A Special Brithday Gift – Indian Sex Stories

Last couple of year ago, until I was 18 and old enough to grow my tits; have a curvy body structure but little fatty too. My Dad is too busy with his job and at the same time he always takes care of us every now and then. He also takes us wherever he moves out, but sometimes it couldn’t possible for three of us, cause of my study and his urgency, he stays out of town. So me and my Mom, both have to stay at home, all alone most of time. However, the most important thing is that we are a small but very happy family.

That day was my mom’s 36th birthday probably, as usual dad was out of town, so we made a plan to went out somewhere as long drive and to do shopping as well as, so we left in the afternoon with our Toyota, Innova car. I was on my white see through t-shirt and black skirt just around knees. Because of my see through top my deep black bra was clearly visible to all and I would love to expose my strap so that I could easily tease all around the boys.

Mom was in little black colored denim mini skirt too. It’s hem hardly & enticingly reached up to her mid-thigh with her big loose top, from which deliciously I could see her mouthwatering tits over her sky blue bra & abdomen too. Her neck of her t-shirt was too much huge so from her shoulder strap to her bra was on display on the left side.

Mom was driving the car. I was tensed for her birthday party, didn’t quite evaluate what gift I should present to her. Unfortunately, dad wasn’t there at her birthday and also could help me out, so that was an another issue. Might she looked little upset for that too. I putted my hand over her bare thighs and casually asked her

Me: What you’re expecting this year; my darlo.

Mom didn’t reply. So I made my legs up and putted them over just beside of the speedometer reluctantly. My skirt went little up as I didn’t wear any panty my bare thighs came in to view and pussy too. Mom slapped on my thighs and ordered me to put my legs down. With that slap my thighs became red immediately.

I was not in a mood to put those down but then she informed me that my underneath was clearly visible and might many people could saw it from the outside, whenever our car would stop in a traffic signal. So I made my legs down and said

Me: hey sexy. Where are you? Why are you looking so upset today?

Mom: me and upset. Why do you think so?

Me: Oh common mom, you are not only my mom also a best friend as well, so tell me?

Mom: Nothing happened bebbs. So don’t you worry.

Me: Oh. My love! At least don’t lie to me. Common tell me…

Mom: Nothing honey. Trust me!

Me: So you’re not going to tell me.

Said that I touched her bared belly. It was so soft like me, a butter you could said it. However, she didn’t react at all as she wasn’t in a mood. I had been never seen her like that much upset. Immediately I had an idea & requested her

Me: okay. I’ll make a call your hubby and let him know how badly you’re missing him on your birthday. Right??

Mom: No No! don’t. he might be busy.

Me: hang on! let me…hey dad

Dad: hey honey. What’s up?

Me: dad I’m very upset with you & mom too.

Dad: Hey what happen to my darling.

Me: it’s mom’s birthday today & you’re not here.

Dad: oh. I am sorry honey. But I’ll be there before midnight…

Me: really??

Dad: yep honey. Now would you pass on that phone to my another sweetheart.

Me: mom couldn’t hold up but you can talk to her, As it’s in the loudspeaker.

Dad: Hey Sexy! Look I am extremely sorry that I couldn’t make it today. But don’t get upset I’ll be there till 12. And we’ll definitely celebrate your birthday in a grand way.

Mom: I’m not upset honey. This is your loving daughter thinking that I’m, so Just do your work and complete it. Even a day after tomorrow we can celebrate it also.

Dad: oh darling. I love you. You’re my sweetheart

Mom: love you too… ummmha

Me: ahem! ahem!

Dad: okay. see you both. Take care.

Me: bye dad. Happy now… now I want it…

Mom: What?

Me: A Kiss!

Mom: Oh. Common…

Me: I just want a kiss right now…

Mom leaned towards me and kissed me on my cheeks while driving. But I wasn’t satisfied and asked for an another one…

Me: not like that Honey. On the lips…

Mom: sumi! Now you’re getting so demanding…

Me: please mom. I want it now.

Mom: no way. We are in a rood. Don’t forget it.

Me: So what? I don’t care… neither you do I’m sure … right?

Mom: we’re not in our home, don’t be fool.

Me: okay then. Let’s go for a shopping.

Mom: not now.

Me: Oh. Please mom! why not, Hahn? Common mom. Let’s go I insist.

Mom: Okay. Fine.

She flipped our car towards the shopping mall which we left behind. My one hand was still over her bared thigh or sometimes touching her bared belly while she was driving. Now she was looking happy so she was blushing as I was giving her some tickle. After a while, we reached in a shopping mall which was little far from our area and where she managed to park our car in the car parking & asked

Mom: Where to now?

Me: What about some wine?

Mom: Oh. Sumi!

Me: Oh. Common mom! It’s your birthday… we should

Mom: Let’s go for some dress shop… what’s say…

Me: Let’s go there… in that massage parlor.

Mom: Now. massage…

Me: yeah. Why not… after all you’re looking stressed… Let’s go and fresh enough

Mom: But I am okay.

Me: oh. Common mom. I know you’re okay. But I want you to be like a princess, what dad supposed to say when we’ll meet.

Mom: but…

Me: no ifs and buts…

Mom: okay. If you insist…

Me: hey. We are here to massage here. (there was an absolute beautiful lady in the reception counter in her casual dress, like white t-shirt and shorts)

Girl: you both want to have?

Mom: No No. she’ll have only.

Me: Are you mad? We’ll both like to have this. But at first she’ll have it.

Girl: this way mam.

She took us inside, there was a big couch like a bed and a table in that room, on that table there were few things, couple of bottles of oil, a towel, some other important thing regarding massage. We got in, she handed over that white almost brand new towel and informed us the massage girl would be here in a minute, so get dressed. That girl & me came outside, I was very curious to know what would about to happen inside that room, so I’ve asked that girl

Me: Could you show me that room from anywhere else?

Girl: I’m extremely sorry to disappoint you that you can’t see inside.

Me: I’m sure, there must be a video room.

Girl: Well mam. It’s totally confidential. So we can’t let you see…

Me: Oh. Shut up. She is my mom and I should know what you all do her massage inside.

Girl: but mam…

Me: Show me that room…

Fortunately, I convinced her anyhow, so she got agree and invited me into an another room where there was couple of big screens to display. One of the big screen I could able to see my mom being naked. Also there was a girl in the door who was about to in. she was in a black business skirt just over her knees with a sleeveless black top.

However, mom took that towel and wrapped up herself, went straight to that couch and slept bending over that couch. She also entered and went to mom and said something funny in her ears. They both smiled. Mom seems to be happy which I liked it most. Then that girl got close to that table and took one of the bottle of oil & moved across to the couch again. Within a second, she did that towel up, now that towel was hardly covered from her hips to her mid back.

From that bottle she dropped some oil on her legs and ran her both hands all over her legs with care. Few seconds later, she made that towel little bit upper so we had been able to seen her asshole in that big screen. Immediately, my eyes reached towards that reception girl, but might she was looking for something different. I’d notice that she was staring at my tits. I found it little awkward, but she didn’t care about this. So I started to watch them again on the screen.

The massage girl took that bottle again and dropped few oil over her thighs on the back side. Mom felt comfortable, and closed her eyes there, on the bed. In next step the massage girl fondled with her fingers over mom’s thighs near about her hips.

She leaned and brought her face close to thighs so that mom could feel her breathe over there. Then she lifted her towel more upper and there on mom’s big ass came to visible. It was very firm; still round and absolute sexy. (I can easily figure it out that any man even woman could fall in love with those.)

However, she grabbed mom’s both butts, one which was visible easily from the hiatus of towel; but the other one was under the towel. So she uncovered her both; and thrown away her towel on the ground there and, now she was fully naked from behind. She made herself down and got closed to her gap and puffed over there.

In the meantime, she took that oil bottle and dropped some more between her lovable and hips, but it slid down to the asshole at first then came down to the pussy as well. Then, using her both hands she started to rub those wetly hips.

Suddenly, she ran her hands down toward from those hips to her pussy. As her hand reached there, might mom had feel some sensation and left a moan. Watching that thing on the screen, even I was feeling wet between my legs also rancorous though, because she could touch my mom wherever she wanted to.

I got little cower with my sensation underneath, so I made my head down curiously to see what was happen. That reception girl was watching the whole thing and finally laughed at me. However, I looked at the screen again, where her hands were still there and she playfully fondled that area. Mom had already start to breathe deep.

It was so sensual that I couldn’t took it anymore and ran my fingers to rub underneath. As I was panty less I could easily manage to rub my clit, without any restrictions. Then I something came in my mind that another girl was present at that video room, who was looking at me. I turned back my head where I got shock when I saw that reception girl already took off her shorts.

Although, she didn’t take off her t-shirt but her shorts were wallowing on the floor. Her right hand was inside of her panty. When we got eye contact, might she felt embarrassing so left that video room immediately. I didn’t pay any attention on it and started to watch again. Where also that girl playfully rubbed her hands over mom’s pussy. Mom went out of control and left an another loud moan.

Mom: Ohh Fuckk!

Then she spread moms’ leg little more to make the gap bigger between those. Mom was breathing deeply as she could in that sensual aromatic situation. That girl took that oil bottle in her hands and let that drop few over her bare asshole. They both smiled. “So Sexy” she explained and started to rub over moms’ asshole. She putted her middle finger in the hole. Mom might felt something exciting so she curved a bit on the couch.

This time she moved her index and middle fingers down to her pussy and scouring there like a diamond. Mom left another loud moan, this time she continued her rubbing and mom was screaming with pleasure. In the meantime, the top of that massage girl pulled down, so her boobs came to in display. I could easily figure it out that her black nipples were so hard.

Then that girl gaped and thrown sputum on mom’s pussy hole and she kept rubbing that pussy lips. She raised her speed as well as mom started to moan loudly and frequently. A small kissed she placed on the back of mom. She leaned toward mom’s neck, with passionately started to suck that area. Mom cuddled over that couch with pleasure.

She descended little lower over mom’s back, kissed at first and then her tongue was playing there. Sometime she was kissing on her ass cheeks. Finally, she twisted my mom to her. Then, their lips interacted with each other and they kissed. At that time, she kept rubbing mom’s clit to let the momentum go. Mom did her hand up and somehow managed to grab her face so that she could also kissed her, like she never let her go for any moment.

She instructed my mom to feel relaxed and lift mom’s right leg up and ran her tongue from belly bottom to boobs and smooched there using her hands. Mom also request her to be naked. So she got closed to that table, pulled her business skirt down along with her panty as well as she pulled her sleeveless top up and dropped her dresses on the floor. She took that oil bottle again and dropped some more oil over her boobs.

She bent herself down and made her face in front those boobs, started to suck. Her right hand was pinching mom’s left nipples while she was kissing and biting mom’s right nipples. She brought her face over mom’s lips again and they kissed. That time, that kiss went little longer than previous.

Then she climbed up on the couch and placed her face near around mom’s pussy. She blew some air from her mouth and playfully ran her tongue over the pussy lips, and with that sensual activity mom cried out with moan. “What a Beautiful pussy” that massage girl expressed and rubbed mom’s clit with the help of her right hand thumb finger.

She was seductively and slowly playing there with mom’s clit. Mom used her hands to came in action, she opened her pussy lips wide with her right hand so that girl could suck there. When that girl touched her tongue inside mom’s pussy, “Fuck” came out from as a moan. So didn’t waste any time further and raised her speed to suck that wet spot.

Mom might felt some sensation inside her and grabbed her own nipples and pinched and pressed. However, that girl was still playing mom’s clit with her tongue. After some time, she inserted her right middle finger inside her asshole and did in and out for couple of time. Mom was breathing very deeply and moaning loudly.

She hardly could unable stop the temptation inside. After some time, mom grabbed her head from behind and pushed towards her pussy. Then that girl held mom’s both legs up so that she got the full place to access. She slapped there and spanked her so many in between of sucking and that thing went little long until and unless mom reached her orgasms.

That girl moved herself up by doing kissing mom, first on the waist then over the stomach, then kissed her nipples. She got closed to the lips and stuck her lips with mom’s. They were very passionately kissing each other. She poured her tongue inside of mom’s mouth and mom was sucking it like an ice-cream. In that time, she was laying over mom so coincidently her clit and moms’ were touching and rubbing with each other like two blades of a cutlery. They both were moaning. Mom made her legs up again and made them over that girl’s ass, so that their both clits could hit hard with each other.

Mom was screaming and struggling to control herself with pleasure which I never have seen her like before. Then she spanked and spanked more over her pussy, as requested by mom “oh yeah! Harder, and harder”. She did what mom was looking for. She inserted her two fingers inside of mom’s pussy to give her finger-fuck. So she did it until mom reached into another orgasms.

Mom slide down a bit so that she could reach at the boobs of that girl. They still rubbing there with each other and mom was sucking and kissing her right nipple, also she was playing and doing whatever she could do to arose her with her left one, she always likes do with me like that way as well.

Might she have got so excited so she started moaning as loud as she could. Then Mom moved her hand down towards her ass and pushed her middle finger inside her, that she couldn’t took it so trembling like a fish without water. She was screaming “Oh My God, Oh My God, oh fuck, fuck me harder.”

But mom wasn’t in a mood to fuck her, she wanted to tease her little more. So she kept going with her sucking and kept rubbing her clit with the other one. First right and then left, she was playing with her nipples so bad as I always like to do it. And she pleaded mom “OMG! Oh yeah! Fuck… Fuck me you bitch… please fuck me hard.”

Then mom spread her legs and pushed her up. She sat up on her knee while they were still kissing their lips with each other and in a hurry she removed her shoes, also grabbed mom’s boobs and pushed her to the bed. She held my mom’s both hands and kissed her lips and tongue again.

She sits up again by spreading mom’s legs. At that time, Mom might have thought that massage girl wanted to do her again. But when she sat up, she spread her own legs by putting her right hand middle finger inside her own mouth. Mom understood that what she exactly wanted to do. So mom removed her shocks at that time she started to rub her clit herself.

They both passed a smile and mom grabbed her left leg with the help of left hand and started to suck. She left an another moan. Then mom moved her right hand little down towards her clit and did little up and slowing smooching over her thighs. That girl was still moaning “Oh Yeah. Ohh. Yeahhhh.” Then their eyes met again and they kissed each other’s lips by closing their eyes. After few seconds, Mom putted her hands inside her own and sucked. But the girl was staring at mom’s face like when she would give her same pleasure what she had given my mom a little while ago.

Finally, as expected mom putted her hand over that girl’s clit and started to rub. She was still moaning but her breath went too fast after that. She leaned herself towards mom and mom did the same and they kissed again. She was holding mom’s face and mom was rubbing over her clit. “you’re dam good! Yeah! Harder! Yeah.” She said at that time and they both smiled.

Then mom put her both middle and index finger inside her pussy, and she screamed “Ohhhh fuccckk…”. Mom did little in and out with her finger and after final out she spanked her couple of times. Then mom slide down from the bed and faced herself that girl’s pussy. Mom grabbed her legs and putted on her own shoulders for easy access.

But mom decided to tease her little long and so she kissed over her thighs at first and got closed to the pussy but she didn’t anything there and moved a little further and placed a kiss on the other side of thighs. As she was so excited so she held mom’s face from the behind and forced her to face that clit. Mom did as she wanted, and with wasting no more time she sucked her clit. Mom tried to reach as inside as she could and suck her, gave her pleasure.

She was kissing her pussy so badly as that girl wanted, in the meantime mom also playing with own clit. After some time, she cried out “oh! Yeah. I’m Cumming, I’m Cumming.” Then mom tried to increase her speed. The girl couldn’t take it further so she placed herself little up with her hands and arched herself so that mom could access very easy. At the same time, mom was fingering herself so they both reached at the orgasms after a while.

Mom placed her hands over that girl’s nipple and pinched her so hard and kept sucking for an another orgasms. After some hard sucking, might that girl couldn’t take it so she started to moan again with pleasure. Mom used her hands this time, with one she held her thigh tight and she sucked her both middle and index finger again and pushed it inside her pussy. She removed her hands and grabbed her nipples with fingers and she fallen on the bed.

She tongued her again with rubbing her clit. She lifted her legs up towards her own shoulder so that mom could get more space and also could reach to access her ass too. Immediately, Mom placed her fingers to the asshole, and pushed inside her middle. Then mom placed her face there and used her tongue to suck.

First she was sucking outside of the hole, but when that girl left a moan, mom tried to go inside with tongue. Mom exactly did her that way which I extremely loved it on mine. I felt very sensation between there when she used to do it. Mom kept doing that until she begged. Then mom slapped over her ass cheeks, and on her bright skin it became red immediately. She slapped couple of more there on the ass cheeks. It became more red. She excitedly said “Oh! Yeah! …”. Mom kissed playfully at that place where she slapped.

After that she spread her legs so wide and mom rubbed there with the help of her fingers. Mom leaned down and sucked her, while she was doing it that girl used her right leg and rubbed her legs over mom’s ass cheeks. Then mom went to her and they kissed again liking lips and tongue too.

“Bend over” she instructed my mom, and as mom did it like a dog or cat, she slide over the bed and put some sputum on mom’s pussy. Very hardly, at once, she rubbed her all fingers over there and did it again. She spread mom’s both butts aside and sucked her. She spread wider and tried to push her tongue inside mom’s asshole. She used some more sputum and sucked it there.

She playfully and very slowly rubbed her index finger on the outside of both of those hole to create sensation, and she succeeded. Mom felt sensation there and moaned “Oh Fuckk!”. She did that again.

Mom wanted another orgasms, so she held her head and tried to push to her pussy. She didn’t move, might she wants my mom to beg so did that thing again. Playfully and intensely that girl rubbed her index finger around outside of mom’s pussy hole and asshole too. So mom couldn’t have held her sensation in between and said

Mom: Oh. Please fuck me… you bitch

Girl: Please Beg me for that mam…

Mom: What??

Girl: Actually mam! It’s my dream that someone begging me to give her a fuck…

Mom Smiled and said: Yeah! I’m begging you… Please Fuck me… fuck me as hard as you can you slut.

Then she pushed her middle and fore finger inside the pussy of mom and made in and out with her full force. As hard as she was doing it as mom requested. Mom was screaming loud, she was screaming with pleasure, even at that time I took off my panty and was fingering myself with my middle finger. Within a minute we both mom and daughter reached at the orgasms.

(This was the first time I fingered myself by watching like I was watching a porn and doing masturbating my own maybe.)

Then she reached towards the asshole and pushed her middle finger inside moms’ and with another hand she rubbing her clit. She pinched that clit and slapped hard over the ass cheeks as mom did earlier. She rubbed her hand over the clit to the asshole, sometimes she gave a kiss on the cheeks and sometime on the back but she kept rubbing until and unless mom reached another orgasms.

After all that, that reception girl came into that video room where I was. When she came in, I skirt was on my waist so my underneath was visible to her. She smiled and asked me whether I also want some massage or not. Without wasting anytime I agreed to have it. So request me to go inside that massage room. My panty was still on that floor but I didn’t care of it.

I left that video room and went inside that room where they both were naked. And she was asked my mom

Girl: Are you relax now? (They both were smiling)

Me: Ahem! May I come in?

Girl: Sure mam, Come in mam.

Mom was naked laying on that couch, so she hesitated a bit. However, I got in, they both smiled at me. I have requested her

Me: Even I would like to have this kind of massage too.

Girl: Well mam… I really have to go my home, but there is salini who’ll provide the service to you.

Mom: Sumi! What the hell are you talking about?

Me: Laying over that couch, being naked… you know… hihihi…

However, then she twisted herself towards mom and she look into each other’s eyes, also passed a sexual smile again. Then, she started to dressed up, first she put on her brown panty, and then her business skirt. I went close to them, sit over that couch and did some help to wore that skirt and pulled her zip up from behind and put her button on.

We both smiled to each other. I took her sleeveless black top from the floor, which was just beside of the couch and pulled that down from the gap of her head, tried to putt that on her. When she was adjusting her top down my hands reached to her boobs, I made them touch. Then I pinched those nipples and fondled her boobs at last. Mom was watching us, so she laughed. I felt little shy, might she also, and we broke eye contact. Next she slid her high heels and left from there by saying “Bye Girls. Enjoy yourself.”

Mom was still on that couch being naked but her legs were one sided so I could unable to seen her pussy. Although, her boobs were easily visible to me, and it was like dangling all over there. She was playing with her long hair and grinning by staring at me. Our eyes then interacted, we both were smiled. I playfully ran my hands over her bare legs and asked her

Me: Did you enjoyed. Honey?

Mom didn’t say anything to me at that time but perhaps I knew the answer. So I wished her again

Me: Happy Birthday Mom. I wanted to present a gift to you and I guess that’s the gift.

Mom: Well! Then I must tell you honey, it would be the best gift I ever had in my whole life, and I’m really thankful to you…

Me: Really? I mean are you sure?

Mom: Of course honey. Why do you think it wasn’t?

Me: Cause, I was watching you two from the other room.

Mom: What! You are… what…

Me: And masturbated as well… Oh I’m really very sorry mom. I know I shouldn’t have brought you here…

Mom: oh. No no honey. It’s totally okay…

Me: Really?

Mom: Of-course. My dear. Also I liked that massage… I know it was sexual but I’m pretty relaxed now the way she gave me her massage. I’m sure you have seen it too. Then don’t get embarrassed.

Me: So then… umm… I mean would mind to do same thing with me?

Mom: Well! I don’t know…

Me: Hihihi… well then let’s start…

Mom: look…

Immediately, no more wasting any time, I ran my hand over her left leg and started to play with that. I kissed on her one foot at first then picked her another one. I was playing with her foot’s thumb finger, imagined like a boy’s dick head. So I was rubbing it and playing with it so gently. Even most of the girls would like to do it including me as well as it’s my fantasy.

I really don’t know why I used to do the same thing with my bestie, whenever we meet for study or anything to do in our houses, and she used to slap me for this.

However, then I seductively kissed at that thumb as well as placed another kiss on her lower feet. She cuddled on that couch like I gave her some tickle there. On that occasion, we both smiled by looking at each other. I leaned a little over her and kissed on her knees at first, then I got closed to her so I could have sat just beside of her and whispered into her ears “I’m so horny”.

I ran my fingers over her lips to play with them seductively. Then I came down to her boobs. Within a second mom closed her eyes. So I went close her lips and we both kissed each other’s lips. My hair came in between of our face which I playfully removed and kissed her again. This time more passionately.

Then I sucked her lower lips so gently and then did the same way with the upper, which I like to do most with her. After that, she opened her mouth so I could suck her tongue too, but I poured my tongue inside her mouth and she sucked it like the way we girls like to suck a chocolate ice-cream, so gently and very preciously, it was that same feeling.

However, then I did suck her tongue inside of her, in the same manner. A sensation ran in my pussy immediately. I started to get wet. My heartbeat started to breathe double as well, but still we were kissing each other. Actually we like to kiss each other, not this sexual type but when we stay at home no matter what we do kiss. I guess, we mom daughter love each most so that.

However, I looked into her eyes, it was full of lust like I was horny and we both smiled again. Then we started to kiss each other again, first I was sucking her lips and then tongue respectively she did. We looked into each other’s eyes again. I playfully insert my middle finger in my mouth, sucked it with my tongue and inserted into hers’ too. Even she sucked it in the same way. Then I placed it on her clit straight way.

She moaned. I got closed to her face again and kissed her on lips. I was rubbing my middle finger on her clit. She started to breathe deeply and moaned at the same time. She decreased the gap of her moan so I kissed on her neck to give some pleasure and sucked it there too. I was rubbing my finger over her clit and sometimes I tried to insert it as well.

I pulled my fingers from her pussy hole to insert those again into my mouth and sucked and started to rub her clit again. After some rubbing, some juice started to oozing from there. However, I leaned towards her to kiss on her lips. Her tongue came outside and I started to suck those, all the way and everything. I really love to suck her tongue, then I placed a kiss on her cheek and then on her ear and sucked as well as, so it got wet a bit cause of my sputum. Then I came down little lower and it was her nipples which I kissed, next. I made a bite on those erect nipples with my teeth. She screamed loudly with pleasure. Then I my hands reached into her clit again and started to rub there, while I was playing with those nipples with my tongue.

Then I pinched her nipples using my all power with tongue, so a loud scream came out again. I didn’t want to hurt her but in that situation I couldn’t control myself. Then I placed my face in front her pussy to suck easily with my tongue. Also I was playing with her pussy lips so badly. I spared her both legs aside. Kissed on her thighs at first, so she might felt some sensation and she cuddled over that couch. The more I was playing with her more she was intonating with her moan.

Then, I have thrown some sputum over her pussy to rubbed those lips easily. I increased my speed over her clit and inserted my middle and fore finger inside her pussy to give her finger-fuck. While I was doing in and out with those fingers, some smell started to come out from there and apparently I was very horny, so it was driving me very crazy. Then, I spread her both pussy lips aside with those fingers and placed my tongue all over it to suck her clit. This time she shivered her body over the couch. Sometimes I was kissing on her clit and sometimes I was rubbing there to give such pleasure which she was expecting, also mom was moaning heavily all the time while I was doing her, finally she reached into her orgasms.

I slide down from the couch at the end of it. So mom turned around and get into the doggy position. At the same time my skirt went up. As I had nothing my underneath, so my pussy came to visible. However, I went over the couch again. I kissed on her both buts one by one. Then ran my fingers again over her pussy. This time I inserted my thumb finger inside of the asshole and middle and index finger went inside the pussy hole. “OH. Sumi” mom screamed out loud.

Then I started to move my fingers in and out again. This time I did it with more speed so some “Lap Lap” sounds came in because of her orgasms as well as, wetness of my sputum. While I was doing her, I grabbed her both boobs from the back. Finally, I kissed her on her back. Two minutes were enough for her to reached into another orgasm and her legs got very closed with each other’s.

I made her turn around, looked into her eyes and kissed. We were both smiling and kissing each other’s lips. Then I sat up in front of her like kneel down and teasingly put my fingers inside my mouth, biting my own lips I started to rub my pussy. So she ordered me to sat on her face. I did what she ordered and I sat on her mouth by placing my pussy over her mouth. She spread my legs little for easy access and came between me. without wasting any time, she started to suck. She did as that girl did to mom earlier. She was sucking my Clit so teasingly and so slowly. While I grabbed my tan little up there, so that she could do me easily and satisfy me as early as possible.

But she was not in a hurry, so she was sucking my clit and pussy lips so preciously and very calmly. My sensation increased with that. So I begged her to increase the speed. She did as I said, she moved her tongue so fast over there, even I moved my body for that. Meanwhile, I took off my transparent top and bra too. And I grabbed my boobs and pinched my own nipples. Then she pushed me forward and I came into doggy style. She came close to me and sucked her middle finger and inserted it with one force. I moaned loud. Then she started to move her finger and inserted another. I screamed with pain this time. She was doing in and out with her those inside my pussy. While she started to suck my asshole, Which I like most.

After some minutes I informed her that I started to cum. She was finger fucking me as hard as she could. With that sensation I inserted all my fingers into my mouth and biting. I sucked my fingers and put into the clit and rubbed. A few seconds later I reached into my orgasm. I shivered and felt like hell and fall over the couch. Grabbed my boobs and pressed. Mom was sucking my juice.

We both look into each other’s eyes; I was breathing very deeply. She got closed to me and kissed me. then that reception girl came inside and asked

Girl: Are you ready mam for massage?

Mom: Yeah. She’s ready.

She passed a smiled and thanked me and informed me “I’m going outside to shop something for tonight, whenever you’ll done, just give me a call”. So, she very quickly dressed up her, then we both kissed and hugged and finally she left. In the meantime, that girl came in. She was in a white top, and yellow colored panty. In her top, near about her breast, there was written “Suck It”.

I flipped myself on the bed, she gently putted her over my ass and deliberately rubber her hands over there. Certainly I, closed my eyes and I could have seen what was happen little while ago. I smiled in myself thought about that. So precious time I have spent within an hour.

However, she was playing with her both hands so gently and expertly. She was touching here and there and rubbing my whole body on the back side. It was turning me on. After some time, she leaned over me and her nose came to touch on my back. She made her face up towards my neck, with that her nose was rubbing my back.

She moved down to my waist, and started all over it. This time she opened her mouth and her tongue came to an action too along with her nose. I started to breathe deep as that thing was creating some sensation between me. All of a sudden, she removed my hair which were coming over my cheeks and placed a kiss.

My heartbeat about to raise, might it wasn’t new thing for me but the place was unknown and that girl too, so I determined no matter what happen I won’t open my eyes. Then she came close to my ears where I could easily feel her breathe over there. Finally, made a bite on my ears, but it was so gentle and so sensual.

She started to rub her hands again, over everywhere like she was doing at first. That time I felt some sensation between my legs, because of that reason my thighs got closed to each other. Then she took some bottle and sprayed something wet, over me on the waist. Also, she sprayed couple of times over my ass cheeks, and then some more on the back and finally on the neck.

She rubbed her hands over my whole body with that wet thing, started from the top, from the neck and came down more passionately and gently. She did with so sensuality and when she came over my waist I couldn’t take that sensation, so it forced me to shiver.

Also I could feel some wetness between my legs because of that. Meanwhile, she reached over the cracks of my ass. It was totally new thing for me, further I was slept naked in front of a stranger girl, whom I had never seen ever before.

However, she moved on and went to the upper side, first she was doing something with my neck. But whatever she was doing, it was so so much amazing that I couldn’t explain, neither anybody could do that. I was feeling like top of the world, so relaxed. I have forgotten whatever she did few minutes ago.

Then she came down to my back. She did the same thing there with her hands, but certainly I could feel her hands over my left breast in between my left hand and back, although she didn’t hold that full. She took that spray bottle and made some spray over there just side of my left breast and rubbed with her hand, right one might be. I tried to restrict that thing, and immediately my hand got very closed with my body so that no gap remained.

She smiled that time, and I could easily realize her laugh on me. After that, she went down to my waist and gave her special creativity. It was special because of her massage was one of the greatest I ever had, like top of the world as I explained earlier.

Then she reached over my ass, she didn’t do anything over there and came across to the toes. She started to play with those, like we play for make sexual sensation. She did at the same manner with so sensuality.

After sometime, she went up to the things, but my thighs were very closed to each other, so she could make any action over there, so went straight to my ass. She playfully grabbed my ass. It is bigger than normally anybody has at that age, firm and round though. (As mom used to tell me). But not big in front of that girl who had big paw.

So she easily grabbed my both ass cheeks with her both hands and made them separate. Then she gently ran her hands over my pussy, and that I couldn’t control so a moan left from my mouth. She passed a little laugh again, like nothing happened. But the matter of fact was, I was still scared a bit as I was a 17 years old girl, who wasn’t matured fully.

However, she took that spray bottle and spray it again just under the ass cheeks and very close to my pussy. At that moment I felt like I’ve been caught by a greyhound. Then she started to massage again with that wet thing over my thighs. I could feel some sensation in my pussy again.

She ran her both hands playfully and gently all over there, near around my pussy. So I was moaning more frequently. Then all of a sudden, her hands touched my pussy. This time I left a loud moan comparatively. She was working with her hands over my thighs and in a certain gap she was playing my pussy too, like touching there and little rubbing there as well. Every time I left a moan when she made touch there. I was thinking about her “Well, she is a dam good player of these kind of things” in my mind.

However, she took that bottle and sprayed over her hand probably the left one and rubbed that on my pussy. I really didn’t know how to react that situation and I screamed “Oh Fuck!”, not very loud but well enough. Then she spread that wet thing all over my pussy, she did it as beautiful as she could. That time she only used her two fingers only, index and middle one.

So hard to stop my feeling at that moment, and especially the way she was doing, such an unstoppable thing or situation might be. Then she used her right hand to grab my butt, left one though, to made that wide to open that hole where she could easily access, and she did insert inside that hole with her thumb finger of her left hand without wasting a second.

Then she did the same thing with her left hand with my right butt and used her right hand index finger all over my pussy at a time, although it reached on the asshole. First, she rubbed that finger outer layout there. Finally, she inserted her finger in between my asshole. However, I would love to have finger-fuck in between my asshole, especially from my mom, but in that situation, I couldn’t control myself and cried out with moan and with pleasure too.

I’d been requesting her to fuck and fuck hard, as hard as she could afford. My hips went up and arched from the waist phase. She was doing her finger in and out with a stupendous speed. It was so breath-taking and ravishing too. She gave such an elegant finger-fuck to my asshole, like I never had. Then she pulled her finger out and rubbed over the hips.

I didn’t know when my hand went to my boobs and started to press. The time was like stopped and I felt like it would never come to an end, in so much different situation I was. Then suddenly, I felt her both hands over my both hips and she spanked, spanked me hard. My hips went red colored immediately. I started to bite my own lips with my teeth.

Then she leaned over my ass and blow some air from her mouth. Then some more. When she did that second time it was so much erotic, that I couldn’t explain. I cuddled over that couch. She started to play again. She ran her hands all over my body. This time she did start from my legs and went towards the thighs and stopped, suddenly reached at the top of my neck. There she has shown some of her extra curriculum and came down and did end at the waist.

Then she took that bottle and sprayed again that wet thing at the age of my asshole. She used her two fingers there to rub and reached downwards to my pussy with that wet thing and put in inside. As she did it I moaned more loud this time. Although she didn’t care of it and rubbed hard. Quickly she made in and out with her fingers.

Usually mom used to do me with her one finger, but at that time it was two fingers. So it was little painful at first but when I got used to of it, it became more striking and stunning. I shivered at that couch, also screamed out with so loud moan

Me: Ohh Fuckk, yeah, like that, oh my god. Fuckk

She did that until I cum. Some liquid was oozing from my pussy. That pussy lips automatically started to restrict her fingers inside mine. No matter what, she was still doing me like she was not in a mood to leave me. So I begged her to stop, though it didn’t make anything to her.

She made my pussy lips wide open for her easy access and leaned over there. Placed a kiss at first, then her tongue came to an action. She was sucking my clit like a very hungry person got delicious food. She kept her one hand over my pussy lips and used her other to finger-fuck. I was in heaven. She raised her finger speed and within a minute I reached into my another orgasm. She pulled her fingers out, got closed to my ears and placed a kiss on the ear and asked

Girl: Have you enjoyed it mam?

My eyes were still closed, so only I did was just smiled and I guess it was all to describe her how much I enjoyed her service. However, she requested me to turn around, so I did what she want. she came close to me and we kissed. Kissed her lips at first, and when she did open her mouth, I kissed on her lower lip. Then started to suck.

Then she sat on my belly and took off her t-shirt. I grabbed those lemon type of boobs and smooched. Again she leaned over my face with open her mouth. This time our tongue came to meet. Although I don’t like this, but that feeling was also top of the world. She was sucking my tongue with her.

Then she brought her boobs just over my face, so didn’t let that offer go and kissed her right nipple. That was the same feeling when I kissed my mom’s too. So I placed a bite on that one and she screamed with pain “auch!” and pleasure too. Then anyhow I could able to suck her other one.

She did notice that thing and grabbed her both boobs with one hand, so that it could hang straight. I played a lot with those ripe nipples.

After some time, she moved down to my neck and kissed, then more moved down to my boobs. She made a bite on the left nipple, like the way I did some while ago, but not at that hard. She used her tongue and played it sucked it in a various way. She also did the same thing with my right one. I was shivering on the bed with her tongue action.

Finally, she slid her panty and thrown it on the floor. I got to know that she might want some pleasure from me as well, but I was very tired then. So I ordered her to sit on my face. She smiled at first at first but then she brought her pussy in front of mine with her help of her knees. Without wasting anytime I started to suck with tongue. First over the clit, here and there near about her pussy.

Then I tried to insert my tongue inside her, and she did help me as well by doing her pussy wide open for me. Might I couldn’t do that proper so she moved herself to get tongue-fuck. Her breathe became more deep than the previous one. I grabbed her both thighs with my both hands and tongued all over her pussy. A moan came on from her. Finally, after couple of minutes she started to scream.

Then I used my fingers to made her cum. Certainly, I inserted my two fingers and made them in and out. Those fingers went inside easily, so I’d decide to insert another one finger inside of her pussy. It wasn’t easy for her to took three fingers, as my fingers are little fatty than others. However, I did in and out with all three and sucked her clit as well. Within a minutes she reached into her orgasm. Then she slept just beside of mine on that couch.

After couple of minutes, while we were sleeping there, mom came in certainly and hesitantly asked me

Mom: are you guys still not done yet?

Girl: Oh. Yes, mam.

Mom: Then wake up sleepyhead, let’s go home, It’s already dark outside, and we have to drive long to reach home.

After that mom ordered me dressed up, I woke up from the bed and put that transparent top on me, without my bra, then my skirt as well. That girl took my black colored bra from the floor and request me to kept that with her. Even she requested me to give my panty as well, but I assured her

Me: I wasn’t wearing any panty underneath. But I want video…

Girl: Sure mam…

Without any hesitation she gave us that DVD. We destroyed it there and exchanged our phone number. We hugged tightly and kissed on the lips, still she was standing naked in front of us so I smooched her hips little for the last time. We wished “Good bye” to each other and we left. As I had nothing underneath, so everybody was staring at my top, when we were leaving from there. We reached at the parking area and finally, mom managed to drive our car so we could reach at home that especial day.

So that was it. If you like this story then please let me know.

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