A family that lives together, breeds together

I was born in 2003 to a small family in a remote village in a forest area.

Our village only had 4 families making up around 50 people. The next closest village was 8 hour walk, and the journey to our village could only be made by walking.

Trapped between mountains and forests meant we only had the people beside us to help us survive and socialise.

Everything was produced within the village. Occasionally we had contact with the outside world. Westerners would stumble due to hiking trips. We would reward them generously with our food, livestock and even our women.

Every child born within our family was a child of the family. Nobody knew who their father was. But every man was a potential father because we shared our women with all of them.

Occasionally, we would choose the woman we wanted for a week or longer on special festivals and events. But generally, most men preferred a week.

Being young meant we had a mission to impress the women folk before we reached maturity. So it would be easier to know which women were suitable to your taste and liking.

Time passed so quickly. Before I realised it, I was a grown man with responsibilities, and it was time to make a family. The only problem was, who with. We have a tradition where when a boy turns into a man, the men in the family suggest and help him choose the woman.

If we fail to choose before midnight, then the man has to enter a dark room with no light. He has 3 chances to choose the women he can have. Every woman touched has to step outside the room so everyone can witness.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t choose my woman because I was confused. So I was locked up in a room with all the women from the family. While the men waited outside the room, I had to choose blindly. So off I went with my adventure.

I moved my hand forward and started to grab someone until I touched the first one. She quickly went outside, and I heard cheering from the men. It took me around 15 minutes, and I had touched 3 women.

After that, I walked towards the exit door. As I opened the door, I was presented with 3 women, naked and in different positions.

Number one was my Aunty Halima, a stunning 36-year-old beauty with a lovely hourglass figure.

Number two was my sister Sara, a young 21-year-old girl who had only had sex with a foreigner from outside the village.

Finally, number 3 was my mother, Shaheen, a 44-year-old mature woman of 6, including me. A thick and ripe woman with all the experience anyone could ask for.

Since I had chosen my mother, tradition says she would have to be the first woman to teach and satisfy me. So my mother starts to walk towards me with a pot of honey. She gets on her knees and starts to untie my pants. Slowly slipping my pants from my erected cock.

As the pants came down, I heard a loud cheer. Then suddenly, everyone was in a state of shock. All the men start to speak and start to come closer to have a closer look at my penis. My mother’s eyes also look shocked.

Shaheen: Have you seen the size of this, people? We finally have a man worthy of a village chief.

I didn’t understand any of this. But then my mother explained that we had not had a man with this shaped and sized cock in generations. My cock was around 8-9 inches, thick as my mother’s wrists. It was in a banana shape, pointing up.

I heard the women make our village call. It is a scream with their tongues floating. Before I could understand anything, my mother put the honey in her mouth and started to aggressively suck on my cock.

Choking and gagging with her eyes watering, looking at her from above was a beautiful sight. Her big round ass was shaking like a camel’s butt. Her heavy boobs were swinging in every direction.

My mom tried so hard to make me cum. She constantly gagged and choked on my cock for nearly 30 minutes. Her face and eyes were red as a tomato. According to tradition, if a woman cannot make a man cum, then the man has to fuck her ass to compensate.

My mom knew she didn’t want my snake in her ass. In all her years of getting fucked, she never had to give her ass to a man. It brings bad luck and disgrace to a woman. Eventually, my mom gave up and complained of her mouth hurting.

I could see the fear in her eyes as she stood up and went to her knees. She held her big round ass cheeks and spread them as wide as she could. I went behind her and slowly rubbed my snake around her asshole.

I understood it’s equally a disgrace if a man cannot penetrate a woman’s ass should she fail. This was my time to shine, especially if it made me a village chief. I was so blinded by the power I was getting that I was willing to destroy my mom’s ass for it.

I did it eventually. I spat at her asshole to make it wet first. Then I rubbed my saliva around it, using my fingers to penetrate my mom’s virgin ass. After fingering her ass for 5 minutes, I felt it had gone loose. So I tried to give it a shot finally.

Being inexperienced, I didn’t hold back. I rammed my long thick cock straight inside mom’s ass. I felt the resistance at first. But then I grabbed her wide hips and thrust as hard as possible. My cock slipped deep inside mom’s asshole. I heard a scream.

Then she tried to resist but understood it would bring more shame to her. So she took the pain, letting me destroy her ass. I knew that day that I don’t cum so easily. I was there hammering this mature woman’s ass for nearly 40 minutes. My mom nearly passed out.

I could feel her body becoming sloppy and running out of energy to hold herself. Out of sympathy and love, I gave it a final attempt. I started to hammer her ass so fast, and with so much power, my body clapped against her ass. Mom was losing balance with every thrust I was giving her.

After about another 5 minutes, I finally came inside mom’s ass. 19 years of cum stored inside me was finally spurting inside my mom’s ass. I was groaning and moaning as I felt my balls empty. It was the best feeling ever. I never knew how good sex felt.

If this is how it feels, then I will fuck every single woman in the village. I knew I could as I was finally the chief of the village. I pulled my wet cock out of mom’s ass, and I saw a river of cum shooting out of her ass. The villagers have never seen such a sight.

All the men rushed towards me and picked me up. Cheering and celebrating to have finally found a worthy chief. My mom was still on the floor, recovering from all the pounding. Her ass is still leaking with my cum, spilling down her thighs and onto the floor.

The women started to bow their heads and hands. My aunty Halima and sister Sara rushed to mom to lick away any cum left on her body as a gesture of respect.

It’s been a year since I became chief. So far, I have impregnated my mother, aunty, sister and 10 other women. These women are under my custody and will remain under my supervision until I die.

The men do the work. My job is to make all the village women pregnant due to my superior gene.

Life has been so good. Every day I empty my cock on a new woman. I much prefer older women as they can handle my cock. I equally enjoy their screams and moaning.

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