A valentines day romantic nite

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I was sitting at my room with my lap. She came with wet hair and closed door. She looks sexy in that outfit. Get a hard on seeing her. I put my lap on table. She was searching something in shelf. I just hugged her from behind.

W: Hey what you doing. Just sit yaMe: Darling it’s a romantic day

Heavy rain outside cool breeze coming inside room and good climate for a perfect nite

I just hugged her tightly. Dress in her hand fell down and came a moan from her.

She turned to me and I gave a kiss on her forehead. She was hugging me strongly. Her boobs are pressing to my chest .My hard dick is pressing her pussy area. Heat is coming from both of us. Breathing is getting heavy.

I just give a kiss on her nose then come slowly to hoe lips. She is not opening. I hugged her more tightly. She still not opening I bite her lips she opened. I put my tongue inside and started to feel her mouth. I rotated teeth fully and felt her whole. Then slowly started to feel her tongue. Sucked tongue foe some time. She also sucked my tongue. Then I slowly sucked her lower lips. At same time she is also sucking my upper lips. She is hugging tighter. My harder dick is touching her. Her hard nipples are pressing my chest. Lowy she changed to my upper lips

Me slowly feeling her back. Lowy I moved to her ass. Wow what a feeling .am pressing her ass as what to say wow what a feeling. She too moving my hands around my back and feeling me. I slowly lifted her night and started to feel thighs and then her ass. She is naked no pantiessss…..I felt her ass. Squeezed it and pinched her. She moaned…….mmmmmmmmm …then I just give a slap there wow what a hot feeling.

We slowly moved to bed and slowly fell on the bed. She was on top of me and kissing my bare chest. Then slowly moved down to my belly kissed sake my belly button and came top and sucked my nipples give a bite .At the moment I just came on top of her my dhoti gone and bare naked and again sucked kiss her lips and started to feel her boobs. Slowly I felt her boobs over nighty. I can feel her harden nipples. I just slowly pinched her nipple and pinching it she moaning ummaahha aaahhhaaa mmmmmaaaa uuuuuu ..,mm.hhh.aaahaah….I aging squeezed her whole boobs she is hugging me. Her legs are on top of me…

We again stud up and I just removed her nighty. We are whole naked …in birth suit. We again hugged and started to smooch. I just kissed her neck are give a love bite and then slowly came to her navel sucked there. My hands are roaming her back and slowly grabbed her ass and started to squeezed and sucking her navel same time. We aging fell on bed

Am on top of her I started to squeeze her boobs like smashing a lemon to its juice she is moaning aahhhaa uummmm yyaaaa faster faster more tighter………….hhhhaaammmmaaauuuuuu ammmmuuuuaaaammm hhaaaa. I slowly kissed her nipples she moaned loudly, I just circled my tongue on top of her nipple just slowly making her moan…….Then slowly I just circled down to her areola then her boobs and suddenly I swallowed boobs and started to suck it drink at same time smashing her other boobs and I gave her a love bite

I just change the boobs. Slowly touched her nipple with my tongue then stopped. She was waiting and she slowly opened eyes and looked me she slapped me and tell don tease like this u fucker…she pushed my face to her boobs …I can’t breathe ..I give a bite she released me. I started to sucked her like there is no tomorrow and squeezed her pinched her give a love bite and she got her orgasms ahhhaaa uuummmmm aaaaaaaaa hhhhahhahhaa u fuckerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr aaaaaaaa mmmmmmmmmm uuuumumumumuuummm aaaaahhhhh.I fell on her tiered and she hugged me.

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After some time she came on top of me. Gave a kiss on my nose and started to lick nose then to lips just circled with her tongue on eyes then slowly to ears. Give a bite there and told you are good fucker u can take any one to heaven. I LOVE YOU darling. She then goes to my neck then sucked there then to my under arms and made me tickle there and then to my chest sucked my nipples my dick is getting harder and harder. Am grabbing her ass and smashing it at same time she is sucking like a baby sucking for milk. Same time she grabbed my dick and twisting squeezing and teasing me slowly she came down to belly button and put her tongue inside and sucked. Then she slowly came down to dick area and kissed there and she shagged and I cummed there she took bed sheet and cleaned it.

She took my dick and started to stroke it came hard. She spit it on it and makes it lubricated. Then she slowly touched tongue on tip of dick a sensational touch and wow what a feeling it was. Then slowly circled it. Then slowly slowly circled down down to my dick balls. Then sucked my each balls then came on to the dick and sucked wholly my whole dick is inside her mouth what a seen…and what a feeling. She started to suck and suck and stroking to and fro and atlas I cummed in mouth and she drank and kept some in her mouth and came on top of me and kissed me and shared to me and we had a nice kiss session there and she laid over me. Her boobs are touching my chest and her pussy is leaking over my dick we hugged for some time.

I just came over her and just positioned dick on her pussy and rubbed there and teased her. She raised her hip and dick goes in as pussy and dick was slippery after foreplay. I just pushed more and it goes in and I fukced her at the core and she had her orgasm….uummmaahhaa ,,I just pumped her and cummed inside her and fell on her.

I sucked her boobs for some time. She came over me and started to fuck in cowboy style. Her boobs are jiggling moving up and down. I just grabbed her boobs and pressed its moving up and down. She was riding like a horse. She is fucking fucking like a horse ahhahah wow what a moment. She had her orgasm and fell on me. I just override her and came on her and I fucked her till I cum inside her and fell on her. We slept naked hugging dick inside her with sticky juices.

This is how we enjoyed our Valentine ‘s Day licking fucking sucking romantic love making. So any aunties ladies or girl for any relation contact me at [email protected]

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