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Hi Everyone, before beginning the story, I would like to thank all of you who mailed me feedback for my first story – ‘My Lucky Bus Ride’. If it was not for all the positive reviews I received for that, I wouldn’t have attempted to write a second story.

After about a month after I posted my previous story on this site, I received a mail with subject line –“Hi:) i read your story in indiansexstories site. Loved t 🙂 i like to hav some fun :)”

Without any content in the body or anything about the sender other than the email id from which it was sent – j******[email protected].I couldn’t guess the sender’s gender, age or anything from the mail. As always, I replied to the mail saying thank you and asked to tell more about that person. Then ‘she’ replied saying that her name is Jenny, from Tamil Nadu, now working in Bangalore. Then I asked her would she like to meet in person. At that time she replied saying

” I m sorry . . Just mailed u in an instinct when i was reading those stories in d site . . I m really feeling very very awkward now . . This s very new for me . I haven mailed anyone like this n i really feel awkward . 🙂 :(“

I replied saying that she don’t have to worry & I’m happy to have fans like her . After that we continued to talk regularly through mail & chat. Finally one day she told she is ready to meet me. I was very happy hearing that & we decided to meet during that weekend. But when I tried to contact her on Friday to confirm the time & place, she had vanished. Her phone was off and was not replying to my mails also. I thought I had lost the chance and we will never meet.

When I opened my mail on Saturday night (25th Aug 2012), there was a mail from her. She said that she was stuck with some work and we can meet on Sunday. I didn’t know whether to believe her or not. Anyhow I decided to wait and see. We decided to meet at Forum mall, Koramangala by 1.00pm on Sunday. While chatting that night, she told me not to expect a beautiful girl. I was really excited to meet her even if she claimed to be not beautiful.

On Sunday, I reached forum at around 12.50 pm and was waiting for her. Within no time she called me saying she has reached. I told her to come to the entrance of the KFC inside forum and she came there. We both were talking on phone and trying to find each other. Finally somehow she found me and told me to turn around. When I turned, she was standing there just behind me. She had a dark complexion, still looked very sexy with nice curves, big firm boobs and a sexy smile. She was wearing tight black T-shirt and a blue jeans.

We went to the food court ‘Transit’ in the mall for lunch and were talking about ourselves to each other. By 2.30, we ran out of topics to talk at such a place and hence I suggested that we will go to Lalbagh. She readily agreed to it and we started off in my bike. Her soft boos were brushing against my back whenever she leaned forward to tell something. It was an amazing feeling.

Within 15 or 20 minutes, we reached Lalbagh and were walking close to each other talking about the story I wrote earlier and other similar stuffs. As you all know there will be couples doing all naughty stuffs in every corner of lalbagh, that sights stimulated our feelings. We sat down on a bench and continued talking. I kept my arm around her neck and started rubbing her shoulder slowly. While talking something about the story, she spoke in a hushed sexy tone “you are…..”. I leaned in towards as if I’m trying to hear what she is saying and asked her “I am..??”. Again she told the samething “you are…” and I repeated the question moving mor close to her lips. I knew she wanted me to kiss her, but I was enjoying teasing her like this. After repeating the same question and answer few more times, she lost patience and told “heyy, come on..”

I thought that enough of teasing her and leaned in & kissed on her lips. Her lips tasted very sweet. We broke off the kiss for a moment to catch breath and again leaned in to kiss. This time she opened her mouth fully and started playing with her tongue inside my mouth and she started taking my lips also very much inside her mouth. I also reciprocated the same and we kissed very deeply for a long time. Although I have kissed many girls, I was experiencing such a deep kiss for the first time in my life. Once we broke off the kiss, I told her that she is an amazing kisser and that was the most wonderful kiss I ever had. She laughed it off saying you are also a good kisser.

At that moment only I realized that the bench on which we were sitting is facing a walkway and many people are walking through that path. So we decided to find a more secluded spot and started searching for it. A Lotus pond is there near the Lalbagh Lake inside the Lalbagh Park. One side of the lotus pond is an inclined rocky surface, where people sit at times. When we went there only few couples were sitting there and one of the couples were about to leave. When they left we sat there facing away from the pedestrian path and also there were small plants which hid us from the direct view of the passing by walkers.

Once settled down, we kissed again, this time more passionately without worrying whether anyone will see us. Still kissing her, I cupped her left boobs with my right hand and slowly started squeezing and massaging it. Her boobs were very firm yet very soft. It felt like a huge sponge ball inside my hand. After few minutes I started rubbing her other boob, still kissing. After a very long kiss, we sat there in silence for a moment savouring the sweet memory of what just happened.

After sometime, we again started kissing and I started massaging her boobs. But this time we had to stop suddenly as a group of 3 boys, probably studying in 8th or 9th standard, came and settled down at a spot 15 -20 metres ahead of us. They started looking in our direction every now and then. So we sat there simply talking. They stopped looking towards us after about 15 minutes of observation.

I told Jenny that they are not looking now & started kissing her slowly. After a few minutes, I saw one of the boys looking directly at us. I told her that the boy is looking at us and not to stop kissing. She agreed and we kissed more deeply, and I continued massaging her boobs. After continuing this for a little longer, we broke off the kiss and sat there simply talking.

I started rubbing & massaging the side of her boobs while talking. She told that I’m tempting her. I replied saying she is tempting me also & if some option is there we can enjoy more. As we both stay in PGs we couldn’t find an option then. The time was already 6.00 and we decided to leave now and think about more options later. I dropped her and came back to room.

After meeting her on Aug 26, we both continued to talk over mail and chat. One day I asked whether she still wanted to enjoy more and she told yes. So I suggested going to some resort in Bangalore for a weekend. But she told she is afraid of doing that. So I started thinking what else can be done and came up with a simple idea.

I told her that we will go to some place which takes about 8 to 10 hours of travel and will enjoy the journey in the bus. We decided that we will go to Chennai on Friday October 19th night and to come back next day evening. This way, we will get two night in bus and we don’t have to stay anywhere in Chennai.I booked the tickets from redbus.in and we met at the K.P.N travel’s office on October 19th evening. She was in similar attire this time as well. Only difference was that the T-shirt she wore was not as tight as the last one. The bus we had booked was an A/C semi sleeper and our seats were in the 3rd row from the front.

We boarded the bus and settled down. Bus started after a little while, by 10.50 pm. We were simply talking about random stuffs for a long time. When everyone in the bus started to sleep and the lights inside the bus were switched off, I asked her to give me a kiss – like the one she gave me when we met last time. She started looking around to find whether anybody is watching. Fortunately nobody was watching and most of the other passengers were asleep.

I took the blankets provided in the bus, used one to cover both of us below the waist and used the second one to cover ourselves over the head. Now both of us became covered by blanket completely & no one else would be able to see us. Once I covered us, Jenny leaned in and kissed on my lips. I slowly opened my mouth and started kissing her back. Within no time, we were kissing very passionately and deeply. After kissing for about 5 – 10 minutes, we broke off the kiss and Jenny asked “How is it? Did u like it?”. I told that it was more wonderful than the last time and embraced her in a hug. She hugged back and was giggling.

We sat there embraced in each other’s arm for sometime and again started kissing. This time along with kissing, I started slowly caressing her boobs over her T-shirt. We continued this for some time and then I inserted my hand under her T-shirt and started massaging her bra cladded boobs. I slowly whispered in her ear

“How is it?”“I feel good’“Then shall I unhook this?’“hmmmm….”“hmmmmm means..? Yes or No?”“That means your wish” and she started giggling again.

I said ok and started kissing her again without taking my hand from her boobs. After kissing again for about 5 minutes, I asked her to lean forward a little and unclasped the hook of her bra. Once it is opened, I slowly slid the strap of the bra from her shoulder and started caressing the top part of her boobs. The bra was simply hanging around the boobs and I cupped her left boob with my right hand. And I started slowly squeezing it and playing with her nipples.Then I slowly leaned in and started kissing on her boobs over her T-shirt. I told her that I want to suck her boobs. Jenny replied “I told na.. you are very naughty” and pulled one side of her T-shirt down exposing her left boob. So I leaned in again and started kissing on her boobs and sucking it. After sucking on it for sometime, I pulled down the other side of her T-shirt and did the same thing on her right boob.

Then I asked her “You are just sitting here and enjoying whatever I am doing? You don’t want to do anything?”. Jenny started giggling again and asked me what I want her to do. I replied that I don’t know and I also started giggling. She again said “See.. you are always too naughty” and slowly started to run her hand all over my body under my T-shirt. Then slowly she moved her hands downwards towards my cock.

After massaging on my stomach and waist area for sometime, she slowly inserted her hands inside my jeans and started rubbing my now hard dick over my underwear. At that time I inserted my left hand inside her jeans and started rubbing her pubic region over her panties. I whispered in her ear “Take it out and play”. She asked me am I sure and slowly opened the zipper of my jeans and tried to take my dick out of my underwear. To help her, I rose a little from the seat and pulled down the underwear to my thighs, freeing my dick.

Jenny took my dick in her hand and started playing with it by slightly stroking it and by giving occasional squeezes. All this time, my left hand was inside her jeans playing with her private parts. I inserted my hand inside her panty and started rubbing her pussy. After sometime she asked me mimicking my earlier question

“How is it?”“It feels good. But I would like to enjoy more” and I started laughing. She slapped me on my thighs playfully saying you are too much naughty today. I told I know that I’m naughty without stopping laughing. Jenny asked “what more you want to enjoy? Tell me”.“You guess”“I don’t know”“You want to have sex?”“I would like to have. But we don’t have any condoms”.“Then what you want to enjoy more?”

I started kissing her again without letting her to complete the question. She responded and we started kissing very deeply once again. Then I asked Jenny to give me a blowjob. She agreed and leaned forward to take my dick in her mouth. Even though she was able to take it in her mouth, I could see from her posture that it is almost impossible to do it sitting in the bus. So I told her to sit straight and use hand only.

She sat straight again and started stroking my cock with her right hand. I inserted my left hand inside her panty and was rubbing her pussy. Then I slowly inserted one finger inside her hole and started fingering her. After doing these for a while, I told her that I’m about to cum. She didn’t listen to it and continued stroking my cock. In no time, cum was spread all over her hand. At the same time she also had orgasm. Then she took out her hand kerchief and cleaned my penis & her hand.

After that we adjusted our dresses and made it proper and continued kissing for some more time. The time was already 3.30 am and so we decided to sleep for sometime before we reach Chennai. Again I woke up by 5.30 and Jenny was already awake. We kept on talking about random stuffs till we reached Chennai by 6.15.

We got down from the bus and went to a number of places in Chennai that day. Saturday evening, we returned from Chennai to Bangalore. I will write about our return journey from Chennai later.

I hope you all enjoyed my story. All of you please send your opinions and feedback to me on [email protected] . Girls who want to enjoy travelling with me or enjoy otherwise also mail me on [email protected] . Hope to hear from you soon. Thank you all.

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