A Sex Life Started With The Next Door Bhabhi

Hello Friends, First of all I like to thanks all the ladies, gals and aunties who have read my earlier story and given me an enthusiastic responses which leaded me to submit my second story for all you people. So sit back and be ready for my real life encounter I had with my neighbor bhabhi. For those who are reading the my story for the first time wanted to tell you brief about me.

I am Alok, 26 yrs of age and currently working with a reputed company and currently in Delhi . I am athletic build and my height is 5,7. Aunties and gals near and away unsatisfied can contact me at [email protected]

Not taking your much time I would like to come straight to the story. This story is about me and My neighbor her name is Neha (name changed for the privacy reason). This incident took place six months back when we have a new neighbor come to live next to our house. The house was vacant for past several years and there were no taker for the house as the land lord was asking for the higher price. And we thought that we will never have a neighbor in our life.

But one day we got to know that the land lord has agreed to give the house on rent. Now the anxiety in our mind was, who will be our new neighbors. And the day came when our neighbor arrived and they were 3 people Rohit, Neha and Aryan names are being changed due to privacy reason (husband, wife and there 3 year old son). I don’t know what I felt I just cant take my eyes away from Neha. As no body can say that she is a mother of one grown up child from her look. She got nice figure that was 34dd-28-32 which she told me later.

As Rohit, Neha has sifted we thought we should have them in our house for dinner my mom told me to invite them at our home for the dinner in the night as it is not possible for them to cook the food after such a long shifting day. And without delaying I went to their house and introduce myself and they greeted me very well as they don’t know anyone in the locality. As I entered their house the house was full from the furniture which was lying in the middle of carriage way. And I offered my help to them but they don’t want as they thought it will be mean on there part to take the help of me.

Sorry I forgot to tell you about Rohit. He was not athletic 5’4 in height with stomach coming out. Meanwhile Rohit was wearing a kurta pajama and neha was in a tight navy blue color see through tee with low waist jeans. As she was busy in arranging the item to there right positions.

Once she bent ( I thought she might forgot that I was in the house) as her jeans was low waist I could easily see her pink thong which she was wearing under her low waist jeans. I was unable to control my hardon. So I asked Rohit to come for a dinner at our house which is next to yours, which he agreed without any hesitation. So I leave them without troubling them more.

At evening, Rohit, Neha with there son Aryan arrived at our house. And we introduced our self dad mom and me only son of them. Dad and Rohit started talking about there own business and Mom and Neha started there kitchen talks and I left with Aryan as he was very young and he was disturbing Neha so I took him with me and started playing with him. In very first meet meet all are soo comfortable that I thought that 2 lost friends are reunited very well.

Cutting story short we all had dinner and soon we got very close to this family. Sorry forget to tell you Rohit is a businessmen and Neha is a housewife as Aryan is too young which need care. So it was now daily routine for neha to come to our house or mom going to her house. And as I was desperately looking for job and newly graduated so mostly I remained at home and whenever interview is scheduled I leave for the interview accordingly.

Soon me and Neha also become close and started chatting as I was the only person who plays with the Aryan and Aryan also starting recognizing me. So whenever I feel bored I went to their house and start’s play with little Aryan.

Soon me and Neha started chating about how my interview is going on and what else I am doing etc. She was employed with a very good MNC previously when Aryan was not born. She told me frankly that what all the companies are looking and what is not. You need to develop here and there more Alok. So I asked Neha can you let me know what the weakness is and help me coming out of it. And she told me that for that you need to become open and not be shy to me, and you wont hide anything from me. I said I will try as I never been too frank with a lady who is older then me.

Every day she tell me to change this and that. One day out of the box she asked me do I have a girl friend. Firstly I hesitate to tell her, she told me that hey alok if you have any tell and I told you before don’t hide anything from me. After which I said yes I have. And I was shocked with her instant question she thrown on me “that did you have anything done with her?” I was thinking what to reply Neha told me come on Alok I want hear from you I have no other option left and I told her that I have done with her everything, to which she smile very mischievously. And from there we started talking about sex and sex related thing and it become daily routine for her to talk about my sex life with my girlfriend.

After few days I opened up and starting asking about her sex life. Sorry I forget to tell you again what she use to wear. But as she was a housewife and have to feed Aryan so she mostly wore a gown at home and western clothes like jeans, skirts and sarees when she is out of the house. She told me that her sex life is very bad and low, to which I ask why? She replied that Rohit doesn’t care about me and he always run for the business. I asked her did she have sex before marriage. She told me yes she had a sex with few of her class mate. And she really enjoyed with them.

One day in the morning, I went to Neha home and as usual Rohit was went on the business tour outside of the city. I rang the door bell and the door opened and I was shocked to see, Neha opened the door with only the wearing chemise (a short knee length maxi type material). She asked me to come inside and my eyes was following her full body just like a x-ray machine and I forget when my dick raised and she noticed it and told me ” Alok cool down ” and I looked down toward my pajama and seen the tent made by my cock .

I was not able to make eye contact with Neha with it. After seeing me Neha told me its okay every male have this situation and young boys like you have get it expressed. Neha was wearing Red translucent knee length maxi with matching bra and panty which are visible through it.

As I was hot I took a bold step and started kissing her as I was not able to control myself and continue to kiss her for 20 minutes continuously. Meanwhile my cock got hard and come to its full length. Now she also starting to enjoy the kiss and put her hands on my hairs and started playing with them. And I moved my hand towards her breast and started massaging her breast. After 30 odd minutes I come to my senses and asked myself what I am doing and ran away. After that incident I don’t able to make eye contact with her for 1-2 days.

And one day, in early morning mom said that Neha want to discuss something with you regarding a job opening just talk with her. I said okay mom will go after taking bath. But my mom insist that I go now. I was in shorts and tight fitted tee…I walked towards the Neha house and ring the bell.. and I heard the sound Alok come inside door is open and please closed the door. I went inside and bolt the door. I asked where r u Neha. Neha told I am in bath please wait . I waited and search the house for Aryan and I seen that Aryan was sleeping and I quietly went away as I don’t want that Aryan sleep would be disturbed.

Mean while I was watching tv and suddenly someone covered my eyes from back. And I told Neha. Neha asked how you know I said there was no one else in the house. And I turned toward her and was shocked; Neha was in Pink translucent bra and panty from Loveable. And It was unable for me to control and my dick become hard and made tent in the front and I asked Neha please wear the cloth, to which she said when I your tent first time I thought of having it and Rohit is not able to give me that fun which I always wanted and never got.

After listening her I grab her and started a sensuous kiss. First I sucked her lower lips and then her upper lips one by one for 5 mins and then I smooched her and sucking her tight we were having a tongue fight and was really horny meanwhile her hands were moving on my hairs. And we while kissing I unhooked her bra and just grabbed her boobs and started pinching her nipples and one by one.

Meanwhile her hands started moving to my cock and she take my cock out and was amazed to see the size and thickness of it ( 9inches and 3 inches thick). And told me I need this today, and she laid me on the sofa and started playing with my cock like a kid playing with the toy. And she cared a lot and then took hold of it in her soft hands and started giving me hand jobs.

This went for 20 odd minutes. Then she took my cock inside her hot mouth and given me the best blow job as she was not able to take whole length inside her mouth but she tried a lot that she could take whole but she cant take it that show how much desperate she was for a good time.

It was now 1 pm and I was whole naked and she was almost naked just a piece of panty saving her from full naked which I took off.And I was in seventh heaven as a married lady pussy was in front of me naked. I was amazed to she how neatly the pussy was shaved, it was looking like a pussy of a young gal who just got matured.

For nearly 10 -15 minutes I just watched Neha pussy and softly kissed her pussy line she uttered hmmmmmm. And now I started licking the right lip of her pussy and she was softly moaning as her son was sleeping and we both does not want him to awake.

Now I moved to her left lips of her pussy and continued licking and sucking the outer lips for 20 minutes to which Neha not able to control her orgasms and she got 2 orgasms. Now I started sucking her pussy more deeper and she was really wet and her juices smell and taste was awesome and I was just sucking her hard and continue till 30 minutes.

Now she was really hot and unable to control and told me to fuck her now and I took my cock and place on her pussy entrance and ask her please help me to get in you. She placed her hands and I gave a hard jerk and she shouted ahhahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh loudly and put my hands on her mouth I told her it will pain as she was really tight like virgin gal as her husband was only 6 inches long.

I continue giving my thrust inside her pussy and after 7-8 tries I was able to get access of her pussy and now I was doing in and out continuously till now she already had 3 more orgasm and I vary my side according to her climax and I continued my in and out moment and it continued for odd 40 minutes, I told her that I am going to come where I come.

She told me to come inside as she will take a pill and I increased my speed and after 10-14 minutes I cummed inside her pussy and she also climaxed heavy and I fell on her body we both we exhausted after 1 hours of fucking and my cock remained in her pussy while we both took rest and the length of the cock was reducing by the time we were resting. Neha told me that she never enjoyed sex like this ever and I said thanx for allowing me the access of your private body and she smiled and told its all now yours and whenever you required we can have it as Rohit remains out of station most of time and now only he will come next week.

I told Neha that I didn’t took bath and mom would be saying I didn’t come back as it is already 2 pm Neha said she will call my mom and ask her that she will allow me to stay in her house as her son is not allowing you to go and you need to go for shoping and Rohit is also not there. Mom allowed and Neha told me this that your mom doesn’t have any problem.

I said neha I need a bath but she said we can eat and then we will take bath I asked we to which she said yes we, meanwhile we both are naked in home as nobody was there so decided to remain in that whole day and she cooked the food nakedly and meanwhile whole the time I was licking and sucking her pussy and she was licking and dripping her juices.

We ate the food and went to bathroom for a shower there she took hold of my cock and started pumping it and made it hard and sucked me very well. And I took her and asked her I need ass to pump she said it will pain I said I will care for you, I won’t hurt you . she said she wont be able to take whole off my length in her ass I said let try and she bend and I tried to insert my cock in her ass but I failed.

After around 30 -35 thrust I was able to insert my head in her ass and I looked at her eyes and tears were coming from her eyes. I taken my cock out and stop and I went in her pussy to make her more happy and in doggy style I fucked her pussy for 40 more minutes and I again cummed in her pussy again and we both were exhausted and we had a bath for 2 hours and was fully exhausted and fell on the bed naked and we slept and after 2 hour we woke and it was already 5 pm .

Neha and me decide that I stay that your home which she agrees and we both had a great night we know about that it will great night. That night we had 12 round of sex and we hardly slept that night and I broke her ass virginity and we had 4 -5 times ass fucking next morning she was not able to walk as her pussy and ass was soared and it was remained like this for 3-4 day due to heavy and 14 round in one day. After this we used to fucked almost daily and till today I am fucking Neha and we have costumed all married husband wife role and we had our legal honeymoon at goa to, which I will tell u in my next story.

This incident has changed my whole life . If you like the story please tell me on my email id as it will give me motivation to tell u about my encounter with her in Goa. Any Delhi aunty and gal want to have a secret fun and sex they can also write me on [email protected]

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