A Son Is Replaced By His Father

Hi friends, this is Rathode again thanks for the response to the last update now it’s time for another story, this story concept provided by rathi, I heartly thank full for rati for this wonderful concept.

A bright day Ravi is packing his clothes and his belongings he ran towards near railway station he is on very tension and little bit hurry, he heard the train voice coming towards the station he quickly step up grab his reserved seat.

A tiny drops of water started falling from the sky with small lightning and thunder ravi who is on his window seat take a look outside for a moment the climate is very chilling and he gradually remembers what are all things happened in his life.

Ravi was a very bright student in the class during his +2 studies he got very rich family, his family consists of his father Narayan and mother latha, Narayan is very well known for his gold jewellery shop in home town and he got lot of properties earned from the gold marketing, he always work hard neglecting his health that’s why he looks old compare to his age, he is just 42

Ravi mother latha is very attractive, religious, loyal women very body in the town respects her because of her kindness and politeness towards the other, she is very fair, beautiful most of the men who saw her always wishes a wife like her, she little pulpy which comes with age but she as white as pearl, she looks much younger then her age she is 37 when ravi is in his teenage.

Ravi with raising hormones started develop weird feeling towards his mother, after seeing so many blue films he reached his ultimate taboo fantasy of fucking his mother latha, one fine day ravi asks his mother for a movie since his father his out of station as they were getting bored she too agreed, finally he convinces her to a movie which is partial blue movie but she don’t know about that movie.

During the film she understands that this film contains lots of sexy scenes and firstly she noticed that only men are there in theatre only 2 or 3 women were present but they are also look like prostitutes, for every sexy scenes she look towards her son and ravi look towards her mother, gradually he put his hands on her thighs and when he gains confident he start massage his mother, but latha felt very uncomfortable her own son lusting on her she maintain peace because she knows if she do anything it will create new sense and there family respect will drown in sands.

Ravi then put his arm around her back and gave her a lip kiss which lost for 1 minute then latha become so angry and left the theatre with tears in her eyes.

Next day latha was mopping the house suddenly ravi came and hugs her from her back she become so angry and started yelling on him, but ravi ignored her and keep hugging her, latha step backs releasing from his hands and ask her son why are you doing this all, ravi says he is in love with her and he needs her.

She understands his problem she thought every teenagers as the same problem his hormones his raising that’s why he is behaving like this, she start to guide his son by saying that this type of sensation are forbidden, you need to control yourself when you get mature you re great this what happened now, by giving lecture to him she make him sleep in his room and came back to cleaning but still got tears in her eyes.

Next day her husband Narayan came in to house and took them to picnic, ravi trying to become normal after what his mother said but during picnic when he saw his mother coming out from river with wet saree and changing saree in the car make arouse the devil inside his head rouse again, he went inside the car and grabs his mother and gave a kiss to her but suddenly he realised his father also in car only.

Narayan beats him up took him to home and immediately made him to join a boarding collage so that his son can be better person in future, that is the last time he saw his mother and father and they never call him never meet him they stopped asking reports of him from collage also.

Finally in +2 he got distinction then also they didn’t shown or called him, gradually it become common to him he get adjusted to his parents ignorance.


Ravi is in his final semester of his degree he was studying B.TECH from the scholarship gained from government then suddenly one of his friend came towards him and says that you have call from your home.

Without believing he went to attend the call suddenly a shocking news came in to his ears his father Narayan his dead, so needs there urgently his grandfather called him asked his presence.


He remembers all this during his train journey again he saw towards window rain becomes slow down gradually it’s already night, he grace the droplets of rain with his hands in the window of train and step off from the train and saw his old town which still almost same.

He took his luggage took auto to his house, when he enters house he saw everyone is crying, grandfather welcomes him in to the house and when he steeped into the dinning hall he saw His father dead body along with his photo with some garlands.

Grandfather told ravi that they didn’t disturbed ravi because his father warned them that ravi may have distract if they peoples call him or trying to meet him, then he get to understand that His father and mother didn’t told anything happened between them to anybody.

His grandfather told him to meet His mother who is in another room crying with some relatives trying to console her, he steeped into room with nervousness but once he saw his mother she came towards him and hugs him with lots of crying. he make her sit down on a chair and tried to console her.

She is behaving with him like normal, then he also become cool, they all completed every rituals and their lawyer says that he had will that all the properties belong to ravi only if he have a younger brother or sister then all properties should be equally divided between them.

Then he asked why did his father made a will like this that he knows he is the only son why did he raised a question of another child, then he came to know that His father and mother were trying for another baby from last 4 years.

he understand why were they doing that because they think ravi is not there loyal son but this baby making during fourties is something strange for all others.

After one week grandparents came to ravi and says that they were leaving because they have lot of works in the fields in there native, His grandparents were His mother parents His father parents were no more when he born itself, ravi and his mother send them on train and they get back to home.

2 days were passed she is normal to him and he is also normal towards her but on third day morning he went towards bathroom and he heard the moaning sounds from there he just peeked inside then he saw his mother voluptuous body with ripe breasts and beautiful legs all the parts were perfect, now ravi is 21year old she is 42 year old but her body just magnified her sexiness compare to fast.

There he saw his mother masturbation herself in bathroom then his thoughts again starts to raise, he thought his mother also needs some manly needs she also lady, it is the best chance for him to seduce.

At night both were seeing T V and finally ravi broke the silence and asked her about coming with him to his city because he is going to get job there only after finishing his education in 2 months, latha says she will not come because her husband memories lies here in this house only, they chated for a while after these many days she laughed while rai hitting jokes one after the other.

After some more chat they said good night to each other and went sleep but ravi couldn’t sleep because his mother naked image disturbing him finally he decided to seduce this night only and went towards his mother room .

He just opened the door and he saw his mother beautiful body rested in king sized bed her nighty slightly exposed her body outer line he came nearer to her and put his hand on her tummy she didn’t respond for that then he went nearer to her red lips and gave her strong lip kiss, she woke up and saw her son kissing in a great passion she quickly get separated from him.

She told him

Latha- what are u doing u idiot I am your mother for god sake

Ravi- mother I know but I can’t control now

By saying this he made her rest in her back and jump on to her by removing his shorts and boxers, she keep on scolding him but he keep on molising her 36DDD boobs.

Latha – Ravi beta please leave me I am your mom

Ravi- mother I know u need a man now my father is gone so it’s my duty to make your needs to be fulfilled so keep quite and enjoy this

Latha started cry her tears came out from her eyes but Ravi didn’t stop, he don’t know what he is doing and he don’t know how much he need to pay for this in future he is possessed from sex neediness.

Ravi torn his mother nighty and made her nude, the sight of his mother is amazing, realising there is no escape latha submitted herself to ravi, Ravi showed his love tool and entered her with in a fraction of second.

He rammed her pussy with his huge cock his every stroke his very professional, he is jumping and pumping on her while she also slightly supported him with her hands and with the guiltness they both ended up having orgasam.

Ravi kept his head on his mother navel part and started to sleep and again in half an hour Ravi’s monster still stand and again he started to ram his mother and they were both exosted and fell in deep sleep.

In morning Ravi wake up and saw the mess he made during last night he behaved as a animal with his mother he look for his mother but she is not in room then he goes and start search for her entire home but still he don’t get her, he took a chair and start to cry what I have made this is madness I need to apologise her he that to himself.

Suddenly his phone rings he took and his grandfather voice came through that phone

GF- hi my sunny your mother his here, she came very early in the morning.

Ravi got tensed that what if his mother told about last night

GF- she said you are not there in home yesterday so she feel like lone so only she came here and she only told me that she didn’t inform you about coming here so I called you to inform this

Ravi- ok thanks Dada I am very much tensed here, I thought of going police station for compliant about missing

GF- ohh that’s not needed sunny she is feeling very alone there let her stay with us for a while she will be okay and don’t leave your mother alone where were you last night

Ravi – sorry Dada I got some important job in university so went there

GF- okay don’t do this again bye

Ravi got tension free that his grandparents doesn’t know about what happened there and he start pack his some cloths and went to see his mother.

Ravi went to his native when he came out from the car he saw his mother gardening in front of the house by seeing her son latha went inside with some tears in her eyes, he came inside his grandmother welcomed him and gave him some coffee after a while his grandfather came from the fields and become happy to see his grandson hugged him again consoled him for his father death but who knows both mother and son they are not worried about Narayan’s death they are worried about new found relationship between them.

Ravi asked his mother to come with him to the town but she denied saying that she need some new environment because that place is death place of her husband but the real thing she need to avoid her son.

Everybody had finishes there dinner and went for sleep as usual granddad goes for security of his fields and he sleeps there only, grandmother and latha sleeps in room while Ravi sleeps in other room, after about 1 hour Ravi went towards his mother and he slowly wakes her up and signalled her to come outside.

Latha become frightened what if her mother sees this that’s why see came outside.

Ravi- sorry mother what I did is such crime no one can forgive me

Latha- yes at last now you realised what you did

Ravi- mother it’s not safe to talk here grand maa may be hear this let’s go to my bedroom

Latha- your grand maa can’t hear us because she is partial deaf she only hears loud sounds

Ravi – still it’s not safe mom please come with me

Latha accepts and both of them ahead to Ravi’s bedroom, as they entered Ravi closes the door and bolts it, frightened latha

Latha- why are you locking door

Ravi- because no one should hear us

Latha- no please open the door

Ravi – let it be mom

By saying this we went near to her and grabs her both hand

Ravi – sorry mom(crying)

Latha – okay son don’t cry what happened his happen no one can change that now

Ravi – but mother you know why I did that because I love you

Latha- what are you saying

Ravi- yes mother since from my 18th I loved you every time father beat you I got a range to kill him but I consoled myself I LOVE U MOM I love you

Latha- son what type of love is this

Ravi slowly move his hand on her shoulders and seat nearer to her by making contact of her body with him

Ravi- mom without your I can’t live in this world

Latha- what are you saying

Ravi – yes mother first time when I asked you to come along to movie , that is the first best day of life

By saying this he slowly made her to sleep on bed stated removing her pallu

Latha- son why are you loving me from that I am your mother it’s not natural

While latha saying this he just removed her blouse and made her nude on top

Ravi- I know mother but love happens it’s out of our control that love only happened for me with you only

Ravi started molishing her big tits and latha started moan lightly and then he just rolled her on bed making her in top,

Latha – son I can’t say what is this love called but I am very old for you

Ravi took her petticoat off and she does not have any under garments finally she is again nude with him

Ravi- mother I no you are not old you are very beautiful to me, for every sons their mothers are the most beautiful ones, may be your body got age but I love you not your body

Now Ravi become nude and aims his prick to her pussy and gave her first stroke she fell in to heaven,

Latha- I admit your love is great but this is greatest sin in the world my son, it’s a great taboo

The every strokes building up high pleasures for them every single strokes of his meet every single strokes of her, the moaning of her filled all over the room and flesh splashing against flesh sound ” pock pock pock” was surrounded all of the house, if his grand maa got good hears she would have found it already,

Ravi- no mother there is no taboo in the world all of this bullshit was made by humans, all our kind his made by a mother and a son only

By saying this gave her a long kiss in her lips she also started to response and both of them without knowing anything what happening they respond to nature of sex that happens between women and men,

Latha – but

Ravi – shh no but I don’t force you to love me mother and I know real love always wins

By saying this he gave her last thrust which made his sperm to enter her vagina looking eggs to fertilise,

In early morning 5 o clock he wake up and write a letter for his mother saying that” mother if you love me I know you will surely call me but if you don’t then I understand and I’ll be very good son for you decision is in your hands good bye”.

He woke up her grandmother tell her that he got urgent job in university so he need to quiky and he also told his mother helped him packing and she is felt sleepy that’s why she sleep in my room only and he also told her that he will inform granddad while in the way.


Ravi is working as software developer in reputed MNC after his completion of B tech but still his mother didn’t contacted him he believed that she hates him and she will never contact him,

While reaching from office to home his mobile starts to ring he couldn’t believe his eyes his mother called him after 3 months suddenly he attend the call with exitness and fear,

Ravi- hello

Latha- hello how are you my son

Ravi- fine mother how about you

Latha- I am fine too

Ravi- so what is it

Latha- I need to tell you one thing it’s highly serious

Ravi- yes mom tell me

Latha – I am pregnant of 3 months now with your child

Ravi- what are you saying mother

Latha – yes it is true and your grand parents belived that it is your father’s child as we were trying to get baby during that days

Ravi – that’s good news mom

Latha- which one ,they got fooled or I am pregnant

Ravi – it’s good news because your pregnant mom that to with my child

Latha- I am so happy that you didn’t run away from your responsibility

Ravi- no mother I would never do that because you are the only one for me and forever

Latha- do you really love me that much

Ravi- yes mom

Latha- then come to village I need to talk with you

Ravi- sure mom

Ravi took some days leave and grab his car went to his village, he stops the car and run towards the house and knock the door he saw his mother was waiting for him with light blue transparent saree with shoulder less bra, he stunned to see his mother like that,

Latha- please ji come

He eyes up because of respect he got

Ravi- mom i am your son why this respect for

Latha- because your my husband now I need to respect you

Ravi- mom is this you who saying this

Latha- yes it’s me only your mother and your wife also

Ravi- but you were opposing for this

Latha- when you first time touched me and had a sex with me I have decided to become your women but still some where I was feeling guilty but when you expressed your love that night I decided and when I realised I am pregnant with your baby that decision become strong, I am in truely love with you my son let’s become husband and wife

Ravi – I am very glad mother, I am so happy

By saying this he held her up and swirled her,

Ravi- mother where is grand parents

Latha- they were went to temple near by which as function tonight and they will return tomorrow

Ravi- so planned and asked me to come today

Latha- yes my son

Ravi- my sexy mom I’ll not leave you today

He grabbed his mother and he took her to his grandparents room and made her drop on bed his 42 year old mom looking ravishingly beautiful he went nearer to her and just strip her saree and made her naked with only two pieces

Ravi – finally my mother is in bed with me

Latha- I am your future wife tomorrow you are going to Marry me

Ravi- yes mom that will be my greatest pleasure

He just removed her bra and for his left side he saw the honey and he slowly poured it on her breast and on her navel and started to lick both her motherly breast, he started circle her navel while giving a great lip lock kiss,

Both of them striped off their clothes and remain nude showing there body to each others , they were sitting on bed looking each other they have pure lust in their eyes, he pulled her legs and took a view of his mother pussy which is also a gate way for this world to him, now in full enthusiasm he start to lick her pussy while she is moaning like hell in between he squeeze her both breast and he get up and kiss her navel directly he went to her face and shows her the love weapon he is going to insert on her love cave, she gasped for a minute looking at her son gigantic tool,

Latha- oh my god so you have very big weapon, your father thing is nothing compared to yours

Ravi- thank you mother it’s very pleasant to hear compliments from mother when having sex with her

Latha- you earned it my son because you got that bigger thing, I am so fortunate that I am going to get you as my husband

Ravi- yes mother this whole thing is belongs to you, I love you

Ravi made her rest on her back and took his weapon and with the great lust he inserted and pushed his dick and look at his mother, she is moaning in great pleasure he never belived someday he going to make her mother moan with pleasure he thought he is the one of the luckiest son in the world, then he start to increase the speed, she spread her legs wide so that her son dick explore her pussy in full deep and she put her one hands on his buttocks pressing hard while other hand on his son head pressing to lick and enjoy her breasts, there intense fucking is like royal for every thrust they were taking all pleasure of the world, this much pleasure comes with only sex between mother and son,

The king sized bed is jerking and creating cracking sound, pounding of flesh of each other and moaning of both mom and son reached higher that some of cows and goats tied in yards got horny by hearing that sounds, finally after glowing sex of 50 minutes ravi uttered “ I am cumming”.

Both were tiered of fucking her just put his head on her on breast slightly opens his eyes and saw is mother’s another so he put his hands and squeezed while his mother saying that was amazing my son it is my best fuck till this day, by saying this they both slept.

In morning ravi saw his mother already woken up and dressed in red saree she hand over the coffee to him he took and had sip by sip looking at his gorgeous mother in eating way,

Latha- why are looking me like that

Ravi- I have never seen a beautiful and sexy women like you

Latha- oh stop it and get ready your grandparents may arrive at any time

Ravi got up and get ready while he is watching T V his grandparents were arrived, they are both happy seeing his grandson, everyone had breakfast and went to fields because the of the ceremony and came back at night again they had dinner, that night after every one slept ravi took his mother to terrace of the house with one bed and fucked his mother till 3 o clock after that they came back to their respective rooms,

Next day ravi asked his granddad that he was taking his mother with since he had got job there should be someone who should look after house, his granddad agreed for that he also said your mom when she came here she was saying that she will be remain here only and she will never go back but I wonder what made her decision to change, by saying this he started laugh,

Latha- why are you laughing dad

Grandmom- because I and your dad had bet that how fast you will go to your hose he said with in 3 months I said a year, now he win that’s why he is enjoying, I should have known earlier no mother leaves her son that long

Ravi- yes grandma my mother can’t leave without me

he signalled his mother in a different way, but his grandparents without knowing anything send them to their house,

by reaching house he took her to his father bedroom once and put her one bed, he realised that this bedroom will be his now and he thought he successfully replaced his father position in her life also and in her bed also and made a romantic sex with her which last for entire night.

On next day they went to nearest temple and they got married that night as really very pleasurable night they have experienced, on their first night the whole room was filled with moans, sounds of her bangles, sounds of cot and aroma of both mother son love mixtures, when he got up from her the whole room and bed is meshed up the flowers were dried her hairs were meshed and her sarees has been spread everywhere it clearly shows how much this women was enjoyed by man.

After that night every day they had sex at least for once, they had made sex in bathroom, kitchen, dinning table, hall, terrace ,balcony and every corner of rooms and house including Pooja room also.

The days were running fast finally she gave birth to a baby girl which loved by both his parents once a mother and son, it’s a second year anniversary after their marriage still they are happy and still they were fucking like crazy animals because the heat between them never goes down because they were mother and son most unselfish bond in world.

Still they have lot story to tell if you want know about their honeymoon story and anniversary story you peoples have to give your opinions to me, my email id [email protected]

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