while, she started shouting ” Please stop teasing me… Now Fuck me… Make me your whore…. C’mon Fuck by brains out…..”

By listening to this I was aroused and placed my dick near her pussy. I started rubbing it over her pussy. She shouted “Put itttttttttt!!!!!! You asshole..” Then I slowly inserted it. It went in by an inch and started pushing it inside, by two thrusts my 5.5″ inch dick is inside her pussy. Then I started the action. I began ramming her pussy like there is no tomorrow. She is moaning like a hell.

Aaaaaaaaahhhhh…. Mmmmmmmm…. Fuuuucccckkkk!!! Fuuuucccckkkk!!!! Fuck me!!!!!! Make me your whore… You son a bitch Fuck me… Yeah!! Yeah!!! C’mon tears my pussy, Tear it….I was getting excited by listening to her words and increased my pace. After 7 Min of vigorous fucking, I shot my load in her pussy. She also had an orgasm for 2 times meanwhile. I’ve fallen on her breasts and was exhausted. Though we are in AC we’re sweating like hell. Then I lied down she took my shaft in her hands and started playing with it with her hands. Moving foreskin upwards and downwards. Then she started kissing the tip of it, followed by sucking the tip and after a while, she took it entirely inside her mouth. She is such a good sucker you know. Like a pro.I said I am Cumming…

But she didn’t give a damn. But kept on sucking my dick. I cummed in her mouth. She didn’t even left a drop and swallowed it fully. Then we went on to 69 position. I’ve been fingering her pussy and playing with her clitoris. And she is taking my dick into deep throat. When my dick was back to action she took my dick into her pussy and started riding it. While she is having a heavenly ride on my cock, I was enjoying the view of her boobs bouncing in a rhythm to her actions. I was pressing them, pinching them and sucking them. She was moaning and I held her buttocks moving up and down. I cummed in her pussy after a while and she too had an orgasm. She has fallen on me and we slept like that for a while.

After we had a shower. While having a shower also I fucked her in different angles. We tried anal also. She screamed with pain and I held her mouth shut and pounded her ass.

Still, now we are maintaining our secret relationship. I’ve started taking more leaves to enjoy with her when her son is not home. We used to try different sex positions and keep on exploring our sex life.

Any beautiful girls, unsatisfied aunts, widows within Chennai want to have a secret relationship and want to enjoy their sex life can ping me to [email protected]. Your privacy will be guaranteed.Provide your valuable feedback to the above-mentioned email. Thanks for being patient in reading my sexcapade with Anjana and forgive for any grammatical errors.

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