An Erotic And Sensual Blindfolded Experience!!!

Hello my horny iss readers!!! It’s been a pleasure sharing my experiences with you guys as you have shown a lot of love by writing to me with those wonderful comments and all kinds of requests.. It’s been a long time since I have shared my experiences with you as I have been a little busy trying to meet all the lovely horny girls and woman in this busy schedule who are waiting to be loved and pleased in the most special and unique ways..

For all the new readers let me introduce myself. I’m rohan sharma, 28 years old. I’m a sex advisor, a massuer(massage therapist) by hobby and I’m here to please or help you guys in anyway I could. Let it be physical pleasure or you need to seek a piece of advise. You are always welcome. Unlike other authors I shall try to respond to your queries in an hour or two.

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Coming to the story, this is something relatively new to me as I have always shared my real experiences. But here I’m trying to write something which might happen soon.. Confused?? Well a reader of ISS has requested me to write this for her as she wants to have an idea of how pleased she could be of she gets to meet me. Hope you guys enjoy this and I get the response as I always do.

Before I start.. I want you guys to have ya hand in ya undies and enjoy this, because trust me guys you gonna love every bit of it. And if you wish to read my old experiences then click on my name just below the title

Let me introduce you to 1 of gorgeous readers I have seen till date. Her name is spandana. She is 1 hot 24-year-old girl from the garden city Bengaluru.

She tried to reach me sometime back and as girls are a little worried about their privacy and safety, it has taken her a little long to go ahead with this.

We have been chatting for a long time and meanwhile she had shared quite a lot of her photos and guys I had my jaws dropped to my knees when I tried to admire this gorgeous girl.

She is smoking hot, especially when she drapes herself in those beautiful sarees where in you can see that sexy curve on her waist. That belly button kinda drives me crazy. She has beautiful pink lips you’d love to kiss all night. She is 1 girl I have been crazy for the past couple of months…

She made a request of having a sensuous romantic massage and I was over the moon when she asked me for that and all I could manage to say is I would be pleased to give her 1.

So we decided the date and booked a 4-star property for our meet. I had planned a lot about this meet and decided that she would be blindfolded as I wanted it to be a very special day for a really special girl.

I wanted every move to be a surprise. I wanted her to wait for my each move. The only way she gets to know what’s next is with my touch…

She was waiting for me laying in bed on her stomach with only 2 things on her. That is the blindfold and her panties. And I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw her skin glowing skin waiting for my hands to pamper those hot curves.

It took me few minutes to regain my senses and with a formal talk, I started with my job for which I have been waiting eagerly over the past few months.

I took some oil and applied some oil on those sexy legs of her.. I could feel her shiver just a little when I touched her for the first time.

I slowly started to massage her calf muscles and asked her about the pressure and she replied with a just a nod of her head saying it’s perfect.

After I massaged her calf muscles I slowly moved up towards her soft thighs with the minimum pressure.. My hands were feeling every inch of her soft left thigh and I slowly started moving my hands towards her inner thighs. She kinda slowly spread her legs giving me easy access and I started to brush my fingers on her panty line.

I could feel her panty really wet already and I realized that she was loving every bit of it. I then started to massage her upper thigh were her panty just ends.

I slowly started to insert my fingers inside her panty feeling her ass and massaged their for a while and then moved to her right leg.

Just like the start I slowly started to massage her calf muscles and then moved to her thighs, this time a little more confident and I started to apply more pressure on her thighs ending my hands deep inside her panty on to her ass!!!

Now I slowly lowered her panty and now I could see that sexy round ass all naked. I felt like biting it right away but somehow controlled myself and started to massage her ass in a circular motion moving from her ass crack towards the sides.

While doing so I made sure that my fingers were deep inside her ass crack feeling that juicy pussy with just the finger tips.

She started to moan slowly and thus giving me enough courage to take it 1 step ahead. I slowly spread her legs and now I can see her lovely shiny love tunnel inviting me to lick it… But I wanted to go slow and tease her a lot as she made me wait for such long time to meet me.

So I slowly started moving my hands from the top of her ass towards her juicy love whole making sure that I just don’t touch it.

I then poured a lot of oil on her ass making sure that it makes it’s way to those pink lips teasing her.. Giving her just that feel of what is about to come. Spreading her legs wide I started massaging her just a millimeter away from her pussy lips in the area right in between her pussy and thighs.

I then started to massage from the outside, starting from her thighs towards her pussy making sure that I just end it near her pussy lips. Doing so I could slowly pull her pussy lips making them rub against each other for a few minutes and I could see her ass move in the rhythm. Just then I could feel her body shiver, her thighs trying to push my fingers on pussy as she started to breathe heavily. I realized that she just had her first orgasm while her body seemed to be paralyzed without even moving an inch…

After she had her first orgasm, I slowly moved towards her ass again and started moving towards her lower back. I then poured some oil again on her lower back and started to move up with circular moments and then massaged her shoulders. Then I slowly reached her ass again and with medium pressure on her spinal chord with my thumb moving up towards her shoulders I slowly started to move my hands on the sides of her back touching that soft milky breast of her.

I repeated this for 6 to 8 times and then slowly started to massage her on her upper back making sure that I spend a lot of time feeling and massaging her soft breast from the sides.

As all of you know, guys are really fond of a woman’s breast and I’m like none other..I wanted to feel that soft breast.. Pamper them. Massage them. And I asked her to turn around and lay on her back.

And what a sight it was!!! She was laying half naked right in front of me with those perfect round breast tempting me, asking me to suck on them as long as I can..

But it was just not the time I could do it and I covered her breast with a towel just to surprise her and make her think why didn’t I feel her breast.

Teasing my girl is the best thing I could do. And I did the same with her by making her wait without touching one of the most sensuous organs on a woman’s body that is her breast.

I started to massage her shoulder just below her neck. Sliding my hands beneath her and massaging her upper back and shoulders simultaneously releasing the tension on her back and shoulders…

Making such moves on the upper back I slowly kinda pushed the towel down and now I can see that big cleavage. I couldn’t take my eyes off her breast and almost spent massaging her upper back for 3 to 4 minutes without even taking my eyes off her beautiful round breast for a second.

This was all I could take and the towel barely covering her breast I slowly started to inch towards her breast and started to massage her just below her neckline ending above her breast in a circular motion starting from the sides of her shoulder moving in towards her breast.

While doing so I could feel my hands go lower automatically every second and I could finally start to feel the soft flesh of her breast.

I could feel the hardest boner inside my undies and it was really tough for me to manage it this way as I could feel the pink head of my thing coming out of my undies.

Wondering what to do, I slowly decided to move inch by inch from her cleavage towards the center of her breast and started to massage her breast starting from the top, moving towards the sides in a circular motion making her breast feel right in between my palms.

While doing so I made sure I don’t touch her pink rock hard nipples and now moved my hands on her breast feeling them in my palms and massage the darker area just around those nipples.

The monster in me couldn’t take it anymore and I took those pink nipples in my mouth and started to suck them like there is no tomorrow. Spandana too started enjoying it and she started to move her hands in her hair. I started to suck on her left breast while my hand was busy playing and pinching the right nipple.

I could feel my body taking over my mind and I switched sides and started to suck on her right nipple with my right hand feel her other breast with my right hand.

I took her breast in my mouth and I started to lick her nipple with my tongue while my other hand slowly moving inside her panties… I slowly started to play with the nipple in my mouth and I finally managed to reach her juicy wet pussy with great difficulty as she pressed her thighs tight against each other in the excitement.

I slowly started to feel her pussy with my fingers and I could feel her breast in my mouth moving up and down in the rhythm of her heavy breath..

As I realised that she is now turned on, I slowly moved further down towards her navel and slid my tongue deep inside it as I didn’t massage nor put any oil there. After licking her deep navel, I started to feel the sides of the navel with just my tongue. I almost licked every inch of her skin on her tummy just as the dog licks it’s bone.

Licking her tummy I slowly again moved towards her breast and started to do the same, as my hands could slowly push her panties down in which he helped me by raising her ass.

I pulled her panties down in go and now found myself right in between those sexy thighs and buried my lips deep inside that flowing juicy pussy. After all the work of my fingers, her pussy was flowing with juices and I could feel the taste of those juices and I loved licking every drop of it.

And it was time for something which I love the most. I slid my tongue deep into her pussy and started to explore every inch of it. With the pleasure taking the toll of spandana she grabbed me by my hair and pushed my head deep inside her pussy..

She was now feeling as if she in some other world and a girl I couldn’t relate with when I was chatting or talking to her. She was now one hungry and horny tigress seeking for pleasure.

With my tongue deep inside her pussy, I finally could make out her g spot and started to lick it with all the force I could. And within a couple of minutes, I could make out that she was about to have her second orgasm as I could feel her numb and her thighs pressing hard against my ears. I started to lick her g spot a lot faster and she finally had her second orgasm with a loud moan and I drank every single drop of it.

I thought it was all over, as we had decided that it would be just oral and nothing beyond, I suddenly heard her say in a very low voice.

“Please fuck me, Rohan!!! Please make love to me!!! Please!!!!”

It was just what I wanted to hear and I got rid of my denim and undies in a second and put on the condom in the next…

I then asked her to turn and made her sit in the doggie style. I then slowly placed the tip on my dick on her pussy lips and started to tease her…

“Oh, rohan!!! Don’t tease me anymore. Please please make love to me!!!”

Then even I couldn’t take it any longer and I tried to push my dick in her pussy.. Though her love whole was flowing with the juices and I had the condom on, I found it really difficult to put my whole dick in her.. With slow and steady strokes I grabbed her right breast and slowly started to move my dick in and out.

After almost 7 to 8 minutes I lost my patience. And I decided to give 1 big thrust. She yelled in pain Rohan!!!!! And before she could say anything I started to pump her love whole real hard.

It was 1 hell of a sight for me where I could see myself in the mirror thumping her real hard and her breast swinging in the air in all the directions.

This kinda turned me on and I started to spank her sexy ass!!! Just when I realized it turned red with all those strokes and spanks on her ass!! And I thought I would give a sort of relief to her and changed the position to the old but yet the most recommended missionary position because I even wanted to kiss those beautiful lips…

I then kissed her on her forehead as I couldn’t stop myself from falling in love with this gorgeous girl. She has been the most amazing partners I had ever been with…

I slowly started to kiss her all over face and gave her a love bite on her neck. I then moved to her ears and started to lick her just behind her ear as I know most of the girls love it and she was no exception…

She hugged me tight and I started to kiss her beautiful pink lips… The best part of making love is a good long kiss and I didn’t wish to miss this chance and I started to take her lower lip in my mouth and licked it. She did the same and lemme tell you, she was 1 quick learner. I then pushed my tongue deep into her mouth and then we had a tongue fight while I even sucked on her tongue which can turn any girl on.

The kiss lasted for almost 15 minutes, just then I realized I haven’t finished my job yet. I finally broke the kiss, with which she was upset without knowing what is in store for her…

I suddenly pushed my dick deep inside her and I could feel my whole dick inside her. I didn’t move for a couple of seconds so that she can gather her thoughts and started to kiss her lips again.. She started responding to the kiss in a while and I started moving my ass real fast.

She grabbed the pillow with both hands underneath her head barely managing to kiss me back as I was pumping her real hard. As fast as I can..

I then realized she won’t be able to take it anymore, I switched to my favorite butterfly position in which I could penetrate a lot deeper and harder.

With me pumping her real hard and fast. She started to moan in pleasure.. ” oh Rohan!! Please don’t stop!!!! Harder!!! Harder!!! Oh yes!!! Yes!!!!

And we finally reached climax with both of us losing our breath exhausted and all I could do is lay down next to her with my hand on her hugging her absolutely paralyzed as I couldn’t move an inch and soon we fell asleep…

Girls if you loved this experience, or wish to experience the same or may have some naughty talks then please write to me. And guys if you wanna seek any advise or want some help clearing any doubts then feel free to write to me.

And couples and singer’s who are looking for group sex or threesome are most welcome as I already few partners ready for our new erotic and sexual adventures!!!

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This is Rohan Sharma signing off!! Stay blessed!!!!

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