A Winter Morning Part -1 (My First Step To Seduce Mom)

It was a Friday morning, winter was in full swing looking out of my room into the wet, grey and somewhat frozen landscape. The night before the thermometer had dropped into sub-zero conditions the perfect weather for plotting and executing my devious plan, after all, I had enough.

My mum, a faithful loyal wife to my dad had her day off. She works a rotating shift but her daily routine regardless of being off or on shift, the duties of a wife and mum never have a day off.

She wakes up before everyone, packs the lunches for the family, prepares breakfast in time for my dad, who leaves home before the crack of dawn and returns past dusk. She then has a few hours to herself to catch up on her novels and TV serials between that taking care of the rest of the family members.

For the first time in a very long time, my mum and I were alone at home. This was an opportunity I was not going to pass by. Yes, it was a risk and a big one, but I had to maybe, just maybe crossed the line of a mum and son.

I started my journey out of my room down the stairs to the sitting room. I stopped at the entrance of the sitting room. I saw my mum at the other end of the sofa with her feet up, wrapped in a shawl engrossed in her Mills & Boon novel, whilst the TV was playing a serial with Hina Khan.

I walked up to my mum, stood in front of her, looked down said:

Me: Mum, can we talk?

Pulling away from her novel and looking up to me she responded:

Mum: Yes, what is it?

It’s amazing how I walked from my room to my mum, like a Gorilla who would ravage another’s queen, but as my mum looked up at me adrenaline kicked in the hair at the back of my neck stood.

I thought something else would stand up instead the hair was the last thing on my mind. I was now scared, thoughts of my mum telling my dad ran through the back of my mind. Do I bail out now? I pulled myself together and said:

Me: I want to say something but please don’t tell anyone. Promise me you would tell anyone?

Looking a little puzzled my mum hesitated and responded:

Mum: What’s wrong?

Me: First, promise that you won’t tell anyone?

Mum: But…

Me: No, first promise!

Mum: Ok, I promise I won’t tell anyone. Now tell me what’s wrong?

Still shivering with adrenaline and being scared:

Me: I have been having pains and I’ve consulted an online Doctor…

Mum: Pain?! Where have you been having pains? Why have you not told me? Could we have consulted the family doctor?

Me: I did not feel comfortable talking about it to you or the family doctor.

Mum: You can always talk to me about anything. I’m your mother.

Me: Yes, I know but I still…

Mum: Where is the pain?

I pointed to my crouch.

Mum: In your thigh.

Me: No.

Pointing to my crouch again.

Mum: You’re pointing to your thigh but it’s not your thigh.

Me: No, in the marbles. The online doctor called them testicles or balls

My mum looked at me in shock. I thought she would be furious and my devious plan was going to backfire as it is a lie after all.

Me: I wake up and my cock is very hard and takes 30-40 minutes to soften. The balls are in extreme pain.

Mum: Waking up with it hard, is because you have been sleeping so all the urine is collected overnight. Go to the toilet and lighten your load and then take a cold shower in the morning. It will help.

Me: That’s what I thought but the online doctor said this is not because of urine. As I’ve now grown up, all the manhood needs to come out. I need to let it out as this will relax the balls and the production will continue otherwise it will clog up and stop producing.

Mum: Did he prescribe any medication?

Me: No, he said I should hold it and pull it back and push it front. It will relax once I continue stroking until it lets all that is stored in the balls out.

Mum: That’s good and has that helped.

Me: That’s the problem. I can’t keep it hard and nothing comes out, but the pain is there.

Me: I told the online doctor and he said maybe I need to be stimulated by someone else, he said if you have a girlfriend. I said I don’t have a girlfriend. He then suggested talking to you

Mum: Yes, I know you don’t have a girlfriend, but I should not do that, you’re my son!

Me: I can understand but I did not have any other choice, so I thought I’d talk to you, but I understand.

Mum: I now understand why you made me promise not to tell anyone.

I was now relieved that she would not tell my dad, but my devious plan had failed. All that planning for months and my fantasy to bed my mum collapsed.

Me: Its OK.

I turned around to walk back to my room

Mum: Wait, what did the Doctor online say you should do? Let me try and see if I can help but you can’t tell anyone about this.

An evil smirk appeared on my face which I turned back to my mum turned into her helpless boy. I could feel the blood rush into my cock making is semi-hard.

I thought to myself this is it. I’m going to enjoy my mum for whom I have yearned for so long. I forgot to tell you my mum is a short 5.0” plump lady with a radiant brown complexion of Gujrati ethnicity.

I walked closer to her, she raised her hand but hesitate and then finally held my cock. She then pulled down my pajamas and then my boxers.

Mum: You’re already a little hard.

Me: Yes, talking to you made me a little hard.

Mum: What did the online doctor say to do?

Me: He said hold it and then stroke it front and back.

My mum now held my cock with her thumb and first finger and starts the stroking motion, front and back. This holding style was not comfortable.

It was painful. I knew I had to do something before the semi-erection shrivels as her hands were already cold.

Me: Mum, that hurts the online doctor said to hold it with your palm as if you are holding the bus pole when you are commuting.

Mum: Sorry.

She then holds my cock with her palm forming a perfect grip, I was in heaven. She started with a slow motion. It must have been 10 minutes and the pre-cum had oozed out of my cock covering the head, foreskin and my mum’s hand giving just the right amount of lubrication.

But I was controlling myself from being fully erect. As I was enjoying my ecstasy.

Mum: You’re smaller than your dad but your dad would be done on time now but you’re not even fully hard yet.

Me: I wasn’t aware that dad was quick. I thought you must have been going on for hours all night

She smiles and responses.

Mum: We generally kiss and then he mounts me and finishes in a few minutes.

Me: When was the last time you and dad did it?

Mum: It has been a very very long time.

She continues the motion changing hands for a little longer.

Me: Sorry, I don’t know how long I will be.

Mum: My hands are a little tired.

Me: Its ok, you can stop the liquid has come out.

Mum: No, it’s alright let’s continue, the liquid has not come out ye.t

Me: No, it hasn’t?! so what’s this liquid?

Looking at the pre-cum that had covered my cock and her hand

Mum: You will know when that liquid is ready to come out but you’re not fully hard still.

Mum now stroking my cock with her right hand, takes her left hand and starts to stroke with her fingers my testicles. This was a whole new sensation and even more, torture to hold my cock from fully erecting.

I knew I was not going to be able to control the erection for much longer. I had to progress in my endeavor.

Me: Can I see your breasts?

Mum: No, that’s too much. Why?

Me: I have never seen any breasts, we see in the movies and maybe that can help my liquid come out quicker

Mum give it a little thought. She stopped stroking me, stood up from the sofa then lifted her tee shirt and pulled down her left bra cup, unleashing her left breast.

It was bigger than I had imagined. The areolas were not a dark black but a slightly darker brown tone, the nipple was not protruding or hard as I had seen in the videos. It had recessed into her breast like there was no nipple and due to the size and weight had a certain about of stretch.

Did I mention that she was in her late 30’s early 40’s? Whilst I was capturing this beauty, mom had to return back to stroking my cock after unleashing her breast.

Me: Can I touch it?

Mum: Yes, you can.

I tried to cup her left breast in my right hand, but it would not fit. I gave it a gentle squeeze. It felt like a balloon made of silk filled with water, I tried to lift it too and my visual judgment that it was heavy was not wrong.

I was now gently squeezing her left breast whilst I used my thumb to circle her nipple.

Mum: You like it?

Me: Yes, I’m enjoying it very much.

Mum: I feel that.

Whilst I was hypnotized by her left breast, my cock had gained a full erection. There was pre-cum still oozing and I could see some of it had dropped onto the carpet.

Mum: You are still smaller than dad, but you are definitely lasting much longer. It’s now been over 35 minutes since I have been stroking you.

She smiled, a thought of me drumming my chest as a gorilla came to mind.

During this brief conversation, with my thumb still circling her nipple I noticed her nipple had protruded from the breast and was becoming hard and her breathing had also become deeper.

Without notice using my left hand I pulled down her right bra cup unleashing her right breast, I started squeezing the right breast.

Mum: You did not ask.

Me: Sorry.

Mum: It’s ok.

I also started squeezing her right nipple, I was hoping that my squeezing would cause some lactation of milk.

Me: What size are you

Mum: Your very curious, aren’t you? Guess?

I take a few moments to concentrate on her breasts to guess, but I know I would not be able to guess.

Me: Yes, I said 32C.

Mum: You sure?

Me: I think so, I don’t know I’m guessing.

With a smirk on face, she responded.

Mum: No, mummy is much bigger, 34D.

Me: WOW! You’re very big! Lucky dad, he gets to enjoy you whenever he wants.

Mum: I guess he’s not the only lucky one…now.

We both smiled.

Me: Can I suck it?

Mum: You can but there won’t be any milk.

I was rather disappointed when she said that. But I proceeded by bringing my face closer to her left breast and gently locked my lips onto her breast around the nipple, gently suckled.

With each suckle, I could feel her breathing pause eventually she let out an almost silent moan

Mum: Let’s try and finish this for now.

I parted my lips from her breast but continued stimulating her nipples. I was also very ready to fire my canon.

Me: We will need to stop as I feel the urge to go to the bathroom.

Mum: Now that your liquid is ready to come out. You tell me what you want me to do that makes you feel good?

Me: Can you stroke faster?

She increases the pace of the stroking

Me: Yes! That’s it keep doing that.

She kept the stroking pace constant

Me: I’m going to come!!!! Faster!

She increased the pace even more. I knew I wanted more but for now, this is all it will be.

I let out a roar as I ejaculated a shot of my semen onto her dress.

Mum: Oh wow! there you go, keep going!

She reduced the pace of the strokes but increased the length of the stroke, I ejaculated three more shots. I was completely exhausted.

She reduced the pace of the stroking and focused on milking my cock of every last drop. She finally let go of my cock, with the little energy I had left I pulled her and hugged her

Me: Thank you, mum.

Mum: You don’t need to thank me. I love you.

She escorted and placed me on the sofa and pushed me back and as she adjusted her bra and tee she said:

Mum: I’m going to go clean up and have a shower, you sit back and relax as you’ll be exhausted as it is your first time. Hope that helped and I did not hurt you.

Me: Thank you, mum, yes it really did help.

As she walked away I took a moment to watch her hips and ass swing. I knew I wanted her and wanted more.

I wanted her all naked in my arms. I wanted to touch the hole that gave me birth, I wanted to enter her. I wanted our two bodies to become one.

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