A Trip Of Fun To Goa

Hi, we live in Mumbai (bandra). Me & my husband both

As he is very busy we don’t get to spend time with each other so we planned a trip to Goa..

My hubby is very naughty he likes me in short clothes & heels so I stay at home in those

As most of my shopping is done by my hubby online in our free time so he buys most of his choices..

We never went to any beach together so I didn’t have any bikini so this time I think of something new and I bought some sexy bikinis online and got those home when he was not at home and now it was time for us to go Goa!!

Our flight was at night so he was wearing a t shirt and shorts and shoes and I was in my black jumpsuit and heels he was shocked and happy about the trip

As we arrived at the airport the car was ready for us was white bmw 720d..My hubby kept the hotel details secret this car took us to the hotel in 20mins..

I was amused the hotel was a villa as we went in we had a big bedroom and hall and in back we had private swimming pool with a view of the beach..

We were tired a lot so we slept at 9am and around 9:30 I woke up and freshen up then my hubby freshen up and said-

Dear do you have any clothes for wearing on beach?

Me- no dear I dont have any clothes like that I think we will have to buy those here

He-okay baby we will buy later now let us enjoy in the swimming pool.

Me-okay baby let me change and come you go and enjoy

“He goes out in backside swimming pool”

I went to change and I was having 3 bikini sets soo I was confused which one to wear

1st one was a pink mini bikini only covering the ni**ls and pu**y…

2nd was a black one piece bikini and was very sexy

3rd was a hot neon yellow & black bikini

So I thought that I would wear the first one as we would be in our private swimming pool no one would see

I was ready in 15 mins in my pink bikini and pink heels

He was shocked after seeing me in this as I went inside the pool he was looking like someone standing nude in front of him I said him

Me-what happened baby why are you looking like this is there something wrong??

He-nothing is wrong baby you are looking so sexy I am out of words

Me- ohh baby thankyou very much I bought this online and kept a secret and I have many more secrets to come..

He was not able to control himself he started coming close and started touching me and playing with my b**bs then he said your b**bs are looking huge and firm

I was just smiling then we spent some time their then we had bath together inside had our breakfast now it was time for our sightseeing he was wearing a blue t shirt and was looking very smart and I thought of wear same colour so I was wearing a blue crop top this top was not so revealing it just showed a bit of navel and a v cut above to show my b**bs and light colored jeans with white heels..

As I was ready he greeted me that I m looking like an angle we were very happy and enjoyed a lot outside and came back to hotel around 5 in the evening and we had our table booked at 8 for our dinner so by that time we had rest and again get ready before 8 for dinner..

He slept for some time I was a bit confused of what to wear for dinner after thinking and opening my bag I found a black tight dress with pushup bra because this dress was way too tight means that shows my whole body and this was the first time I was wearing these and we were ready both his reaction to the dress was wow I cant wait till night but I said I have something surprise for you now and at night he was like you have many surprises but I cant wait I said keep patience you will enjoy then we sat for dinner and by 9:30 we completed with dinner and waiting for our car to drop at hotel then I said baby I have nothing inside then he said what then as soon as we got in our car his hand went down and I was enjoying..

We reached our hotel and I took off my dress and put on the lingerie I had picked only a few weeks ago. A tight black corset that barely covered my size c breasts and a delicious, little, black lace thong, perfectly accenting my creamy white cheeks.

Just I heard a knock at the door: “you ready babe”. I smiled at myself in the mirror and said: “be right out”. I opened the door to find him sitting on the bed. He had on nothing, but a pair of black satin boxers that poorly concealed the huge erection they contained. “hey there sexy lady” he said, grinning ear to ear. Heat traveled down my body and I could feel my pussy starting to beg for attention.

He turned his head towards me and tenderly started kissing me. First, just the lips, then our tongues began to mingle, then before I knew it, I was on my back. His engorged erection was between my legs, his tongue was like fire in my mouth and two measly layers of fabric, his underwear and mine, were between us. His underwear were quickly soaked with pre-cum and mine were sticky with my juices. “ I gotta slow down” he said. “what?” I asked. “ I have to slow down or I am going to cum before I even make it out of these boxers” he looked down at me aroused.

“ I have an idea” I said. To distract my new husband, I took off the tight corset, showing him my hard, erect nipples and perky tits. “you aren’t really helping” he said winking. While I was busy sucking her nipples and biting her breasts, she cupped my crotch over my pants and squeezed me. I was rock hard already, and she unzipped me. The instant she touched my penis, I felt a little dizzy and squeezed her breasts. While, I kissed her lips and put her flat on the bed, she was still stroking my penis.

She was lying on her back, spreading her legs to receive me. Her skirt is still on, which made her, even more, sexy. I kissed her and pulled her legs up to my waist. I wanted to rub my tip over her first, but as soon as it touched her wet vagina, and I felt her juices on my tip, I had to thrust in with all my lust. She moaned in pain, grabbing my ass with her nails leaving a mark.

I could feel the walls of her warm wet pussy; I pumped in hard and very fast. This time, I hit the 2-minute mark, before I came inside her. It was the best feeling of the night. I felt like we are one body. Like dancing an intense tango. It was only then I spoke for the first time that evening; I said, “ I love you so much,” not in lust, I just felt so happy she is with me, and she mumbled, “me too

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