A Romantic Love Making Session Of 2 Kings With 1 Princess

Hello readers!!!! As you guys know, I have shared many of my experiences here on ISS!!! And 1 of the readers from Chennai asked me for a threesome. Say a cuckold experience. And it is on their request, I’m sharing this experience with you..

I would like to thank all the readers for all the love you guys have shown and keep that mailbox flooding with ya mails. It’s a pleasure to get in touch you guys. So keep the love coming my way as always, with all those request of romantic and naughty chats, suggestions, and to seek advices.. It would be a pleasure to get in touch with you all and guys trust me, you must be satisfied with my response. I might make you feel that you made the right choice!!!!

Well Let me introduce myself for all the new readers of ISS! I’m Rohan Sharma, 27 years old. I’m a sex advisor, a masseur by hobby and I love to try new things when I’m making love..

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Coming to the story, it all started with ISS!!! As I mentioned earlier, 1 of the couple’s on iss wanted to meet me.. So we decided to meet on 29th of may.. I remember the date so well coz ipl final too was played on the same day..

The couple booked the hotel of their choice and we were supposed to meet around 11am. And before I start the story, lemme tell you about the princess of the story.. She is a mother of a 3 year kid and I don’t even know her name..I don’t need to. I want my clients privacy.. She loves oral sex..  She told me that she loves to suck a dick and I was so thrilled to know this.

So I checked in to the hotel around 6 Am and was waiting for the couple. They arrived around 10.45. We greeted each other and as she wanted to start the session with a massage I asked her to get into her panties and make herself comfortable on the bed as waited in the bathroom.

After waiting for some 5 mins, she asked me to start the massage. When I first saw her, I had Goosebumps. She was so hot!!! I love a woman with a big ass and her size was 36.. Her husband was on the other bed as I had requested for a room with twin beds..

I started with massaging her feet. I took the oil in my hands and started to massage her feet. All this while I had my eyes glued to her big ass..I just couldn’t take my eyes off her ass and massaging her feet, I slowly inched up towards her calf muscles and then slowly moved towards her thighs..

While massaging her thigh, I made sure that my fingers brushed her panty line and I slowly started to massage her on her upper thigh and inserted my fingers in her panty, massaging her big hot ass..

Massaging her ass with just my fingers wasn’t just good enough for me, so I slid my hand in her panty and started to feel her whole ass with my hands.. Then I slowly removed her panty and poured some oil on her ass crack making sure that the oil flows down to her wet pussey lips giving her that amazing ticklish feeling.

Now I spread her legs wide and started to massage her ass slowly moving down towards her pussy lips making sure that I don’t touch those pussy lips, teasing her there. I was massaging her right next to her pussy lips, that is the  area between her thighs and pussy lips.. Teasing her there for almost 2 to 3 mins I slowly moved my fingers towards her pussy and start to feel her wet pussy.

Her husband got up from the bed and came close as he wanted to see the action real close. I saw him getting excited and asked him to feel her pussy.. And in no time, he went to the other side of the bed and inserted his finger deep in her pussy and started to finger fuck her.

I was just to horny to see him finger her so hard and I lowered my boxers and undies in a go and now she could she my hard dick pleading her to suck it hard. She was just too horny at that moment of time and I could see a twinkle in her eyes.. All she could do is to take my dick in her mouth and she was fucking awesome with her bj. She started to blow me as if there is no other day..

She held the base of my dick, pulled the foreskin down and started to lick the pink skin of my dick.. I felt the blood rush through my veins and I started to fuck her mouth slowly moving my ass. She was a master in sucking a dick and she opened her mouth so that I can fuck her mouth the way I wished to. Fucking her mouth for some time I felt that I might hurt her neck..

so I asked her to move a little and I lay next to her and grabbed her by her hair and placed her lips on my dick. But she had other naughty plans on her mind and she went low and started to lick my balls. Gosh, I couldn’t take it and I started to moan in pleasure feeling her tongue licking every inch of balls. She started to suck, kiss and massage my balls my balls… A feeling which guy could never forget all his life!!

I looked at her husband and I asked her to lick her pussy. Well we were in 69 position. But it’s unique, different and it was all pleasure. She was sucking my dick and he was licking and sucking her pussy!!!

But I was in heaven, and she started to lick the base of my penis ending it on the tip.. She kept doing this for almost a min. I couldn’t take her tease me like this and I grabbed her by her hair and inserted my penis deep in her mouth.. She took the whole thing in and started to blow me hard..

After such an awesome bj, she then started to move up towards my broad wide chest and shoulders which she loved the most.. She started to suck my nipples 1 by 1 and I started to cup her breast and this was all I could take.

I pushed her to the bed and started to kiss her lips.. It was our first kiss and as both of us were so horny the kiss soon turned to be a smooch. I started to suck her lower lip and it was like we were competing with each other. Trying to prove to who is better, she started to  suck my lower lip.. We were completely lost in each other and we forgot that her husband was on the other bed..

After a long smooch I slowly moved down to her neck and I start to kiss her neck.. As I was so horny, I started to bite her neck giving her few  love bites..

Then I slowly moved towards her breast and I started to lick her cleavage. Her breast were so soft.. And those nipples were so hard inviting me to suck on them.. But I’m crazy for a woman’s breast, so I wanted to go slow..

Licking her cleavage, I started to squeeze her right breast with my left hand and I started to lick her left breast where it ends. I licked her there for some time and I slowly started to move up and now all her breast was wet with my saliva.

I slowly started to lick the area just next to her nipple, teasing her there. She closed her eyes in pleasure and was waiting for me to take that nipple in my mouth..

Now I took the nipple of her right breast in my 2 fingers and I started to play with it.. I started to pinch it, pull it. She must have felt the pain, but all I could hear is slow and low moans…

I then started to lick her breast in circular motion just beside her nipple making sure that she could only feel my cheeks, not my lips..

I suddenly got hold of her breast and took my tongue out, and started to lick the tip of her nipple.. This made her go crazy and she grabbed me by my hair and I suddenly took her nipple in my mouth and started to suck it hard while pressing the other boob, especially playing with that nipple..

The way I love to suck a woman’s breast is to have my tongue ahead my teeth but inside my lips and then suck it with the help of my tongue.. So I did the same with my princess and she loved every bit of it..

I then slowly moved down to her chubby navel. She is a mother of kid, but she had perfect amount of flesh on her body with the help of her aerobics. I loved her soft skin on her tummy and guys trust me this is the most sensual part of a woman’s body..

I placed gentle warm kisses on her tummy and I moved towards the sides of her tummy.. And I now realised that I have missed my favorite place of a woman’s body. Well guys, pussy is everyone’s favorite.. But I ain’t talking about it right now. I’m talking about her back..

So while I was kissing her waist I slowly made her turn, and now I could see that sexy back!!!

I went down and placed my tongue on her lower back and started to move up licking her till her shoulders over her spine. It was touch like a feather and does wonders to a woman’s body!!!!

Then I started to bite her shoulders and started to feel that big sexy ass with my hands.. I placed 100’s of soft kisses on her back which ended up with few bites here and there!!!

I again moved to the sides of her waist and turned her around and put my tongue in that deep soft navel and started to lick it.. She started to bite her lips in pleasure and I realised that it’s time for the real pleasure.

When I started to move down towards her pussy I saw her husband watching us. Let me say staring at us, as if he was watching a porn movie.. May be he had forgotten that it was his wife who is experiencing the best time of her life..

I felt bad for him, and I winked at him and he very well understood that he is supposed to do the honors now. So I slowly moved up towards her face and she was surprised and amazed with this act of mine and she looked into my eyes with a puzzled look..

Wasting no time waiting for her to speak, I put my lips on hers and start to kiss her passionately. May be just after a minute of our kiss she suddenly paused for few seconds as she was shocked.. She couldn’t understand what’s  happening to her as her husband had just put his lips on those pussy lips..

The kiss was paused, say for 10 to 15 seconds with my lips still on her lips and I suddenly started to kiss her again..

Wonder what she would have felt at that second? Let me ask you guys. Do u think she felt all that love and romance when I was kissing her on her lips so passionately or she was all to horny because her hubby was sucking and fucking her with her tongue?

As we continued kissing for almost 15 mins, she started to scratch my back with her nails in the pleasure feeling 4 lips on her 4 lips.. This couldn’t have got better for her, and I have my thing so hard writing this story.. Wonder how would u be feeling as a girl if u have 2 guys making love to u this way, or as an guy imagining yourself in our shoes..

As I mentioned earlier, after almost a kiss of 15 minutes, I could feel her body tremble and shiver in pleasure and I realised that she is about to come.. So I start to kiss her more passionately and started to squeeze her boobs now.. She couldn’t even moan and she finally cummed on her Husbands face..

This is all I could take and my penis started to feel the pain. It wanted some pleasure. It wanted to feel that hot wet dripping pussy..

So I spread her legs wide and pushed my penis ever so slowly deep in her pussey. I loved that amazing feeling  when I could feel that moist wet pussey inch by inch. Feeling my penis deep in her was an amazing feeling and I paused for a while, feeling it..

I then slowly started to move my dick in a circular motion. Not in and out!!! And was feeling her pussey on my hard thing!!!

Then after 30 to 45 seconds, I slowly started to make love to her.. Stroking my penis in and out. When I say in and out, it means it was completely in and out of her pussey..

Trust me, woman hate it when you tease her like this and make her wait for that magical pleasure!!! And it was the same with my princess, she couldn’t take it and she did something which suprised me.

She did something which no other girl or woman as ever done to me. She kept her feet on my calf muscles and locked me there.. Guys u might wonder what is so unique about this, but trust me u cannot break this lock. You cannot go back.. All you can do is move forward and make love to her!! Try this and you’d get to know how special this move could be..

As I got locked and had no other way apart from making love to her, I started to pump her love whole with my thing ever so slowly.. I could see her eyes closed, and her face towards the right.

Looking at her made me go crazy and I now started to drill her love tunnel real hard.. She started to moan in pleasure and I couldn’t resist kissing her on her lips while making love to her.. I kept making love to her for almost 40 minutes, kissing her all over her face, ears and especially her lips.

Then I raised her legs resting near my elbows with my hands taking support of the bed.. You go in very deep when you are in this position and started to pump her for another 2 mins and this all I could take. I could feel myself Cumming and I increased my pace and started to fuck her as hard as i could.. Her loud moans was the only thing I could hear and I finally cummed deep in her!!! I felt as if I was frozen for a while and couldn’t even move an inch..

It took me a while to get back to my senses and I ended this session with another passionate kiss.. After almost 10 to 15 mins gap, we made love in 2 different positions and I’m gonna meet this princess again on 13th of this July..

Hope you guys loved this magical and romantic day of my life and I hope you show me all the love you guys can.

Try to reach me for any kind of help, advice, romantic and naughty talks or for some magical and romantic pleasure you could never forget all ya life!!!!

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This is Rohan Sharma singing off!!! Stay blessed!!

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