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I have been a regular reader of ISS and I have published two stories earlier. I am Arjun, now in Ahmadabad. Now I want to tell you what happened 10 days back. Once I came to Ahmadabad, there was not much people whom I know. I have taken a flat in a luxurious apartment and there I met a family. Uncle, Aunty and their son. Let me tell you about aunty, Her name is Deepa (name changed). She is now 35 years old, well built with 36-32-38.

I met them in the lobby one day and after talking to them, I came to know that they are also from same village in Gujarat. Uncle is working is a business man and used to travel always. We used to meet daily in the lobby downstairs since she used to come down to drop son to school. Since we meet everyday we used to chit chat for 5-10 mins and she gave me her telephone number.

I started to call her everyday and we used to chat normal things only. She knew that I have interest in her but I was not having the guts to talk anything out of the way. Uncle invited me to have dinner with them and after that every week one or two days they will invite me to have food with them. I used to praise her for the taste of the food. Whenever I go there she would be dressed extra decent but I will try to somehow make her know that I am trying to get glimpse of her cleavage and all.

Since it is recession time, uncle was not having any official tours. From last 3 weeks he got good business and now he has started to travel too much. Now she used to call me in the night after her son sleeps and talk normally only. One day night, when she called I was drunk and while talking I started praising her beauty and about her sexy looks and figures. I was saying casual things only but she started liking it and told me that she is not at all concerned about her looks and figure as there is no one to enjoy it and also she has reached 35. I said if I get a chance I would like to enjoy her beauty and make her feel how much craze I have to have her.

She got angry about it and disconnected the call. I called back and said sorry, but she was still angry. I said I am drunk and that’s why I said like that and all. She became normal and asked whether I had dinner, and invited me to have food with her. I immediately rushed to her apartment and when I went inside she was wearing one sexy night gown which is little transparent. On top of that night gown she has put a shawl to cover her assets. She was not wearing any pantie, I could see her pussy not so clearly but was little bit visible. When she turned around I could see her huge ass. There was good outside view from the balcony so she told that we will enjoy the view outside. She went and stood in the balcony, I was like my dick will burst out from the pants after seeing her in the night gown. I told her that I am getting very good smell which shampoo r u using? She told today she applied sunsilk and showed her hair to me.

I went behind her and smelled her hair and caught her hand along with the hair. Then I turned her hand and put my hand around her. She just fell back to my chest, I kissed her neck and turned around and she gave her sweet lips for me to enjoy.While kissing I was caressing her back and felt her huge ass. She was not wearing any bra, I cud feel her erect nipples piercing my chest. I caress her boobs and I was pushing my dick to her pussy and she was also pushing her pussy to my dick. After about 5 mins of kissing she told me that we will go inside Arjun.

She took me to her bed room and while going to the room I was caching her boobs, her eyes was partially closed but I cud see her sex hunger through her eyes. She locked her room and told me not to make much noise as her son is sleeping next door. Inside the room we were kissing and caress like wild. She was about to remove her gown but I stopped her and told her that I don’t want u to remove it fast. I was feeling her body over the silky night gown and removed her button of the night gown. I took her boobs out and started licking it around the nipples and areola.

Then I started sucking the boobs and with another hand I was squeezing her other boob. She was making moaning sounds which made me more crazy and I bit her nipples slowly. She was caressing my hair, den I moved my hand to her legs and thighs and slowly pulled her night gown little up. When I touched pussy she started shivering and she caught hold of my dick and she removed my pants all on a sudden. She immediately took my dick and started giving me blowjob. My dick was full of precum and said she like the smell of my dick. She was making me go wild and with few minutes, I cummed inside her mouth.

She drank all my cum and told that she like the taste. I pulled her up and gave a very passionate kiss. My dick was still rock hard and she told why it is not getting soft for which I told when such a gorgeous sexy lady is with me, how it is get soft. I removed her gown and I removed my dress too. Den we started kissing and I feel her whole body. I made her lie down in the bed and started licking her whole body from her lips, to the ear lobes, then her boobs, her arm pits, den her tummy, den I gave a kiss on her pussy.

She was shivering like anything. I started licking her pussy and also inserted one finger inside her pussy. Also with another finger I was massaging her clitoris. She was making lots of noises and was going wild. She was pushing my head more on to her pussy. Within no time she had her first orgasm. She asked to to stop, I slowed down little bit and again increased their pace. She was getting more out of control and was asking me to fuck her. She had her second orgasm. I was really enjoying her taste and the smell.

Then I stood up, she caught me and had a long passionate kiss. Den she guided my dick to her pussy, it went inside without much problem as it was dripping wet. Wooowwww… her pussy was so hot. I asked her to come on top of me, she started fucking me. She was fucking in such a way that her clitoris is touching my pubic hair. Within much time she had her third orgasm. While fucking I was squeezing her boobs and she became more crazy. Before she was going to stop fucking, I lifted her little bit and started to fuck her from below.

Again she was getting into mood and she continued to fuck. She was getting really tired but she said she don’t want to stop. She had her 4th orgasm and collapsed on top of me. After resting over me for sometime she asked me to come on top of her and cum. I went on top of her and was fucking her like anything. So hard, she was yelling that she will die, she asked me to tear her pussy. I was fucking so hard and was about to come she said me to pour it inside her pussy itself. I cummed inside her pussy and she too had her 5th orgasm.

I kissed her passionately for and we slept like that for an hour in the same position. She woke me up and kissed me n my lips and said that now only she knew what is real sex. She was asking why we didn’t meet early. After that day we are having sex when his son is sleeping, also in the daytime when son has gone to school. When her husband is at home, she tell him tjat she is going for walking outside. And den she comes to my flat and we are enjoying like anything. We have tried everything in sex saga.

I just love her pussy smell and taste. I have licked her ass to and that day she had 7 orgasms. Now she is looking very young. Her husband was asking her how she is getting younger day by day. She told me that now she is fully satisfied women and that’s y she is becoming younger. Also she said that she is getting more energy when drinking my milk 😉

I can be contacted in and around Ahmadabad at [email protected] Wish to hear from you all regarding my story.

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