A Fling To Remember – Part 1

Hey guys, this is Christian (modified) and for the record I’m an Indian and basically from Mumbai.

This happened to me a year back when I was away from home, doing my engineering studies. I had rented an apartment and was staying there with a couple of friends.

Few days after I got familiar with the place and the people, I saw this woman. I could tell she was in her 30s with an ass that didn’t quit. I used to enjoy playing with the kids and that is when I met Divya who happened to be the mother of a kid who was hanging around. She called out to him and said let’s go home and the boy didn’t wanna leave as he was enjoying the game of cricket. She tried to persuade him but he wouldn’t leave so I told her aunty I’ll bring him with me in 10mins and she said ok.

I asked the boy where his apartment was and it happened to be in my wing and so I took him along and got to his place. I rung the door bell and there she was, I swear I couldn’t take my eyes of her and my short dramatic pause was broken as she said, ” hey thanks for dropping Shiva home” and I replied not a problem, I happen to stay a floor above. She invited me inside and I said some other time as I was getting late for gym.

We had a small gym in our building and had separate timings for men and women but then rules were meant to be broken. And one fine morning at around 6:30 I was on the treadmill and Divya happened to enter. There weren’t many people coming to the gym, at max you would find 5-6 people including the trainer. I said hi aunty and she said don’t call me aunty, I’m Divya.

She got onto the treadmill besides me. She was wearing this skin fitting t shirt and tracks that complimented her ass. I could take a guess that she was a 34-28-34. We started jogging and she asked me if I was new here and I said yes. We did a few exercises together. I helped her with a few weights. We got to talking and she asked me what I was studying and all. The best thing was she could speak fluent English. I got to know that she had a younger daughter too. She was married for 6 years at that time.

We used to meet twice a day at the gym and exchanged numbers. I got to know that her husband had frequent transfers to different places but they decided to stay here for now. He used to work at some factory and his shift was not fixed. We were chatting in the night around 9 and she asked me if I had dinner and I said no as I was bored eating from hotels. She invited me and my roommates for dinner and I asked if her husband was not home and she told me he had a night shift so he left.

I reached her place and she asked me where my roommates were and I said they already had dinner( I lied). She was wearing a blue chudidhar. I asked where the kids were but they were fast asleep. She served food and I said its good to which she asked what’s good and I replied both, the food and your dress. You’re looking great and blue happens to be my favourite color. She said thanks and blushed. She asked me if I had a gf and I said no I couldn’t find anyone as beautiful as you. She said stop flirting Chris, why do you have to flirt with me everytime? I said I thought you liked my company to which she replied I love it.

We finished our food and I was helping her with the clearing part. She was in the kitchen when I stood behind her smelling her hair and she noticed me and said hey you need something and I said no I was here to get some water and then I said I should leave now. I hugged her and Left.

She texted me the same night and asked me ‘ what was that? and I said what was what? She said you came to the kitchen and tried doing something. I asked her what did I do? She said don’t act so innocent chris and I said yeah I like you, what’s wrong and I know you like me so just say it. I didn’t hear from her for a day and then a day later she asked me to come home in the morning. Her husband left for office and children went to some nursery.

She opened the door, let me in and huffed me tight, meanwhile I closed the door as I didn’t want anyone to catch a glimpse of that. I asked her hey divya what happens suddenly and she put her fingers on my lips and said shhh and kissed me and I couldn’t resist. I pushed her onto the wall and continued to smooch her. We were engrossed in this deep kiss with the tongue and everything. I broke the kiss and said wait isn’t this wrong. She said it doesn’t feel so. I asked her whybshe didn’t reply my messages when I told her that I like her and she said she was scared and that she deleted all my messages and my contact.

I got angry and said I’m leaving, she held my hand and said wait don’t go. I want you and I came out of the door and she came in front of me trying to stop me and pushed me on the neighbors door and started kissing me wildly and bit my lips. I turned her around and lifted her still continuing the kiss and got inside the house, shut the door and went into the bedroom and laid her in the bed.

She said wait and I said no, I removed my shirt and jumped in the bed, I started kissing her neck and she was moaning sensually, I started rolling downwards kissing her boobs from outside and then I removed her clothes and started biting her nippples with the bra still on. She was moaning loudly and was holding her head in pleasure. I put my fingers in her pussy and it was dripping wet.

I loved the way she had shaved her pussy and I licked it like never before and she had to cum. Meanwhile I had put my fingers in her mouth and she loved that. She then offered to return the favour and tied my hands to the bed railing and started to suck my dick with proper stroking. I was on the ninth cloud and came so hard on her face and inside her mouth and the she said baby I want you.

I put on a condom and went inside her in missionary. I was going crazy with every stroke. Her pussy felt so great. Then we changed the position and I laid sideways behind her and started fucking her from behind and she was shouting with pleasure (ohh yess chris, fuck me baby, harder, ahhh) and I locked lips with her so that it didn’t get too loud.

Then I lifted her legs and put then on NY shoulders and started going harder and finally came. She had the best orgasm and that was evident from her expression. She was shouting like chris please stop, I’m done ahh I can’t take it and stuff like that. We didn’t realise that it was afternoon and we were sweatings like hell even in the ac.

We went into the shower and I fucked her in the ass which happened to be her first anal. I had lunch and left her place as it was time for her kids to return.

Please send in your suggestions to [email protected]. I would love to hear your views as this is my first story. There’s still a lot left in this chapter with Divya and I will be writing as soon as I find some time.

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