A Hot Drive – Catching The Sunrise

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Manan and Riya had recently been working long hours in their respective offices. Even their weekends were so tied up; they hardly had any quality time for each other. It had been 2 years since they started dating each other fresh after their graduation.

During the month of March, both of them had a long holiday. So Manan decided to surprise Riya by taking her out for an overnight drive. They set off by 7 in the evening so that they could catch the early sunrise by the beaches of Konkan.

Riya was looking gorgeous in her long shirt paired with denim shorts. Her legs, nicely waxed, looked radiant in the moonlight. And he was wearing shorts as well since he was going to drive.

As the car moved along the highway, Riya reclined her seat and pulled up her legs to be comfortable. The AC was running on full blast and the music system was playing awesome songs.. Manan could see her nipples harden up against her top due to the cold air from the AC. He decided to get a little naughty. It had been ages since he felt her against his skin.

Caressing her silky thighs, he started drawing tiny circles feeling minute strands of hair reacting to his touch. She playfully slapped his hand away asking him to focus on the road. Just as things were heating up inside the car, they pulled over for dinner.

Both took turns to freshen up a bit so that they could be awake and keep each other company during the night.

And they started towards their secret little destination. The road was quite empty. Riya decided to switch the AC off and lean out of the window to feel the wind. Her hair was flying everywhere and a huge smile lit up your face. Looking at her, Manan pulled her in firmly after a while and asked her to take a nap. However, she had a few ideas of her own.

She took his hand and placed it on her legs. Instinctively, he started exploring her. Upwards, towards her crotch he went, stroking her sensitive inner thighs. A sigh escaped her lips making him smile inside. Even she longed his touch though was too shy to express.A little surprise awaited him as he reached her pussy. She was not wearing her panties.

She just winked at him grinding her vagina against his firm fingers. She was so soft and wet down there. He stroked her for a while his thumb played with her clitoris. Bringing his fingers out, he licked her juices right off them. All she could do is look at him in disbelief. Nobody had ever done something so intimate for her.Riya moved across and gave a few bites on his earlobes and whispered in his ears, “I can’t wait to have you baby”.

Instead of giving in to her wishes immediately, he asked her to unbutton her shirt. Surprisingly, she complied. Manan was surprised on seeing his usually shy and demure girl turn so naughty. She decided to put on a show for him. Staring at him all the while, she slowly removed each and every button. Her skin so lustrous seemed all the more captivating. Her black bra showed off her breasts wonderfully. She squeezed her boobs and pulled them out while leaving her bra on her.

Riya could see her tricks were working and he had a tent in his shorts. She looked at it and gave him a wicked smile. Manan was so turned on that he unzipped himself and asked her to stroke him a little. Her soft tiny fingers on his throbbing cock felt soothing and magical! She moved her hands in a to and fro motion making him grow in her hands.

He could not control himself any longer. Pulling over in an empty field, and making her seat go back, he pulled her shorts down. While his right hand unhooked her bra, gently tugging her brown sensitive nipples his left thumb stroked her labia. Riya had to hold his hair to control the sudden surge of sexual stimulation her body was receiving.

Her fragrance was so inviting as he moved down to her pussy and started licking her. The musky smell combined with the wetness of her juices was intoxicating. He started off with small kisses combined with a few deep licks while his fingers slowly moved in and out of her vagina. The soft sighs graduated to deep, throaty moans as his tongue worked its magic and the fingers stroked her more.

She was almost on the verge of her orgasm but for a change, she pulled him into a long lustful kiss as he caressed her abdomen. Circling her navel, he worked his way to her breasts which wanted some attention. As he is kissing her neck which she loved a lot and giving her a few hickeys, she pulls his pants down.

Feeling proud of the hardness that she could give him, she turns herself to reach him. As Manan moves to the seat, she kneels in front of him. Feeling his dick in her hand, she gently kisses him and takes him in her mouth. Manan has to hold the seat firmly in the warmth of her mouth completely envelopes him. She strokes him firmly as her head bobs up and down his crotch. Alternating between his balls and dick, she gives him a blow-job that he would never forget!After a while, Riya moves on top and starts riding him with wild abandon. The sight of her bouncing boobs makes him match her stroke for stroke.. She shrieks with joy when he pulls her nipples…

They switch to missionary after a while. Riya wraps her legs around him as he makes long, hard thrusts that hit the right spot. Her moans sound like music to his ears. He goes in for a kiss, making their tongues dance while their bodies are entwined in their own melody.Manan couldn’t hold out any longer. He just looks at her and their unspoken words make them realize their urge to orgasm together. She tightens up her vagina and with one final thrust, both of them climax together.

They hug each other till the waves of pleasure subside. He takes a blanket from their bags and puts it over her.

After recovering for 10 minutes, we drive again. Riya is asleep with a huge smile on her face as they reach their destination by 6. They sit on the bonnet while watching the sunrise holding hands and looking forward to a lovely vacation ahead.

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