Amazing sex session with big boobed cousin

This story happened on a Wednesday when I am going to my office. I got a call from my cousin saying that she was alone in her home and she needed some help. (Two days ago, we had a great pussy-licking session at her house and which was a lovely heartfelt one.)

So I attended her call and told her I will be there in an hour. So I headed toward my cousin’s house and parked my car somewhere near the main road and walked to her house. When I reached her house, nobody was inside and I searched for her. I found her washing the clothes outside.

When she saw me, she was happy and asked me whether I want her to come inside now or after washing the clothes. I told her to come inside. Then she came and prepared me something to drink.

After that, she told me to wait on the sofa. I nodded and had the drink. After some time, she came to me wearing a knee-length skirt and top. Guys, it was such an amazing look, wearing a pink top and black shirt which was skin fit.

Later my cousin came to me and sat beside me and smiled at me. It was such a sexy smile.

I slowly touched her knees. She then moved her skirt upward and gave way to me to move forward. She then came close to me and give me a lip-lock. After some seconds, our touch met each other and went very wild. Her saliva met mine and hot honey flowed from his lips. I drank it.

After 15 minutes, she gave me a naughty smile and invited me to the bedroom from where we can see the gate outside.

Later we started lip-locking and suddenly, she started unbuttoning his pink top which made me so crazy. She then removed her skirt. She stood in her white bra and lemon-green panty. I kissed her cleavage and started sucking her nipples. Her nipples were really hard and black. My cousin had big boobs which were a handful and had small nipples.

Then she removed her bra and panty and stood completely naked in front of me. I kissed her neck, holding her breasts. I bit her ears. Then I moved slowly to her armpits and kissed inside her armpits and smelled it deeply. Oh my god, what a fabulous smell and mood.

Then I went to her breasts and licked her nipples. By licking her nipples, I went down with my fingers to her pussy which was a trimmed beauty jungle, such a thick one. It was nicely trimmed with a hanging beautiful cunt.

After my eating, it spread a little more. After that, I massaged her clit in a circular manner in a standing position and she gave soft moans in my ears.

After this, she invited me to her bed and she lay down, spreading her legs wide open and inviting me to do her favorite thing – eat her fresh tight pussy. On seeing that amazing thing, I felt so much pleasure inside my dick and it became rock hard. Then I started licking her love hole and it was already wet with her juice.

I licked all of it and we put dairy milk chocolate in her pussy and licked it from there. Oh my god, what a taste and my cousin enjoyed it too much. She held my head and told me to go deep inside with my tongue. I did it like she wished.

Then she held my head and gave me a lip-lock. Suddenly, my phone rang and my friend called. I stood up and she then did the amazing thing of coming close to my hard dick and licking it on the tip. Very slowly, she put it in her mouth. Oh my god, such a great feeling!

I got surprised by her sudden action and I loved it very much. This was my first blowjob from her. She did it so slowly that I felt each and every inch of it. Then I took her back on missionary and she asked me, “Are you going to take a risk?”

I answered, “Yes, I am” with a smile and I licked her from her toes to her trimmed hair. Then I took my dick and rubbed with her clit and made circles, holding her breast. She wide opened her mouth and moaned loudly on this pleasure.

I closed her mouth with a lip-lock and inserted my dick slowly. Suddenly, she held my butt and pushed my dick deep inside her. Oh my god, what a feeling as it went deep inside. She held my butt and it gave me more pleasure and moaned. She was saying, “Do it fast and fast. Fuck me, fuck me like that.” She used abusive words also which made me more crazy.

Then she came in doggy position and put my dick inside. She took all the control and was doing it. Oh my god, what an amazing view of her butt, such a lovely brown one. She spread her lovely ass cheeks for better access.

After some time, she lay downside and spread one leg upward to see her pussy and invited my dick from her side. I put it inside, holding her leg. Oh, what a view! Then I understood that she learned all these positions from porn movies.

Then she came back to missionary and held on my back. We fucked for another 10 minutes slowly and then fast. She told me to fuck like just putting inside the tip, and not fully. I did that to her. She liked it too much.

After that, she told me to deep insert and I did it like that. After 3 minutes, I was about to cum and she had her orgasm in that doggy style itself. When I told her I was cumming, she told me to come on her face.

I put my dick and she jerked my cum on her face. It was a huge load on her hair and face. It fell on her mouth, eyes, eyebrows and forehead and hair. After that, I lay down on top of her for some time, giving a kiss on her forehead and I said thank you in her ears. She smiled at me and asked me if I was happy or not. I told her it was such a precious gift for me.

Guys, I hope you all loved my story and I am eagerly waiting for your valuable comments. Thank you.

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