An Examination Night Changed Our Life

Hello Friends, I am a regular visitor and a great fan of ISS. I had read almost all the stories posted in this site. Today is a Big day I decided to post one of my real encounter with my friend jasmine(name changed) with you all.Any Delhi Aunty or Gal like to share any feelings please tell me on [email protected]

Firstly I would like to tell you about myself. I am Alok, 26 yrs of age and currently working with a reputed company and currently in delhi . I am atheletic build and my height is 5,7.Not taking your much time I would like to come straight to the story. I had a very good friend called Jasmine at that time Jasime was a hottest gal of our school. At that time she got a body to die for she was 34-26-34. She was totally slim and fair body like u can say a milk body.

She was a very good friend of mine and we both were studying together for past several years and we were neighbours too. As I was very bad in studies she used to help me in understanding the topic better. And for this purpose I also go to her home to studies and her parents know that we studies together and they never interfered much in our studies. This story exactly started when we have started our pre board exams and I was not able to gether what all is in the syllabus and I did understand the subject very well.

So I asked her can she help me out in my studies and then she said sure and we both started prepare for the exams together and with the help of her knowledge i was able to start learn the subject very well. And we used to studies late night till 12 am in the mid night. We both at that time were virgin and during our late night studies we used to touched each others private part and kissed a lot.But never had a courage to have a sex and loss our virginity.

One day, I Jasmine parents comes to our house and told my parents that they are going to there neighbour place to attend the marriage of there close relative for 5 days and Jasmine is not able to attend that marriage due to examination can you please take care of her. And my mother said that she will take all the care and you dont worry and take the journey happily. And after Jasmine parents left to the marriage . My mother asked me to call Jasmine for the lunch as she doesnt had a lunch. And I went to Jasmine home and asked her to come to our home and have a lunch to which she says okay I will come with you. And we all three had a lunch and had a great time at the lunch as my mom and Jasime were both talkitive and started talking about what her likes and how me studying with her, And whether me is allowing her to studying or just play and dont even let her to study at all.

In the night my mother again asked me to tell Jasmine to have a dinner and then you both can study. So which I immediately went to jasmine home and told her to have the dinner , so that we can soon start study as our exam were approaching. And she came with me and we had a dinner and I told my mom that I am going with jasmine to study the entire night with her at her home.

Tonight jasmine was looking dam hot and sexy and I thought why not to try out something tonight. Sorry I forgot to tell u what she was wearing. Actually we was wearing a blue color leggings and with yellow top which was looking dam sexy on her under the street light. I told her that she is looking too sexy to which she shy and reply backed thank you Alok. Then we started moving to her home slowly slowly and in 5 min we were at her door. And Jasmine opened the door and we both enter the door, and she told me to locked the door as no body will come after us. So I bolted the door and come into the living room, where her television is kept i started the T.V. and she told me that she is going to take the shower and after that we will study I said okay. After 20 mins she comes out from shower in her white translucent Knee length maxi with noodles straps, underneath a rose white bra and a white lacy panty which was duly visble from her maxi.

It was too hot for me and I was unable to control myself and I got a instant hardon under my pajamas (that time I was wearing black pajama and white t-shirt). It was really uncontrollable for me to control and I went close to her and started kissing her and I said in her ear that you are looking very sexy tonight. And went on kissing her lips to which she said what are you doing alok it is not good what all you are doing but i was not in mood to stop and I put my fingure on her lips and asked her to please be quite and then i started to cares back of her ears and ear lobe to that she also got very excited and told alok can we do much more then this as we are alone to that I told her okay Jasmine. Then I slowly slowly started to remove her maxi from her body now she was in her white bra and white lacy panty in front off me trying to cover her private areas.

Then we started to kiss all again pationately and was in mixing the saliva and rotating the tongue with each other very soon I took of my clothes and also removed her bra and panty, now we both are standing in front of each other naked for the first time and then I took the courage and took her in my hands and took her to the bedroom and put her on the bed. And started kissing her toe of both the legs one by one and and then move to the legs and keeping all her leg wet. Then I move to her navel , her navel was really deep and was nice to lick and suck her deep navel.

I lick her deep navel for almost 15 minutes and by now she also starting feeling hot and does not want me to stop.I know in my back of my mind that there is no one to stop us tonight if it is now or never. I ask Jasmine whether we go for it or not. Because for me its important to take her consent to which she say yes alok we can have this tonight.

Her pussy was nicely and neatly shaven and there was not any proof of hairs there. I went down there and started licking her nice pussy. Her aroma was awesome and I put my tongue her virgina and started licking from outside for a while and my both hand were on her pubic hairs and started moving my hands there to make her more hot and then my hand went to her clotris and started rubbing her and meanwhile my tongue was exploring inside of her went pussy. Her Juice taste was really awesome and I sucked her for more then 30 minutes. By now now her pussy was really lubricated and now she went down on me and started licking my dick . I was really shocked how well she sucked my dick.

She was not less then a professional to which I cant control my cum and in 10 min of her deep through blowjob i cummed in her mouth. And now i was not in mood to wait for any more and I spread her legs and come between her legs over her body and put my dick over her virgina and asked her to guide it to which she guide my dick inside her very lubricated pussy. I started giving her a push very slowly, her virgina was very tight as it was first time for both of us and she said its paining her and was screaming like oooohhhhhhhhhhh my good alok its pain like a hell and then i kissed her lips and carry on and i increased the speed and after few minutes we both started enjoying it and she started saying coming alok fuck me yess…. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my ………….. god… its really fun …….. anooahahahah ahahahhahahaha and now whole the room was covered with our sweaty smell and phat phat phat phat phat phat phat phat phat phat phat phat phat phat .. sound .

After pumping her for 20 min I was not able to control my cum and asked her where to cum then she told me not inside her after few more struck I took out my dick and spread all my cum all over her body . some went on her face, navel, neck and over her pubic area. Now i was really tired and went next to her bed to take the rest as it was really tiring pleasure i received from her. It was almost 3 in the morning so we decide to sleep as we know that her parent wont be back by couple of days to we have all the day also so we both slept naked there only her body still having the my cum on her body and i dick coming to the normal size. It was the first time I was sleeping naked with a female. and after that we both live like married couple for couple of day and dont ever wear any clothes after this for couple of days and in those days we tried almost every coner and every part of her house stairs, kitchen, sofa, dinning table, toilet , balcony etc, .After this day whenever we got time we used to fuck each other and we are still a fucking partners.

This was the story which changed my whole life. If you like the story please tell me on my email id as it will give me motivation to tell u about my next encouter with her in cinema hall. Any delhi aunty and gal want to have a secret fun and sex they can also write me on [email protected]

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