A Day To Remember With Aunt Evangeline Part Ii

Hello guys,First I would like to apologize for being inactive for the past couple of weeks. I was really very busy. Replying to fan emails took much longer than last time. I have received an enormous amount of support from real life incest lovers. Some of them even asked for tips to seduce their mothers and sons. Well, I cannot disclose their identities as it would be like breaking the trust they had on me. I mentioned this because I know that there are still many people out there who have an urge for incestual sex affairs but are hesitant to open up. I am always there for the like of them. They can mail me at any time and I will reply yo them as soon as possible.

Now let\’s move on to our story.

She was moaning softly as I was kneading her breast and rubbing my hand over her pussy. She uttered softly “Please let me go, I am your aunt. This is wrong”

I kissed her earlobes from being and whispered in her ears “Your scent is driving me crazy, I cannot stop what I started” The strong smell of the jasmine she had worn on her hairs drove me crazy. I started kissing her neck from behind. She was letting out soft moans every now and then but she was suppressing them as much as she could. I was in no mood to leave her. I turned her around and hugged her. Her breasts were pressed against my chest. Her breasts now looked more beautiful from the top view. She shut her eyes tightly. I held her head and brought her lips towards mine and kissed them gently. Her resistance had now decreased. I started sucking her lips. Though she did not cooperate, she didn’t resist either. After a few minutes of kissing, she opened her lips and let my tongue inside. I explored her mouth. Now she started to enjoy the kiss and she started to kiss back. We exchanged saliva. Her mouth tasted sweet. I opened my eyes and I saw tears running down her cheeks. I kissed her cheeks and wiped her tears. I went closer to her ears and softly whispered: ” I love You”.

She did not say anything. I hugged her letting no air pass in between us. This time she hugged me back and was moving her hands over my bare muscular back. I lifted her in my arms and carried her to my room. I threw her on my bed and went back to close the door. When I turned back, She was sitting on the bed worried and tensed. I went near her and asked why she looked so tensed. She replied ” I am cheating my husband and am being a bad mother to my kids. Gods will curse me for this. We should stop everything from here. We should forget everything that has happened so far”

I placed my hand on her shoulders and tried to convince her but she had made up her mind and was strong in her decision.

I touched her breast from side and pleaded with her “Please let me do this just one and I promise I won\’t ask you for this again in my entire life”

She didn’t reply. I took it as a yes and pressed her breast. Maybe she was saying no with that silence. I figured that out when she gave me a hard slap on my cheeks. She got up and angrily said ” I won’t tell this to your mother. I am leaving and please don’t show me your face in my entire life”

I now was convinced that this will take too long as she was adamant. I caught her hand and pulled her towards me. She fell upon me and I hugged her and kissed her like mad. She tried to resist a lot. I changed position and came upon her. I caught both of her hands and kissed her breasts over her blouse. I started biting them. She cried loud ” Leave me you son of a bitch”

But I was in no mood to leave her. I brought her hands together above her and caught them with my single hand. With my free hand, I opened her blouse. She tried to resist. She had worn a black bra. I pressed them and started sucking them. Then I tore her bra and her pink nipples delighted me. I kissed them and touched them with my tongue. She gave a jerk. Her nipples were erect and but still soft. I started biting them. I played with them for a while. Now her resistance lowered and she was crying. I chose to neglect it. It went down to her naval and kissed it, licked it and then finally was bottom part. I tried to untie the knot in her petty coat but she tried to stop me. Next what I did was something which she least expected. I raised her legs and placed them over my shoulders. This gave me a nice view of her panty. I touched her pussy over her panty. She jerked a little. I started fingering her over her panty. she moaned aaahhhhhh… Pleeeassseee stttoooppp… Aahhhh… aahhh… aahhh…. seizing the opportunity I untied her petty coat and now she had only her panty on. I tore that piece of material. She tried to cover it with her hands. I removed her hands and kissed her pussy like as if there is no tomorrow. She moaned hard “aaahhh,,,,,,aaaahhhhh…aaahhhhh”

Now I fingered her pussy…. within no time she came. I licked her pussy clean. She was moaning like hell. I again climbed on top of her and removed the torn bra and blouse. Now she was stark naked. I rolled her over me and kissed her madly. She was now co operating well. I stood up and removed my boxers. She was shocked to see my penis. She avoided eye contact. I climbed on top of her and played with her lips, her breasts, her pussy.

Now it was time for the main course. I placed my erect dick over her pussy and rubbed it on her pussy. She was now moaning more than before. After a long time, she said: “Please don’t do this to me, I can’t tolerate, please insert it.” It was all I need to hear. I inserted the tip of my cock in her tight pussy. She left out a soft moan. I pushed a little more and half of my cock went inside her. She was screaming “Ammmaaaaaa”“Dei vealikutha daw… ahhhannnn ahhhhhhnnn, haaaaannnnnn…” ( Its paining…. ahhhhh… ahhhh…ahhhh)

She hugged me and scratched my back. Her nails made small cuts on my back. I gave another thrust and my dick was fully inside her. She was untouched for more than five years this had made her pussy very tight. Tears were running down her cheeks. But she was enjoying each and every moment. I started making to and fro motion and she was moaning like hell. She kept on saying” Fuck me. Oh yes… Fuck me hard… Make me your bitch. Yes… Tear my pussy… Am your slave from today… aaahhhh”

After some intense fucking, I was about to cum but I managed to control it. I took out my dick and asked her to suck it. She hesitated a bit. I asked once again and this time she agreed and took my dick in her mouth. She did it like a pro. I was about to cum and she too sensed it. But she continued sucking it and I emptied my entire load in her mouth. She drank it. She looked unsatisfied and pounced on me like a hungry tiger. My dick was now limp. We cuddled together and kissed each other’s parts.

After a few minutes, I was hard again and she climbed on top of me and started riding me. It was an awesome view. She was jumping up and down and her breasts were bouncing like balls. Her breasts were of the appropriate size and thus looked great. I caught her breasts. She placed her hands over my hands and pressed them. She moaned louder than before. After a few minutes of intense fucking, we changed position we went to 69 position. I licked her pussy and fucked her pussy with my tongue. She cummed again. She was sucking my cock and my balls simultaneously. I too cummed. After this tiring session, both of us were exhausted. I lied next to her. She dragged the blanket and covered herself and avoided eye contact and faced away from me. I went closer to her and hugged her from behind. My dick was poking her ass. She adjusted a little and now my dick was in between her thighs. I started humping her. She turned around and said “please save this for later tonight”

I kissed her lips and slept nude hugging each other. After a couple of hours, she woke me up with a nice blowjob. We went into the shower and had a sex there. I held her and fucked her in standing position.

Later at night, we had another session. This continued till my mom came back.

We fucked in each and every corner of our mansion. We even fucked inside my car at the parking when we went for a movie. She calls me to her house as soon as her son leaves for school. We roam nude and have sex till her son returns. Sometimes she brings her son along with her so that no one would ever doubt us. I leave him in my room and he plays games on my PC while I play with his mother. Once he even caught us fucking. We were fucking on the sofa and he had come out to drink water. He was too young to understand what he saw but I had to bribe him with a gaming console. Am sure once he grows old, he will realize what happened between him and me and may want to fuck his mom too. But that’s none of our business.This secret relationship of ours will continue forever. I haven’t told mom about this but my aunt Eva said that she desires to be fucked in a threesome which should include me, my mom and my aunt Eva. I am looking forward to a nice chance.

If it works out, I will tell about in the stories to come.Please write to me at[email protected]

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