Adventurous Session With Ex-girlfriend And Bestfriend

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I am Himanshu back again with another sex story which was unexpected and adventurous for me. But before that, I would like to thank all the readers who enjoyed the sex story. I got overwhelming responses for my previous group sex story. It was unexpected though.

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Without wasting time, I am coming to the sex story. After my first threesome experience with 2 girls Shikha (my dusky ex-girlfriend) and her best friend Anjali. This story is about me getting lucky with Anjali and Shikha (both Names Changed). Both are pretty Delhi beauty with bitch inside. Here I am going to narrate the story how I fucked Shikha Anjali in an adventurous way. We three are bachelors. Shikha and Anjali are very close friends and both of them are fuckable beauties. Any man would love to fuck both the girls at a time. Lucky me, I got many chances in past to have both together.

Shikha is a dusky pretty girl with stats 32b 26 34 and Anjali fair babe with stats 34c 28 34. Shikha and I were in a relationship for the past 2 months. We had sex on all possible time and place. Shikha and I were in a relationship (by which I mean only fucking relation).

After 1st sex with me, Anjali wanted me more as her sex partner as she was not satisfied with her bf’s dick (smaller to me). One day, me, Shikha and Anjali were in a bar together. In front of Shikha, Anjali proposed me to become her sex partner. I was like, WTF is happening… I looked at Shikha. She winked at me. I nodded my head as a sign of yes.

After a heavy drink, I went to the washroom (that time washroom was empty luckily as time was approaching midnight). I didn’t notice that Anjali followed me inside the washroom. While peeing, she holds my dick from behind and whispered in my ears “honey, I need this now”. I turned towards her and started kissing her. We went inside the toilet room. I sat and Anjali went on her knees and started sucking my dick.

After some time, she removed her panty. And she was wearing one piece up to knee length. I didn’t remove her dress as we had to get out. She sat on my dick and moved her ass up and down. She started shouting as speed increased with pleasure. To reduce her voice, I started kissing her lips and started her lips. We didn’t try different positions due to space constraint. After around 20-25 mins (don’t remember the exact time though) I was about to ejaculate. I asked her to stop riding my dick. She asked me to release her. I ejaculated inside her. We both were so happy after the session. We adjusted our dress and came out silently before others notice.

Shikha was sitting outside waiting for us alone. She started shouting at Anjali “you bitch, enjoyed sex here. You are such a bitch, I didn’t know…. Bla blah. Next time take my permission before fleeing with my bf.”

By the time we finished our dinner together, we all were so high. And my brain turned evil. I told “girls, let’s do some adventurous sex today. Both of you remove your bra and panty. Lower your dress from the top and expose your cleavages”.

They immediately accepted the challenge. Removed their inners and kept in their bags. Then we came out of the bar. Every passerby was staring both girls’ boobs. That aroused both. They hugged each other there and pressed each other’s boobs. Then we separated and we were walking towards my flat as the girls couldn’t go to their room. I was walking in the middle of both girls. I placed my hand on Anjali’s ass. And slowly lifted her 1 piece and put my hand on her vagina. She got a current in her body. While walking, suddenly the power went off and the entire road was dark. I asked, “who wants sex here in the dark road”.

Shikha: We can wait to reach home.Anjali: baby, are you scared? I am in.Shikha: you bitch! I am not scared.Anjali to me: honey, fuck this slut here only. Tear her dress and fuck her now.

We came off the road for not being noticed. In the meantime, Shikha came on her knee and started to unbutton my jeans and she removed my jeans and boxer in a jiffy. She then took my dick in her hand and started to move her hands all over my dick. She soon took it in her mouth and started the blowjob. I inserted my middle finger inside Anjali’s vagina and soon started finger fuck her at a good pace. I succeeded in inserting 3 of my fingers inside her vagina and was fucking her real hard.

Then I lifted Shikha’s dress and inserted my dick into her vagina from behind. Anjali lowered her dress from the top and started licking her boobs. During that time Shikha lowered Anjali’s dress to ground. Anjali was completely naked. I could see her boobs in the low moonlight. I was fucking Shikha from behind. And Shikha started slapping Anjali’s boobs and vagina alternatively. I had never seen Shikha so violent. Anjali was moaning with pain and pleasure.

After 10 mins, I switched to Anjali started fucking her from behind in doggy style. Anjali was licking and fingering Shikha’s vagina.

I rammed her vagina with moving fast and furious movement of my dick. I almost reached my climax, I removed my dick and ejaculated on the faces of both girls. They licked each other’s face. Then we dressed and walked back to my flat. We had lots of fun at my flat for next 2 days which I will narrate in a series of stories.

I hope you guys enjoyed this adventurous sex story. Feel free to send your opinions and feedback to my mail Id at [email protected]. So girls and ladies from Bangalore wherever need entire pleasure and satisfaction contact me at [email protected]. You can contact me easily. Everything will be confidential.

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