A Memorable Night With A Friend

Hiiii readers. This is Ravi back with a new account. The previous account had some issues. Today an incident which turned to be the hottest sexual encounter of my life. The heroine of this story is luckily my girlfriends best friend Shweta.

Shweta is a very modern and open minded girl . She is very beautiful and has great height 5’10. Her ass makes her apart from others. The way it swirls around is heaven. I have even confessed it to my girlfriend that Shweta has the best ass. Shweta’s boobs are of 34 size and are perfect . As she is Anita’s best friend we spend a lot of time together. We even chat regularly and she is open with me and asks me about our sex life. How I and Anita fuck each other. What all have I done. So she’s a horny bitch. I had my eye on her.

One fine day we had a plan for a night out in my flat, I and Anita were drinking in the evening and she said she wants to have sex. I don’t know how and why I said yes Shweta I want to fuck you. Anita said what are you saying. I said sorry but I really want to fuck Shweta ,she is a bomb of a friend. She hesitantly said ok but first fuck me. We had a fuck session for an hour. She slept after that.

I called Shweta and said to come to my flat. She came at 8 pm and saw Anita sleeping naked with only a blanket. She exclaimed wow you guys fucked now. You both are so lucky. I said I have called you to make you lucky too.She- I didn’t understand Ravi.

I- Shweta I find you hot and I want to fuck you. I was direct.She- Started laughing. Are you mad? Your girlfriend is here.I- Don’t worry she knows about it.She – Smiled and said at least take a different room.

I was so happy to hear that. I took her to the next room. Switched off the lights and threw her on the bed and turned her back and pressed her butts. Her ass is so big I said ‘Tumhara gaand bohot bada hai. ‘ ( Your ass is huge) and pulled her jeans down. I wondered why she was not wearing a panty. Omg what a assssss. I immediately kisses her ass mmmmmmmmmuuuuuuuuuuuuuaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh.. Pressed her butts hard. Then spread her ass and fingered her asshole. Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh she shouted with pain. I inserted my tongue into her hole and started licking it. She was enjoying .. And soon I turned her back again and saw her pubes. Dense it was. And started rubbing her chooot at the top. She started shivering.

Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhh iiiiiiisssssssssshhhhh with closed eyes . I rubbed her chooooot fastly and could feel the wetness. She was shouting by that rubbing.. Raviiiiiiiiiiii aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh zor se krooooo.. Uuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I started licking her chooooot and licked it from top to down. Oh god she tasted awesome. She was dripping wet. I spitted on her chooot and again rubbed it.. And suddenly inserted my middle finger in her chooot and started fingering her with full face.. Aaaaaaaa aaaaaaa aaaaaaaa aaaaaaahhhhhhhhh uuuuuuuuuuhhh uuuuiuuhhhhhhhh she shouted. I licked hard also.. My mouth was watery by her liquid so I went up opened her top and saw her in no bra again. She had naked breasts inside her top. Two big milk tanks were in front of me..

I spitted all the liquid that I had of her pussy on her nipples and made it wet. And started pinching and pressing her nipples. Again she was put on control.. I started squeezing her melons very hardly. She was enjoying it . I took one nipple in my mouth and started sucking it like a wild guy. She was shivering by my act. I bited on her nipples .. She immediately took her hands to my cock and started pressing it. She opened my zip and took it out. It was 7 inch long by then. She said stop . Went down and in one go took whole dick into her mouth. Kept it for a while then spitted on my cock and then started sucking it.. Ohhhhhh my god what a feeeling it is. She was a pro . Better than Anita. She made me cum. I cummed on her boobs.

We started kissing each other and I was fingering her down. She said to fuck her without a condom. I was happy and I spread her legs and inserted my dick on her choot. It was tight. But I applied saliva and gave another stroke. It went in.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh was the scream. She scratched my back and I took her nipples inside me. I started giving her strikes of fuck. Thap thap thap thap was the sound and her boobs were swirling. Beautiful view to experience. I fucked her in doggy style and she took ot like a bitch. She again took my cock in her mouth and gave a yet another blowjob.

I took her to the shower and made her stand below the shower. Took her right leg up and inserted my cock in her chooot. And started fucking her there. She pressed my head to her nipples so that I suck it. I sucked it. Aaaaaaahhhhhh uuuuhhhhhhh she was moaning..I started pressing her boobs very hard while fucking her. She was in utmost pleasure then. She was being fucked and also her boobs were pressed. I took my dick out and inserted 2 fingers inside and started fucking her with my fingers. It was intense and I touched her veins inside I felt. She left out a hard moann then. I understood she cummed in my fingers. But still I was fingering her Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh raviiiiiiiiiiiiii ungliiiii kro aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh uuuuiuhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.. I inserted those fingers in her mouth to make her taste her chooot.

I turned her back and pressed her butts and started kissing her back. And inserted my dick again in her pussy from the back. That was a great pose. Standing in a shower and fucking her from the back. I started giving strikes and pressed her boobs . Uuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhh aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck me raviiiiiiiiiiiii.. Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I was having the best fuck.

I was about to cum so I said her she said to cum on her boobs again.. I cummed over there and she applied it all over. I again rubbed her chooot . I love that. We took bath together and she went off .. I went and slept with Anita.

Hope you enjoyed this experience.please write a feedback. Any girl wanting to have foreplay at least please write to [email protected]. Privacy guaranteed


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