A Sexy Aunty Who Lived Next Door

I am a daily reader of the site and I congratulate those who work behind it. Whoever invented this site has a brilliant mind .I never ever shared this with anyone? I read almost all the stories published till today. Ever since I started reading Kerala Erotica I was obsessed with the aunt stories index. This is the first time that I am sending my story to Kerala Erotica.

This is a very true story and no imagination or fantasies are included. I recently came to know this site through my friend. I am Fasil, an energetic young man of 21 years of age I want to narrate you an incident which happened 2 years back. Whenever we (friends) got time we talked sex. Most of my friends had little bit experience with some girls.

While hearing all my mind longed to have sex with others. I was born and brought up in a very strict background and life was within many restrictions so that I never had taken any step for that. At that time a middle aged lady was living near my home. She was very poor and her only one son was working in Bangalore as a sales man. Her entry into my life was quite unexpected. About her, name Subaidatha, at the age of 45, religious, orthodox, and was a peculiar type of body.

One day while Subaidatha, was bathing in the near by pond I accidentally saw her naked body. She saw me and asked why are you looking like this? Is it a good thing? I will say this to your mother. I said sorry Subaidatha. I am ready to do any help if you don’t say. Ok. She agreed and asked me 50 rupees, and I offered to give that amount tomorrow early morning. Next day morning I went there to give that amount. At that time Subaidatha was going for bath in the same pond. I followed. She first removed her lunge. I hid in the bushes to see that live show.

She removed her blouse. Now Subaidatha was in red petticoat and white bra. After washing lunge and blouse she started to remove her bra. How marvelous it was. The two big globes were moving up and down. Then she removed her petticoat. There was no panty inside and I saw the hairy part of her pussy and I was exited to see this scene. Her back was very huge. Subaidatha wore a small thorth so that I couldn’t see the full view. She put soap fully and started to rub her body with ”chakiri”. She rubbed her pussy and back so many times. It was an interesting scene.

Subaidatha swam for some time with the only thorth. While swimming she heard some sound and saw me. I feared and started to run. She shouted and said I will surely complain to your mother. I said I came here to give you 50 rupees. Weren’t you seeing my bathing scene? No. No. I didn’t see anything. While talking I can see her face only. I said I am going to your house and wait there and give you the amount after your bath. After 15 minutes she came. She was wearing only lungi with yellow petticoat and blouse. They are some what drenched. Subaidatha asked me again.

Didn’t you see my private parts? I kept mum and said please not to say this to anyone. OK Then gives me 50 rupees. At that time I praised her beauty by saying that you are a piece of beauty, article of pleasure and a wonderful creation of god and I take you to be a divine creature like that. Subaidatha impressed those words highly. She smiled and again asked the cash and said she was very tight. And I entered her small hut. She followed me. I gave 100 rupees and hugged her and kissed her on her lips. The fragrance was very attractive. She said, No! Stop! This is not right! Go away. I said,” Please Subaidatha please, this time only,” I begged and again hugged. Then I tried to open her lungi.

She resisted. I took my huge cock and showed it to her. Subaidatha amazed .How did you get such a big cock? I wanted her to touch. But she hesitated. What will your mother say if she knew this? I was crazy and pulled her hand gave cock to her. But she didn’t catch but touched some seconds and withdrawn. Her resistance became weak and again tried to open her lungi. She was resisting and I forced and tried to touch her pusy.

When my finger reached on her thigh I felt some type of liquid was flowing. I asked what that was. Subaidatha started a small smile and kept mum. Again I gave my cock to her hand she touched and then caught and moved up and down for some time. Then I sat and she was standing. I opened her lungi and kissed on her thigh and then kissed her hairy pussy and squeezed. She adjusted her legs to squeeze in a better way.

A flow of pussy juice is coming and drank all. While I was licked for 20 minutes I heard a sudden voice and so more fluid came and I understood that she got orgasm. I drank it fully without wasting any single drop. Then Subaidatha is more exited. She told me that she has a lot of works to do and wanted me to go. It is time for me to go college and I told her I will come back evening. I came there evening and kissed her but she is resisting by saying that this is not right.

After that whenever I got chance I did something. After two weeks, to my luck, my parents went to Kaserkode to visit my uncle who was hospitalized being prolonged illness. Since I had practical classes at college, I couldn’t go with them. As I was alone for two days my mother told Subaidatha to stay our home to help me. Being very close she couldn’t avoid that. They went and Subaidatha came. She served me supper and went to bath. I closed all the light except my bed room. She came and went to mother’s bed room and locked.

I was confused and sat near the bed room door. I knocked and called Subaidatha so many times. Subaidatha, Subaidatha, please open please. She didn’t open. I shouted’ no response. At last I made strong knock and shouted more loudly. At last she opened and said what do you want? I am afraid and I want to sleep with you. With hesitation she agreed. I lay on the bed that time she got down and laid on the floor. After 5 minutes I embraced her and kissed her, she told me it is not right and I am at the same age of your mother.

Please one time Subaidatha, please and I gave her 50 rupees. Then I kissed her on her lips then her stomach. Then I opened her lungi. She resisted. I did it forcefully and pulled and removed she was in her brown petticoat and black blouse. After 10 minutes kissing I tried to open her blouse she pushed me strongly and I fell and hit my head on the cot. It pained me a little but acted and started to cry. She felt guilty and said sorry and touched my head slowly.

After 10 minutes I opened her petticoat and put my head inside her petticoat and I started to squeeze. Her resistance is weak and after sometime she started to adjust for me. I squeezed 15 minutes. I understood she is enjoying started to remove her blouse. After unhooking 3 buttons, she unhooked the last hook and removed it herself. Now she was in bra and petticoat. I hugged her and she hugged me also. Then I removed the bra and sucked her big nipples for 20 minutes. Subaidatha, got aroused and pulled my lungi and took my cock.

It was very interesting. A romantic smile came from her face. It aroused me highly. I pulled her petticoat, she untied the petticoat rode for me, and I removed. Now she and I were fully naked. I squeezed her pussy again and I told her to take my cock into her mouth. She refused with shy. I compelled again and again. At last she took my 8.5 rode into her mouth. We were in 69 positions for 20 minutes. Subaidatha got more aroused and sucked speedily.

I licked her ass hole for 5 minutes. It is so tasty. At last she too sucked my ass hole. Then she put my rod in to her deep pussy. It was filled with lubricant. I started to fuck her in many angles. She responded very positively and we both got orgasm at the same time. She drank my juice. After 10 minutes I erected again and put my rod in her ass hole.

It was tight and she adjusted. I applied some saliva and pushed. It partially then fully entered. She enjoyed this also. That day we fucked 5times.Next day we fucked in the kitchen, dining room, office room, and bath room. My Subaidatha is the sexiest lady I have ever fucked. Any girl or ladies of any age are welcome with their suggestions .If u want to play with me please mail.

I am ready to fulfill your dreams. My e mail [email protected] if you are interested or not the fact may please be intimated at the earliest. I want to know exactly how many are reading this site. So I beg you to send me at least a single line to motivate and encourage me. Your opinion in this regard is highly valuable. Mail me [email protected].

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