Hi, myself JAY Shah from Bhubaneswar(Orissa). I have been

visiting this site off and on, whenever I get the

opportunity.This is my 1st post in ISS. This is my real

incident of my life. If you find my story interesting & wanna

contact me than mail me [email protected]. My narration is not

well. So please forgive me & just read it.Any lady looking for

a good relationship can also mail me (secrecy assured).

Let me tell you about my incident in my school days. When I

was studying 10+2.Our family was very conservative and talking

about sex was taboo thing in that time. Frankly I never had

much knowledge of sex at that time. The information was

limited to the talks with friends. But I had confusion and

doubts about sexual act.

Priyanka madam was one of my school teachers. She was most

beautiful women I have ever seen.I had an eye on her since the

day she joined the school. Now let me tell you about her she

is 36-28-34 with a sexy body her face is attractive and

wheatish in color. She is slim but her boobs are great. Her

boobs can erect anybody’s cock. Now let me tell you the story-

I was in the class and thinking for Priyanka mam, I was

thinking about her butts, her boobs, her lips. Totally I was

fucking her in my thoughts. Now her class period came she was

wearing a salwar and was looking very sexy!! She took the book

and looked at me I was looking at her boobs continuously then

she gave me a naughty smile. I become shy and suddenly looked

at the book. After the class I went to the hostel room and was

masturbating thinking about her. Next day she came and again

gave me naughty smile.

That day she was wearing a deep neck salwar, so curves were

visible. on that day I again was continuously watching at her


In the recess I told her that I want some tuition of science.

She replied yes you can come to my home. I gave her a very big

smile and she did the same. On Sunday I went to tuition.When I

ring bell she opened the gate and welcomed me.

I went inside; she was wearing a beautiful black salwar suit.

She went inside the study room and called up me.She was

sitting. I went there and sat on a chair. Madam was looking at

me. I was in shirt and trouser. As soon as she bend herself I

watched her boobs and become unconscious for some time.

My little friend woke up and started fighting with my pant

there was a little bulk on my trouser. I tried to hide it with

my book, notebook, hands but failed it was clearly visible.Then she tried to tease me. she fell her pen on ground and

bend fully her body to take it.

Now I was not in control I watched her full tits.My cock was

out of control and I realized that mam was smiling and also

trying to tease me more. then she ordered me to take her book

from the rack. I understood that mam want to see my bulk, and

then I stood up and gave her book.she gave a naughty smile.

After tuition I begin to tie up my shoes, I watched her she

was looking sad. she asked me about my further time table I

replied that I am totally free today mam.Then she held my hand

and took me to her bedroom. There she asked me whether I want

to see her breast. This time she did not wait for my answer,

she removed her dress and and held me very close to her. She

told it is ok and only we two know this. Then she kept my hand

one her breast and told me to feel of it. Then she unhooked

her bra now I was carving to see a lady naked. Then suddenly

she started unbuttoning my shirt and she removed it with a

naughty smile. Now both of us fully naked.

Then she said Wow!! what a beautiful cock. first I sucked her

dry lips. my every wet kiss was making her lips wet. I was

continuously kissing her. our tongue was playing in each

others mouth.She embraced me by kissing and sucking my lips. I

responded by holding her tight to me moving my hand squeezing

on belly, back buttocks thighs and where ever I can. She took

my mouth to her breast and told me to suck it lick on the

nipples. She took my middle finger and guided to her vagina,

it was hot and slippery and she was mourning and breathing

heavily and stroking my penis. Suddenly she kneeled down and

took my penis and sucking it hard. She was doing it so fast

and fast holding me to her mouth with one hand. I could not

control for long and I ejaculated in her mouth all of sudden,

she sucked hard. Then I felt shy to look at her.

Then she show me some English sex books with photo and I could

not believe such poses are done for sexual act. She again

started talking erotically and started stroking my penis. I

was thrilled and got my erection again. I started kissing and

sucking her lips, breast caressing all over her body and the

sight of her naked body made me mad.

She told me to suck her cunt & I obeyeyed her.Then I turned

her body again and saw her cunt.it was wet then I smelled her

cunt which was giving a flower like smell then I touched her

cunt with my tongue and she moaned sexily. Then I kissed her

cunt and took a taste of her love juice. It was salty and

tasty. then I was continuously sucking her cunt. She started

moaning loudly. She was now mad and started breathe heavier

and heavier. And moan louder and louder. Finally she was not

control herself. Her entire body shuddered her love juices

flowed down Like River. I drank all of it. Now I looked at her

she also looked at me and say I love you darling I replied I

love you too mam.

My dick was paining and she started sucking it and she was

making the chucking sound and she was hold my dick tightly and

also masturbating it and simultaneously sucking it and she

whispered “ mazaa aa raha hai” I said “ haan” and the after a

few minutes I held her shoulder and pushed her and made her

lie down and she giggled “ ab tu ghusayega” I said “ lund dukh

raha hai” and I lay down her and put my left hand under her

head and she hugged me tightly and started to kiss me and lick

my face. Her mouth was having the smell of my cock but I was

hot so allowed her to kiss me and I also started to kiss her

madly and lick her and she was enjoying every bit of it and

then she whispered “ JAY dheere se dalna,tumhara bahut bada

aur mota hai” I said “ aapko mazaa ayega” she hugged and

kissed me and said “ itna bada lund pehli baar dekh rahi

hoon”.she parted her legs wide and I held my throbbing cock

and placed it on her slippery pussy and slowly gave pressure

and my cock head went in and she hissed in pleasure “

aaaaaahhhhh jjjjjaaaaaaan dheere dalo mazaa aa raha hai” and I

gain pulled out my cock and again thrust it and this time it

went in till half and she hugged me tight and whispered “ lund

mast hai aur bahut garam hai,poora dal do” and I was mad and

gave a hard push and pressed my hips hard on her pussy so that

my cock was deep inside her pussy and my pelvic was pressing

her pelvis and she moaned “ aaaahhhhhhhhhhh JAYYYYYYYYYYY

llllooooovvvvvveeee youuuuuuuu” and I kissed her lips and said

“ kaisa laga” she gave sex smile and said “ tumhara lund mast

hai aise hi ander rakho garam garam lund accha lag raha hai,

aur tumhara jeeb mere mooh mein do” so I thrust my tongue into

her mouth and she started to suck it like mad.

I then took out my cock till the mouth of her pussy and

pushed it inside with force and she moaned “

sssssssssssssssssssssssss” and I started to give her long fuck

and thrusts and she was madly rubbing my back and kissing my

neck. My cock was very hard so it was going in like a piston

and after a few long thrusts and I started to bang her pussy

fast and she was moaning “ jayyyyyyyy dhhhheeeeereeee thelo

tumara lund bahut ander jaa raha hai” I kept silent and

continued to bang her pussy fast there was the sound of our

pelvis pounding phatphatphatphatphatphat and the sound of her

flowing juices satasatasatsatsatsat and her hissing

“ooohhhhffffffohhhhhhhffffaaaaaaaaa daaarlllinnng

cchhhhhodddddoooooo” I continued to bang her pussy and then

after sometime I again pulled my cock till the mouth of her

pussy and I arched a bit and started to fuck her till half

length of my cock but I was moving fast so she was enjoying

the fucking of her pussy mouth and she was hissing “

jjjjjaaannnnnn mmmmmmaaaassstttttt ccchhhhhooodddd

rrrrahhhheee hhooooooo iiilllllovvvvvvv yooooouuuuuu”And after sometime of fucking her till half length I could

feel her hands tightening on my shoulders and her hissing

became loud and she was lifting her pussy to get more of my

cock and I knew that she is going to cum so I again thrust my

cock fully into her pussy and started to bang hard and then

after a few thrusts she yelled “ jjjjjaaannnn maaaiiinnnn

aaaaaaa rrraahhhi hhhhooonnnnn zzzzzzoooorrrr sssseeee

kkkkkkaaarrrrrooooo” and I started to bang her hard and also

started to put force on my hips and press it hard to her pussy

so the cock was entering very deep into her.

Then I told her that I am about to came.she said unload your

load inside my mouth then I put my penis inside her mouth and

threw all my load. every corner of her mouth was filled with

my semen. Then I slept over her body and she also slept with

me.Then after about 2 hours of sleeping we both took a shower

and I fucked her again in the bathroom and then we used to

have sex frequently and she started to wear skirts as it was

easy to have a quick fuck because she used just lift up her

skirt and we used to have a quick fuck in school itself.

woman of age 15-35 feel free to contact me for the most

amazing sexperience of your life.I am a 5’9″ foot tall, 25 year old, fluent

english,hindi,oriya speaking guy.e-mail me at [email protected] for further details.

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