A Hot Encounter With My Friend’s Sister

I was in school that time. I had a very good friend. His name was Karan. We used to visit each others house quite often. He had a elder sister who was working somewhere outstation and used to come on weekends to home. Her name was Anjali. She was very beautiful. I used to admire her beauty but never had thought wrong about her. One day when I went to his house, Anjali was wearing shorts and t shirt at home. This was the first time when I saw a beautiful girl in shorts. Her legs were very beautiful. I was very fascinated by her beautiful legs. Then after that instance, I always wanted to have a look at her beauty.

Although my mind told me not to do so, but somewhere I could not resist that. I started looking at her figure too and realized she must be having very well shaped and beautiful breasts. Whenever I came home after seeing her, I fantasize about her and relieved myself. One day when I went to Karan’s place , nobody was at his home except her sister. I started waiting there and was gossiping with her. While talking to her my eyes were glaring all over her body.

Somehow she came to know what I was doing. She smiled and went to other room. When she came back after 10 mins, I was nervous that she might have mind it. But her mood was totally different. She asked me to say a few words about her so that she may mention it in her scrap book.I told her that she was very beautiful and good looking.

She said “Aur Batao…” I told her that her voice is very nice, she said “Aur batao…” I was getting a bit nervous but gathered some courage and told her that i really liked her legs.She asked me “Only u like my legs not me”. I told her that this is what I have seen about her.She was inviting me with her gestures to grab her but I was not having enough courage. Then she told me that she is hurt yesterday while driving her kinetic honda, and she asked me if I want to see that. I said yes.

So she lifted her top a bit and showed me her waistline and there was a black spot there as if she was hurt actually. I could not stop myself and touched the spot. She was like burning hot at that time.

After that I started touching her naked body near her waist and she started to make voices like “huh aah…” I got really hard and my eyes were getting closed. She came near me and touched me with her legs. My dick touched her legs and I was feeling in heaven, I hugged her tight and her soft breasts were touching my chest.

At this point I became out of control and suddenly I grabbed her breast with my hand. She was screaming at that time. I quickly opened her shirt buttons and I could see her breasts as she was not wearing a bra. I started kissing her breasts and she was moaning. I removed her shirt and then she was topless in front of me. She was so beautiful than ever I had imagined her. She lied down on the carpet and I was on top of her.

At this time, she touched my penis with her hands and asked me to take it out. I quickly removed my pants and my penis was hoisting like a flag. She put it in her mouth and sucked it thoroughly. When I was going to eject I quickly removed it out.

At this point of time I was finished for 10 mins. She quickly dressed herself and went away. I had the pleasure of my life time. But this did not end here.

One day she asked me to stay at their place. I also agreed. In the night when everyone was asleep, she came to the room where me and my friend were sleeping and signaled me to come out. I went with her to her room. I knew that my friend was dead sleep as it was his habit, moreover ACs were installed in all rooms so every room was closed. And the feeling allowed me to take the risk. She told me that “Jo us din nahi ho paya, wo aaj karenge..”

We went to bed and soon her soft and beautiful body was in my hands. I removed her clothes and she was melting in my hot hands. She was like a white butter and was slipping from my hands….Slowly when I removed her panty, she was very wet.

I took out my penis and put it in her vagina. Then i did stroke on stroke and it went a bit wild. She stopped me after a while but I was in no mood to stop. I asked her to turn around and I tried to put my penis in her anal. She screamed and asked me to stop but I put my penis is her anal and gave stroke on stroke. She then also enjoyed and was very much exhausted. Then she lay down satisfied and I started licking her body with my tongue.

I sucked her boobs very hard and enjoyed very much, She asked me whether I liked having her, I asked that I want to do it one more time before she went back to her work place. She asked me to meet her next day at 12:00pm at a decided place. She came on her father’s car to pick me up and we went on a drive at secluded place.

After reaching there, I started touching her and soon I removed her shirt. I saw his beautiful body during day time and was very much excited. She lay down on the back seat and I somehow managed to reach on her top. Without wasting time we both removed our lowers and started fucking. It was the best fuck of my life in a car.

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