A billionaire’s party of unlimited 👯🏼‍♀️ sex

I don’t know why I have decided to recount my story. I know hardly any of you will believe it. Maybe it’s all the free time I have now. I don’t know. Anyway, here it is.

Wealth is like a river. Every person gets some and loses some creating a flow. Some people can accumulate wealth like dams on the river. Some have dams big enough to be ponds or very large lakes.

As of 2022 Feb, I had my ocean. I lucked out. My one patent for facemasks had no real use until COVID hit. The royalties alone made me hundreds of millions. Coupled with a few good investments and I hit the big B.

Being a billionaire changes life. I had to leave my old life behind. I changed everything from my name to my face and even my accent. It’s easy to do if you know the right people.

Politicians, lawmakers, and even the fucking police are all just bootlickers. I can make or end them. They’re tiny flies that live in the ecosystem of my ocean. I don’t even consider them living brings at this point.

Complete immunity and the ability to do anything I wanted were nice for a few months. Then it got lonely. A few thousand people probably know what it’s like on the summit.

I delved into prostitution for some time. I fucked 3-4 different women every day until I found some regulars. But it was too easy. After a point, the sex was just a mechanical activity I did to get my brain thinking straight, like eating or taking a shit. The fun was gone.

One day, out of boredom, I decided to host a party in my Miami mansion. I had like 30 or so guests. All at least 100 millionaires. Trust funds children, former athletes, producers, music moguls and one prince. The party itself was great. There were vices everywhere. Drugs, alcohol, strippers, the scene was set.

I found a girl in the group of strippers. She was an older girl – early 30s, I would say. Even though she claimed she was 25. I found that dominating an older woman brought me a little satisfaction. The younger ones were all too enthusiastic.

She was on my lap, grinding on my hard cock. I held her waist. I had done enough X that the copious amounts of alcohol didn’t affect my erection. I slapped her ass. She moaned in what seemed like pleasure. Slut. I hit harder and harder until I could hear the pain in the moan.

Then I held her waist and helped her grind. There was something different about this girl. She wouldn’t leave me alone. I pulled her hair randomly. I spanked her ass hard enough that my hand stung. That’s not easy to do when you’re on as many drugs as I was. It was almost as if she was desperate for my attention.

I felt a weird connection with her. She was the first girl in years who took my abuse and didn’t immediately want to leave.

“That’s a fine piece. If she weren’t already on you, I’d have her all to myself,” I turned to see a middle eastern man sitting beside me.

“Ah, your royal highness,” I courtesied with one hand. Not bothering to stop the grinding.

“Please, I’m Sam. That’s Short for Samyuddin,” he courtesied back. “I like your party, my brother! But I sense such deep sadness from you.”

“You’re good at small talk, aren’t you, prince Sam,” I mocked.

“Just Sam will do. What’s the point? I ask you how you are, and we both know you’re fine, yada, yada,” he gestured to a nearby stripper. She promptly came and sat on his lap.

“Let me guess. You thought money could buy you happiness. And then you realized it didn’t. Correct?” He said nonchalantly. I didn’t need to answer his rhetorical question. The look on my face gave it away. He was spot on.

He sipped his drink and said, “Don’t be so surprised. You’re new money. All new money goes through this. Fortunately, there are ways out. Judging by how you treat this whore on your lap, I think we share a vice, my boy.”

“Excuse me. I’m not a whore,” the blonde on my lap pipped back at Sam.

It was probably the drugs, but rage flashed through me. I felt the heat of it on my face. I wasn’t in control. Or maybe I was too much in control. I pulled this slut’s hair and slapped her hard. Once. Twice. I tossed her on the ground, stood up and slapped her again.

“You are whatever we say you are, slut,” I pulled her hair and brought her to her knees.

“Your mind is clouded. We will talk more when your head is clear. Go. Go, son, clear your mind and body tonight. Tomorrow I’ll show you what your money can really do,” he nodded to his left as if to tell me to go. It enraged me that he was telling me what to do. I couldn’t think straight.

I dragged the girl by her hair to the nearest empty bedroom. This tiny 5-foot-tall, curvy blonde was wincing nonstop. “Shut up slut. You are what I say you are. You understand?” I slapped her again.

“Ow! Ah!” I hit her again. I pulled down her top and hit her tits. “Ow, okay, yes, I’ll do anything. I’m sorry” I squeezed her breasts and slapped them. I was pushing it to see how much she could take. “Aaah, please! Please! I want to talk to you. I need your help! Please, I’ll do anything. Please be gentle.”

I pulled her to my cock. She didn’t protest. She took it in her mouth and sucked. She tied her hair in a tight bun. I held it and fucked her throat. I felt her gag. I felt her push back on my thighs. I waited a couple of seconds and then let her go so she could breathe.

She fell back, gasping. There were some tears. I took my pants off and picked her up. I threw her on the bed on her stomach. Before she could react, I found her pussy and drove my cock in deep.

She was no virgin. Her pussy was not tight. She didn’t put up any resistance. I began fucking her. I was gentle now. She was moaning again but with pleasure this time. I took her clothes off mid fuck. Her bra was tight, so I ripped it open. Then turned her around.

She had a glorious pair of breasts. They sagged heavily but with perfect nipples that pointed out like pencil erasers. I put my cock back in and continued giving her deep hard thrusts. I bent over her and sucked her nipples. They felt so good in my mouth.

I looked up. Still fucking. And asked her, “What is your name?”

She seemed taken aback. “D-desire”

I slapped her. She was shocked, and I could see tears. I held her hair and kissed her. Softly. She kissed back. I opened her mouth and licked her tongue. I kept fucking her deep.

Pulling back, I asked her again. “What’s your name?”

“Molly, sir.” Her voice had a mix of fear and anticipation. I was nearly there. She was nearly broken. I kissed her again.

“You know who I am, Molly?” Her tits were bouncing hard in rhythm to my thrusts. I held her hair bun and pushed into her.


I slapped her ass hard.

“Yes, sir.”

And now I kissed her. I was training her with reinforcement, like a dog.

“Molly, I like you. I want to get to know you. But right now, I need to fuck you. If you play this right, you could be my girl. You understand?”

I saw a twinkle in her eye. “Yes, sir.”

I kissed her hard and pulled out. I took her off the bed to the nearest table. I bent her over and fucked doggy again.

“Do you have children, Molly? I ask because of your breasts,” I squeezed her tits and fucked her.

“Yes, sir,” she had stopped moaning to have this conversation mid fuck.

I slapped her tits. “Tell me more, Molly.”

“I have a son. He’s 14. I live with him.” I fucked in deep. She moaned out loud.

“That makes me like you more, Molly. You’re a good mother. You’re doing this job for him, aren’t you?” I held her hair and fucked harder.

“Yes, sir.”

“Open the first drawer. There are a few thousand dollars in there. It’s yours. You know why, Molly? It’s because I like you.”

She opened it, saw the money and then turned to look at me. I kissed her. “Thank you.” I could see more tears again. Now she was broken.

I pulled out and took her back to bed. This time I went to bed on my back. Without asking, she climbed and mounted my cock. I held her tits and watched her ride me.

“You’re so beautiful, Molly.” She started moaning. I sat up and sucked her beautiful nipples. I reached up and opened her hair. It fell to her ass. Long golden hair was now tickling my balls.

“You want to be mine, Molly?”

She nodded. Moaning.

“Show me. Prove it.”

She pushed me down, and the real riding began. I felt her hair tickle my balls as she jumped on my cock, screaming. All I could do was hold her ass

“I want to own you, Molly. I want to make you my girl.” I held her neck. Her face had fear, but it looked like she wanted this.

“Yes. Yes, I want you. I want to be yours.” She was talking now.

“You’re so beautiful, Molly.” She was riding me wild. “I’ll take care of you now, Molly darling. You’re going to quit this job. You’re going to be my slut. Only mine.”

She sat down on my cock and looked at me, “Really?”

I pulled her in and kissed her. “Yes.”

“Oh, daddy,” she said before she rode me as I’d never been ridden. The room was filled with the sound of our bodies colliding and her screaming daddy. I explored her as she rode me. I squeezed her breasts. She kept moaning.

I pulled her into my chest and hugged her. Then I began thrusting into her. Double the speed of her riding. She screamed.

“Oh, daddy!” She kissed me now. I could feel her desperation. She was getting close. I held her ass. I fucked hard.

“I own you now,” I said

“Yes, daddy, I’m yours, daddy,” she screamed.

And then I put my finger in her ass. She screamed. I felt her convulse. “Daddy, I’m cumming!”

There was a rush of wetness on my cock. As she collapsed on my chest

I hugged her and stroked her hair. She looked at me in a daze and said, “I love you, daddy.”

That flipped a switch in my drunk, drug-addled brain. I threw her in bed and mounted her. I fucked her hard. She was moaning, screaming fully in pleasure. I held her beautiful hair and pulled it. I fucked harder.

“Yes, daddy, take me, daddy,” was all I could hear. I was an animal now

I held her neck and rammed her pussy. She screamed louder. I spat in her mouth. She looked shocked for a second, swallowed it, and opened her mouth again. I spat again. I owned her now. Completely.

“Tell me more about your life, Molly.” I pushed my Cock deep inside her. “Where is your son right now?” I kept a tight grip on her hair.

“He’s with my stepfather in Tampa, daddy,” More tears welled up in her eyes. Her makeup was properly ruined now. God, this girl cried a lot. “I lived with him here in Miami, but we were evicted last week after I lost my job.” She looked so beautiful when she cried. I kept fucking her. She kept talking.

“I lived in Miami for 5 years now after my mother died. My stepfather…he’s not a nice man, daddy. He hurt me when I was young,” I hugged her tight. Beneath all the layers of my drug-addled brain, I felt a tinge of empathy. But I was still rock hard, so I didn’t stop fucking.

“Daddy, I don’t want to leave my son with him. I’m a bad mother.” I shut her up with a kiss.

“You are not a bad mother, my Molly. You do this job for your son. You love him. He’s your whole life. You are an amazing mother.” I didn’t even slow down. I kept fucking her.

“My son has a whore mother,” she was weeping profusely now. God, it turned me on.

“Not anymore. You are my girl now. Nobody will hurt you. Nobody will touch you. You belong to me. You can come back to Miami. You will live here in this house. I’ll set you up in the guest room – no rent.”

I fucked hard with every word. She stopped moaning. She was looking into my eyes now. In her eyes, I could see desperation. Not for sex but for love. For someone to treat her like a human.

She looked up at me while I fucked her. “Really, daddy? Is this real? Are you telling me the truth? I’m sorry I have to ask. Nobody has ever cared about me or asked me. I’m nothing more than a hole to fuck.”

I caught her hair. Made her look into my eyes only. I fucked her harder. “It’s real. I want you. I want to own you. I’ve been looking at you all night. You’re special. I’m going to change your life now. I’m going to give you everything you want. Everything you desire. All you have to do is be mine.”

She moaned. “Really, daddy? Anything?” I fucked harder.

“Yes, Molly. Anything”

She put her legs around me. “Daddy, if I’m a good mother, will you give me another baby?”

I was in a trance now. It had been so long since I fucked like this. I almost forgot what it felt like. I felt close to this girl. In love. Whatever that meant. “Daddy, please cum inside me. Please. I want your baby. I want you growing inside me,” she screamed.

I could feel my cock swell. I pulled her hair harder and tightened my grip on her neck. I was pounding her pussy now. I could see her eyes roll. I felt another gush in her pussy, and I eased off on her. Then I felt my cock explode inside her. Spurt after spurt of my cum.

I dug my cock in deep. I’m sure I made unholy noises. But I was too far gone to remember. I remember the waves of pleasure hitting me. We were both panting when I finally got off her in a few minutes. I looked down and saw my cock was still hard but also throbbing.

The foreskin had been pulled back under the tip. I held my stem and waited for the throbbing to stop. I looked to my side. My drug cocktail high came and went in waves. This was a low point where I could hear my real thoughts. I remember thinking about how beautiful this woman was.

Just slightly thick, long blond hair, milky white skin. Moonlight hit her face just right too. She had a cute face. She had slightly chubby cheeks that framed her perfectly.

She turned and looked at me. We kissed. I was tired. So was she. But my drugs were coming back in control. Another wave. I shut my eyes in the kiss.

My memory fades after that. But I remember turning her around and fucking her again. I remember cumming inside her over and over. I remember her screaming, “Daddy, I love you.” I remember telling her I loved her.

In my own messed up way, I actually did. I really did love her.

I also remember Sam walking in during her orgasm, watching us fuck and then clapping for us before leaving.

I woke up in the morning to my Butler/caretaker/concierge, Pierre, waking me up. My head was heavy, but my brain was mine again. Getting all the aggression out of my head helps but also takes away all the happiness. I felt my depression set in.

I looked over and saw Molly completely naked, lying facing away from me in a pool of cum around her waist. She had cum crusted on her stomach, back, pussy, thighs and even hair.

She woke up too. “D-d-daddy?”

I pulled her close immediately and kissed her. I felt close to her. None of the women I’ve had that roughly have stayed the next morning. This girl was desperate. She needed me.

“Umm, sir, a gentleman is waiting for you in the living room. A middle eastern man who goes by Sam, sir,” Pierre pipped. I broke the kiss. Kept hugging her and stroked her hair.

“In a minute,” I said. Not even looking at Pierre. “Molly, sweetheart, where do you live?”

“Daddy, I told you last night, I don’t have a home. I live with my stepdad in Tampa. My son is there now. I was evicted last week here in Miami,” her eyes were welling up with tears again.

The memory came back to me. She told me this between fucks when I asked where her son was. She cried about the whole thing. Her stepfather was not a nice man. I remember her story making me hard. I fucked her while she told me how her only relative, her mom, died.

She told me she tried to be a webcam model. But it didn’t work, and she resorted to stripping and whoring her body. She told me nobody was as nice to her as I was. And I remember fucking her harder for it. I was a monster to this girl who needed help. Now that the drugs were out of my system, I could see that.

“Pierre, I will need you to take care of Molly here. Can you help her get set up in the guest room by the pool? She’ll need to get her things and her son from Tampa.” I turned to Pierre.

“Very good, sir. Anything for your friend.”

I stood up, and Pierre slipped a robe on me. Not the first time he’s woken me up naked. He gave Molly one too.

“Molly, Pierre will take care of you. I need to meet someone now. Sorry. You’ll be safe with him.” I kissed her goodbye and came to the living room.

The living room was trashed from the party. Ugh. I’ll probably tell Pierre to throw all the furniture and get new ones. Out by the pool, I could see Sam staring out at the city skyline of Miami and the Atlantic ocean.

I stepped out and walked into the pool to wash off all the cum. It was routine for me. Pierre had a fresh pair of clothes on a pool chair, as usual.

Sam turned, “Ah! My friend! You’re awake at last. I don’t normally enjoy waiting, but this is quite some view you have.”

“Sam, with all due respect, what do you want? Why are you here?” I was curt but polite. A clear head helped me stay calm.

“It’s good to see you’re back in your head, young man. Let’s get to business then.” He smiled.

He walked over and sat on a poolside chair. I only now noticed he was packing. Weapons were not permitted on my property. I guess a Saudi prince might be the one exception.

He noticed me noticing his gun. “Sorry, my friend. My insurance requires that I carry it at all times. An unfortunate consequence of being in the oil trade is you have very few friends, which is also why I am here. I see potential in you.”

I washed up and got out of the pool. “Go on.”

“You see, we are the same. Only separated by years. I used to be a new money-brown boy just like you. I remember when I was first introduced to this world. I see the spark in you. I see you enjoying these passions that have now made me jaded. I feel like I can reignite my love of riches through you. And I like that. We are a rare breed. I want to make you my muejiza…my uh prodigal son.”

He was smiling. I paused and then wiped myself and wore my clothes. “What does that mean? What does it entail?”

“You will come with me to the gulf. Now. You will live there with me for 3 weeks. 21 days. A pilgrimage to all your carnal vices, that’s what I’ll take you on. At the end of it, you can decide if you want to go back to your life or join our group of friends.”

His eyes were now fixed on the living room beyond the pool, where Pierre was helping Molly.

“And do I have a choice not to participate in any of this?” I asked. He looked at me and smiled. He didn’t say anything for a second.

“Habibi. My friend. You have any and every choice. But some are unwise to take. So what will it be?”

My mind was already made up. I had already evaluated the pros and cons.

This would be the ideal break point for part 1 because EVERYTHING would change after I said yes to Sam.

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