A Remarkable Two-In-One Day With Teachers

Hello ISS readers I am happy to share you my story its my first story if there are any mistakes forgive me.

I’m rg now I ‘m 23yrs old fair complexion,5’10 height and 72kg and an average boner,athletic built and now working in an mnc .I would like to share an incident which taken when I was in 12th standard only half the story is true rest is my fantasy , but if I would have gone inside the house the things would have ended differently .Later when I understood about the situation I regretted myself for taking wrong decision.

In this story other than me there are two other characters remya and geniffer both were the teachers teaching in my school.

Remya age 25 was one person who was with me on that day and she is having an hour glass body shape with average color complexion and huge breast believe me I have noticed our school’s principal and teachers staring at her melons. 2 months after this incident remya was caught by her colleagues for having sex with school’s security officer and also heard a romour that half of the senior batch students(previous year) who were in her class had studied her pussy with their tools.Also the faculty who reported about her ,complained because days before remya was caught from the faculty’s house with her husband.Totally the ramya is a slut!!! She is also our senior’s first sex teacher,we didnt had any luck to study about her pussy before that she was dissmissed.After that was dismissal from school and she married a guy from abroad and gone.

Even though I was staring at remya’s melons I didn’t had any crush on her other than curiosity how it look like and lust ,but geniffer ,my “gene” who was aged 21 with milk white color ,blue eyes, pear body shape and who was our principal’s brother’s daughter who came to take experience in our school ,who was also my sister’s class teacher.I got crush on her on another incident which taken days before that(not a fantasy or copying from any film it did happen) , gene used to take special classes on different student’s houses on that day it was my house it was a rainy day same as the other day I came to my room and locked my room I have a bad habit of becoming naked when I ’m alone , I have a laundry room next to it,since my clothes was drenched in water I put them to clean and went naked to bath the door wasn’t locked and was shocked and surprised to see my gene on my bathroom!!! She was drying her clothes there.

She was wearing only her white panty not even a bra I just seen a flash of her melons(it was like mangoes with pink nipples bulging out) and she covered them with her hand and told “turn around!!” but she didn’t had any other reaction like screaming or frightening.That day also I missed my chance instead of grabing her ass and banging her, I just walked away since I felt auckward.But after that incident I felt for her,her body no other girl disturbed me like her even now.She is the only women to see my matured boner as well as she is the only women I have seen naked.

Anyway rather than describing that sub incident let me get to the main one,but before that both ramya and gennifer are roommates they both are staying in a house nearby our school as well as my house just one small town to cross.Now I ’m narrating as these things happened but in reality its different.

It was a rainy day and also had thunder.As usual I was late for 8:00 class I started at 7:45 nearly 20min to reach the school , I was rushing so bad because our new vice principal was strict to both teacher’s and students in both punctuality and discipline if we are late he will send them home in his mind if a person is late he don’t deserve to sit in the class irrespective of teachers and students

On my way I was surprised to see remya and gene rushing to school at that time usually they go early not in my time ,remya was wearing her usual violet saree and gene was wearing her beautiful dark maroon saree.You all should see both of them walking they both walk alike like ducks shaking their body in a rhythamic way.If a matured man see them he will stand still and watch and enjoy them for a second , I used to enjoy them on our evening shifts.

On that day they were sharing one umbrella and also it was a small one so that both of them was drenching in water.I rushed and give them mine which was a bigger one were it can occupy upto 3 people but it was heavier, I switched umberllas and waking with them.Then remya started complaining about our new vp and asked about my view about him.The traffic was dense than the usual and the waterlevel on road was also high so even though we are rushing to school we were moving slow.

After the incident on the other day whenever gene sees me she would look down as if she has done a mistake.Suddenly when remya looked her watch after cursing rain it was 8 and she told us to hurry.Suddenly it happend a bus which was coming furiously just dashed the water and passed very close to us I thought it just dashed us instead of water.But before thinking anything the umbrella which gene was holding flew due to the wind produced by the bus I jumped and hold umbrella with her and we both fell on the drainage water.

When I came to my senses we three were drenching in mud and other dirt in drainage.Remya praised the rain that “thank lord today I don’t want to see that devil vp’s face as we were drenching in mud and got a reason.So we planned walk back to our houses.It was a different experince in my life a young man and two ladies drenched in mud walking in heavy rain without caring it.The people were watching us as if we were from other planet.

When their home reached remya asked that “you have to cross a town right why don’t you stay,refresh and wash your clothes then head back to your home since you are not having any class today”.Gene just went inside without saying anything.I felt I should stay and accepted the offer.When I went inside gene went inside a room without looking me.I felt sad but was happy to see that drenching figure,oh my god what a woman I could see body clearly since all clothes were sticking towards the skin.Then remya came and gave me a towel and instructed to go to first floor and there will be gene’s room and use gene’s bathroom.They will be staying on the down floor on remya’s room.

When I heard about gene’s room nothing else I heard what remya told I went quickly to the 1st floor without thinking anything.The only thing I was remembering was what happened on my bathroom on that day.She bath on my bathroom now I got a chance on bathing in her.I was fantasising about how she bath and imagining her how she bath.When I openned the bathroom jackpot!!!! Her panties were there which kept for drying I smelled that additive scent it was beyond any explanation.Suddenly I planned to bath in her bathroom and removed all my dress but suddenly I noticed that there is no soap and needed it to feel her and bath.

So I planned to go and ask them I used my towel as dhoti and went downstairs.Just before I reached my devil came out I think it was because her additive smell of her pussy.I thought to peek inside their room and l couldn’t belive what I saw both of them were only wearing bra and panty.Remya was wearing a black bra and black panty and gene was wearing white bra and panty.

Remya’s ass was so huge as well as her melons than expected there was no doubt that half of the class has went inside her.Not only their outer clothes but also their inners was also drenched in water so that I could see remya’s ass perfectly as well as her nipples.But for gene since she was wearing white one her innerwears was just like transparent I could perfectly see the pink color of her nipples as well as her hairy pussy.Finally the destination were I need to visit.

They were talking and I was able to hear what they were talking and I was surprised to hear that the subject was me.Remya was taking to gene “what is wrong why are you avoiding him he helped you otherwise you would have ended up in road isn’t he your student’s brother ”. Gene replied that ”should I want to explain more I have seen him naked and I have never seen any other man and he also seen me naked,now you gave him my room and it remind me of that day”.I was surprised as well as happy that no one has mined my well but what turned me on was the following conversation

Remya told”so that’s your problem you are hungry for his cock go to him and get your best shot”then gene replied”that’s not what I meant”.Remya approached gene and by slowly passing remya’s finger on gene’s lips remya told ”shut up I know you do want to get laid and I can see it on your eyes today is your chance and it is your decision not mine” then she went to the bathroom in the meantime I slowly started stroking my boner ,by looking them and hearing what they told gave me strength to stroke in that place.I was happy that there was no reply from gene on remya’s statement so it means that she want’s to get laid.

I was slowly stroking my cock looking my gene suddenly remya came from bathroom without changing her costume and asked gene that ”can you give this soap to him yesterday I brought it down”.Gene turned her neck to another side so remya told “so I need to take care of this situation”.Remya was coming to open the door suddenly I came to my senses and stop stroking and started running to the first floor.When I was about to reach stairs my bath towel’s knot became loose and towel went down I was completely naked.When I was trying to get it the door openned

I didn’t turn back and ran to the first floor gene’s room and went inside the bathroom and locked the door.

On the bathroom rather than thinking about gene I was thinking about what is going to happen to me if both of them knew that I was there.They gave me shelter and I cheated them by spying them, I felt like I have done a great mistake.No one came for sometimethen I thought maybe remya wouldn’t noticed the bath towel.I thought different possibilities by the time my boner slowly became passive.

After 10 min I heard a knock at the door without thinking much I just opened by only facing my head outside it was remya and she was wearing my bath towel!!!

In that seconds gap I was not holding the door and she opened it entered inside the toilet my boner went active in a second.She was simply smiling in a lustful way and was looking at my boner.I was not looking her so she tried to take advantage by just moving her fingers on my boner.I just moved back to stop. She then told me “ I was just admiring your cock,anyway I came to give your bath towel back”.She then removed the bath towel from her body.She was naked wasn’t wearing any underwear and so as I .My cock became upright.I could see her huge boobs hanging down with brown nipples as well as she got a huge ass

She then told”even though you don’t admire he is and I ’m going to take good care of him”.By telling this she hold my boner and guided me to gene’s bed.She pushed me towards her bed.I fell and she fell over me she was looking me face to face and was slowly stroking the cock both our nipples where slowly rubbing in her two and fro motion ,she then went down hold it and smelled it slowly.

Then what happened was she was pretending that she is talking to my dick and she itself made all the comments.Remya asked my dick “are you feeling hot?” then she slowly blowed near my dick I was starting to think that I was in heaven.She then put her ear towards as if she was listening and she told “what you want a kiss from me”.Then she asked me whether she can kiss my dick I nodded my head.,she kissed and again she listened and asked me that “he want even more can I give him”.

I nodded my head in pleasure ,she then started kissing fast which was hard to explain and slowly slowly she started to take it inside her mouth and when her mouth explored.She started deepthroat which is her best shot.She gave me blow job about 5 minutes looking at my eyes on each stroke she gave me ,by the time I noticed a mirror and in its reflected end there was gene she was peeking us and also had a lustful look on her face.She was sucking her finger just like remya is doing to me.I felt like gene sucking my dick.

Soon remya stopped blow job and rolled over and was looking me by spreading her legs.,as if giving the favor back.I simply told her I dont know how to lick a pussy so she told I am your teacher right how many subjects I have taught you I will teach this too.Place your tounge on my pussy slowly lick that’s the basic.

When I looked her pussy was wide open and I think at same time three boners drilled her pussy , I just licked two three times which was having a sour taste.The she told me to put my tongue inside her pussy.I was kind of an expert in these I knew how to please a women I have studied from net alot.I tried many stuff like twisted toungue for which she morned.When I checked gene on mirror her fingers were insde her pantiy was fingering so hard as if I ’m licking her pussy.

Then I started playing with remya’s melons it was huge I sucked them and kissed all over her body and checked, gene she was reacting as if I ’m doing this to her it by pressing her boobs made me more horny.Then remya asked me closely in my ears “ I want you to cum inside me ” .Since I was a virgin I like to broke my virginity to gene who was a virgin and “not to a slut like remya” .

So I was not ready to fuck remya and when I looked through the mirror I didn’t saw gene so to check whether gene was there I told remya “why dont suck my dick in the standing position then I will drill you” .I moved near to the door there was no sign of gene ,irrespective of the pleasure given by remya in my mind there was only one person gene!!!!!.I felt like I was cheating gene and gene didn’t liked the cock she deserved is drilling another.I didn’t want to visit inside remya but it was late for both of us to stop since we were fully turned on with our urges.

Suddenly like a miracle( I think because of gene’s prayer), the doorbell rang.Both remya and I was shocked and remya’s hole was just few inches behind drilling she was in riding position.Ramya jumped from the bed and both of us came to our senses.We don’t know what to do ramya just threw me the jogging dress of gene which was in the hangar to me.Even though it was tight I worn it and remya worn the same bath towel and told me “don’t panic it may be mine or gene’s parents go and hide on my bathroom downstairs.

We both came down there was no sign of gene and I just hide near remya’s room to check who was there I was surprised to see it was our school’s security officer.He was aged late 30’s average build body and dark complexion.He told remya “darling I completed my night shift since I didn’t saw you in the school today just came to check you and to do regular patrol on your pussy”.And remya replied “ I am ready for you dear “ and she dropped same like she dropped in front of me.He then grabbed her ass and took her.Remya pointed to stairs and told “today let’s try it in gene’s room” and they went upstairs.Both of their tounges were sliding one over the other very fast and security’s massive hand was crurshing her huge melons.And they went upstairs.

Then I realised I was wearing gene’s dress and it had the sweat smell of gene.She had totally an addictive smell.Then I searched for her and found in remya’s room where gene was lying on the bed.Since she was wearing a blanket I couldn’t see her side curves.But why I don’t know gene want me so badly or not , I had a feeling that while getting inside the room I felt like I ’m going to my wife.I went and lay near her.All in mind was remya’s words to gene that gene is hungry for my cock and want to get laid so badly.

I slowly put my hand on her arms and rubbed rubbed she just pushed my hand over her showing her dislike ,by that reaction itself I understood she was upset about the events which happened.The I regained my strength after thinking that she was watching us and pretending that I was doing that to her not remya

I slowly rubbed her body again from head to the knees this time there was no reaction,again I slowly started rubbing her hand and it felt that her resistance was lowering and she responded to my actions using mild mourn sounds and she lay staight.As if is she given her body to me.I then slowly started to rub her foot and she was enjoying it and then I slowly I removed the blanket.

Gene was wearing a white nighty which was translucent, I could see her red bra and panty through the nighty and I slowly started rubbing from foot and tried to raise up her nighty. When I was about to reach near her panty she just taken off her nighty which I also helped her.Now she is only wearing her red bra and panty ,she was having stunning look like bollywood actress.Her panty was wet and she told me to take off my clothes.When I removed all my clothes gene told me “give me pleasure like you have given that slut remya”

I removed her panty she was hairy down there I took gene’s panty and smelled her panty in front of her and admired about how additive the smell of her juice was.

Then gene told me with a lustful smile that “if you are so crazy for the smell of my juice why don’t you taste it” by sucking her finger in her mouth and wide opening her both legs with a lustful look.I applied my specialization of licking her pussy (my first time with remya was also great success).Gene was not like remya she was not quite ,mourned sounds loud like “ohhhh …. Awww ….. Don’t stop … Faster …. Deeper….. Etc etc”.She produced her juice it was not salty like remya’s it was awesome.I drank every bit of her juices just like drinking honey.I placed my face and smelled directly the smell of her pussy.

After my explorations through mouth she told that let her return my favour.She also told that she also had researched many things for a day like this and let her start this was only what I was remebering, her tounges were magical and I felt like I ’m on a land of pleasure.She even took my balls in her mouth.She also asked to cum on her face since I used earlier and also needed for the next step I refused.She then told me to unhook her bra then she take out her melons and put in between my boner and started stroking while I was pinching slightly her pink nipples.

I then got up and started kissing her toes then moved up by kissing her body and when it reached near her pussy I bitted her hair slowly as well as pressing her melons like the security was doing remya.Then I moved above and started sucking her both melons and started biting her nipples slowly and releasing them.Then I moved towards her neck and was cleaning her her neck as well as herf ace with kisses.

Then my one of the greatest goal to taste the lip a woman.I told her I dont know how to kiss since it is my first time she told she will manage and she put her tounge inside my mouth and we rolled our tounges one over the other we shared our saliva she stroked my boner and I was playing with her melons while we were kissing and we continued it for about 5 minutes or more.

After that she became more horny and told that she cannot wait for long let’s break our virginity.She asked me whether I had any protection but I told is it necessary its our first time why need to spoil our first memory.She wide opened her leg and we thought of starting our first encounter by missionary style.Since her pussy was very tight and was beginer we switched to plan b riding style. I lyed down she was over me slowly she sat above me by putting the boner on her hole’s opening.She was not able to consume my bonner since it was her first time she tried several times and told me let us do this on another day.

I told her let us try one last time,when she was trying to put my boner inside her I pushed down.She fully fell and my boner went inside her fully she mourned loud in pain and told me to stop this.I told we can slowly take it out first you need to move in up and down and I helped her by grabbing her ass and pushing up and down.First she was feeling pain slowly she started enjoy the pain and made her usual pleasure noises.I asked “should I want to stop” then she replied “if you stop I ’m gonna kill you make it faster”.

Suddenly remya came inside our room and interrupting and told us”this was what I was talking about gene.What did you told in the morning it’s your student’s brother and what happened to that word now he is inside you and you are his bitch now”. Before gene reply anything I turned her face to me and by french kissing gene I showed remya middle finger followed by gene.Remya told us that you do whatever you like and she is going out with the security officer.

After remya went we kissed some more time.Then we found out in my cock the stains of hymen we have taken our virgininty but we both didn’t came since that slut remya intrupted us. Gene asked me “darling could we do it in a different position” I told gene that “why are we getting laid on the same room I got an idea”.I told her let us recreate the scene what happened in my house only difference is that instead of I missed my chance I used my chance.

We both went to her bathroom and she went first and after a minute I went inside.She asked me”why did you come inside without tapping the door”by covering her body , I replied “it was not locked so I came and it is my room,and why are you naked in my bathroom”.She replied “ I was drenched in water so for bathing I removed all my clothes and who will bath by wearing clothes and why are you here” I replied” I also came to bath since other one is not free can we share and bath?” she told me”you can bath but don’t turn to my side”.After showering slowly without turning back I moved towards her backwards and asked her “can you pass me the soap” and instead of taking soap I touched her ass.

All my control went I turned towards her she was showering I rolled her to me and told her “enough of the fantasies lets face reality”.We started kissing on the shower.She stroked my cock and I rubbed her pussy and she lyed on the floor I splitted her legs and put my tool into her after trying three four times it went inside her.We fucked in missionary posture and I successfully shot my cum inside and we almost came at the same time,our first fuck I felt like I ’m a grown man.

Then gene had weird wish and she asked me after that” I usually had a wild fantasy of doing it in the open can we do?”first I was shocked because if anyone see a teacher fucking a student its better to be dead but I had a solution for that too.

There were houses near their house but none of them was even having 1st floor and their house was two storied.The top floor was used for laundry purpose and there were no rooms just covered with roofing sheet the whole floor, there was a large water tank.We both dressed up she worn just a nighty and I worn her jogging dress we didn’t worn any underwear.We reached top floor and when we were about to jump to the tank naked .

Suddenly we heard a voice “mam are you there?”.Gene suddenly worn her nighty went to the front corner of the second floor to look who was outside the house.It was their house maid and she has came for cleaning purpose.When gene was kneeling and talking to her,gene’s ass was facing me I just went there wering only tack pants and raised the nighty above her ass.While enquiring with theshe didn’t turn back but tried to stop me.

I then started licking her asshole and rubbed her pussy.While she was speaking with maid she was also enjoying.Gene’s talk she missed the words (she was rolling and speaking because of her pleasure).Even the maid thought gene have some problem and asked her “mam are you alright!!!”.Gene replied “ I am fine and now my body is assisted properly I meant.. The medicines .Its fine didi you go to home remya had cleaned the house” .Then the maid went back.

Gene just pushed me behind and told “you idiot if she would have caught us you know what would have happened” I just replied “you want to try it in open right!!!! I just gave it you in public dont you know if we are having more fear to get caught the pleasure will be more didn’t you enjoyed?” gene told”then ok hero if you need more fear next time I dare you to fuck me in my uncle’s office(my school’s principal’s office) .Then I replied her” I ’m working on it “

She suddenly came and hugged me and asked “what you are going to do”.I grabbed her ass and we went to the main tank.We just removed our clothes and jumped to the water.The water was so cold and it was about our chest level.

She just came and hold me tight and told “thank u dear ,thanks a lot it is one remarkable day in my life“.She started stroking my boner and I asked her “how much time you will hold your air under water” she replied “30 seconds”.Lets try how much will you take while you are sucking my dick by holding your breath”. She started and we tried 3 times her best shot was 18 seconds and at the 18th second she gave me a one hell of a deep throat.

She told “its getting late you should probably should be going home now.But you need to fulfil my fantasy to fuck me on open and tank is ok with me”.Even though I was exhausted we cannot deny our lover’s request right I fucked her by grabbing her ass once more.

Then I returned to my place and my clothes were dry.Then I haven’t seen her after moving to college.From my sister I heard that she went to take post graduation. I searched her on facebook but couldn’t find her anyway she is the only woman I have seen naked in my entire life.Again I ’m telling you if there are any mistakes please forgive me its my first story.

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