An Afternoon With Hot Neighbour Aunt

Hello ISS readers, this is Gourab K Gupta from Kolkata. I am a 22 years old M.Com aspirant. I have been following ISS for the last 7 years and this is the first time I am writing about my experience of sex with my neighbour aunt.

Not wasting much time, I am taking you directly to the story. I am Gourab Gupta with a height of over 6 feet but not so well-built up and fair by complexion. The heroine of the story is Shreeparna who is a 30 years old woman and a mother of 2 children (aging 5 and 2).

Shreeparna often come to our house for casual talks with my mom but every time when she comes, I notice that she always have a hint of lust in her eyes whenever she looks at me. But I use to ignore that. Her stats are 24-36-30 and enough to make anyone insane. The sexiest thing about her is her dressing. She always wears transparent sarees which shows the major part of her body. I have also cummed imagining her but never had the guts to say anything naughty to her.

One day, I went to her flat for some work. The door was open and as my and her families were close to each other, I didn’t ring the bell. When I entered her flat, she was doing some work in the kitchen. Her younger son was sleeping and the elder daughter was at the school. Her husband was on a business trip at that time.

As I saw her big butts and the divine six-inch naked portion between the breast and the hip in saree, I couldn’t control myself and gripped her into my arm from the back and smooched her on her neck. She was shocked at that moment and I was quickly ashamed of my behavior. She gave a very angry look and took me inside a room.

In the room, I thought it was the end of the play and I was going to have a great scolding. But to my shock, she slapped me and gave me 10 minutes long lip-lock kiss. I was in cloud 9. She said that she just wanted to have sex with me for long. I was so surprised to hear that and I replied saying that I was ready to be her sex slave.

After the kiss, I touched her belly and felt the warmth of her body; it was divine. Shreeparna then said, “Don’t wait, just ride”.

I being naughty just moved my finger to the sensitive parts of her body such as her navel, armpits, neck, and chest just to arouse her. She was already aroused and was taking deep breaths. I then unbuttoned her blouse, she was not wearing any bra. The two boobs just flipped out like two parrots flipping out of the cage. They were enormous.

I started sucking them like a wild animal and she was moaning. Her moaning sounds “ahh” “umm” “ahh” were making me more excited. Without wasting much time, I also got rid of my clothes and also unclothed her. Then I saw the door to heaven.

She then stood up and started playing with my dick. She said that my dick was well-built as compared to my age. I said, “Don’t talk, just suck it!”

She, without wasting any time, started sucking it as if she had been waiting for it for ages. After giving a blowjob for about 10 minutes, I cummed on her and she drank my semen happily. After that I made her lay down on the bed and started sucking her pussy. She was shouting, “Don’t just suck, eat it! It’s all yours”.

Now it was the time for real action. At first, I didn’t want to fuck her as I did not have a condom but she asked me to continue the game and that she will have the contraceptive pills after the fun. She also said that she won’t mind becoming the mother of my child and to that, we both laughed.

Now it was the time for the emperor to enter his kingdom. Before inserting my dick, I rubbed my dick on her pussy which excited her to the core. She then grabbed my hair and said, “I can’t wait anymore, just get inside!”

When I first inserted my dick, she shouted as if someone had shot her a bullet and I was scared that somebody might have heard her loud scream. She then comforted me by saying not a single sound will get out of that room. It gave me confidence and I started my to and fro motion. Although I was having sex for the first time, I have watched a hell lot of porn movies and I knew how to keep the momentum going on.

I started off slow and gradually gained the speed. Her moans were more than enough to keep me fucking her. Whenever I saw that she was just on the way of giving up, I slowed my speed and when I noticed that she is fine increased my speed.

After some time, I cummed inside her and slept beside her. She gave me a passionate kiss and told me that she will never feel bored from now onward as she has discovered a ‘new game’ to play. After that, I again sucked her boobs and pressed them. They were as soft as sponge balls and smooched her.

We were planning for another session and had started off too but this time, with some changes. As we both were exhausted, we planned to have a bath. In the bathroom, I made her stand against the wall and sucked her asshole. She was not ready to be fucked from the back but I insisted and finally, she agreed.

I will tell you how I ass-fucked Shreeparna in the next story. Once again, I request the readers forgive me for any mistakes. Also, please don’t forget to give your valuable feedback at [email protected].

Interested aunties and ladies can also contact me. Thank you.

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