A journey of Bi-sexual married man

Hi, This is the story of 43 years old man about his kinky and bi-sexual life. He never shared it with anyone and would like to share it with everyone now.

I was, and have always been, attracted to women. I fell in love with them only in the last few years. I also got attracted towards dicks. I never got attracted to any men’s appearance. But yes, their dicks always did something to me. While watching straight porn, I enjoyed watching couples, but dicks were my turn-on.

I feel this has to do with my teenage experiences. When I was 19, I went with my cousin to his friend’s home. His friend was very bold and started to change in front of us. I was surprised to see his young hairy dick. I liked it, but that was a one-time experience, and I never thought about it.

I also remember the same cousin who was 3-4 years elder than me. He came to my house when my parents were at work. We used to play WWF, and at that time, he used to jump on me. He laid on me, and I never understood his intentions then.

But when I think now, he used to touch his dick on me. He was enjoying the touch between us. I feel I was innocent or may have enjoyed it too. But I don’t remember it now.

While growing up, I met many girls and women. I had some sexual experiences with them. During that period, I hated gay or bi people. My first experience was when my hostel roommate tried to kiss my lips. But I jumped away and ignored it.

But after a few months, he tried to touch my dick while sleeping. Then I let him masturbate my dick. During that time, I also did the same to him. But after that, I just hated it. I told him not to do it again, and he never did.

Then after college, I fell in love with a girl. We were sexually active as she was one of the rarest kinky girls I have ever met. She was loving but open and always wanted to experiment with something new. During that relationship, we tried everything.

Once during foreplay, she started to put her finger in my ass. At first, I felt a bit awkward, but I liked it. But in shame, I asked her to stop. Later she asked me if I liked it or not. I was worried about saying yes as well. I was worried that she might think otherwise. So I kept quiet.

But she insisted I tell her, and I said, “Yes, I liked it, but don’t you think this is gay?” She laughed and said, “You are crazy. This is not gay. Many girls like anal, and there is nothing wrong if you like it too. You are a lucky guy who has another point of pleasure.”

I was smiling, but that was also making me horny. The next time we met, she licked my ass hole and put one finger inside. That made me crazy, and I cum like anything. This made her very happy. We were so much in love due to open communication between us as well. We both were kinky and experimental.

Our relationship lasted a few years, but we couldn’t get married due to family issues. After a few years, I married a conservative girl who thought sex was just for reproduction. She hated oral sex. I tried many times to lick her or ask her to suck. But she hated it and considered it a dirty job for both of us.

I became very open-minded from my previous relationship. But my married life disappointed me. As my wife is very caring, I adjusted my sexual needs. Life was very normal till she got pregnant. During that period, I craved sex and used to watch porn.

I don’t know how I started to get attracted to dicks again. While watching them, I somehow craved the touch. It may be due to my teenage/hostel memories. But I was regularly thinking about it. So, I started to explore gay/bi sites/apps and found the Grindr app, which was very new to me.

During my wife’s pregnancy, she was with her parents, and I was in my city. One day, I was drunk and horny. So I started exploring the app and found someone near my home. I was excited but very scared too, as anyone can come to know.

Still, I started to talk with him. He was 21 years old boy living as a PG with one of his friends. I asked and took some information to decide whether I must meet. He told me that he was alone and I could come to his room. I was drunk and horny, so I decided to take a chance.

I slowly started walking towards his location as a stranger. I wanted to see who he was. If I liked and felt comfortable, I would say ‘Hi.’. Else I will move on as there were a lot of other people walking. When I reached his location, I saw him standing on the balcony.

I found him very sincere, so I waved, and he came down. He was very respectable, and I asked him to walk together and talk. We walked like two friends and asked questions of each other. When satisfied, he asked me if I wanted to come to his room. I said OK and followed him.

I was very nervous but excited too, as he was 20 years younger than me. He gave me a cold drink. We were both looking at each other, shy and waiting for the first initiative. I don’t know what happened to me. I approached him and put my hand on his dick which was already hard.

I pressed it, opened his zipper and put my hand inside. I had never touched any young dick before. It was a good size, erect. Then I sat between his legs and dropped his underwear. I was so desperate to put it into my mouth. Still, inside, I was very scared.

What if he blackmails me after the act or tell to other people? Due to that, I was not enjoying myself much. When I put his dick into my mouth, I didn’t feel much enjoyment. I tried to suck, but he stopped me as my teeth hurt him. I told him this was my first time, and I didn’t know how to do it.

He said that’s OK, let’s talk. Then we talked for some time, and I left his place. I remained scared for many days, but in the end, all went OK. My first experience was not good due to my fear. I kept thinking about it to enjoy it to the fullest and tried talking to many people on the app.

But many were desperate and scary, and I couldn’t take the initiative. After a few days, I met with another young guy. He was gay, 20 years old and in need of some money. I said, “I can pay money, but you should be very discreet, and this will be a secret.”

He agreed, and we decided to meet. I thought about bringing him to my own home but was scared too. Ultimately, I picked him up at night and brought him home. He was very slim and decent. He was asking me different questions, and I was politely replying to him.

During our talk, he asked me if I wanted to have anal. At first, I thought he wanted me to fuck him. But he asked if I was interested in getting fucked. I was speechless. But my earlier experience with my GF always made me curious to try it.

I said, “Yes, I can try if you do it well.” He said, “Don’t worry, I will be slow, and if you don’t like it, I will stop.”

I asked him to take a bath, we had dinner, and we went to bed. He started to open my clothes, and I also opened his. I was surprised to see his girlish body, very slim and tight. But his dick was huge, maybe due to his slim body. It looked huge.

We started to kiss each other, and we touched each other wildly. Then he started to suck me. It was so pleasurable, but I was more curious to suck his dick. I asked him to come in 69 position, so we both can enjoy. He agreed. We were in the 69 position and enjoying our dicks in each other’s mouths.

I cum in his mouth as I couldn’t control it. He asked me if he could also cum. I was hesitant but wanted to give it a try. He cum heavily, and the taste was a little sweet compared to mine. Mine is salty. I had smooched my GF after cum into her mouth, which is how I knew the taste of my cum.

After that, we relaxed, laid down and talked. I asked him if he wanted to have a drink. But he denied it. I made a drink for myself, which turned me on again. I asked him to play with my ass. I wanted to experience that. Also, he was good with that and started licking my ass.

I was in heaven, and after that, I was ready for the penetration and sat doggy style. I asked him to wear a condom. I applied the cream on it and put it on my ass hole. At the start, he dragged his cock on my hole. It was pleasurable. But all of a sudden, he jerked, and cock went inside me.

I screamed and asked him to stop. It was very painful. He stopped and asked if I was OK. I said to be slow. I couldn’t handle it and needed time. He was OK with it and waited. I asked him not to jerk but be slow. Then he did, and his cock slid inside my ass.

This time, it was smooth, less painful, with some pleasure. He started pumping. But I was not enjoying it much. I asked him to wait for some time and try it again. The third attempt was very pleasurable as I was mentally ready and enjoying it.

His cock was smoothly going inside, and I was moaning with pleasure. After some time, he cum, and my ass felt calm. We slept afterwards. I dropped him off at the bus stop in the morning, and we never met afterwards.

After these 2 experiences, I got bold and tried with one other guy in a car. We sucked each other and tasted each other’s cum. Now, this doesn’t mean I have stopped loving women. I love and admire them, and their big asses and boobs make me horny like hell.

I feel happy to be a bi-sexual man who can enjoy both sides without judgements and take care of his family.

I hope you liked my life’s journey and experience as a bi-sexual man. If anyone wants to reach out to me about the story or to share their experience, they are most welcome to write to [email protected]. Have fun!

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