An Intimate Sex With My Aunt

Hi friends, I am Rodriguez (name changed), from Chennai. I am here to put down my personal sex experience with my maternal uncle’s wife with her permission and no one gonna believe that she is besides me now. Where an casual friendship ended up in a pure hardcore and intimate sex in between us. Any women and aunt in & around Chennai can mail me:

[email protected] for the same kind of pleasure which you will never gonna forget in your lifetime. Your secrets and privacy will be safe within me.

Please don’t forget to mail your feedbacks and interest (only women and aunt) to my above id. Thanks. Now I will take you to my experience.

Let me introduce my aunt her name is sathya (name changed) & age 33 & has a child of age 12, no one believe she is of that age and any men in our locality will like to peep into her beauty by which she never gave chance to them. Her size is 34b-30-34 perfect Indian woman quite resemble of rekha actress and very fair in complexion and any men would die to make love with her. Myself chubby guys of 23 age, completed graduate, gymholic and fair complexion, and with average penis size 5 inches can able to satisfy any women ( I dont wanna lie as others).

This incident happened when I am studying 2nd year in a well reputed college in kovai ( I used stay in hostel). I used to come to my home(Chennai) once in a month. It was a semester holidays there was a family function, though my aunt is well known to me from my childhood I didn’t have that much of conversation with her, now the entire scenario changed upside down, after being to hostel I changed myself from a reserved to interesting & humorous person so everyone would love to hangout with. So this family get-together changed my life. My aunt started her conversation from formal then she turned out to my friend before leaving that function.

Days went by, my aunt home is very nearer to my home I was often chit-chatting with her when my uncle is not at home, coz my uncle is quite reserved. So relationship between me and sathya grow up and we used discuss on several topics and our views matching together. Our relationship changed from close to very close friends before leaving to hostel for my third year.

In my third year of hostel I rarely find time to chatting with her via mobile. One fine day she called me and said that she was missing my companionship and her husband doesn’t even care about her and he is a work-holic, I comforted her and said that I will be with her in all ups & downs. From that day our relationship started to build in different manner, till that point I didn’t have any sexual intentions on her.

In a mid holiday I came to my home for a weeks as I told this earlier to her she invited me to her home for lunch when none is at her home.

That day changed my intention towards her. As we were talking casually, suddenly she sat very close to me and held my hands in between arm and left boob, suddenly she started talking emotionally about her life with my uncle and pressed my hands against her breast (a shock was getting into my nerves); latter on while serving lunch she bent down to table suddenly her saree pallu fell down and I saw her both melons hanging in front of me (wow,they are huge) and after few sec she corrected her dress. Latter on in conversation she asked:

Sathya: you have a girlfriend?

Me: no, y mamee?

Sathya: dont lie?

Me: I am not lying, I dont have any gf..

Sathya: dont worry, dear its their hard luck and my good luck …..

Me: mamee ??

Sathya: then you still must be virgin…

Me: (totally dumbstruck) yeah….

Sathya: dont worry da, I am your gf from now on…

Me: of course I am delighted to have you as my lover

Sathya; cant you give your gf a kiss?

Me: ( pulled her and planted a kiss on her cheeks) (omg! My first kiss to my aunt)

Suddenly the door bell rang and it was my uncle (cursed myself for my fate) and sathya was disappointed…. 🙁 before opening the door she told me that she will call me and I went to my home wishing uncle. Latter we didn’t find any opportunities. I went back to my hostel.

{We did continued our chatting and flirting till 9-12 at night as she is a perfect girlfriend till now and one fine night she even said that her husband didn’t care about her and I comforted her and said “Don’t worry my queen, I will take care of you” and she said “Hoping to see my love ”}

Days passed and it was month of December and I had 15 days holidays I went to my home.

This time luck favoured me by “Iyyappan sabarimala” season both my uncle and his son went to kerala sabarimala for 2 day trip and my queen sathya is at home lonely. I used this opportunity and went to her home at 7 pm and she was bit stressed and I don’t know why? And I comforted her and promised her to take her outing tomorrow(she was excited then), first she was afraid latter agreed, she also knew that this was the best opportunity.

Finally its my day:

We went to few places as she wished and I took her to lunch @ marrybrown and then we went for movie till this moment we were close friends kind of behaviour. When the movie started, I slowly touched her hands and holding them after few seconds I kissed her hands and slowly rubbed her thighs…(she didn’t say a word and was enjoying my action) then I put my hands on her shoulder and pulled her towards my side; she rested her head on shoulder and I planted kiss on her forehead.

Later I slowly moved my hands within her saree and reached boobs, started press them gently omg they were very soft. She was enjoying all my act and started moan huskily as we were in corner seat we are enjoying ourselves. After finishing the movie and our sexual act, she said ” from now on treat me as your wife” I was very happy & started bike on the way she was rubbing her boobs on back which made my erection to tear my jeans. Finally reached her home at 5’o clock now she said to stay with her whole night and be a man. [accordingly I said some reasons to my mom] now it’s me and sathya alone.

She went to freshen up in the mean time and I was in full mood as it was my first time heat was generating from my body, I closed the door, gate and windows for privacy and eagerly waiting for my sex queen.

Now she came to me closely said “Sir, romba moodla irukkeenga pola?” (sir is in very erotic mood?) I said no more questions. I hugged her and she hugged me more tightly and planted kiss on her neck, cheeks and all over her face and she did responded the same, now lip-locked her and was sucking her lips; initially she don’t know how to French kiss, after 2 min we were in full mood exchanging our saliva and lip-locked for more than 10 min( I explored her back and pressed her ass and my cock is full hard hitting pussy beneath our dress). Now we broke our kiss and she immediately asked my cock to suck, coz her husband never likes it. I quickly removed my lower and gave my cock; she said my cock far better than my uncle’s flaccid one.

Now she started to pulled down my cock’s upper skin and gave me a blowjob like a pro and gulping my entire cock deep inside her throat …. Mean while I came totally naked in-front of my queen. After 10 min I said that I couldn’t hold no more and I am about to cum. …. Now she increased her speed and also stroking my cock like piston …… Now I cummed in her mouth a huge load and she drank all my load and she said ”take me as your whore and bang me in hardcore(in tamil)”… I lifted her up and took her to bedroom and switched on a/c …..

Now I made her stand against the wall and lip-locked her…. (all my porn movies came to my mind and started to play with her like a pro) now I removed her pallu…There was huge melons trapped inside her blouse and started squeezing her both boobs & sucked them above her blouse and licked her armpits, neck and inserted my tongue inside her cleavage .

Now I removed blouse and black bra…. And sucked her nipple hard…And pinching them hard she requested to do it slowly…. Now after my foreplay with her boobs both turned into pink colour due to her complexion and my force…..Now I inserted my tongue within her navel and sucked it for a while…

Then I removed her petticoat and I could see her black panty… Now I started kissing her legs below knees till her toes and then started to lick her thighs and inner thighs … Purposely didn’t touch her pussy… She become hornier and pulled my head by hair and placed it above her pussy……. Now I made her relaxed in bed and lied beside her…..

Now she said “This is my best squirt in my entire life that too for the first time, I want to feel you inside me…”

Now we came in a 69 position..She was sucking cock for lubri and I was again sucking her pussy for 5 min…Then she sat on my cock in cowgirl position and ride my cock … Initially it was tight and due to lubri from her pussy it was easy and with few sec she started gulp my entire cock deep in her pussy…. And I was pressing and holding her boobs and providing support…..Now she increased her pace…….

Now I took her made her lie on me in same position and pumped her pussy with huge force like piston in a cylinder for 10 min… She was enjoying it… Latter I held in her doggy position and rode her pussy… And after sec I hold her hair and started ramming her spanked her ass till it turn red and she was all enjoying my hard core fucking with my cock and latter she removed her mangalsutra threw away…..After hearing I become excited and I rammed for few more min.

Then I split her legs and pushed my cock harder and started fucking her and joined both her legs for more pleasure and it was hard to fuck, though I fucked her with my stamina is still kept me going… Now she had 3rd orgasm … Now I can see her she was bit exhausted….

In the same way I took her for lift & carry fuck position…. Now she again turned on now I fucked her with all my might and kept fucked her for few min….. Now I felt the urge of cum for my 2nd time and asked her where to cum… She said I dont wanna waste your cum from kind of a awesome fuck….Seed me deep inside my pussy

Now I threw her on the bed and came side way on ….. Inserted my cock in her pussy…And lifted one leg….Started fuck slowly and with my other hand rubbed her clit…..And started ramming her to core and hardly rubbing her clit….She started moaning heavily.

Now I know I couldn’t hold no more…. I cummed deep inside her….Fucking her…And shot huge load cum splashing in her & by the same time she also cummed on my cock……. So both of our cum met each other in her pussy……. We are totally out of breath…. It was nearly 7’0 clock….. We fell on the bed and hugged each other… Then

Sathya: I love you…. This is the best hard core fuck ever I had

Me: love you too mamee…. Pleasure is mine

Sathya: your uncle no more my husband and no more calling me “Mamee” ….. Make me your wife and whore …. Call me sathya…

Me: sure sweet heart….I love you

Sathya: put that mangalsutra on me and make me your wife

Me: sure sathya… Why not…. I love you

Sathya: love you too honey….

We had the entire night for us… And explored ourselves more throughout the night…And we had few more fucking sessions whenever I visit to Chennai…. From that day on wards we had sex for many times…Till now…. This incident had opened a gate for new world of sex.. And now sathya has a girl baby of 1 year, born for us(my uncle doesn’t know this and thinks baby is born for him) and I have settled in Chennai taking care of my baby and wife. I will share my few more experience with you very soon…. 🙂

Thank you guys… For reading my experience… If this incident made you wet, your panties or made you masturbate…Please send me your feedback: [email protected]

Don’t forget any inexperience women and unsatisfied aunties in and around Chennai can contact me through my mail… So we also can enjoy the same pleasure as my Sathya does. Please don’t hesitate to contact me:[email protected].

Thanks you all.

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