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Hi all, this is Aryaman. For those who don’t know me, I am 30 years old and from Delhi, but staying in Bangalore. I am not one to talk about my size. I know I satisfy the one I sleep with, and a size is generally just a number as it’s all an art.

So, coming o the story, this is one of my real-life incidents that happened just 2 years back. I apologise for the long story but trust me. This will be good. My company has an end-of-year shutdown. I was in Delhi working from home in December 2020.

Covid was around. Though it was not at its peak, people didn’t want to meet strangers. One day I received a WhatsApp text from an unknown number. The sender introduced herself as Sonal (name changed). I knew her through a mutual Mental health and Personal growth group.

She said she felt lonely due to Covid. She wanted to take me up on my offer on the group to lend an ear to anybody wanting to talk. I was fine with this. The biggest problem of Covid wasn’t the illness but the loneliness it caused in people. So we started talking.

She told me about herself. She was 38, single, staying with her parents and out of a job. She used to work with an NGO before Covid hit. The NGO had to downsize due to a lack of permission to do any activity. I started by motivating her to improve her skills during her downtime.

Within a month, she found a new job and was very thankful for me being there. We became good friends after this and used to chat very regularly. The first time I saw her on video, I still remember the day. It was the 1st of April, and she was trying to fool me by faking an injury.

I asked her to call on the video to show the injury as I was concerned. I was mind blown by her beauty. She was dusky, 5ft 6 in tall, with long hair (up to her waist). She was slimly built with fat at the right places. She wore a red crop top and denim shorts, exposing her beautiful belly button.

Until then, I had never thought of her that way, but that video call changed everything. We started having regular video calls after the first. Delhi started warming up for the coming summer. The heat led her to wear smaller and thinner clothes at home.

Each call left me high and dry with just the right amount of her deep cleavage. At times, her nipples through the translucent tops. Her thunderous thighs were on display. She used to sit cross-legged in front of the camera and do her work while we talked. I used to like the view, but I still didn’t have the thought of fucking her.

One day that changed as well. Covid was high, but lockdowns had eased, and she requested to meet face-to-face. We decided to meet at Rajiv Chowk’s central park at 5 pm. There she was, all smiles wearing a white kurti top and jeans. We sat down and started to talk. This was the first time I had asked her why she hadn’t married.

Her answer left me in shock. She said she was a lesbian and didn’t feel like talking to men until she met me. She doesn’t plan to get married as she already has a female partner who is stuck in Japan. She said she had never told this to anyone as she didn’t trust anyone to date.

After talking to me for a few months, she believed her secret was safe with me. I appreciated her openness. We just discussed some life-related things. That’s when she asked me if I had a girlfriend and if I had sex with her. I told her I used to have one and had broken up with her. Since then, I have been enjoying my single carefree life.

I told her about my sex life when I was dating and about all the poses my ex-girlfriend used to like. She had a lot of queries, and I could feel she was getting horny just talking about it. I could see her nipples getting erect, trying to come out through her kurti. Suddenly, she asked, “Would you like to have sex with me?” Before I could answer, she went on.

“I am a virgin. I have always been with girls and have never had a dick inside me. I want to feel it there once in this life. I only trust you to keep this our secret, and I want to lose my virginity to you.” When a beautiful girl like her asks you to take her virginity, you can’t say no.

I didn’t say yes either, as I was speechless. I just nodded. I booked the nearby Le Meridian hotel, and we walked. My dick was already hard and completely erect by just the thought. I had had sex many times but never with a virgin. We checked in and got to our room.

It was a very comfortable room with soundproofing. As it was covid time, the hotel was nearly empty and looked deserted. We got into our room, and she turned into a tigress as soon as the door was closed. She just jumped on me and started kissing me all over my face.

I held her head by her hair and kissed her on her soft lips. It was a long kiss. We kept going until we were both breathless. We stopped, looked at each other and smiled. We both knew it was going to be a fun night.

She called her parents to inform them she was staying at her friend’s place. She would be coming in tomorrow, and I did the same. We both started kissing again. I slowly moved her towards the bed while undressing her one by one while she also undressed me.

When we reached the bed, we were both in only our undergarments. She looked like a goddess in her light blue matching bra and panties, with 36C breasts about to burst out of her bra. She held my dick over my underwear and started stroking it. I was in heaven already.

I removed my underwear myself and gave the dick directly into her hands. It was a different feeling. She was holding it for the first time, and her hands were gentle, not to hurt me. I told her she wouldn’t hurt me and showed her the process of stroking it. She was a quick learner and soon caught on.

I started kissing her all over her body, avoiding the areas of interest. Starting from her toes and slowly moving up to her thighs, stomach, arms, neck, and lips. She just kept moaning and moving like a fish fresh out of water. I held her by her waist and opened her bra hooks with the other hand.

Out popped her melons waiting to be eaten. I took her left breast in my mouth, played with her nipple using my tongue and repeated the same with the right one. She was already wet, and I saw a wet patch on her panties. It was time to see her virgin hole.

I slowly pulled down the panties. There it was, a freshly trimmed pussy. I parted her pussy lips. There it was, the hole about to change her and make her a woman. I made her lie on the bed and got into the 69 position. She started sucking on my dick.

I was returning the favour moving my tongue in and around her pussy. She soon let out a deep moan, and I could feel her cumming. This was too quick, which she justified by saying she was super excited to lose her virginity.

The time had come to reach the main course of the lovely meal. I went to the switchboard and dimmed the lights. I moved her to the edge of the bed and asked her to lie down straight. The bed was of optimum height, and my dick was at the right height to enter her pussy.

I had heard from my previous partners that the first time is very painful, and one needs to be careful. I slowly kept my dick on her pussy hole. I bent forward to play with her boobs and kissed her while stroking my dick on her pussy from the outside. I could feel her excitement mounting.

I asked her to stay calm and not to do any sudden movements while I continued to slowly stroke my dick on her pussy.

While kissing her and playing with her boobs, I stopped my dick movement. I placed it in the hole and gently pushed it. It didn’t go in. I was very surprised. This shouldn’t happen as it was supposed to slide in, but this was my first time with a virgin, also with someone who had never had anything inside her pussy.

It just didn’t go in. I kept kissing her while holding her shoulders and giving a tight push. The dick slid in, but only 1/4th went in, and she was in pain. I stopped right there. I told her to wait in that position and relax for some time. Once she was better with the pain, I gave another hard push.

The whole dick went in this time, and she was in extreme pain. She bit my lip hard and shouted, “You bastard, go slow.” I kissed her again and told her to trust me and stay in that position to adjust around my dick for some time. After about 2-3 minutes in that position, her pain had eased a little.

I started to move my dick in and out slowly. Now we were both enjoying the movement. She kept asking me to go deeper and faster. She was in love with the whole process. Her pussy was the tightest I had been in. It didn’t take me long to get near my climax.

I told her I was about to cum. She asked me to cum in her as she was also about to climax and wanted to feel the semen deep in her. I was well beyond thinking of pregnancy. I decided to give her a pill later and continued to fuck her with deep pushes. Then we both climaxed together.

I kissed her on her forehead. I slowly pulled out of her pussy to see my dick completely drenched in blood. We had even ended up spilling blood all over the hotel towel which was below her.

We were thankful that it was a furry towel and not the bedsheet, which was gone. I went near her ear and whispered to her, “Congratulations, you are not a virgin anymore.” We continued to have 2 more rounds that night before she couldn’t handle it anymore. We slept off naked while hugging each other.

Whenever I am in Delhi, we meet and have sex sometimes. She has even introduced me to her partner, and we have also had a threesome. But that’s for some other time.

Looking forward to hearing your reviews and feedback at [email protected]. Ladies in Bangalore who would like to meet/have discreet relations in person or over chat, feel free to get in touch. Your secret will be safe with me.

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