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Hi, everybody I am Sameer. I stay in eastern part of India, as it is my first story that is why not disclosing name of town. Since my teenage I am extremely long hair fetish.

Always I dream about long hair females, whenever get chance surf net about long hair. I am just mad to get longhaired females, to play with hair, to open bun and obviously to pull it hard while fucking or blowjob.

During college life whenever big hair bun, long braid or open long hair were seen I used to follow her. But my luck never favoured me. Even in my house I never had longhaired housemaid. Obsession for long hair can not be expressed in words. Pulling, Playing etc with longhair I am ready to pay high amount of money also. Age, look, complexion, figure, status do not matter for me, only thing matters is long hair at least below waist.

At present I am 26 years, good physique, looking after my family business. I am very much comfortable with my financial situation. After demise of father my mother stays our native place in Gujrat and myself alone here. Having lots of friends both boys and girls. I can feel at least 3 to 4 girls are very keen to get married with me, but no attraction from my side, because of their hair. I paid lots of money for longhaired prostitutes but their hair was maximum up to waist and not that much thick also. My search for cascading long hair was on. Now the story begins.

There is a housewife residing in the second floor of a building just after two houses from my house. Her name is Gayatri, about 5ft 1 or 2 inch, medium complexion, age about 35 years with voluptuous figure. She used to keep her hair in a tight big bun lightly oiled. Never saw her in open hair or braid, I always kept on guessing ‘how long could be her hair?’. Her husband was about 45 years but looks like more than 50. A thin and short height man. He was a lower category Govt Road Contractor.

He used to go out early and come back in late evening. They were issueless. Gayatri generally goes for market or somewhere else around 9 am after departure of her husband. It was the same time when I take out my car from garage for my office. Therefore often I see her, she never looked at me but I always stared to her huge hair bun. Sighting her bun takes me to my hair fetish world, could not do anything excepting envying her husband. But Gayatri was an ill-tempered women and can’t mix-up with others. Due to her rough attitude neighbors also avoided her. I could not neglect my dream lady, always fantasize to catch her bun , open it , pull hard her long hair.

One day I returned home early at about 2 pm. After parking car inside garage, locked the gate and turned back. Shocked to see Gayatri was standing just behind me, she was wearing a yellow sari naval was completely visible.

She came forward with smiling face and told “Sameer I want to discuss some important matters with you, do you have some time to spend?”. I could not believe my ears, but instantly agreed. The she asked me to come to her flat. She was walking infront of me and I was following her. My eyes were stuck on her huge hair bun. She was climbing stairs and myself just behind her, her jet black big hair bun within 1ft, it was made of thick shiny lightly oiled hair with twist and turns, I was mesmerized with the aroma of her hair. First time saw it so closely, it was tight huge hair bun. She opened the door and called me inside.

As I entered she locked the door again. Gayatri took me to her bedroom and asked to sit on bed. I was speechless, my 9 incher cock wanted to tear undergarment and pant for coming out. It was like an iron rod. I was rather hypnotized by her hair, could not hear what she told and remained stranded. She came closer with a mysterious smile, gave a small push on my chest and said “Just be seated”.

This time I sat on bed. Gayatri also sat on bed very close to me and told “Sameer for long I am observing you, when I pass you look at me. Why? Do you like me?”. I was very embarrassed with her question, anyhow controlled myself and replied “Yes Gayatri Bhabi, your style of talking, walking, dress sense are very eye-catching”. She asked “My figure?”. Then I realized she is having a notion that I look at her for her figure, and that is her weak point. Instantly I started to flirt, told her “Bhabi, the truth is I look at you because you are maintaining fabulous attractive figure, but out of fear could not tell”.

She became highly satisfied. Now she told “Don’t call me Bhabi, I am elder than you but call me as Gayatri”. Again she said “Do you know why I don’t have any child even after 8 years of marriage? Because my husband is impotent”. Automatically I replied “Gayatri, you can think for an adopted child”. All of a sudden she became furious, jumped on my lap, caught my head with her two hands brought her lips so close to my lips, so that smell of lipstick was clearly felt, in a very firm and cold voice she told “Want a child from you, a son like you”.

As she was sitting on my lap, I was sure that she was feeling hardness and size of my penis. Realized this lady is completely in my clutch, I can use her at my will and my dream of pulling long hair is going to be fulfilled very soon. I wanted to enjoy the entire situation, so did not touch her sexy bun. Acted a little, said her “If you get pregnant, then your husband may doubt you and you will be in trouble”. She did not reply but started to kiss me erratically, her fingers were moving in my hair, her eyes were closed , upper portion of sari fell down, during this she took away her right hand and started pressing my cock hardly. I placed my both hands on her waist there to on her boobs and gradually opened buttons of her blouse. Removed blouse. She told “Can’t wait more, open your pant and shirt”.

I opened my pant and shirt, only wearing under garment. She was standing before me, I took off her sari. She was in bra and petticoat with a huge hair bun. Then hugged her from behind, pressing her boobs with my two hands, she bent her head on my shoulder, we were kissing each other, her huge hair bun on my chest and my cock was pressing her butt.

She was wanting to be fucked immediately but I had many things to do. Now I brought her onto her knees and asked to open my undergarment. Instantly she pulled it down, my 9 incher cocked jumped out infront of her mouth. Her eyes flashed in happiness, wanted to take into her mouth. But she did not have any idea that very soon I am going to pull her hair hard. I bent her head down, now tip of my cock was touching her huge bun. I pushed my dick into the bun, but it was so tight, caught the bun in one hand made it loose and inserted my cock. Fucked her lovely sexy huge hair bun for a while.

Then pulled her by her bun and put my dick into her throat, it was becoming difficult for her to take such a big dick into her mouth, she was gagging . By this time ripped off her bra. Caught her bun and fucked her mouth, then with full power pulled up her by her huge bun, she was moaning but I did not care. Brought her onto her feet, opened her petticoat and pulled her bun so hardly, her hair came down cascading till her knees. A nude knee length thick hair beauty was standing infront of me, I could see her hair completely covered her body and length is seen through gap of her two legs. She wanted to tell pulling hair was hurting her. I was not within my control, went forward caught thick hair pulled very hard and started kissing.

Then dragged her by her knee length thick lustrous hair till sitting room, threw her on daybed. Before she could stand, took her in doggie style and inserted my entire dick into her cunt.

By both hand pulled her hair savagely and started ramming her pussy with full thrust. Pulled her hair so hard she was looking like a bow. Fucked her for 10 minutes. She was moaning in pain and enjoyment. Cum total inside. She remained there for another 5 minutes with spread long hair. Then stood up, came to me, kissed for long then told

“Sameer come everyday till I am pregnant, if you don’t come I will cut my hair short up to my shoulder”

After that we met everyday till 3 months. Used to open her bun, pull her hair hard and fuck her for 2 to 3 times a day. She became expert in blowjob and hairjob. She used to wrap my dick with her hair and rub it till I cum.

She came to know my hair fetish nature in very first day. Very fast she accepted it that, I will open her bun and will pull her knee length thick shiny hair rough at the time of blowjob and fuck. Her nature also changed dramatically, became very polite in nature and started mixing up with others. After 3 months she came to my house, started kissing me madly, told “Sameer I am pregnant, you gave me most precious gift of my life”.

About 1 year back she gave birth of a male child, but very soon Gayatri and her husband left the flat and moved to some other place. After that we never met, she also changed her cell number. She went away from my sight but left a permanent place for her in my heart. She was the first lady who fulfilled my dream and mother of my first child also.

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