A Perfect Weekend Getaway With My Iss Reader

Hey, everyone! I’m back again with an experience that occurred just today 🙂

Having been a regular and an avid Indian sex story reader, I tend to share my sex experiences with you guys. After my last sex story was published, I got a lot of emails asking you know what. But there was this one reader’s mail that particularly caught my attention. She just wrote saying how she enjoyed my sex story and got wet and ended up fingering herself to multiple orgasms. She didn’t ask for any sexual favors or anything like that. She just told she enjoyed the passion with which I wrote the sex story and how she’d love to have an experience like that one day in her life.

Our talks progressed through emails and we ended up exchanging numbers. We talked day and night with each other on social apps and a couple of times on phone too. During the course of this, we realized mutually that we had a lot in common and we got along well. Add to this, some sexting in the nights and some horny talks every now and then and we had our chemistry going. She was a broad-minded woman, around 25 years old and wanted to explore her body sexually. She made a very decent proposal asking if we could have a date(face to face) and then see where it would lead us to. Since I am an outgoing personality, I agreed to it.

We met up in a coffee shop and I can tell you I was smitten by her. She had a body to die for with curves in the right places. There was something about this woman that drew me to her and lit up my brain’s imagination. We got along like a house on fire and she decided she wanted to take the next step with me. I guess it helps to dress to kill. Add some confidence in and you are the man! She suggested we meet up that weekend for a resort getaway and the idea seemed real cool. I knew right away I was in for a treat with her.

I couldn’t wait for the weekend to arrive. We both met up at a common place and left for the resort. We could barely stop being cozy with each other in the cab. She said I was her inspiration for the passion for sex and I said she was goddess that I wanted to worship. I guess that set the mood for the evening.

We reached the resort, checked in and headed for the pool. Since I workout regularly and add being a pro athlete, I could say I look pretty chiseled. And my lady for the weekend sizzled in her red one piece bikini. I can say she had stats of 32-34-30. Now u know Wat was at my disposal. I couldn’t take my eyes off her and she couldn’t take her hands off me. We had a couple of drinks in the pool and cozied up and kissed a lot in the pool. But it was just the start.

We went into the room and immediately got down to business. We kissed and smooched so hard that we bit each other’s lips off. Her pinkish lips were all over my cock in a jiffy. She huffed and puffed and gagged and was all over my cock. It was such an intensely pleasurable moment. I came all over her face. By now, time to return the favor. I made her lie in missionary position and slowly kissed her all over her body but never took my hands off of her boobs. Those melons were the best I’ve had in summer :p

I removed her panty and started licking her vag. She was moaning and letting out huge sighs and ran her hairs while all the while I ate her pussy like a hungry dog. She came with a shiver in her legs. She then asked me to take her on one hell of a ride. I said I’d take her on the ride of a lifetime! My cock was throbbing in all its glory and veins were popping out like no other. The beast was ready.

With one push I slid inside her lubricating pussy and gosh, it felt so hot and tight in there. I started riding her slow and steady. I gradually picked up my pace. She was moaning so loud and started using swear words, I’m sure it could be heard outside too. You know, that dirty kinky sex.

I kept ramming her like a drill gun rams a wall. We changed position. She said she wanted to do a reverse cowgirl and lo! We were at it again fucking each other’s brains out, her boobs jiggling, her hair going up and down all over my face. It was so awesome that I don’t have any other superlatives to compare it with. I came inside her after a good amount of time and she fell on me, cum draining out of her pussy. We then went and had sex in jacuzzi a for a good amount of time and man should I say it was the hottest session ever.

Had a good night’s sleep and We were at it again in the morning. This time, we tried anal and it turned out to be one hell of an experience. Some women enjoy anal more than anyone else and she was one such lady. She begged and moaned so loudly when I was rimming her ass and fucking that I’m sure there must be a couple of complaints on our room. Her booty was so perfect that I tried anal in three different positions. Each position gave her and me new pleasure points to explore in our minds and bodies. In one such experience, she said she had a half of an out of body experience. I don’t know wat it means. We tried all kinds of positions we knew and fucked each other, souls, out until the weekend ended too soon. She said she really liked my drive and hunger for sex. We promised each other we’d stay in touch and parted company for the weekend.

I believe I only live once and am open to enjoying life and sex provided there’s discretion. Thanks for reading my sex story.Comments and feedbacks: [email protected].Keep rocking the bed all your bombs and guns out there!

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