Ami Ki Chudai With New Neighbor

It was the peak of summers my mom and I used to live together I was in high dad was abroad I never had any weird feelings for my mom, dad used to visit once in a year for about a week as I grew up I observed that something was not right with my mom she started remaining a bit desperate and depress at first I was not able to grasp the situation then I decided to council the physiatrist,

After counseling session he told me that as my mom is now above 40 so she has some basic desires and needs and they needed to be fulfilled, he told me that she needs sex on regular basis, its necessary for her to have sex as it’s very healthy and important activity for her, I was mature and reasonable I understood his meaning obviously dad wasn’t here for her so I had to make some necessary arrangements , she needed to have proper sex but was very shy and innocent so it was all on me. Few houses away in our neighborhood I saw a man who had just shifted here he was well maintained, of about 48 as I laid my eyes on him I thought that he can get the job done.

I visited him later that evening he was divorced and worked in gym as a trainer, I invited him on a dinner on next night I went home and asked told mom that I had invited him on a dinner my mom was excited too, so next night he appeared on our door mom invited him in, both of them had bright smiles on their faces I clearly saw on his face that he really wanted to fuck her, so we chatted then had our dinner.

Mom remained most of the time near him I saw her before sitting on dinner table she went to bathroom to tighten up her bra while sitting on the dinner table I clearly observed him observing my mom’s boobs and rubbing his cock as he was having an erection due to her, he wanted to have her in dessert anyhow nothing happened he went to his home after thanking us for dinner.

Next morning I went to his home and asked him if he liked the dinner he was extremely pleased about it and then I asked him about mom he said that he liked her very much after some time I told my mom’s issues and asked him for his help, for which he was already prepared as he was planning to pick my mom.

We set a plan of tomorrow evening that I would leave home and come at his place while he will appear on our doorsteps and do his job and so it happened I went to his place , I saw him he was really looking hot he also grabbed some condoms and headed towards my place, he knocked the door after asking who was on the door my mom opened it , she was in her formal clothing,

My mom welcomed him in the house without knowing his intentions my mom went towards the kitchen he followed her and suddenly put his hand on her mouth from behind and started kissing her neck and then threw her on sofa she tried to get up but he again pushed her on it she was lying on sofa he quickly unbuttoned his shirt and laid on her grabbing her hands he was deeply and intensely kissing her mouth while mom was trying to get rid of him but all in vain as he had everything under control he was so deep that after few moments when mom realized that none is around her she stopped resisting , when he released the she had stopped resisting he started to unbutton her shirt my mom was breathing heavily now ,

After kissing her intensely he started sucking her boobs it seemed moment of immense pleasure for my mom while he was busy in licking and sucking my mom’s breast she untied his belt and unzipped his pent and entered her soft hands inside his pent, she was glad to know that he has a big and thick cock ready to penetrate her vagina , as he felt her soft hand on his hard cock he made her naked and threw her clothes away then he lifted her legs and started licking her pussy it gave my mom immense pleasure an experience she had never enjoyed before she grabbed his head towards her cunt and closed her legs he licked her fine pussy for 10 minutes making it whole wet my mom already started having orgasms but she didn’t knew that it was just the start ,

He then grabbed her head and make her suck his long and thick cock he was really enjoying his cock getting sucked and my mom really licked lubricating the cock which was about to enter her vagina

After 10 minutes of fine cock sucking he entered his thick strong cock in her pussy, as his cock entered her vagina she scratched his back with her nails as it was big enough but he continued to fuck her pussy and after few seconds he was giving his full energy stokes to her vagina , she was drowned in depths of orgasms and he continues to fuck her while kissing her boobs his stokes were so strong that even the sofa displaced from its place he fucked her warm and wet pussy for about 45 minutes and mom was enjoying it

Then after he pulled out his cocked he laid her on her belly and entered his cock in her ass , damn she screamed as it entered in her asshole but he grabbed her hands and continued ramming her ass despite her moaning meanwhile banging her ass he leaned down to kiss her neck and chicks to make her enjoy too after few minutes she was enjoying her first anal intercourse her moved her both hands behind and opened her hips so that his cock could fuck her more effectively after 20 minutes of anal intercourse he ejected his dense thick hot load in her ass and pulled off his cock from her ass..

Both of them were tired like hell so none of them bothered to get dressed and slept on sofa instead from that day forward my mom never went in depression and started meeting him quite often and remained more healthy and happy I guess my idea did worked.

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