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Hi I am Avinash, and this is a story of me and my love whom I called my sweetheart, and for the purpose of the story let me call her Niki. We are married for 5 years now and try something new, whenever we get vacations.

So when we both took a vacation we planned to go for a forest trip, in Gujarat. This place had an arrangement for a stay amidst woods. It was off season and the crowd was not that large, only a few guests. it was ideal for our rendezvous.

I & niki reached there in the afternoon by cab and then by a safari to the guest house. She nwore a capri and loose tshirt, while i was in my shirt and shorts. It was in mid December and it was slightly chilly, with winds blowing on our face. The open space of the guesthouse was remarkably decorated for a desolate place like this. An old showed up and took our luggage and lead the way towards our room. The room was capacious with jungle flowers peeping us through the open windows. The air caressed her cheeks and her hairs fell on her face. I was staring at the sight as the caretaker brought me to my consciousness. He dropped our luggage and went down to cook our lunch.

I asked niki to freshen up & then we wud do some sightseeing arnd as it was almost 4 pm. She went to the batchroom & I waited awestruck at her innocence as she disappeared behind the closed doors of the bathroom. I realised she left her towel behind and so I knocker her door, and she said let me a bath and then we can do! I told her plz dnt always think naughty, I jst meant to gv ur towel! She peeked out of the door, in her white bra and panty and blushingly snatched the towel from me!

I kept smiling, & sat on the bed and waited till she came out in her shorts covering just half of her thighs and a sleeveless white top. I brushed past her, feeling her milky thighs and moving into the bathroom leaving her dumbstruck! I came out in shorts and shirt. She was smiling at me and took her hands and sucked her index finger, she shivered and closed her eyes. I slowly tickled her ear lobes putting wisps of her hair behind her ears. I slowly felt her sides of her breast over her top & moved down to catch her waist; slowly pulling her to me. I sucked her middle finger now, n nibbled her neck as she stood with her eyes closed. I let my other hand feel her back inside her top, tracing her spine up till her bra strap, slowly unhook it n move to feel the sides of the breasts inside the top. Her erect nipples calling out to get caressed and her body shivering with chills. I was mesmerized by her odour and shifted to suck her little finger.The caretaker gave a call for lunch suddenly; and we broke apart, she adjusted her bra and hooked it up. She gave a coy look and I kissed her lips deeply, before going down to the table for lunch.

We were served roti, and a sabji with dal. The caretake went to make more rotis when we started eating. We were sitting at adjacent right angles to each other. I whispered to Niki, “hey you know what the rotis are really round, soft and are really hot, how do you want me to eat it?”. She said- ‘just have it with juices and sabji nah!’ I pleaded her, ‘But its still so hot nah!’ touching her thighs below the table with my finger. Slowly i started moving my toes to her ankle moving it up her legs, feeling her calves. The caretaker cleared his throat and came with more rotis. Niki smiled coquettishly at my predicament and we finished the food.

We moved out of the guesthouse and followed a trail to explore the jungle. She wraps her hands around my arms from the side, while walking and pulls me closer as her soft breasts rub my sides. We move quite a bit and talk-

Avinash-the beauty is breathtaking don’t you feel so

Niki- depends on what you are talking about!

Avinash- offcourse the scenic beauty why what did you think?

She gave me a tight lipped smile looking at me angrily saying ‘achcha is it better than me?’ I said ‘let me check first’

saying so I reached out behind her and caught her waist from behind kissing her shoulders and caressing her arms. I slowly pulled her left shoulder strap down with my teeth. Then she put my hands into her shorts, feeling her wetness over her panty. I whispered in her ears-“It seems the rains have really enhanced the beauty, how about me exploring more”

Slowly I put my fingers into her panty, running my index finger slightly around the girth of the panty elastic. Slightly I feel the warm insides as she moans. I feel her clit and press it slowly n rub it. Her legs suddenly collapse with pleasure and I held her tight. I slowly let my finger slide inside her pussy and experience the juices, I was promised at the lunch table! She tugs my shorts down and pushes down my underwear.

I slowly take her to a bark and remove her shorts, & panty, & turn her towards me. She looks down and starts unbuttoning my shirt. I lift her chin and kiss her red moist lips. As tears roll down her eyes I lift her n slowly enter her love hole. She wraps her legs tightly around me & bites my shoulders to take my organ inside. I keep thrusting deeply and she melts in my arms as fluids gush out of her. Slowly I increase my thrust and she clutched my back screaming with joy. I keep thrusting harder getting excited by this and fill her love hole with my warm seed.

I enjoy her, kiss her, dress her and take her back to the guesthouse.

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