Amazing Sex With Girlfriend In Rainy Season

Hi everyone my name is tejas(name changed) now I am a student from gujarat currently studying sy in bca and I have an normal average body with 6 inches of throbbing hard cock

Now let me describe my gf we had 2yrs of relationship.Her name is puja vital stats 36-24-38 really gorgeous vital stats and a fair complexion and the right amount of flesh at right places.

This incident happened last year when we went to mumbai in rainy season.

Now we reached mumbai by train we romanced in between the journey as we had taken the night train.

I was constantly staring at puja she noticed me and blushed then as the lights went off I got up and sat besides her and turned her face towards me and kissed her on cheeks then lips and then it turned out a long and erotic smooch after that we separated to take breaths then again we started to smooch and then automatically my hands started pressing her 36d boobs on her white top after that she held my hair and pushed me down on her boobs

I removed her top massged her breasts over her bra then removed it and started sucking her gorgeous boobs as it started she moaned softly ahhhh…

As she moaned I started sucking her breasts more harder and gave some love bites over her nipple which created some red marks now I started unbuttoning her jeans and she helped getting my shirt off then I laid her on the berth and I laid on her and started kissing smooching and sucking her breasts again and she moaned like anything ahhh….  Ahhhh …. Uumm suck me harder baby go down fast ….. Ahhhh ummm harder baby

As she moaned I went down and started kissing her navel which intake was very soft by which she again moaned ahhh then I removed her panty as she was already wet I kissed there and started fingering her pussy which was cleaned shaved then I fingered her for 4-5 mins and ahhh she moaned loudly ahhhh umm yaa baby yaaaa ahhh umm and then she squirted a huge amounts of load then she removed my jeans and then my underwear and as she removed my underwear my 6″ hard cock came out and was erect like anything then she slowly started stroking it up and down oohh then she kissed it and then started sucking it oohh man what a feeling it felt that I am the happiest person on earth ahhhh really that feeling was just awesome then she was sucking my cock for 6-7 mins then I told her I am gonna cum she rapidly increased her speed of sucking and then I finally agggghh I cummed inside her mouth which she readily drank it.

Now as we both were ready for the final step but the train stopped at a station unfortunately we also needed to stop our divine intervention.

We stopped wore our clothes drank water and ate some packets and then sat at our berths then we just smooched and I pressed her boobs and she moaned softly and till we reached mumbai nothing much happened except kissing smooching and boobs pressing.

When we reached mumbai it was raining heavily and we both got drenched and our luggage also got wet as we were wet puja’s assets were clearly being saw by everyone and many of men commented that waah kya maal hai etc. We finally got a taxi and managed to get a hotel room then we checked in and then as we got in our room we both firstly dried ourselves then we kept the bags on one side and dried them then puja told me I am going for a bath I said ok then she went in and I peeped in the bathroom and looked at her gorgeous figure

Then she told me to give her the towel I said ok I removed all my clothes and just wrapped the towel around me and I went inside the bathroom and said here’s ur towel she became shy then said to me get out I did not say anything and turned on the shower and as the shower started I pulled her to me and whispered in her ears save water shower together (hahahaha) I know that’s silly but anyways then I removed her clothes then we showered together then dried ourselves and then slept sometime as we were tired from the journey.

Next day I woke up and found that something is there around my cock then I removed my blanket I saw puja was giving me a nice blowjob then I cummed all over her face she went in bathroom washed her face came and sat on me then smooched me and then she said “Good morning baby” I replied that this is not a good morning this is a great morning then I kissed her then called room service for breakfast and ordered some items and then I lifted her in my arms and took her to bathroom and then we bathed together and when we were just about to finish our bath the doorbell rang and a voice came room service then I said just a sec I wore the bathing robe and kept puja inside the bathroom then I opened the door and the waiter kept the breakfast on table and said good morning and went then I called puja out of bathroom then I told to sit on my lap she sat then we ate our breakfast.

Then we went shopping we shopped a lot of approx rs.25000.

Then we went in the room then she wore all outfits one by one and showed and modeled it for me after that suddenly I received a call from my dad that mom’s health is not in good condition so pls come back I said ok I said to puja she said that she wanted a long lasting session of sex I said ok baby as u say then I started untied the robe and started kissing her over her whole body then she also moaned softly ahhhh umm then I started sucking her breasts and the other arm went down and started fingering and she was then moaning like anything ahhh umm  yaaaaa baby love u baby ahhhh umm yaaa baby yaaaa

Then after 5-6 mins she cummed all over my hand then she went down and started stroking my cock then kissed on the tip of it and then started sucking it virgooursly and I said I am gonna cum I came in 4-5 mins and she swallowed my whole cum then I laid her on the bed then went down and started kissing her cheeks lips boobs shoulders navel thighs inner parts of thighs then pussy was already dripping with the cum so I started sucking it and she started to moan and kept pressing my head inside her pussy

Then after 2-3 mins of sucking I came up and adjusted my cock for the heavenly ride I have been waiting for so long then I kept a pillow under her ass fir support then I kept my cock on her pussy lips and then aaaag hh first thrust went tearing the pussy walls of her and then she moaned loudly ahhh ummm yaa baby yaaaaa baby ahh umm yaaaa then I took out my whole cock out and then pushed again inside and did this 3-4 times and then she was moaning like hell yaaaa baby ya deeper ya baby yaaaa deeper fuck me baby fuck me hard ya baby yaa ahhhm  ahh deeper yaaaa then I kept fucking her and kept sucking her breasts and we continued fir 20-25 mins after that she came 2 times and then I climaxed and released my sperms on her stomach and then we bathed together and then we went back…….

Hope you liked it waiting for your comments and if you are interested in me then contact me : [email protected]

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