A Bonded Relationship With Executive Lady Anurika

My first story in ISS , very happy to publish my experience with a nice lady. Very happy , Kudos to ISS and Cragslist

The story was written with the permission Anurika(name changed for privacy reason) and my name didn’t mentioned anywhere here as still Am a stud. There may be some errors so plz don’t mind for that. As this is my first story I tried to include all incidents and did well.

Guys please don’t ask me to let her introduce to you. At any cost I won’t do such silly thing.

I wish to hear from men’s and ladies about your opinion on this story. You can mail me on [email protected] at any time especially from women folks.

Lets begin.

Well this happened at the beginning of this month. I stay with family in near Electronic city . I’m undergraduate student doing regular B.com in reputed Clg . At end of 2nd sem as usual I got a month holidays as vacation. . It started to bore in home. So I got an idea to post an add in Craigslist find my luck for an relationship with any matured lady for the first time in my life. I given a suitable title to my add and described myself, stating all my details and location Electronic city. Ohhh I forgot to say myself Im a decent looking guy with average body and 20yr old. Likes too much oral stuffs.

It was Thursday when I posted add on Craigslist and successfully it was posted in add page. I was hoping receive lot mails on the same day. But nothing I got. Got 2-3 mails but all are from escorts and from a couple who asked money. I told myself WTF and still had a hope for a proper reply. On Saturday morning I opened mail , saw a mail subjected “Interested in your add”.

She described herself saying she is 43 year and she mentioned she like a young boy and interested to have a relationship. Asked me if I have any problems with her age and also requested if age is not a problem please let her know more about like my interest, wt I do etc. Who will say no for this! Immediately I mailed back her with details and a pic. And asked her tell more details about her. I mentioned my mail id to mail there. I got an reply at night. She stated all about herself. Her name is Anurika and working in well known Mnc as regional head in near E city and hobbies , interest etc and requested to maintain her privacy as she is working in well know company if anything goes wrong she will be in trouble. I replied with the assurance of privacy and requested the same by her end. And requested for a pic from her side.

She replied sending pic is not possible. We can meet over CCD in if all is ok we can go further. I nodded & requested for meeting time and place. She fixed time and date . I asked how can I recognize her , So she told her dress code will be Blue saree on the day . The meeting day was on Tuesday eve 6.15 in a CCD near to her office. I asked for her no she refused. . She even did not revealed if she is married or separated when I’m inquired about that , she said she will tell when we meet at CCD and no more mail exchange till we meet. I said ok & felt like she is genuine.

So finally the day came. At eve I took bath, dressed well and left my place. The meeting place was near to home just a 5km. I took an auto and reached the place by 6.10 and searching for her. Every second I spent in CCD that time I felt like a hour. I’m worried whether it gonna be happen or not. Finally by 6.30 she came in front of me and introduced herself as Anurika. As I was not seen her before and as my first time after with my gf I was bit scared. She started to talk. I too started.

After some time we ordered Cold Sparkle and continued our conversation, slowly I felt comfortable with her. Almost we talked about each other family background. She is a Keralite and separated from Husband before 5 years and she has a daughter, doing her graduation in Moscow. She asked whether I had any relationship with others , directly I told about my physical relationship with my x-gf and broke up matter. She was happy that I was open and told the truth. As there was people around us in CCD we didn’t talk much about sex topic. We spent almost an hour. Finally I asked did she liked me? I got an positive answer and she too asked same thing for me & as usual my answer was yes. We exchanged our number’s and left .

Lol I forgot to describe her looks. She had well shaped body . Normal color. Body stats 35-24-34(she told me for story) The main attraction in her is lips & shining face. That day she was in formal black office suit

After reaching my home I sent an Hi message to her WhatsApp and waited for the reply. I got reply by 9.30

That day we texted till 1 am almost we exchanged our area of interests in sex , education, family background etc. She sent me few pics for her, no hot pic. She was looking good and I complimented her. So day by day we got too closer both felt comfortable with each other. Finally I broke the ice and asked wen we can plan for real fun?

After 5 minutes she said okay. I asked where. She told I can come to her home and the day. I was happy & replied with kiss ? emoji. She sent me kiss ?by audio message. I was surprised by her audio text. She told me how baldly desperate she was for a sex from 5 years. Daily we continued for texting over WhatsApp till 1 or 2 am daily. At Friday night she raised the plan to take about tomorrow’s.

Anu: So what you gonna do with tomorrow?

Me: What you are expecting?

Anu: Naughty boy!!! . I’m feeling horny now!!! Plz tell me da!!

Me: Ok ok chill!!! I have an fantasy let me explain it?

Anu: Yes waiting eagerly to hear da!!

Me: I wants you to enjoy tomorrow’s night with me like hell. So I will lick each and every part of your body. I will lick your neck , then step by step armpits , Chins, Cleavage, those two boobs, suck your boobs like anything, while sucking one will squeeze another one with my hand, meantime find your pussy rubs it with another hand. Den your belly, foot gradually your pussy . By time you will have an orgasm by stuffs. Will lick and pour honey all over your body and cleans it with my tongue. It makes you to feel horny more. Do you like to experience this?

Anu: Surely. I wants you to do this to me. You should treat me as your gf.

Me: Yeah. Sure. Can I call you as Anu?

Anu: Mmmm ok. No problem!

Me: Ok Anu. At wt time I can visit to your place? Can we go out for movie!!

Anu: Please don’t call me for movie or to dinner. I cant come to anywhere. The work position is my problem .You can come to my place tomorrow at any time & we can do whatever possible here.

Me : Ok as your wish Anu. I will tell something in my home to stay away from home tomorrow night.

Anu: Mmmm ok .

After that as usual we continued chat till early morning. She sent me her address its one of famous Villa in Electronic city. I requested her to wear Black bra and panty. She said ok. Saturday I took rest till noon and took bath, trimmed hairs down. Purchased condoms. I booked a cab and reached her place by 9. Did security clearance and found her villa. Rang her bell , she opened the door and formally hugged each other. She was in blue night gown. Her boobs were making me crazy. But I control myself & didn’t reacted only because that’s not the way to treat a women for the first time. I said cool to myself. We both went inside, she came up with coffee and sat beside me. Like her things touching mine.

Anu: Do you watch Malayalam movies?

Me: Yes I do!! But only selected movies I have seen.

Anu: Who is your favorite hero and heroine?

Me: Nivin , Duqular Salman and Nithya menon. What about you!

Anu: Mammootty and heroin I don’t have any idea.

My mind didn’t give any space to continue conversation for a long. My eyes are staring at her boobs and hands wanted to grab them and squeeze. I was in tense. Hope she noticed that and asked I’m I okay ? I replied No I’m not. I can’t hold myself anymore. I grabbed her left hand and saw her face , our eyes met together. I saw lust in her eyes.

Slowly our lips locked together. We both exchanged saliva’s. We both were kissing like mad dogs. She is a good kisser and responding well me. While kissing I’m squeezing her ass buts and removed her night gown. Lol she was in black push up bra and netted panty as I requested her. We ended our long kiss , I stripped myself and remained in my inners. My manhood already in full straight position. She saw that & gave a naughty smile and guided me to bedroom.

I followed her and locked door. She was on bed and taunted me to join her. I jumped on bed , again we started to kiss and I started to rub her pussy with one. It’s already wet. We ended our kiss and asked shall I start my stuffs. She nodded with a smile. I came over her sat on her belly , parted a kiss neck & started luck her chin and neck area. She slightly started moan with ahhh Umm hmmm sounds. Den her both armpits. It’s shaven and clean with sweet aroma of her sweat. I cleanly licked those and saw her. She closed her eyes and enjoying my stuffs. Next turn is boobs. Still she was in her push bra. It’s was looking nice and hot. I slightly squeezed both boobs hardly over bra, she gave a hard moan and shivered by my move.

I became full naked & stripped her too. Sucked her boobs like hungry tiger and pinching them. She pressed my head towards boobs to do more. I did like one mouth and pinching & circling another one. It went for 10 minutes. I went down licked her foot fingers too. Suddenly she gave jerk & gave moan. Omg she had an orgasm. It was oozing out from pussy. I licked all those and inserted my two fingers inside the hole , started to finger fuck her.

She started to moan loudly and pleaded me to enter her pussy. But I didn’t , instead I licked her pussy deeply with my tongue. She got up , took my cock in hand. Gave a kiss to pink tip of cock. I felt like current passed in me, she gave me a nice blowjob, when I was about to cum I asked I gonna out, she took out, shagged my my cock , I cummed all her boobs. She cleaned herself from a piece of cloth . Now all I need is to bang her literally. I am not in mood to play with her lust for a cock. Kept my cock near her pussy hole , started to tease her for a while . She repeatedly asked me to insert. I took a condom, and fitted it to my cock. Now I am ready to go.

I came over her adjusted my cock to her pussy, kissed and gently moved my cock inside. Her hole was bit tight , I eased myself again moved it with bit force, she gave high moan, to keep her not feel pain I lip locked her and slowly & gently increased her pace. She too adjusted herself to deal with my pace & was playing with my butts and chest. She was circling my nipples it felt like something different for the first time . In 10 min she had her orgasm, I didn’t minded that I continued fucking her pussy, with a medium pace to make sure that not to end this early.

We kissed, sucked each other saliva. Finally I felt like I’m gonna cum, I took it out , removed my condom, cummed out all on her boobs and belly area. I saw a satisfaction in her face. Like that only we cuddled for an hour. I took her to bathroom, we both had an nice shower together ,played with her boobs, licked ass, again she took my cock in her mouth, cleaned each other , slept without cloth that night. The night became most memorable night my life. It was God gifted night for me. Morning I woke up @11 still She was sleeping , I gave her a kiss on lips and boobs . She woke up gave me a morning kiss. The whole Sunday we both were remained being nude in her home, enjoyed the day. I look forward to hear feedback from the readers to my mail id on [email protected]

Thanks for the opportunity.


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