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Hi all., Thank you for the overwhelming response to the previous story “New beginning”.. A lot of suggestions here is the continuation..


After sending varun I just entered into my house after adjusting myself.. Ashwin is already waiting there for me.. he welcomed me with a gentle hug and gave me a cup of coffee which he prepared for me.. saying have this and get refreshed we need to move for the dinner.. then he got busy with his official call ..


I started sipping the coffee sitting on my couch thinking about what varun did today.. I went deep on thinking about it .. Ashwin suddenly hugged me around my neck whispering in my ear ..


Ash: Hey dear., Are you ok?? Thinking about something deep.. tired uh?? Shall we go some other day..?

Me: No., Nothing serious just a thought away.. I’ll get ready now

Ash: (holding my head) Okay., Get prepared I’ll be waiting..


Then I went and got ready soon we went to the restaurant where he booked a table for us.. had some fav dishes.. though I’m present here my thoughts are running in a different dimensions.. thinking am I doing wrong?? Shall I say everything about kavin to ash.. how will he react ? How to handle varun? Should I proceed further??


Ash then took me to beach.. to relax we stared walking in shore with Ashwin holding my left hand.. those chill breeze after a rainy evening tempted me to say my problem to ash.. I started to say..


Ash: what happened, dear? I can see you are disturbed with something.


Me: after a deep silence .. I feel something heavy. I feel like I’m moving wrong. I don’t know how to say it .


Ash: no problem dear.. jus relax! Do whatever it feels right for you.. don’t mind about others.. I’m here to support you..


Me: what if I do something wrong?

Ash: .. if it makes you happy! don’t hesitate without trying.. your responsible for your life


I don’t know what means he said it gave me lots of courage.. so I decided what to do next..


Then we returned to home.. soon we slept as I was very tired!


Next day in office.


I was working.. thoughts of varun started crossing my mind again.. so I texted him.. soon he came to my cabin.


Varun: tell me resh.!


Me: I wanted to talk something personal.. you know what it is..! So he took me to office terrace.

Varun: say me resh..


Me: varun I’m confused.. I don’t want to cheat ashwin for you..

Varun: I knew this might happen .. you are cheating already.. what hurts you now?


Me: his love towards me.. he trust me very much

Varun: even you were my love in past .. see how we changed now.. everything will change resh

Me: so what you want me to do now?


Come with me.. he grabbed my hand took me in his car.. soon we reached a mall.. I don’t know what he is doing.. he went and booked two tickets for a Hindi movie.. we went inside soon occupied our seats.. it was corner in last before row.. has movie already started its already dark inside


Me: what is this?? what are you doing?? why you took me here??

Varun: listen resh.. I’m not going to force I knew you love him you got a life!

Me: then why here?


Varun: for my love.. I know this is wrong.. now I can’t have you in my life but here I have two hours of time.. be mine resh!

Me: why your so mean?? You see me only as flesh


Varun: when you were everything for me you didn’t listen.. now I can have only this..


Me: I can understand everything.. but why you took me here? What shall we do?

Varun: just what you did with kavin ..

Me: *silence*


Varun: if it makes you happy! don’t hesitate without trying.. your responsible for your life!

Two hours with me here then I’m not going to get in your life .


I went into deep thinking.. but soon the rainy day and ac uncontrolled in theatre made me shiver.. I decided to fulfill varun wish.. since he is right from his view.. but how will I begin.. hesitation comes again..


I don’t know how Varun heard my mind voice soon he grabbed my hand.. though his hand was chill I could get some heat .. I responded him holding him tight.


With this positive sign.. he started making next move. We came closer and started kissing… Probably the best kiss of my life he was so passionate in sucking my lower lips.. I was in heaven .. his left hand is holding my head .. and right hand started searching way to enter into my salwar.. I placed his right hand on my right boobs.. he started pressing it. Over my salwar and inners Ohhh my goodness he was so gentle I don’t want to lose the flow.. I’m losing myself! Suddenly the lights were on.. we came apart and that moment I realized that it was interval.. we could see thorough lustful eyes.. he was blushing..

Then I stood up and went to bathroom.. he then went somewhere and came after few minutes with a cup of coffee.


I had that coffee.. I feel lot comfortable after that hot coffee.. but I know something hotter than this is going to happen.. I gained all my courage and waited for the lights to turn off..


I can smell the cigarette smell from his mouth now.. while he asked ” you want something else?” Saying no I leaned in my seat.. again the movie started.. since no one was around us it was lot private for us to have fun.. he took his left hand placed it across my shoulder.. and kept his palm over my left tits.. he cupped my entire 32b boobs.. as it was small and handy for him to hold it entirely.. I got aroused.. but to protect myself I took my dupatta and placed across my shoulder so that no one will have a clear idea about our act.


He is crushing it.. pressing it like a sponge ball I was tempted to the core. he then inserted his hand inside my dress.


Daaammnnnn it’s so chill.. he touched my erect nipple straight away. he turned towards me in surprised look. saying I never thought you’ll b prepared this much.


Varun: hey resh.. where is your bra?

Me: I removed it during interval break

Varun: how did you know before itself??

Me: I felt it much difficult when I did with kavin.. so removed it.. with a blushing face


He is holding my entire left boob in his hand with my pink nipples erected.. he started circling his fore finger around my nipple. I was losing control. he pinched my nipple softly. I went to heaven


In that position itself he tried to touch my right boobs. I can’t control anymore. I placed my right hand on the bulge of his pant.. it was rock hard.. I guess it was really big.. without wasting time I tried to remove his zip.. with his right hand he helped me to remove it .. I got the full hold of his dick above his inners.. it was not huge but the right one for me.. I started rubbing it..


I pulled his inners lower to his knee level.. I held his dick in my hand.. stroking it mildly.


It got stiff.. his size was apt that any girl will get satisfied.. after few strokes, it completely erect in my hand. I pulled the skin above it.. his dick is different from Ashwin and kavin though I loved it so much. he got a nice shape with a bulgy tip and shiny skin for about 5in I think it will be around 6-7 inches.


My hand strokes it without courtesy.. meanwhile, he outplayed my tits removed top button .. with the strokes. I felt the wetness on the tip of his 7-inch rod. I touched it with my finger!!


I squeezed his tip gathered all the liquid in my fingers. I licked it.. it was his pre cum.. seeing this he went wild he came to my ears and whispered you wanna taste it?? Without any second thought, I bent to suck it but the arm rest made me uncomfortable.


I said him I’ll go down to my knees.. he was getting horny.. he pulled his seat back and gave some space to me. I sat before him on knees.. holding his dick in my hand. I licked all the pre cum he released.. by squeezing his dick from the bottom. I loved the fragrance of it. I licked his tip with lust. I was in such a mood that I won’t stop it at any point. he was cuddling and adjusting my hair as I went in loose hairs


With those cuddling .. he gently pressed my head to suck his dick completely. I took his dick completely in my mouth.. sucked it till bottom. I felt like chocked initially but then got comfortable for deep throat. After 15 mins of the blow, he said he is going to cum.. as I’m good cum drinker he shooted huge load which is hot and salty directly in my mouth.


Though I grabbed it completely few drops splashed on my nose and his thighs. He cleaned it with my dupatta. Then I came back to my position. now he lifted my dress up.. Inserted his fingers into my lowers.. started rubbing my clits.. so he inserted his fingers inside.. since I was wet already it was easier for him


I’m going to ejaculate my load soon.. I released a huge load.. and got wet!


We both wants to get in real action. my mind said!


Soon after the movie ends he took his car we planned to go to his guest house. since we have lots of time left!!


See you in the guest house.


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