A Night With My Sister Keerthi

Hello, readers, this is my first real sex story happened with my sister. I am a frequent reader of ISS. Any girls/ aunties/housewife, if u have any help/queries, let me know at [email protected].

Coming to the story, I am Devkarthik from Coimbatore.Aged 20.Average body with 5.10 height, 54 kgs and 6 inches of my penis. And my sister Keerthi 36c-24-36. Milky white color, two breasts with medium sized and have a perfect structure. Many boys are behind to have her. She has just completed her board exams. This story is about how I seduced her to have an awesome night.

My sis was on summer vacation. She was bored and asked my father to buy a new phone. She was using it for past 15 days. After my semester I planned to go home. At one night, I was on some important call. Suddenly due to low battery, my mobile switched off. I asked my sister her mobile to call. Finally, after the call ended, the empty Google page was in open condition. Suddenly, I opened history, she was reading a ton stories of ISS. (I think she saw, what I was doing). I gave back her mobile with a fake smile.

I was longing for sex the whole time. I got a chance with my own sister. I planned to use this wonderful opportunity. Whatever happens, I decided to try at least. The next day, she asked for shopping. After waiting for a long hour in a bus stop, finally, the private bus showed up with a huge crowd. We were standing and seeing each other with full of sweat.

After the next stops, the 2 seats were emptied and we occupied. I was in fear. Finally, I got the courage to touch her breasts. It was a full crowd, I thought no one will notice. I folded my hands and used my elbows, I slowly touched her breasts. She didn’t reply. I have done again and again. She covered everything with her shawl. I thought this was a positive reply!!!!

After finishing our shopping, we are heading to our friends home. His house was on the 5th floor of some apartment. We took lift. She came and stood near me. She turned and my hand was in contact with her butt. Slowly placed my hand in the butt. She didn’t respond and the lift reached the floor.

At the same night, we have talked many things frankly. I told her, I saw her mobile history and about lots of stuff and added that I am watching what she was doing from the past 2 days. I told her, I need her. She was in shock. Finally, she told everything and didn’t accept. I told incest is normal and convinced. She accepted. We both were waiting for the day to come!!!

After 2 days, my family was planning to go to Chennai from Coimbatore. We have made a plan. We boarded K.P.N Travels from Gandhipuram. It was Scania Multi axile AC sleeper. It was like a bedroom. 2 berth are attached. My mom and my sister took the lower berth. I and my dad took upper berth. The bus started to move. She didn’t sleep and told my mother that I am watching a movie with my brother. So, my dad took lower berth. I and my sister took an upper berth.

We smiled. I played a movie. We both are watching until everyone slept. After confirming, I placed my legs on her butt. She placed her hands on my chest. We were hugging each other. The most amazing liplock we ever had for 10minutes. The dark blue light falls on her face and she looked like an angel to me. She was wearing a t-shirt and jeans with a white camisole and a white bra. I placed my hand inside her t-shirt and removed her bra and her camisole is covering her tummy only. I was squeezing her breasts slower. She was moaning and I closed her mouth to avoid unwanted attention.

The bus was constantly moving. Finally, she had the courage to remove her t-shirt. I licked her breasts like a cat licking the milk. She was in heaven. I lowered my jeans and lay on the other side. She lowered my underwear and gave a blowjob for 10 minutes. I was like ahhhh.. Ohhh.. Yess.. Comeooonn… Babhyyy… Sshshhhhh… I lowered her jeans. She was in white panties. I removed and saw a clean shaved pink coloured pussy. I licked like a dog. I fingered her pusssyy… She was like ohhh, comeonn… Fuckk mee… Insertt itt.. Ahhhhhh.. Ohhhh… Pleaseeeee..

Finally, the play was over, I placed my condom in my penis and plan to insert it. It was going nicely. Thankfully, she was not a virgin. I asked her, she told, you fucking bastard, insert fast.. This is not the time to ask. Insert fast!!!Shhh..Ahhh.. I covered her mouth.

I inserted my penis into her pussy and started riding it. She was in heaven. I made her sit in front of me and fucked. We have done as much as possible positions, we both are in heaven. I sucked her breast, fucked her pussy. My cock still in erect position. I tried and tried.

Suddenly, I feel cum was coming out. I removed my condom and my cum was leaked in her face. We both were extremely happy and we saw each other and kissed. We dressed and she slept. I keep playing on her breast softly and I slept.

The next morning, we wake up like normally and didn’t talk that day about this. We had an amazing experience. After days later, I asked about who took the virginity. She cried and shared.

One of her friend in school, they both truly loved. She told with crying smile, ‘my bf always like to touch my tummy portion, because it was nice and soft. So, I didn’t get angry. After that, her hand slowly held up and down. At the annual day, we both lost our virginity at the back stage’.

I convinced her and made her forgot. Whenever we got a chance, we will have sex. She was the angel to me. She was longing to sex.

At the time, I saw her more than my sister.Most of the time in my home, I was like a husband. She won’t wear a bra in the home. It’s continuing.

Board exams results will be out soon!!! After that, I am going to miss her.. Until then, I am the happiest person. Any ladies/ aunties/ girls/ housewives., please comment on my sex story on my mail. My id is [email protected].

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