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Let me tell you first that this is a true incident which I came across when I was in 11th STD. First let me introduce myself. I am Rajveer. Height 6 ft 2 in. I am fair complexioned with thick muscles and smart looks. This description is of the time when in was 11th, my height may be different now but the looks are still the same. Coming back to the story…As you already know it dates back when I was in 11th. I was new to the school. As usual I was shy, not knowing anyone, not speaking with anyone too as it was first day. Suddenly I saw a girl the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. To my surprise she came and sat beside me.

I was scared to talk to her but with a little courage I said Hi. In return she said hello to me. She also said me that she was new to the school which gave a boost to my confidence. I asked her name and all the other details. I got to know she was staying in a ladies hostel which was nearby to the hostel (boys) where I stayed. Later that evening she called me to a mall nearby as she was new and was scared to go out alone. To which I agreed. The mall was the biggest in the city. Even I had been there for the first time. Both of us went to a departmental store where she purchased some shampoos and soaps. While she was doing so it was the first time I saw her sexual beauty.

As she was wearing a deep neck, sleeveless, white t-shirt. Suddenly when she lifted her arms to remove the soap above I could she her black bra. It was padded. I also saw her beautiful armpits which were shaved cleanly in such a way that as if she had not grown any hair there. Later as she was walking moving her hips I could clearly see her sexy waist. OMG I was almost flat when I saw that part of her body. After that I was in a world of sex all the time was with her at that mall. I just could wait to fuck this sexy gal or masturbate at least 4 times. But unfortunately I could not do so as I was with her. Both of us were walking the mall I did not know what to do so I asked her for a coffee to which she agreed happily.

As we were moving on the escalator she was two steps below me. At this instant I could clearly see her hot deep cleavage. My cock was rock hard then which I had to hide from the people. At the coffee shop we ordered two hot cappuccinos and a chocolate brownie. As she was sipping the coffee there came a moustache of foam jus above her lips which I gently wiped. I could not resist the way she closed her eyes while I was doing so. With lot of courage I asked her phone number which she gave me happily. I just could not wait to rush to my hostel and masturbate, thinking about the girl who had firm breasts, sexy waist, soft lips and hot hips with which I could describe the figure of Meghana ( yes her name is meghana ) as 32 28 30.

After spending about an hour at the coffee shop we started to walk to our hostel. As our hostel was nearby to each other we were walking together. At this instant I began to flirt with her saying that she was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen and also she had a hot figure. To which she blushed and was shy. I also said her that any boy would want to have her as his girlfriend to which she responded asking me whether I wanted the same. And I replied yes. To my astonishment she said that she wants to be my Girlfriend.

I didn’t waste anytime just dragged her to the basement of my hostel and started kissing her there. Her lower lip was between my lips. Both of us were not pro kissers but we just began to explore every nooks and corner of both of ours mouth. I put my hands over her ass OMG it was so soft and perfect shaped ass. As I was squeezing her as she was touching my cock which was rock hard and she asked me whether it was 7 inches I said no it is 9 inches. On hearing this she was shocked and said that she won’t believe until she sees it.

Later I squeezed her boobs from outside they were soft and juicy. She asked to put hand inside her clothes. I put my right hand inside her t shirt while my left hand was squeezing her right boob. I pinched her nipple and she gave out a moan Ahh ssss. At this moment I was aroused and removed her bra and squeezed both her nipple OMG she was saying “Ahh aur jor se karo…Ahhh ahhh mera doodh nikalo…mere boobs ko lick karo…chhhoooso inhe ahhhhhh…” I licked her boobs first in circular pattern while I squeezed her other nipple and twisted it. Then I asked her to wear clothes as it was late and asked her to go to her hostel. And I went to my room.

The first thing I did after reaching the room was Masturbate hard. I imagined of licking her pussy, putting my finger inside, deep inside her pussy and also imagining of her giving out hot moans ahhh ahh ahh ssss ooooh it feels so good when you do that and after that I came really hard. OMG it was the best load I had ever shot. Not to forget I gave her Orgasms in my imagination. Later that night she called me and I said her that I want to have sex with her to which she replied that she was a virgin and was scared. But this boosted my sexual hunger to fuck her. Then for the first time we had Phone sex.

She said she wants to have sex now. She was not ready to listen that it was not possible. So I had to secretly bring her to my Hostel and as I was alone in my room I could do anything with her all night. As soon as she was in my room I pushed her to the wall and madly began to eat her boobs to which she responded by holding my head and pushing me to her boobs. I knew she had closed her eyes which aroused me still more. Now my dick wanted to make its way out of my pants. I began to eat her boobs still more roughly to which she responded with a feeble moan and I began to lick her neck. Now my lips were between her cleavages. She removed my pants at this instant she believed that my cock was 9 inches.

I made her naked and I was naked too. She began sucking my dick. As she was an amateur she found it difficult to take my shaft fully inside her mouth. That scene of her licking my cock was so intensely hot that if anybody would see it her would cum there itself (without stimulation with hands). Now we shifted to 69 positions and I started licking her pussy (with Panties on) I dug my face into her crotch. I could feel the wetness of her pussy from the emanating aroma of her drenched panties. The gentle movements of my thick tongue and the pressure applied by my mouth over her clit made her rock like hell. She could not control the shaking of her body and I increased my speed of licking which made her have an orgasm.

She said she had that feeling for the first time in her life to which I replied by saying that she will have this every night now onwards and she was shy, she began to blush. I placed my hand on the elastic band of her panties and she lifted her body so that it would be easy for me to remove her panties. My beautiful gal was shy so she crossed her legs to cover her little love hole. With little effort I parted them and I could see her shaved deep, tight little wanton hole. As soon as I saw it I got still harder. I placed my tongue on her drenched wet pussy and sent a shiver through her spine and she trembled which seemed like an encouragement to my work.

I applied more pressure on her clitoris while spreading her pussy lips with my fingers and all that she could do is moan harder and dig my face still deeper. She was getting still more wetter and her pussy walls became warmer. I gently inserted my middle finger inside her pussy to which she gave soft moan ahhh…by closing her eyes and clenching the bed sheet. I gently began to move my finger in and out of her wet hole. She began attaining orgasm for the second time and I licked her pussy to lap up her flowing juices. I can still remember the taste of the juice I had licked from my Girlfriend’s pussy.

My dick could not resist anymore so did her pussy both of us wanted sex very badly. She was turned on very badly. I moved up and lied down on her and started kissing her while my erect 9 inches was against her love hole and I was in seventh heaven the warmth and wetness of her pussy was against my cock it was making me mad. She was badly turned on and was constantly repositioning her to get a perfect feel of my dick against her wet virgin pussy. I gently eased my way down her pussy and I could feel the warmth and the pressure exerted tight 17 year old vaginal walls and she seem to have little pain while I was doing so. But she badly wanted it so did not oppose me in doing so.

I fucked her in and out of her pussy at least with a speed of 3 penetrations per sec. Now she was screaming like hell ” oh baby yes fuck me…..ahhh ahhh…fuck me fuck me harder…..make me cum…..plunder my pussy….rip it apart……oh yes baby” after few more strokes she said ” oh Raj you are going great I am cummm….” before she could finish her vaginal walls got tighter and tighter she came hard her pussy was tight for me to fuck faster which I didnt want to stop and both of us came together and I could feel her pussy loosening and her body relaxing….After this she took a contraceptive and we both began cuddling each other and we had sex still two times and slept.

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