A Journey With My GirlFriend

Hello Readers,Hi, Indian sex story readers, my name are Aryan and about myself, I am 5.8 tall and have a decent 5.5-inch penis. This is a real story of how I got intimate with my girlfriend and ultimately banged her heads out

This happened around 5 years back. I started to love this beautiful girl.

My name is Aryan am from Alappuzha, Kerala.

Today am sharing one of my experience which happened with my girlfriend sometime back in our college days.

I do have an average physique.

My girlfriend Diya is slim, fair complexion beautiful curves and.She is too from Alappuzha, Kerala.

Let’s get into the story.

We studied at a reputed Engineering college near Salem. She was a sex goddess.

With perfect shape size 32 34 28.She had a beautiful pair of eyes, with a steely glance and thin sensual lips.

Her most attractive part is boobs.I had an eye from the beginning of the college time. Though we are from different stream but in 1st year we used to sit in same class.

Slowly she began to get close to me. She also began to tell me her likes and dislikes and so on. We started to chat in net; sms late night calls slowly adult jokes and double meaning talks.

We always needed reasons to be with each other and just hit it off lightly.

I would always caress her hair and hold her hand and have those soft touches with her and she reciprocated it well always and would just let a breath near me everytime I did that.

Once we planned to go to our college in the train. So I booked 2 train tickets in AC 2 tire.

We both got into the train from Ernakulam station.Am so already hard as I imagine a night with her in the train as it was AC reservation we will have curtains for privacy and a nice temperature inside.

She came and sat in my opposite seat. Meanwhile, I noticed an old man struggling with his luggage and I without hesitation went and helped him to board his coach that is beside our coach and came back.She smiled at me and said ‘that’s so nice of you’.After that, we started to chat about our college and blah blah…TTR came and checked our tickets and went.

I booked Side Lower & Side Upper tickets so that we could have our own privacy. As there are curtains in AC 2 Tire compartments. By around 11 pm she went to the bathroom I followed her without her knowledge. And I was standing on the door side of the train.Within few minutes she comes out of the bathroom she did some face wash and come out.Her beautiful face looks more beautiful now.She asked why you are standing here. I said I am here for some good air she comes and stands next to me and we continued our chat there.

We had just few inch gaps between us. Her perfume makes me feel hard. Within few minutes a railway station came to some passengers want to get down in that station.

I covered her with myself to protect herself from other passengers. Her Juicy left boobs gently pressed against my left chest and my hands touched her legs but this enjoyment is for only a few seconds.I want more from her.We continued our chat I told I want to tell you a secret. She said what secret I told to give me your ears it is very much secret she said ok.

I went near her ears my hot breath blowing through her ears and neck. And her boobs pressing my chest and I told this in her ears “You looks beautiful what you will do if I kiss u”.

And now I leave some gap and look at her eyes. She simply says is it that secret. I told if you should answer this question to hear that secret.She said, “You are a naughty boy”.

Now I got confident to get her. I kept one hand in between her legs just below her pussy and say I love you in her ears and then I kissed her cheeks. She doesn’t oppose then I kissed her lips. We kissed for around 10 minutes we heard some sound coming and thus we broke our kiss. We both go horny by that time. We went to our seat, we both settled on the lower berth. We waited some time and checked if there is anyone walking around. We pulled the curtains and made some privacy and we started to kiss again.I made a lip lock and press her boobs over her T-shirt it feels like pressing a water balloon.

I can feel her soft boobs coming out through my finger gaps. It is really awesome I never pressed this much soft boobs in my life. It is the softest. Within few minutes her T-shirt and top were thrown to the corner of the berth.

I open her pant button and lower the zip. She had a light green panty. I lowered her panty and place my hand covering her pussy. She doesn’t have hair there. It also so soft and silky and I inserted 2 fingers one by one. I lifted her with hand and she removed her pant and hugged me with her legs.

Her nipples are pink and are fully erect. I started to suck them vigorously and she was moaning heavily. After that, I slowly caressed her thighs and then took her pussy which was well shaved and pink in colour. I started to tongue and finger fuck her and finally, she came in my mouth. The juices were so tasty that I was enjoying it for the first time. Then she pulled me up and again started to kiss me. She took my tool in her hand and started to give a blow job.

With her fingers, she was rubbing my balls. It was an ecstatic moment for me! My body was in full control of her now as she is giving me blowjob, as well as teasing my balls.I bent my neck upwards with heavenly pleasure.

Wow, it was the first and the best one ever.

Within no time I came in her mouth and she took every drop my cum. She saw me with sexy eyes and said

D:You know, I have a fantasy.With my heartbeat rising I askedA: What fantasy.D: I wanted to lose my virginity in a moving train.Hearing this I thought my pulse will give me a miss.She whispered

D:I have checked the bathroom. It’s clean and safe, as people in compartment are sleeping and there is no one sitting near the bathroom. I asked

A: So what’s the plan? She said

D: You go to bathroom and I will follow after one minute

Obediently I got down from my seat and proceeded towards the bathroom. I went to the bathroom and did not bolt the latch. In a quick anticipation I removed my jeans and took out my underwear. My limp cock was coming to life. I heard the footsteps and a knock on the door. I opened it and she came in quickly.I bolted the door. I hugged her tight and kissed her passionately.

D: slowly am all yours

I told her to raise her hands. Removed her T-Shirt. Her juicy boobs were inviting me to suck them. I touched my tongue to her tits. They became hard. As I took her left boob in my mouth ache gave a moan. Her hands were touching my hard cock. She was stroking it gently. I was sucking her boobs as if they were made for me forever.I caught her and raised her legs with my hand. Placed my cock on her pussy lips and gave her a gentle stroke.

A cry came from her mouth. I sealed her lips with mine. She had to bear the pain. It was her transformation from a virgin to a woman and me to a man. My Next stroke was massive with a deep thrust. My cock went completely inside her wet pussy. It was a heaven of pleasure. I stayed in that position for some time.

She kept saying “fuck me hard. “In the thrill, I didn’t realise she had dug her nails well in my back. I didn’t hurt at all then.I was still rock hard and I continue to stroke her pussy. She was now enjoying it as the pain part was over. Within a minute she reached her orgasm like a volcano.She started making sound mmmmmm…mmmmm…

I changed position now started to go doggy style. I slapped her ass and boobs sometimes which she liked even more. After about 15 mins we both were exhausted and hugged each other and sat on the European closet she on my lap hugging each other talked about what we both liked.

I was slowly fingering her pussy while she was on my lap. She was getting horny again.My dick too was getting hard again. This time we thought of having the second round on berth. We dressed and went to our seats. We reached to our seat closed the curtains and looked into each other eyes and slowly started to kiss each other.

Licking, kissing her milky thighs inch by inch near her pussy lips, rubbing her thighs to my cheeks & smelling that pleasant aroma. She holds my head very tight as I’m not able to get a chance to breathe, she told to tear her underwear & lick inside her pussy. I pulled it aside, what sexy pussy lips.

Light pink colour as fresh as a pink rose, neat & clean great maintenance of her pussy & straight away pushed my tongue into her pussy. She lifted her hips up and left a moan aaaahhhhh I kept on licking it slowly up & down, moving in circles in it, with my tongue tip licking at the outline and inside of pussy and pushed my tongue deeper and without removing it out started moving tongue like pulling out something.

I still kept on kissing her thighs were small drops flowing through her thighs, at top of her pussy & hugged her for a while & slept beside. Again after few mins, I asked her to suck my dick but she insisted on doing, so I started fucking her boobs, making her hold close & tight to my dick.

I started moving it between boobs & touching her lips with my dick tip, slowly she started trying to touch my dick tip head with her tongue tip. I was enjoying fucking her boobs, the sight of my dick between her boobs, crushing them between her milky white apples, I poured my liquid on her boobs, little on her neck, lips, cheeks and face. I was hitting her cheeks, lips with my dick, she started signaling me to enter her slowly.

In 69 position we both were enjoying each other’s juices and she had the second orgasm of the day. Then I started to fuck her in the missionary position. She on bottom and me on top. She couldn’t hold and said “rougher, please I am about to come”. It made me motivated like a factory worker when he hears about the festival bonus.

She was moaning ohhhh aaahhhhh aaauuuss aaahhh yess ummmmm…I was ramming her she was moaning aaaaaaahhhhhh oooooooohhhhh hhmmmmmmm fuck me Fuck Me Hard its paining aaaaahhhhhh do it fast hmmmmmmm aaaahhhhhhh.I was totally under her control and obeying her and ramming her wildly she was enjoying hmmmmm aaaaaaaah yeaaaaaaa,She said “I am cumming I am cumming” and she came and hug me tight and whispered in my ears I love you.

We start kissing again and I asked her to come over me. She came over me and guided my penis to her pussy and sat on my penis. With his fluid, my penis goes smoothly inside her. I start stroking by holding her waist. I fucked her for half an hour she cummed twice and finally I sprayed my sperm all over her face.

Do sent your valuable feedback so that I can write my next incident with another girl. It was just for our benefit. Do mail me @ [email protected]. Ladies or girls from Kerala or other states who like to have sex chat or for a fuck can mail me.

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