A Foot Fetish Matured Mother

Hello Everyone! It is me Amit again. Today I would like to tell you a story how ISS helped me to reach out a lady and have sex with her. I hope all of you have read my previous stories in which I described how I got the chance to have sex with my own mother and how it lead to so many other things including having sex with my mausi. If you like my story, if it made your dick hard or made your pussy wet, please let me know by providing me your valuable feedback at [email protected]. I will be waiting for your messages.

To tell you about myself, I am just an average looking person, with not so athletic body, but good enough. I am 5.10 in height. I belong to a city In Punjab.

Coming to the story, as I had earlier submitted my stories at Indiansexstories.net and provided my e-mail address, I was fortunate because I got messages from many people around the whole country, and I was amazed by the fact so many people had a crush on their own mothers and wanted to fuck their own mothers. I also got many messages from some ladies as well. I t was even more surprising that many mothers wanted to have sex with their sons. So peeps don’t losse hope, keep trying.

One day, I was just checking my e-mail and I came across one Email by a lady Manisha, saying ‘Hi’, I replied back to her and after sometime she told me she got my email id from ISS, I asked her I she liked my story? She replied back positively. She said ‘I got wet reading your story and I was very horny’. I was very happy or myself. I asked about where she lived and all. Initially she gave me all wrong details including her name. We started chatting normally and I came to know she was 42 years old married and had 1 daughter o my age.

After some days, we became more intimate and started talking horny with each other. We asked about each others details, She asked me about my dick size and all. I asked about her figure. She told me she was air in color short in height and had an awesome figure of 36-34-38. I became very horny and started imagining her. I even asked her to send me a pic of her, but she refused every time. I felt bad but didn’t want to let the thing go which we had developed over time. She said she liked the way I always used to get her horny and wet. I told her I can make her go nuts if she ever meets me in person. She replied very casually.

Some days went past, and we were on the same platform as we were some time back, normal just sex chat and stuff nothing more. I started to feel a little bored by now, but that was not the case with her. I had started noticing the change now. Now I was not the one who would initiate the chat and start talking horny, now it was her. I knew she wanted it, liked it enjoyed it as much as I did. I also didn’t disappoint her and responded properly to her. We enjoyed very much.

After some days past, It had been very long since we had been limited only to the online sex chat, I wanted more, and I knew even she wanted it. I tried to convince her to send me a pic of her just the face nothing else, she refused first, but after some convincing she agreed.

When I received her pic my hands were just trembling and shaking due to excitement. I was too damn horny. The rush of blood was immense. I couldn’t wait for the time while the pic was downloading. I was excited to the core. Those 2 seconds of downloading time went like 2 years for me. When I opened the pic I was so much disappointed because the pic that she had sent me was of some model or actress. I was furious.

I replied back to her ‘If you didn’t wanted to show me your pic, then why try to fool me? You could have just denied it completely, I am very disappointed. She replied ‘I am sorry, I was just too scared to send u my original pic.’ I was just out of my mind and didn’t reply her back for some days. She used to message me regularly. One day I got a message from her again and I was surprised that she now sent me her original pic.

I downloaded it saw it, honestly her face was not the most beautiful thing about her, but her figure was really great. I texted her back and we again started talking, After some days we made a plan to have sex. I had to convince her a lot.Now we had to think of some place where we could have sex, she said I could come to her home in a nearby city which was 2 hours journey from my place. I agreed. Next day I left for her city, I reached her address. I saw her standing there for me eagerly. She greeted me on the door with a smile and hope. I went in. As soon as we went in. I grabbed her and we started to kiss, smooch.

Then she said wait a little and we started talking. I asked her why is she doing this? Is your husband not good enough? She replied ‘I am very happy with my husband, There is just one thing.’ I asked What? There is something which her husband wont do, and she liked it very much?’ I again asked what? She said ‘I have foot fetish’ I like my partner to suck my toes and worship my feet. I was stunned. I got my senses back. She noticed my reaction and asked if I am ok with it? I was not ready for this, but didn’t want to let it go.

I replied I will try. She was so damn happy with that. She removed her shoes and showed me her heavenly feet. They were very cleaned and fair, with long nails and black colour nail paint. They were heavenly. I know why she liked it so much. We started kissing, and she kissed me and we smooched for some time.

Then she brought her feet near my mouth. Hesitantly I took her toe in my mouth. Actually I first thought it was gross, but I started liking it as it went on. And then I took both her toes in my mouth. She was very turned on and I started removing her nighty slowly, and she was not wearing any bra or panty. While the toes were in my mouth is trted playing with her pussy with my fingers and started fingering her. She was very turned on. She was making very loud noises like’aaahhh’ ‘wwoow’. I was also enjoying myself.Then I took my dick out and asked her to suck that, she obliged.

She was sucking my dick and I was enjoying it very much. Then after some time she laid down and asked me to fuck her. I took her legs and placed her leg on my shoulder and started sucking her toe while entering her pussy. She was enjoying that.

I started to fuck her and her moans got louder. She was actually screaming now. I was having the best time.Then after some time She started giving me a footjob. That was an all new experience for me and I was enjoying so much. It was one of the things I never expected but enjoyed the most. I cummed and I cummed on her feet she asked me to cum on her feet and she like all the sperm from her feet. We laid down.

She said Thank you, this was the best experience she ever had because she got to fulfill her fantasy which her husband never did and always made fun of her. I was more than happy because I got a chance to fuck a sexy milf, and moreover I was happy that she was happy.

Thanks for bearing with me. If u liked my story at all, mail me with your valuable feedback at [email protected] I am open to any kind of chat. So don’t hesitate in sharing your fantasies. I will be waiting for your responses. Thank you

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