A Rollercoaster Ride – But Ends In The Right Place

Hello ISS readers. I am back with the next part of the story. Please do read the previous parts. My name is Aafi. I am from Bangalore. But I am working and living in Chennai. I am a 25-year-old Software Engineer. You can email me or hangout at [email protected]. Let me continue from where I stopped last time.

I went inside. There she was! Standing near a small wooden staircase which will take us to the terrace. Oh, I forgot to tell you how she looks. She is really hot and a badass chick. She’s wearing a tight blue color top which covers just her boobs. The top was deep neck and I could see her cleavage clearly.

And she’s wearing blue jeans shorts which barely covers her ass. She looks like a tomboy with short blonde hairs, with a red hairband. She was wearing red hot lipstick. The main attraction is she has got bigger boobs than Rose’s and she has colorful tattoos all over her body.

There’s a rose tattoo just above her left breast. She was perfect. Tattoo’s on her both hands, on the side of the belly, and on the butts too. Wow! She’s a very sassy girl.

Eve: It’s up here, come!Me: Where are we going?Eve: Rose and Anna need a moment alone, we’re giving it to them.

Me: What is this place?Eve: It’s abandoned, someone wanted to build some sort of Victorian style house but gave up. At least that’s what I heard.

We went up to the terrace. It was fully open.

Eve: Too bad they gave up, this place looks nice!Me: I guess so.Eve: Come on, we have some talking to do!Me: We do?Eve: Yes, come on!

Nobody could see us as we were on top of the house. I went close to her.

Me: So what did you want to talk to me about?Eve: I wanted to apologize for Abigail. She can be a bit rough on the edges.Me: Rough on the edges? I am rough on the edges and I don’t go around starting fights with people, pulling on their clothes.

Eve: I know. She told me she didn’t mean to do that to her, she wanted to scare her a bit and when she grabbed her clothing. You know the rest.Me: You seem like a nice person and I don’t want to insult you or anything but I don’t buy that. In any case, she should apologize to Rose.

Eve: I wish, she won’t do that and I can’t make her. She’s upset our parents send us away every summer. She acts out on everyone else around her. And I’m not making excuses for her, it’s just how things are.Me: You look old enough to take care of yourself, why do they send you?

Eve: I like coming here, believe it or not. I volunteer! Hahaha!Me: It’s nice, I like it here too!Eve: Also. There’s something else I wanted to talk to you about.Me: There is?

Eve: You’re here what, one day?Me: Yes.Eve: You’re already getting a reputation around here. Gossip spreads like wildfire around here, people talk, a lot!

Me: I am? Gossip?Eve: Yes, some even say you’re similar to Abigail.Me: Oh no, that I am not!Eve: You might be more so than you think. A bit of a bad guy!

Me: I have my moments.Eve: We have a problem then.Me: We do?

Suddenly she pulled me closer and put her left on my dick! Oh, God! She’s rough! I didn’t know what to do. Obviously, she isn’t a good girl.

Eve: Yes we do! I like bad boys!Me: Ohhhh! What is your hand doing there?Eve: They say bad boys have big toys.

Me: I don’t know about bad boys, but I do have a big toy!Eve: Mmmmm. I can see that.

I’m not sure if it’s a good idea to do this. This would be cheating on Chloe.

Eve: Why are you so tense?Me: I have my reasons.Eve: Don’t you like me? I’m much better than Chloe, I have a lot more experience. I can do things.

Me: I don’t think this is a good idea, you said it, gossip spreads like wildfire.Eve: I won’t tell if you won’t. It could be our dirty little secret. Let’s start slow. Feel my breasts, see how they fit your hand. Try the product before you buy it and all that. I won’t stop you.

Me: They do look good.Eve: They feel and taste better!Me: Mmmmm.

I was in a dilemma. The way she talks, it made me really horny. And my dick was rock hard as Eve’s hand was still on my tool. The devil inside me wanted to have fun. I was touching and pressing her left boob. They were huge. Definitely 38 size. I couldn’t resist those huge melons

Eve: How does it feel?Me: So far so good!Eve: Would be better without the clothing, right?Me: Oh yes.

Eve: Much bigger than Chloe’s!Me: That they are!Eve: Uhhh you’re such an amateur!Me: What?

Eve: I’m not going to break if you touch me! Looks like you’re not such a bad boy after all!Me: But I am.

Eve: Let me make things clear to you. I’m not looking for one of those flings with hidden kisses and sneaking around. I want more, I want a man that knows what he wants, not a boy.Me: Hey I’m not a boy!

Eve: You sure act like one. If you’re going to cheat on Chloe at least do it properly! So next time I give you a chance, if I give you another one, you better take it!

Woah! That was hard. She is so commanding, even I knew I was a bit hesitant! She wants it rough. I will show her that next time.

Rose: Eve, Aafi? Come on, we should be going!Eve: Coming! Come on, time for class.

We headed back to the campus.

Rose: I don’t feel like going to class at all!Me: That makes two of us!Anna: Make that three!

Rose: This is so intriguing!Me: What is?Rose: Nothing. Just that all three of us don’t feel like going to class.

Anna: Let’s skip it!Me: No way, I’m the new guy, I can’t afford to miss it.Rose: We can survive this, I’m sure of it.

We went into the classroom. The door was already closed.

Anna: I think we’re late, the teacher is already inside.Rose: Uhhhh.Me: A couple of minutes. Not a big deal!Rose: I hope so. I’m never late!

We entered the classroom. The teacher turned toward us.

Teacher: Look who decided to join us!Anna: Sorry we’re late.Rose: Sorry!

Teacher: Rose? You’re never late.Rose: It won’t happen again!Teacher: It better not, you’re my best student. Go to your seats.

Chloe was sitting on the first bench near the door, as it’s her spot.

Chloe: Pssst! Come sit next to me!Me: In the first row?Chloe: Yes, come on!Me: Uhhh ok.

I hate sitting in the first row. But Chloe is here, so.

Chloe: How was it?Me: How was what?Chloe: Drinks, with the girls!Me: Ohh that! It was fine, we went to that building.

Chloe: I know the place, it’s nice!Me: It was nice!Chloe: I am glad you had fun!

Me: I’m sure it would have been better if you were there but it was ok.Chloe: You’re always saying nice things. Are you real?Me: Hahaha! Yes!

I was sitting next to Chloe. As usual, the teacher looked really hot.

Teacher: Today we’re going to talk about the reaction. The reaction in the time of crisis, not a chemical one. For example, what to do in case of a medical emergency of any nature. Most of you already know this. But if you want to be functional members of society you must be prepared to help when needed. What is the first thing you must do?

Girl: Call an ambulance or the police!Teacher: That’s correct, the faster you call the authorities, the faster they get there. So it’s crucial to keep your calm, check your surroundings and call the emergency number. What’s the next thing?

Girl: Help the victims!Teacher: That’s almost correct. The next thing you need to do is assess the situation, is there an imminent danger? Is there a fire? Is there a risk of collapse? You can’t help anyone if you are in imminent danger yourself.

God, this is so boring! I turned to my left to talk to Chloe.

Chloe: I think everyone knows these things.Me: I’m not going to jump into a flaming gas station any time soon.Chloe: Hahaha! What if I were in that gas station?

Me: That would suck.Chloe: Why? I mean it would, but why do you say that?Me: Because I would be there with you.

Chloe: Hahaha! I’ll try to stay away from the flaming gas station then.Me: Thank you! Hahaha! This is boring, right?Chloe: Big time! But we need to pay attention to this. It might save our lives.Me: Uhhhh.

I was getting bored so I decided to change that. I moved my desk a little close to Chloe.

Chloe: What are you doing?Me: Pulling my desk next to yours.Chloe: Stop it, the teacher’s going to notice!

Me: I remember you said you’re the last one in and first one out the door.Chloe: Yes.Me: I was the last one today and I want to be the first one out.

Chloe: Oh really?Me: Really!Chloe: We will see about that!Me: Game on!

I kept moving my desk closer to Chloe. I have to still move past her to be closer to the door.

Me: I’m almost there.Chloe: I’m still close to the door!Me: Not if I move past you!Chloe: What?

Me: You don’t think I can?Chloe: I know you can’t!Me: Just wait. I’ll come next to you, then past you.Chloe: I won’t let you!

Me: You can’t stop me!Chloe: Cut it out, the teacher might see us!Me: So what? I’ll win this race!

I was now next to Chloe. She was giggling and trying to stop my desk from moving.

Chloe: Hahaha! Stop it!Me: Ohhh so you’re fighting back!Chloe: Hahaha!Me: You won’t get away that easy!

Chloe: We’re almost blocking the door! Stop it! Hahaha!Me: Never!Chloe: Hahaha! I can’t stop laughing!Teacher: Are we bothering you?

Shit, the teacher caught us!

Teacher: What’s going on here?Me: Uhmmm. Nothing.Teacher: Are you even paying any attention?Me: Yes.

Teacher: What was I talking about?Me: Reaction, in case of emergency!Teacher: So you heard the first words I said this entire time. I don’t like games or fooling around! So you have no idea, what about you Chloe?

Chloe: You were talking about CPR.Teacher: So you can pay attention and act like a child at the same time!Chloe: We’re sorry.Me: We’re sorry!

Teacher: There are 5 minutes left of our class, and you’re almost out! That’s what you’re going to do in college?Chloe: No.Me: No.

Teacher: I’m disappointed with you, I expected more.Chloe: It won’t happen again!Teacher: Pull something like this again and I’m sending letters to your parents.

Jason: I don’t know. The desks were like that when I got in class.Rose: Yes, they were!

What? Jason trying to help us? I must have fallen asleep!

Teacher: Nice try Jason, Rose.Girl: Hahaha!Abigail: If you ask me, you should send letters right away!

That’s not surprising at all, Abigail is the worst.

Teacher: Nobody asked you so keep your thoughts to yourself, Abigail.

Ouch! That must have hurt Abigail!

Teacher: I expect you two to behave tomorrow. Class dismissed!

Jason taking our side. That’s not right. Chloe was ready to open the door.

Chloe: First one!Me: What? Not fair!Chloe: Hahaha! I win!Me: But it’s not fair! I was contemplating why Jason helped us!

Chloe: Hahaha! Weird, isn’t it?Me: Yeah, really weird!Chloe: Want to come to my room?Me: Yes, sure!

Chloe: Come on!Me: I’ll want a rematch on that race!Chloe: Why? So I can kick your ass again?

Me: Very funny! If it wasn’t for Jason.Chloe: Excuses, excuses.

We were in Chloe’s room.

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