A Married Beauty Awaiting Me In Gurgaon!

What’s up reader.

Yes, it’s my first post. So a little description on me will do okay? I promise, it won’t let your mood go down. 😉

Me, a 21 years old college undergraduate and martial artist, is here to share some of my interesting and strange experiences which i hope may turn you on and help to please yourself. I weigh 170 pounds, average built, active, with a 7 inch sausage and a romantic way to please women!

Here’s the story,

This happened to me 3 months back. I’ve got an app, wechat. You might be familiar with. There’s a function “shake”, where we can connect people near us just by shaking the phone. There wasn’t anything unusual before a request came in. A notification! Some lady, pretty by face, a lil chubby, fair and married sent a greeting appreciating my display picture. I viewed here. NUTAN, her name. I found this name cute. And replied her thanking for the compliment.

Next day, another notification blinged by my cell. We were in action. She sent a morning greeting. I wished her as well. And we did chat for hours. I found her more on a desperate side. Like she was really bothered by something and that was her husband. Later that night, our conversation didn’t stop. She did want me beside her on bed but didn’t even bring up the topic in between. This circumstance made me ask her something.

Me:- ” Btw! What brings you here cuteness?”

She:- “What do you think so! Why will a married women like me with a husband sleeping over beside will text you late night.”

Even though, i knew she wants it. And comes this phrase. Made me jump high over thoughts. And with an instant i asked her for a video call.

She denied! But i called her already. She didn’t pickup. I did it again. She picked with a finger placed on her camera. All i was looking at, was a black screen..

She spoke like a snake. Really! She hissed. I guessed, it’s her hubby the reason of this sound. And she was in washroom.

She:- “You look cute… (Hissing)”

Me:- “And you look black!”

She then let me see her face. Her hairs were messy, eyes were swollen, but she looked great in her night looks.

Being naughty, i asked her to view me herself. And she did without any hesitation.

36- 28 – 37, she looked attractive being physical. Maybe, her fitness schedules works bomb to her. She goes to a gym daily, i found it later.

We viewed each other for another 15 mins. She asked to reveal my snake on her screen. I did it. She was literaly awestruck! Me as well when i saw her bare breast curves with giant pink nipple on them.

I kissed my camera for real that night. It was 2:25 am on clock and she asked me to sleep. She wasn’t comfortable there in washroom.

Next morning,

10:30 am, an incoming call ringed up my cell. I picked it up!

This time i heard her cute allurive voice for real. Seducing than her hissing last night.

She:- “Hey!”

Me:- “Hi sugar.” (Somethings wrong with me. My even a hello to any women is complementing.)

She:- “I don’t know what to say. Hum kya aj mil skte hai? Mere ghar.”

Me:- “Yeah sure honey. And apka hubby?”

She:- ” No worries. Vo is week busy hai. So he won’t be coming before 11 at night.”

Me:- “That’s great. But you didn’t tell me, ap ho kha se. I just know you are 37 kms away by wechat!”

She:- “God! We were mad last night. Here it is. 34, xyz, sector 56, gurgaon! And where are you for now?”

Me:- “Manesar. I will be there by 2. Is it okay?”

She:- “Yeah sure!… Ahhh umm” (strange moanings)

Me:- “Hey!! What is it?? I heard something. What are you doing.”

She:- “Ahh.. What..umm do you think so?.. Ahhh (this time loud)”

Me:- “Am on my way to drink you now.. Um”

We quit. And i stood up. Got myself trimmed a little. Got ready and shoot myself on her way.

She sent me location on whatsapp. I got there. She lives in a building. G plus 10 floors. Where she had herself on 3rd floor. I took stairs. Rang her bell. Some force pulled the door in. And she was that force. God! I just can’t describe her. She was the one. The one, i own for that time. And i found myself being pured with luck. Emitting perfect stats wearing a black saree. And that waistline. I was too excited to grab that skin and pull her on my lips. She hugged me and i came back in senses.

I entered her living room. Perfect furnishing. Perfect colours. She seem rich to me. I walked in till couch was near to get settled and i saw that huge television. And then two bottles of red wine stole my view. Dude, that wine did look expensive.

She came and asked me to sit and left to get me water. She offered me a glass and bent a little. Her cleavage was the view my eyes were on. She did grin on that. And gave a lil tap on my forehead. Shaking head, i apologized and blushed. I raised the glass and was drinking water. She pecked my forehead. She really did! I was in love for that precise moment. Stood up and hold her face with my palms. Kissed her lips for minutes. She was really wanting this. Her starving was in my visions. She wasn’t in my control. Was just touching me everywhere.

With none sayings. She took me in her bedroom kissing. Pushed my chest and made me fall on her huge bed. That fall was bouncy! 😀

She striped! And spoke meanwhile ,”kpde utaro”. I did the same. All left on me was my jockey undies. And she in her black panties and bare breasts. 😮

I crawled on bed to the top. She came on me. Pulled off my undies and i didn’t see it coming. I was just playing with her boobs. I shook when did hold my bare dick. That was warm! I did a lil “ahhh”.

She took it inside her mouth. That wad marvellous. A warm and pleasing feel. She wssn’t stroking it. She just did place it inside and bring it back outside. She did it a few times.. Me:- “ahh umm.. I just love your lips”. She then started licking it like an orange candy. 😀

I was in all my senses to cum inside her. But i saved it to last. She stood up on knees. And i spoke ,”best ever blowjob i experienced.”

She:- “Ab tumhari bari hai.”

She asked me to get up and got her settled spreading legs in rest position. This is what i am expert in. Eating pussies! I lowered my head in between. And placed my lips on her initial opening. I gave a lick downside, up to down. And got up on her and kissed her.

Me:- “Dekho kitni tasty ho tum, sugar.”

She was laughing. And i kissed her teeth. She was enjoying it. I got myself down and came back in actions. I spread her pussy lips with my fingers and licked her pink clit like pro. She was moaning loud and shaking. She:- “Ahhh.. Fuck.. No..bs kro.. I can’t take it!”

She spoke this and her fluid came out on my tongue with a warm force. I licked it in. Yummy!

She was enjoying me. I started fingering her. Her moaning continued for a while. Then she started pronouncing fuck and mumma.. :p strange!

It was enough. She took out a packet from a drawer by side. Got up and sat on a pillow. I got settled. And she asked me to let her make my dick wear that condom. I love when a women takes care of things this way. It makes me turn on to kiss them.

After, she sat on my dick with a smooth downfall. She wasn’t tight. Not at all. But that motion with which my dick entered her was alluring. I moaned. She was watching me moan. But she didn’t. I spoke out ,”tum toh pro ho yar!”. She replied ,”Roz aise hi inki seva krni pdti hai. :/ ”

I asked her to get up. She did. I hold her with a jerk and pulled her on me and gave ourself a roll. She was down now. I did place my dick in between and hold her left boob with my right palm, squeezed it! And stroke with passion.

She was moaning. She was laughing. She was enjoying every moment of this fuck. I fucked her hard. Wild it was. She was moaning ,” ahhh … Mummaa … “.

This continued 15 mins with full activeness. And i got it out and pulled off that plastic from my dick and placed my dick in between her boobs and boobfucked her with a few strokes, i was about to cum. I placed my dick in her mouth without her permission. She didn’t resist. I splased it inside her with like 7-9 fountains. Her mouth was full of that fluid. She didn’t drink it. Her mouth looked like a monkey. 😀

She was holding my sperms in her mouth. Felt great. She got up. I kissed her forehead. And made her hairs round her ears back. She got up and went to washroom.

I got up and wore my clothes on. And was awaiting her. She didn’t come out for like 15 mins. I was sitting on her couch. And did turn on her television, switched to vh1. Took out a red wine bottle and found a pack of cigarette beside. Dunhills! I poured some wine in two glasses and light up a cigarette.

She came out with a towel on her hairs and glowing face and a towel wrapped up on body. I got up holding the glasses and kissed her. Gave her my cigarette to puff and a glass of wine. We sat. And did drink and smoke for an hour. Watching tv. She wasn’t wearing that towel anymore and was sitting over me nude on my bare chest. We slept. We didn’t know when we did. We couldn’t help it. I woke up with a call on my cell. That was my brother calling. It was 8 on clock. And my family was looking me for on dining table. I smooched her. And left. She was shining with smiles. And asked me to visit tomorrow. I did have sex with her 50 plus times till now. She is still in contact.

This was my first experience out of my life. Isse phle maine bs apni gfs ke sath hi sex kia tha. But now i found women more attractive. 😀

Always remember ladies, there are things bothering our lives. We shouldn’t adapt them. Learn to overcome. Nothing is a sin. Since, you need it. I am happy to help always.

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