A Bunked College Day Let Me A Virgin

Let me first introduce myself before I start the story. I am Ashish and I live In Mumbai. I have a good physique and i am 5.6′ tall. I have decent brown eyes and good looks. Now I start my story. This was a real incident that happened to me a few days ago while i was watching a LIVE telecast of Sri Lanka vs New Zealand ICC World T20 match. My parents used to go to office and my siblings were attending their colleges. That day i bunked my college and was watching match. So suddenly door bell rand and there it was..!! An awesome hot beauty was standing at my door with breast size of 36dd and had a 36 24 36 figure. She was wearing a tight kurti from where her nipples shape was clearly seen and a jeans & i was just in boxers without an underwear. She first saw my home from outside the door. When she saw no one at home, she bite her lips in a lusty way and I Understood what she wants from me.

Then i called her in and made sure i locked all doors and made her comfortable on my sofa till i served her a glass of water. Then she started to tell me that her name was Shivani and she has come here for raising funds for some cancer organization and she started showing me a file of cancer patients and all. And suddenly she came close to me and was sitting so close to me that her theighs were touching mines. I understood what she wanted from me so without wasting any time, I put a hand on her theigh and kept her file on her table and i smooched her for like 5 seconds and she was like sir what are you doing?

So I said I am not a dumb ass who doesn’t know why you were biting your lips outside the door in a lusty way. So she got impressed by me and my maturity and without wasting anytime I stood her up and smooched her hard by smashing her hard on the wall. And while i was smooching her, with one of my hands i was playing with her boobs and with the other hand i was fingering her from within her pants. And she, on the other hands was pulling my hair with one of her hands and was feeling my cock’s warmth with the other. And while this happened, she cummed for the first time. And then i lifted her and smashed her hard on my spongy bed. I increased the volume of the match so that neighbors can’t hear her moan.

Then i smooched her on lips and we did lip lock for about an hour and then i pressed her nipples from her kurtis and she was moaning like,”Ahh, yeah do it harder baby harder yeah yeah like that”.This continued for more 25 minutes or so. And then i started to suck her nipples from her kurtis itself. And she was unbearable that time. She was like Ahhhhhhh!.. yeah i cummed again omg u are so good. I made her cum second time when we both were still dressed up.

Then i started biting her nipples from her kurti and she was in heaven. She was like “Ahh yeah you’re so good yeah u made me cum dressed for the third time ahh yeah” … Then i slowly removed her top. And saw her black coloured bra from which those big boobs were popping out. Then i pressed them hard and was slappong her boobs from her bra which made her boobs a bit red. Then i sucked her booobs from her bra and bite her nipples from her bra and she enjoyed. Then i removed her bra finally and was really very amazed to see 36 dd boobs popping out in front of me. So what she did was she pulled me towards her boobs and was rubbing my face against her boobs and that was awesome feeling.

My cock was hard like rock and was shaping out of my shorts as i had no underwear. So she in no time removed my shorts and was amazed to see my 9 inch cock. As she was a virgin she was seeing a cock for the first time, she loved my click and started sucking and biting it and all i can say was that i was loving it. Then i loaded myself in her mouth within 15 minutes of her sucking my cock and then i wanted to see a virgin pussy. So what i did was i seduced and teased her more. I pressed her boobs as hard and slapped them so hard that they became red as tomato. Then I kissed her. then i came down to her pants and started to kiss her thighs and pussy through her pants. Then i removed her pants and saw a black underwear hiding a virgin pussy.

Her underwear was soaked with her cum. So what i did was i started to kiss her underwear and she was removing sounds like “Ahh yeah, tear off my pussy today. Ah Ah”. So i removed that cum soaked underwear and to tease her i was eating that underwear fully soaked of her cum and she was unbearable so i removed that underwear from my mouth and jumped on her pussy. I first fingered her pussy so as to make way for my cock to enter it. Then she was again moaning like ah ah yeah. Then she cummed again and i grand her juices with ease. The i started eating her cunt. She was in heaven. She was pulling my hairs to make me eat her pussy even harder.

So what i did was i bite her pussy so hard that she couldn’t resist much. She wanted my machine to drill her hole completely. I put my cock’s head on the entrance of her pussy and smashed it in slowly and she was in tears but i didn’t let her do that. I kissed her and didn’t made her feel the pain. Then after it was a bit in, I out it all in and there it was. Her seal has been broken and she no more was a virgin. Bleeding occurred so i took her to the bathroom and made her pussy clean and after cleaning her pussy i owned d showers.

I lifted her leg up and fucked her in showers with full speed as she was enjoying quite amazingly. And we had sex in all positions in the shower and she enjoyed. As i was about to cum, i removed my cock and loaded on her face, boobs and stomach.There were many more things that happened after this, I’ll continue in second part of the story,I hope you people liked my story. Please leavre your comments on [email protected].

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