Affair From Bangalore To Chennai

To start with, all that I am going to tell here is absolutely true and it happened around 6 years back. I can be contacted on [email protected]

My name is Karthik and I am basically from Chennai but did my graduation at B’lore. I was in a boarding school from my child hood and had not spoken much to girls at all. I was always in an assumption that it’s only boys who make the first move and not the girls. Since I never had the habit of talking to the girls I didn’t make any special exemption to talk to girls. Usually I answer their questions and go on my way without any second thought.

All this changed when I joined my first job and met Kavi. She was about 5.5 and had a thin figure. First time I met at the Office Cafeteria. She was standing right in front of me in the queue and I was standing in the back. Since I was in a diet I was taking small portion of all items to my plate. She saw me and was making some comments to her friend and both of them were laughing. I noticed this but didn’t give any thought about it and went to a table to sit with my friend.

Since there was no place to sit and the only two seats that were vacant were with the same table of Kavi’s we took those seats. She was smiling and giggling with her friend and occasionally looking at me. Suddenly she asked who I was and which department I have joined since I was new around the place. I said I have recently joined a new team and then both of them had again started laughing. I lost it and asked what the matter is. Then they explained that they were looking at the items I had taken to my plate and since it was so less they were laughing. We had a casual chat while having food and that was it.

Later after 2 days I was taking out my bike and she was coming out of the exit. She saw me and was asking where I was going. Since her house was on the way she asked if she could be dropped and this became a habit. After about a week’s while we were going to her house she asked if I could take her to my place just to see. Since I was not very comfortable and never knew she was interested in me I was avoiding it giving some excuse or the other. Time went by and one day it was Friday and since it was week off the next day we had so much time and she wanted to visit my place.

I took her to my house introduced her to my house owner. We then went up to my house and it was a single bedroom but nicely ventilated place. We sat and started chatting and since it was lunch time we went out got biriyani and had it at my place. This became a habit of going to my place and having lunch during the weekend and sometimes my friends joined me too. On one such occasion when we were alone after we had our lunch I started teasing her on something and suddenly pulled the scarf on her neck and went around the house.

She came back running and caught me. We played around for some time like a cat and dog chase within the house and found it really difficult to stop ourselves from hugging. Suddenly and unintentionally I grabbed her boobs and she was shocked. She was so shocked that I could see a few drops of tears near her eyes. I felt that i made a mistake and apologized. I dropped her at her place and she was saying that she is going to tell her father about what I did. Since I used to drop her at her place daily I came to know about her family and they were well aware of me. But this was just a tease she did with me and didn’t say anything. Word got around at the work place about our proximity and people started circulating stories.

One day I was called by my manager (Lady) and she said that there is a rumor going around the office that I had kissed her in the lift and this was very disturbing for both of us. She didn’t report to work from the next day and my boss felt sorry for me since she knew about me really well as I don’t flirt with girls.

But, this was the turning point in our relationship and we spoke at my place in detail during the weekend. I was so pissed off that I told her, I would have been happier if it was true but owning a blame without doing it is not good. She looked at my face and said so do you want it to actually happen?

Me: why not, I would have been satisfied it was true rather than passing rumor.

Kavi: Okay, you can kiss me but only once

I went near her and started kissing her. She was so nice in kissing that she taught me how to do it. Slowly I grabbed her boobs and started pressing it. She tried to resist but since she was also too much into it she gave in and started enjoying it. Slowly I tried to take her boobs from top but it didn’t come out. So, I put my hands from bottom of the t-shirt inside and pulled it up with her bra. I started sucking and didn’t leave her for some time.

She was so high with feelings that she held my head and started pressing me. She said that it must be my first time since I am not leaving her for so long. I was sucking like a kid and asked her what some marks on her boobs were. Since she was fair even the tiniest of black mark was very evident. Later I found they were simply small black moles that would occur anywhere in our body. It made her boobs cute. That was the end of it and then I left her at her place. She called me in the night but we didn’t speak much about it as she was next to her Dad and I was with my ex lecturer with whom I was sharing my place.

The next day she came to my place and again she started hugging me. This time she tried to talk me into showing my dick to her. I was so shy and just showed it for a few seconds. She again came near me and asked me to show it again. So, I showed it to her and she slowly touched it and started asking me questions. I have a 6 inch dick but it’s THICK. She first asked why is it like a mushroom I said my dick is circumcised. She said you are not a Muslim then why. I explained that circumcised dicks are clean and also erection stands for long that the normal one.

They are also easy to maintain and clean. She said she has not seen one till date and felt very shy and asked me to close it. I closed it immediately since I was also feeling shy. After sometime she again came near me and asked if I could show it again and this time she held it and squeezed it for some time. She was only looking there and not even my face all the time she had it in her hands. I was very happy since my dick was being handled by a girl for the first time.She left and next day when she came there was no one in my house and we again continued with the same work.

This continued for some time and after a few days I got bolder and started kissing her slowly in her pussy. She was initially very reluctant and slowly she started giving in. Every time I kissed she would shiver and hold my head tight and push to her pussy. I then made her to get to 69 position and wow it was such a nice feeling. But she was not used to sucking and hence ran to the wash basin and spit. She later apologized and said she didn’t know why but didn’t like the taste of it the first time. Later after some time she asked if she can suck and I said go ahead. She did it with a lot of interest and I was enjoying it. I could make out from her expressions that she was enjoying it too.

The next day she asked me if we can have the actual sex. I was a bit uncomfortable since I was afraid that she might get pregnant. She asked me if I can take my dick out just in time so that she won’t get pregnant. I wasn’t sure of this but since I wanted to have the experience I went on with her plan.

She asked me to slowly insert my penis but I wasn’t able to. So, she laid down in missionary position and literally caught my dick and guided it to the right spot. Once I had the knack of it I started pumping. She was thoroughly enjoying my actions and said ‘Faster….Faster….Faster’. I wasn’t able to enjoy my first experience since I always had the doubt that she might get pregnant and hence I pulled out even before I was about to come to the verge of cumming.

She laughed at it but said ‘Don’t worry. I won’t get pregnant’. So, this continued for a few days where I would keep fucking her but not get the ultimate satisfaction. Please don’t ask why we didn’t use a Condom. Neither she suggested it nor did I think of it. I know this sounds stupid but trust me you will know If you are in a situation where its your 1st experience. So, Since this continued almost every day she got used to my fucking.

Once she was so horny that she asked me to do it as fast as possible. She even explained that my Balls have to hit the tip of her Vagina for every shot of mine. I was so turned on by her explanation that I forgot about everything else and started to fuck her like crazy. I was about to cum and so I wanted to remove my dick. She said ‘Please don’t remove…I will do that ….Abortion’. She was in such a state of mind that the word abortion also didn’t come clearly to her mind. But all these turned me on so well. I completely ejaculated inside her. She enjoyed it thoroughly. I was so damn afraid that I literally was waiting for her periods date that month. Lucky for me she wasn’t pregnant.But later is when I openly told her that we can’t have sex unless I use a condom. She also agreed.

Later on we used to have sex almost every day and this became a habit. I tried all positions with her and she very much liked to ride me since she always said when she sat on TOP OF ME my dick touched a point of her pussy which was so damn good. I was always turned on by her way of explaining things like these. In due course our time of having sex kept increasing and there were days where we used to enjoy it for almost an hour in different positions.

Sometimes the Condom will get so hot that she would ask me to remove it and do it straight. I was afraid but would go ahead since I gained the guts and was comfortable that she would be on the same boat of not wanting to get pregnant.

So, we continued to have sex for almost all days I was in B’lore. I then moved to Chennai for a new job and we still continued our relation. But in due course of time due to the distance and our relation could not continue and we went our own ways. She got married to another guy who was based out of Delhi and I too went on with my life.

Recently 2 months back she got in touch with me again and frankly said she couldn’t forget the days we spent together on bed and wanted me to come and sleep with her at least once. I tried to avoid it but she was so persistent. At last I had agreed with one condition that she won’t spoil her marriage because of this. She said she is matured enough that she doesn’t want to spoil the marriage but she isn’t able to take me off her mind and she can only do that if she sleeps with me.

I went along with her plan and went to her house. I asked her to make me look like a normal guy so that the neighbours won’t doubt it. It was just for one day from morning till evening and belive me she fucked me almost all through the day and that’s when she told me the secret which in fact made me a bit proud.

Her husband was good in sex but my dick was THICK and it gave so much pleasure to her that whatever she tried she couldn’t get it from her husband. Its very funny coz sometimes she even asks me to send a video clip of my dick to her through WHATSAPP and she says she masturbates looking at it. She also said my tool stand tall for much longer.

Its all good to know and I was having a ball of time hearing them from her. She is still in touch with me but I am making sure that its not getting emotional and we only keep it sexual.

You can contact me on [email protected]

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