Adventure Journey With My Junior Collegue

Hi, readers, this is Benison, a regular reader of ISS. Initially, let me introduce myself. I am 22 years old boy from Hyderabad. Studying Engineering in one of the top 10 colleges in Hyderabad. This is my first sex story so please excuse me if there are any mistakes & don’t forget to drop me a mail to [email protected]. If any ladies wanna have any secret relation they can contact me on my above mail Id.

Waiting for a long time my wish came true. Coming to the sex Story, Heroine of the sex story is Priya, she is my colleague. Even though we were in the same college we didn’t talk and the incident happened on the cultural day of our college. Sorry, I forgot to tell about her status 36-25-34 as I known after asking her. There in the event we all friends were enjoying and our friends were commenting other people and I was fed up with them even though I am saying not to comment on them they are doing the same. I left them and playing NFS on my phone and Priya going by my side asked me you used to be with that batch and now you are alone what happened I told the whole thing what had happened. Then she told you won’t look like that and asked me:

Priya: Do you have a girlfriend?Me: No, I am scared to have a GFPriya: Why so, I won’t believe. You look handsome and you are good, then why?Me: Because all of them thinks I have GF.

She laughed at my reply and said that she have to go as she was participating in the events organized there. I told bye and continued playing with my game.

After a week there was a Facebook request and message.Priya: Hey, How are you?Me: May I know who is this? (Simply to have a conversation).Priya: I thought you would have remembered me?Me: have you met me before.Priya: Yes on the Cultural day in our college.Me: Hey Priya how are you doing?Priya: I am good, Can we meet tomorrow?Me: Oh yaa where?Priya: Near College but not in college I will be waiting for you near college bus stop.Me: Okay.Priya: bye.

Next day I went to the bus stop to pick her up and I asked where shall we go, she told your wish.

We went to a movie in Inox Kachiguda, later we went to the necklace road and talking about college and all due to the environment and by the way she dressed, I didn’t control myself and liplock her in that park as we were sitting near to the bushes. She didn’t hesitate and started kissing back we kissed for 20 min now she started opening my pant zip as my brother was to his position. She started hand job shocked seeing my 5 inches size then slowly she went down & started giving me a blowjob as it was my first time I was on cloud 9.

After 15 min of blowjob, I came early as It was my 1st time I was excited.

The day one went by her turn and I dropped her near her home. Before dropping near her home again we kissed.

Priya: How was your day with me.Me: It was awesome, hope I have the same day until the end if my life.Priya: Haha you look so innocent but you are naughty.Me: Don’t Underestimate Ben.Priya: Hugged me tight said good night and left.Me: Went back to home thinking about her and the incident which happened today.

Later we chatted daily for hours in the day and night but we never used to meet in our college as the rumors will spread like a rocket even though we have a Hello.

One day while chatting our conversation turned to Sex chat and we both became horny. And masturbate.

After two weeks we planned for the second meeting this time I scheduled the day and took her to the long drive went by the Warangal highway reached 100 km from Hyderabad I parked the car to the said along the lorry bay. To my luck the traffic on that day was low and there were no slow moving vehicles in that area I turned the AC to high cover the windows with sunscreen and we lip locked for 25 min and again she is moving to my pennies I told today is my day.

Slowly kissing her lips press pressing her boobs from the top of her dress as she wore the tees it was easy to lift it and undid her bra and started sucking her boobs went on by alternate by pressing one and sucking another she was moaning her moans are making me mad now I lower her panty. Her pussy was clean shaved I made her lo lay down in the back seat and slowly started kissing her legs went up to her pussy sucking it and slowly inserted middle finger sucked and finger fucked her for 25 min she is shouting and saying please don’t tease me anymore I m starving for it.

I got up from down, she sucked mine until it is hard and now I started inserting mine into her I didn’t wear any protection because it was the 1st time for both of us. It didn’t go in for the first shot after 3 to 4 strokes my whole 5 inches went in fully she was shouting and moaning with pain I slowly made to and fro motion and increasing the speed, she was enjoying the pleasure with pain continued in missionary for 15 min and turned to doggy style and ramped her for 20 min and I told I was coming as she already released her juices twice. I turned her and released my juices on her face she enjoyed it. We again kissed each other for 10 min dressed up and went to Dhaba. Had our lunch and started our drive back to home.

This is the 1st part and I will tell you next part how we enjoyed under the sky while driving back to Hyderabad by the feedbacks and the response to above sex story. Don’t forget to drop me a feedback to this mail Id [email protected] Please don’t hesitate to contact me on my above mail Id. And Don’t miss the funYours Benison

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