An Orgasm Fixes Shreya’s Broken Heart

It was an afternoon, me and Neelu Bhabhi, the one that opened me into the world of sexual pleasures, (Bhabhi Next Door Unsealed Me) were having a quickie in her car in the parking lot.

She then asked me if I wanted to explore more in sexual endeavors with other people. I shamelessly said yes.

She continued that her friend’s daughter recently went through a bad break up with her boyfriend. Neelu said she believed a good fuck will put her out of depression. She even offered to talk to her so I won’t have to do the bidding.

She refused to give the name until I accepted the offer. She then said it was Shreya from the other building. I sort of knew this chick. She was cute, chubby enough, always wearing a figure-hugging dress, always a tight bun never loose hair.

A bit short but the kind that you would love to hug and never let go. She was always on phone but I guess not recently. I was fairly sure she might not know me.

We picked a weekday as her parents won’t be home. I picked up some chocolates and reached there. Just outside the door I stood and wondered if I was becoming way too materialistic about sex.

I had just offered to fuck someone I barely know. But then its sex and she was hot and I was good at it so what the heck, I rang the bell.

Shreya: (though the com) Who is this?Me: Chocolates.

She laughed a fake laugh and opened the door.

S: Hi Nividh.Me: Hi.S: You been working out in Gym lately?Me:(shocked that she noticed or the fact that she knows me) Well just chilling at the gym.

I could see an air of sadness around. So I opened the chocolate and asked her to eat. Then we moved to the couch. The TV was blaring some pop music in VH1, I reduced the volume a bit.

S: Don’t you like English musicMe: I’m open to all music, but now Id like to hear you better.

She was wearing a tight orange tee exposing every curve she has from her breast to hip. Complimenting it with tight black leggings worn low, exposing a whole inch of the hip area between the orange and black.

We spoke a bit realized and we went to the same IIT classes. But I didn’t know. She was a year junior. Also realized I was listed in top BF material in the colony by the girls of the colony.

We both were talking awkward stuff. So before I get cockblocked, I asked her if she wanted to dance.

I increased volume some lame song going on. I just held her hip and moved. hen some dirty hot hip-hop song came. This was my cue.

I started slipping my hands from hip to her back and grabbed her ass. She moved along and hugged tighter. Her eyes had an emotionless but deep and sexy stare.

I slowly rubbed my hand all over her and moved over her breast squeezing it a bit then moved it to her neck. The other hand I slowly moved it up from her ass into her top lifting it slowly and stopped my hand near her lower back where her breathing increased.

I just nibbled her ear once she pushed me away and giggled. I gripped her by the leggings pulled her closer. Turned her around locking her by holding her hip and hair exposing her whole ear and started licking it crazy. She was moaning and screaming now. Slowly I moved my hand up to squeeze her breast.

S: Oh fucking stop it, not like this.

She started taking her top off. It was so tight and her breast so huge, the moment she took it off exposing a sexy zebra shared designer brassiere. My cock started rocking in.

She could just see me getting excited whispered in my ears ” This is the bra of that bitch he was cheating on with”. I took my shirt off to feel more of her skin. I pounced on her, kissing and sucking her lips, squeezing the heck out of the ‘zeBRAS’.

I started licking her neck then her chest and upper boob, then her arms and belly. She was moving her hands over my body without leaving any bare part out.

I pushed her down gently to the floor trying to take her leggings off. Just a couple of kissing in the thighs I went straight to the clit.

S: Oh, bloody yes, I was waiting for this.

I mildly kissed it, to begin with then licked the whole length of the pussy, I could taste something sweet.

Me: Oh my what am I eating.S: Don’t talk.

Pushing me back onto her leg.

S: Yes I applied the blueberry cream, this was his favorite

It was so beautifully tasting pussy that looked and tasted like a cake. I started circling around the clit then tickling it fast with my tongue. I alternated every single clit technique I knew.

Slowly lifted her up a bit enough to reach her ass and started fingering it. She moaned louder and louder. She had both her hands inside her bra clenching in pleasure and looking up at the ceiling.

I asked her if she wanted to do something. She got up quick helped me unzip in a sec we were back on the floor, facing each other sideways. Her breast squeezing my hip, my tongue back on the clit and my cock deep in her mouth locked by her lips.

She was sucking me like her life depended on it, even better than Neelu. I had to give back. I started licking her tighter and faster. Then I started inserting one finger looking for her G-SPOT and I hit it.

We both started moving hips I started to lick deeper and she started blowing me harder. I didn’t know if I was fucking her mouth or she was fucking my tongue.

Her entire body stopped for a sec and as I rubbed it harder the sucking of cock became slower as she starts to moan louder and her pussy oozing more and more liquid then I could her come on my tongue and get up and sit breathing really heavy.

S: Let’s go to the bed

She got up a fucking hot body wearing just the bra guiding me to her bed holding me by my cock, she looked into me with those deep eyes which seemed more naked than her body and said.

S: I watched porn all night all morning thinking about a good fuck, I even imagined you and Neelu bhabhi fucking hard that got me super wet last night.

I was speechless then she kissed me as we sat on the bed. Then she opened her bra in a flip sec. Exposing the heavenly melons and started rubbing them on my face. They were milky white and soft and about 34 inches.

A slim layer of bright orange and a small nip on it, which alone was hard. I grabbed her by the breast started licking and sucking one and toying with the other. She pushed me down, gave my cock a quick blow to get it fully erect.

Then climbed me like a pro, slowly inserting me into her starting into my eyes. I could see a sheer pleasure in her eyes every inch she moved down till she finally had my cock fully into her.

Then she started slowly started moving. I locked my hand on her boobs. She moved a bit faster then she started pounding her and I squeezed her boobs harder and harder playing with the nipples and pinching it.

I could just read it in her eyes that she badly wanted this fuck she just wanted a screaming orgasm and she was getting more than that. I could see she was getting tired. I got her down onto a doggy pose, she was a pro at posing I suppose. I slowly started fucking the juicy warm pussy.

S: Oh fuck me hard, fuck the shit out of my pussy.Me: I’m gonna ram into your pleasure hole, I’m gonna bust every juice in it.

I grabbed her hip and started ramming into her real hard. She was made for this position. Her pussy got so much tighter, her bony ass made my cock harder and harder. For her height, both her boobs were so reachable.

She moaned for every stroke and screamed when I squeezed her tits. I knew I would explode any time soon. So I turned her around folded her leg to a deep penetration position, a couple of slow deep strong then a started ramming her pussy again making her scream on my face.

I grabbed one breast, the nipples were rock hard. I stared into eyes as she kept saying “Oh yes fuck oh yes yes yes ah ah ” Not one stroke was silent. Then she raised her pitch and started squeezing my cock with her pussy from inside, she was totally cumming heavy on my cock and right there I came and full on her.

Both breathing super heavy. I was done with her love hole but I continued to kiss and toy her breast for a couple more minutes then we got up, quickly dressed. She had prepared lunch.

She spoke about how she broke up how she found her boyfriend was cheating. She also said that the Zebra bra was not hers. Her boyfriend had bought it for the other chick and she had found it in his drawer.

So she wore it to fuck me. She also said it was a bit smaller than her size that why it was pushing the top boob up and kept her tit pressed making her hornier I suppose.

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