A Hungry Housewife in Navi Mumbai

Hello, everyone , this is my first story on Indian Sex Stories. So forgive me for spelling mistakes. I am Shreyas( name changed) from Navi Mumbai.I am 19years old. I am studying my CA course. I am quite tall with muscular body shape with a 5inch tool (harder & sharper).

Coming to the story, it was a Sunday Eve I had came to visit my friend’s house. He is one of

my childhood friend his name is Akash. After a little chit chat in his house. I came out of his house to attend a call. While talking on my phone I noticed a woman playing with a child .I’ve never seen her before in my friend apartment. I stared at her for few seconds then she looked me back with a weird look. I decided to leave instead of making a scene. After that, I left to my house. After two days I was bored at my house So I decided to visit Akash’s house. He lives at a distance of 2km from my house. When I reached his apartment I knocked his house door but no one replied after a few knocks a neighborhood door opened .She was the same lady whom I stared that day .She came out of her house and asked me “What happened ?” . I replied her that “I was looking for my friend Akash” . She said “that his family has gone out somewhere” . While having our conversation she was constantly staring at my body and me. I was shocked by this reaction of her. As I was a virgin my heart was beating fast. She was a fair and hot woman.As she was wearing a Maxie .I noticed a little cleavage of her boobs . She caught me staring at her boobs.

But she didn’t reacted . I replied that “I will wait for him for sometime” . I then sat at the foot stairs in front of Akash’s house. She left to her house. I thought my love tale ended. But after 5 min she came out of her house and sat beside me on the stairs I was shocked by that . Breaking the silence she asked me “where do you live” . I replied her by telling her my residency. I don’t know but she was constantly staring in my eyes . I thought this is the day . I asked “What is her name” to which replied “Urmila ” I then introduced myself to her . Yeah I forget her figure to you She was 35 years old. She was a pure Marathi housewife with small boobs hanging in her Maxie. She was little bit chubby .

But with a round and big ass. She told me about her family . She said that she is mother of two kids and her husband is an employee of a company . By looking at her briefly in her face I get to know that she was lonely , innocent and a little bit of horny . I decided this is right moment that I’ve been waiting for my whole life . After a long conversation she was a bit comfortable with me. I decided to show her my tool . I lifted my tool as I was wearing shorts . It quickly appeared a tent . She noticed it . She was staring at my tool . After that she moved all her hairs on my opposite side of her neck . These give me a clear look of her hungry neck . Saliva was overflowing in my mouth . As it was summer we were both sweating . Suddenly she got up . as a virgin boy I was afraid whether she calls someone for my stupid behaviour . But she simply left to her house .

After a minute she invited me inside her house . I was on cloud number nine . I was very much happy to hear that . She said that her kids left for school and her husband will come at night . Hearing this my heart started to beat fast . She made me a tea . We both sat on her sofa drinking our tea . Laughter and a little chit chat we both were enjoying our company to each other . I was making her laugh a lot by my silly jokes also I was listening to her and her daily lifestyle . She told me that she is unhappy with her life waking up early in the morning, doing all daily chores of her house, looking after her naughty kids and after that she had deal with loneliness when no one is in her home etc She told me that she and her husband had a arranged marriage .

She didn’t liked him but had to marry due to her family burden . She told me that her husband is too busy with his work and didn’t have time for her . She asked me about my life . I told about my lonely life with no girls around . To which she laughed at me. I noticed while talking she was curling her hair with her fingers . I loved that thing . After some more chit chat I asked her that I had to go to washroom . She guided me the way . I got inside I adjusted my dick with a fully erect view in my shorts . After I came out to her . She looked me with a complete shook . She came near me .My heart was beating faster and faster . She held my dick and removed my shorts . She started sucking it like a pro . She pulled my dick to her bed . Again she started sucking it for about 15 min . Then she stopped and started crying . I asked her why .

She replied that her husband has a small dick with a bad smell and he won’t last more than 5 min in bed with her .Breaking the silence I then licked her tears with my tongue she started laughing . I kissed her deeply she started moaning Ahhh Ahhh uffff She started undressing her . I jumped on her like a wild animal . I started sucking her boobs Ummm what a taste can’t express it..

I sucked her milk for more than five minutes . After that I started kissing her navel . She was moaning Ahhhhh Ummm uffff . After sometime I removed my panty which was full of flowers . She was having a hairy pussey . I know that she was innocent and didn’t know much about sex . I kissed her hair and her pussey lips . She lost her mind started jumping in the bed her eyes were rolled up i held her tight and kept deeply sucking . She couldnt hold it much longer she masturbated on my mouth . I loved her taste . Not wasting a single minute I inserted my penis in her pussey . Damn it was painful for me too. I slowly started increasing my speed She started moaning heavily Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Uffffffffffffffffff meli ga deeevaa Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh jorat kar ajun jorat kar I increased my speed She kept moaning ummmmmmm aai ga Uffffffffffffffffff aaushyat koni eevda sukh dila ny Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh .I kept banging her for 20 minutes . I told her that I am about to cum . She told me to cum inside only as she wanted to feel my cum.. She left all my liquid inside.. She was exhausted too much so was I .. But it wasn’t enough for me.

I held her up and starting sucking her ass .. I wasn’t that good in taste. She begged me “tithe nko tithe nko khup dukhta” ( not there not there it pains a lot) to which resisted her “kahi ny honar tumhala khup majja eein (nothing will happen you will enjoy it) . I put my dick inside her ass to which she started to scratch my back with her nails crying deeply in pleasure I started increasing my speed She moaned so heavily man I was scared . Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh aai shapat meli gaaa majha navra ek no. cha chutiyaa tyla ky eet ny ( my husband is a fool doesn’t know anything about sex) .

Her eyes turned red with tears asking me to bang more and more after 10 min we both masturbated . We dressed up after that we hugged each other and kissed a last time and I took a leave from her house. After leaving her house I met my friend on the way he said sorry to keep me waiting for such a long time to which I replied “No Worries I was having a good company” . He didn’t understood a word.So guys & girls how was the story.

Did you enjoyed it or not?

Any women,girls,aunties,housewifes or bhabhi’s in Mumbai & Navi Mumbai .Please mail me on [email protected]

Feedback is a must for everyone..Peace..!

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