Analyzing The Geography Of Geography Teacher

This is story of  when my board results got out. I was from a small school and everyone including teachers were eager to know the 10th board results. On the day when results were to be announced, our class 10th teacher, Miss Veena (Heroine of the story, 26, Married) came to classroom and told as that she will give treat to topper of the class and as i was her favorite student she passed smile at me and switched on her laptop.

When she used to teach us geography in class X, whole class used to look at her busty figure and a lot of boys used to masturbate thinking of her. She used to wear low waist sari, exposing her navel and waist and some times she used to wear tight salwar kameez which revealed her sexy figure. I used to get mesmerized in her beauty and she even caught me red handed ogling at her boobs in classroom and used to scold me saying pandey ji concentrate on your studies. She was frank with us and she also played pranks on us and was very friendly with us.

Now coming back to story, after results were declared she was very happy because I had secured highest marks and she hugged me and congratulated me and I got and erection because of her closeness to me. I was able to smell her aroma and I was more happy because of her than that of my result. I kept thinking about her whole day and even masturbated thinking of her and had a huge ejaculation that time. After that every time I met her, I tried to touch her sexy body.

One day I told her that she owes me a treat and she was surprised and asked what treat then I reminded her that she announced she will give treat to topper of class and I topped the whole school so I deserve a grand treat. She told me that we can go today itself and told me to pick her from her home and give me the address and mobile number. I got excited and I kept on thinking about this for whole day. As soon as school bell rang, I went home and changed my clothes and went straight to her home to pick her up.

When I reached her home, she was ready in blue jeans and white top and she was really looking very very sexy. I had never seen her in jeans and I had a boner at that instant. I told her that she is looking beautiful and then she blushed and said teasingly…pandey ji aapki majak ki adat nahi jayegi. Then she told me that she will pick her car and lets go for lunch and if time permits we will go for a movie. I said okay and parked my bike and we went straight to a restaurant.

There I was just staring at her and then she suddenly said: pandey ji kya dekh rahe ho and I was caught red handed once again. One more thing guys, I loved whenever she used to say “pandey ji” teasingly. I got more excited and said order whatever u like mam.

Then she interrupted me and asked me to call her veena as she doesnt want anyone to know that she is on lunch with a student. Then I asked jokingly whether she wants to convey me as her boyfriend and she replied in same manner that she might. I was happy to hear this and conversation went on like this and then she asked me what does I liked in her and I straight forwardly replied your geography and she said: hatt jhalle I am not talking about my teaching but me.

Again I said your geography with a wicked smile and she smiled back stating I know a lot of students stare at me in school and even many staff also keeps staring at me and told me that she knew I also used to stare her in classroom and she caught me red handed. I was feeling embarrassed now and told her that I am sorry and I would try not to do this and she said if she was angry with me she would have never came here and I asked what did I liked in her geography and I replied her globes at front and she waived her hand at me saying you naughty boy.

After this we left for movie and she started asking me about my girlfriends and how much experience they gave me and I told her that I had one and made out with her. We started watching movie and I kept my hand at her shoulder and caressing her neck. After some time we both felt its a boring movie and lets go to home.

After getting out of hall she took my hand and kept it on her lower end of back. I was felling excited and everyone was jealous of me. We went to parking and I asked her what to do now as I dont want to go home or rather miss such a wonderful opportunity. She told that we should go to her home and I should study there and I asked “what” shockingly as my mood got spoil. She told me that she is her teacher not her gf and I should study. We went to her home and she asked me to come in and asked me to sit on couch and went to bedroom and came back in shorts and top.

Now she asked me to start studying and i asked what and then she replied what you have done in past 2 years. I got confused and asked what then she came near me and whispered in my ears seductively “study geography of your geography teacher”…i got surprised and before i could have said something she took my hand on boob and asked me how is her globe and started kissing me. I start pressing her boobs and was kissing her madly. She was biting my lips madly and we smooched for more than 10 mins and then she told me that her husband will not come home today and I should make full use of this opportunity and complete the assignment. I got very much excited as I was about to loose my virginity to my teenage fantasy.

Now she turned on the music and sat on my lap and started giving me a lap dance. Her sexy rounded ass constantly touching my dick and she was trying to keep it between her bums. I was fondling with her boobs and then she started unbuttoning my jeans and took my dick in her hand and before I could understand anything she was giving me a blowjob and me being new to this was enjoying very much and i was feeling that I was in heaven.

She gave me a blowjob for 7-8 mins and she asked me to ejaculate on her face and then told me that I if I want to enjoy like this I will have to obey everything she says and I nodded positively without knowing what its result can be. I will share what happened afterwards with you guys in next part of story.

I hope you like my first story at ISS and please give me feedback on story writing at [email protected]. All hot girls and MILFS can message me for guaranteed satisfaction.

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